White Lion Encounter at the National Zoo & Aquarium

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Duration: 15m
Location: National Zoo and Aquarium, 999 Lady Denman Drive, Weston Creek, ACT 2611, Australia | Weston Creek, Australia

Category: Adventures

Entering the den of the elegant & almighty white lion
Learning about the rare animal from an experienced zookeeper
Unique chance to meet & even feed the massive creatures
Raw power of the lion's jaws clamping down on a meal
Fascinating information about biology & conservation efforts

White lion experience


Get close with a white lion at the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra. During this unique encounter, enter the den with the lions, watch them interact with one another, and feel the power of their huge roar.

The National Zoo and Aquarium in Australia's capital is home to 6 magnificent white lions: Jake, Mishka, and the Brat Pack. Meet with the zookeeper, who specializes in taking care of big cats, to learn more about this endangered species, including their biology and efforts to conserve them.

Then the cage door opens and you enter the lions' domain. Experience the power and majesty of these huge creatures as they jostle for meat and clamp down on it with their mighty jaws. Gain firsthand understanding of why the lion is the king of the jungle, and if you're lucky, hear their rumbling roar reverberate through your body.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity provides you with a greater knowledge of big cats and unforgettable memories of the beauty and strength of the white lion.

Cancellation Policy:
Know before you book: Children 12 and younger are not allowed., Maximum group size is 4 people., You must be able to walk on unpaved or uneven terrain.

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