Acrobatic Glider Ride

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Duration: 20m
Location: Dillingham Airfield, 69-132 Farrington Highway, Wailua, HI 96791, United States | Wailua, United States

Category: Adventures

Thrilling flight of a lifetime with loops & clover leafs
Opportunity to roll wingtip to wingtip in piloted glider
Adrenaline-filled ride & chance to feel like you're floating
Aerobatic maneuvers tailored to your comfort level
Bird's-eye view of the island from 5,000 feet (1,524 m)

Guided acrobatic glider tour


Hold on tight for the aerobatic flight of your life. Climb into the aerobatic glider with your pilot and take a thrilling ride of turns, flips, and feel the g force of a vertical dive.

Arrive at the Dillingham Airfield to meet your pilot and plane. After a briefing, buckle into the 5-point
harness and get ready for takeoff. Stunning panoramic views stretch for miles while the glider is towed into the air up to 5,000 feet (1,524 m) by a guide plane before being released.

Built to handle more g force than most of the fighter planes in World War II, the ASK-21 is a very strong and agile aerobatic glider. Feel like you're floating as you roll wingtip to wingtip and hold on tight as your pilot draws loops and clover leafs in the sky. Then feel your heart pounding as the pilot pulls straight up in a hammerhead maneuver before diving straight down.

This electrifying experience can be tailored to your comfort level. Your pilot can perform an array of back-to-back aerobatics or take a more gentle approach and check with your comfort level after performing each maneuver.

Cancellation Policy: 4 days
Know before you book: You must be shorter than 6 feet and 1 inches (185 cm), You must weight less than 220 pounds (100 kg)., Flight times are between 10 AM and 4 PM. You will receive confirmation of check-in time once booking is received.

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