SEA LIFE Arizona

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Duration: 1d
Location: Sea Life Aquarium, 5000 South Arizona Mills Circle Suite 145, Tempe, AZ 85282, United States | Tempe, United States

Category: Attractions

Spectacular 360-degree underwater tunnel
Close-up look at freshwater and ocean life
Opportunity to view more than 5,000 sea creatures
Children's play area, daily presentations & feedings
Interactive touch pools with live sea creatures

Admission to SEA LIFE Aquarium


A wonder for all ages, the SEA LIFE Arizona aquarium is home to more than 5,000 sea creatures. Explore more than 30 displays including touch pools, a 360-degree walk-through tunnel, and a 161,000-gallon (609,451-L) ocean exhibit where a whitetip reef shark swims alongside graceful rays.

Take an underwater journey from freshwater streams and lakes, through sea caves, and out to the shorelines of the Pacific Ocean. Continue on to interactive touch pools, a shipwreck and ocean exhibit, and the spectacular ocean tunnel, all while marveling at colorful marine life.

The aquarium features the very first turtle to be displayed in the state, living among tropical creatures in the ocean tank. See the giant Pacific octopus, a master of disguise, good-naturedly swimming around while a clownfish hides in a sea anemone—its home base.

Gather for daily presentations and feedings, or feel a live starfish in an interactive touch pool.

Cancellation Policy:
Know before you book: Children 2 and younger are complimentary., Doors open at 10 AM. Closing time may vary based on day of the week. Last entry is 6:30 PM on Monday-Saturday, 5 PM on Sunday.

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