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Sandals Emerald Bay and Swimming with Pigs

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Sandals Emerald Bay and Swimming with Pigs

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When the mundane routine of everyday life starts to wear you down, there's nothing more liberating than escaping to a slice of paradise. And that's precisely what I did when I embarked on my recent trip to Sandals Emerald Bay, accompanied by the awe-inspiring excursions provided by Robert’s Island Adventures. This adventure unfolded into an unforgettable journey filled with luxury, adventure, and the natural wonders of the Bahamas.Sandals Emerald Bay:As my plane touched down in Great Exuma, Bahamas, my first thought was how underdeveloped the airport is. The George Town airport has not been truly renovated in years. You are welcomed with signs saying work in progress. However, once you made it past the airport the sheer beauty of this tropical haven was evident from the moment we sat down in our taxi. Nestled on the pristine shores of Great Exuma's Emerald Bay, Sandals Emerald Bay welcomed us with open arms, and I knew I was in for a treat.

It is showing its age:The resort itself displayed pure elegance, with its breathtaking ocean views, lush green landscapes, and luxurious accommodations. We opted for a one-bedroom Oceanview walkout butler suite. Our room located in building 5-first floor had a wonderful view to the ocean.

As much as I adored the stunning location and exceptional service at Sandals Emerald Bay, I couldn't help but notice that the rooms were in need of upgrading. While the resort's overall ambiance was delightful, the accommodations felt somewhat outdated and lacking in modern amenities. The furnishings and decor seemed worn, and I couldn't help but wish for a fresher and more contemporary look. Additionally, some of the room features, such as the bathroom fixtures and electronic appliances, appeared to be showing signs of wear and tear. Despite this, the resort staff's hospitality and the beautiful surroundings helped compensate for the room's shortcomings, making it an enjoyable stay, nonetheless. However, I believe that a refurbishment of the rooms would elevate the overall guest experience and match the greatness of the resort's spectacular setting.Are you a foodie?I would say that I am NOT a foodie! However, I must admit that the culinary experience at Sandals Emerald Bay left much to be desired. While the resort's ambiance and service were exceptional, the food itself was nothing to write home about. The dining options seemed limited, and the quality of the dishes fell short of my expectations. Whether it was the lack of variety in the menu or the execution of flavors that didn't quite hit the mark, I couldn't help but feel somewhat disappointed with some of the dining experience.We did have a wonderful time at Kimonos!

It took a few days to finally get our reservations, but it was well worth it! It was the best food we had at a sit-down restaurant. We loved having our butlers bring us an afternoon snack to the beach. We normally had pizza from Dinos or nachos! To me the food was not a deal breaker. Just set your expectations for basic all-inclusive food.

Robert’s Island Adventures: Unraveling the Bahamas' Hidden GemsI must admit the whole reason I booked the Bahamas was to swim with the pigs. After much research I couldn't resist exploring the captivating beauty of the Bahamas through Robert’s Island Adventures. This excursion company had come highly recommended, and it did not disappoint.The first adventure on my itinerary was a visit to the famous Exuma Cays, known for its breathtaking sandbars and crystal-clear waters. As we cruised through the stunning Exuma waters, I marveled at the colors that shifted from emerald green to deep blue. Our friendly and knowledgeable guide provided fascinating insights into the area's history and ecology, enhancing the experience even further.

At the Exuma Sandbars, I experienced true bliss as I dipped my toes into the warm, shallow waters surrounded by a mesmerizing panorama. The serene atmosphere made it a perfect spot for relaxation and snapping postcard-worthy photographs.

Next on the agenda was a close encounter with the famous swimming pigs of the Bahamas. These adorable creatures, known as the 'Pig Beach,' welcomed us with playful splashes and friendly oinks. Feeding and swimming with these cute creatures was an absolute highlight of my trip, and I couldn't get enough of their charming antics.

Like I said, I chose the Bahamas for the pigs! However, they were not the highlight of our full day excursion. I must say the nurse sharks stole the spotlight! Swimming with nurse sharks during my Robert’s Island Adventures excursion was an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. As we ventured into the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas, the sight of these majestic creatures gracefully gliding beneath us left me in awe. The expert guides ensured our safety while offering fascinating insights into the behavior and conservation efforts for these gentle creatures. Interacting with nurse sharks in their natural habitat was both thrilling and humbling, providing a unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty and harmony of the marine world. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

As the day wound down, we made our way to the stunning Thunderball Grotto. This iconic spot is named after the James Bond film 'Thunderball,' which was partially filmed here. Snorkeling within the grotto's enchanting chambers revealed an underwater wonderland, brimming with colorful marine life and coral formations.

A Journey to Cherish Forever

My trip to Sandals Emerald Bay, coupled with the adventures orchestrated by Robert’s Island Adventures, was undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Great Exuma's untouched beauty, the warmth of the Bahamian people, and the seamless hospitality of Sandals Emerald Bay made this getaway an absolute dream come true.

As I bid farewell to this paradise, I carried with me memories to cherish forever. From indulging in luxury at Sandals Emerald Bay to exploring the Bahamas' hidden gems with Robert’s Island Adventures, every moment was a testament to the unparalleled allure of this Caribbean gem.

If you ever find yourself seeking a haven of luxury and adventure, look no further than the beautiful shores of Great Exuma and the impeccable service of Sandals Emerald Bay and Robert’s Island Adventures. Your heart will thank you for it.

Until next time, Bahamas!

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Jennifer Letcher

Sandals Emerald Bay and Swimming with Pigs

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Hello, fellow adventurers! I'm thrilled to introduce myself as your dedicated travel agent, Jennifer Letcher, with an insatiable love for all things travel! Exploring new destinations and creating unforgettable experiences for my clients are my passions, and I cannot wait to share my expertise with you. A Journey of Specializations: Over the years, I've honed my skills and focused on specific areas of expertise to ensure that every journey you embark on is seamless, enchanting, and tailor-made to suit your desires. As a travel specialist, I hold certifications in several incredible destin...  Read More >>>

An expert destination wedding travel agent near me with five star luxury travel packages with a luxury travel company, Vincent Vacations.

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10 Reviews & Success stories

Jamaican Sandals South Coast AMAZING!!
Jamaican Sandals South Coast AMAZING!!

My husband and I just returned from our Jamaican Sandals South Coast vacation, courtesy of our wonderful travel agent Jenny Letcher. We enjoyed our vacation, so much, and have already booked our next trip through Jenny Letcher. I highly recommend using her for your travel needs!
-Trish Stadler

Jenny went above and beyond

I have to say that Jenny went above and beyond for us on our trip this past summer. We had flights cancelled and had to rent a car and drive home. She secured a refund for us that we probably would not have gotten on our own. She was flexible with us when we changed our trip dates. I could go on and on. Please use her for your future travel plans. She is amazing!
-Michael and Arlas Blackwell

She assisted us every step of the way!!

Jennifer Letcher is amazing! She assisted us every step of the way through our travel. Made changes on the fly as needed, assisted us when a flight was cancelled and follow up with us after the trip to ensure that we had a good experience and we were completely satisfied. I highly recommend using Jennifer for all of your travel needs.

-Arlas Blackwell

10 Reviews

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Sandals Emerald Bay and Swimming with Pigs

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Sandals South Coast 2022
Sandals South Coast 2022

  Sandals “Sexy” South Coast   Should you enjoy a five or seven day vacation at South Coast? That is the question I recently asked myself. My husband and I, along with two other couples, just returned from the wonderful Sandals South Coast in Jamaica. I wish to share our recent enjoyable experience with you.   The weather: Overall the weather in Jamaica is near perfect the year around. Typically, the daily temperatures fall between 73 and 89 degrees F. While we were there in March of 2022, we had temperatures between 82 and 90 degrees F. We only received one day of Liquid Sunshine! Jamaica is known to experience quick pop up rain showers during the day that are short in duration. One occurrence we encountered on this trip were abnormally high winds during the last two days of our trip. We had never witnessed such uncommon winds during our previous vacations, so we opted to spend the days at our pool to escape the uncomfortable 30 - 40 mile per hour seaside gales.   What to do? Sandal resorts are all-inclusive. This includes all drinks, snacks, and food, in addition to all of the water sports offered at the Aqua Center*. In 2013 my husband and I spent our honeymoon at Sandals Royal Caribbean, but for some reason we never got to enjoy paddle boarding, and since 2013 my husband has never allowed me to forget it! So, this year he had this leisure activity at the top of our “to do” list. It was our first time and we had so much fun! I fell more times than I stood up, but the laughs we shared were worth our feeble attempts to learn. Again, this entertaining activity, and a guided snorkeling adventure we thoroughly enjoyed are part of the all-inclusive Sandals experience. My husband and I are already planning our next return getaway excursion to Sandals.   Other included water activities:   Scuba diving and all equipment (If Padi-Certified) (If not, for an extra fee you can get certified on property.)   Hobie Cats, Paddle boards, kayaks, water skiing, glass bottom boats, tubing, windsurfing   The best entertainment: At Sandals South Coast one gets to experience day and night entertainment shows. We attended the Caribbean Carnival Beach Party where one of the members of our traveling group was “volunteered” to come on stage to compete in a fun competition. We were delighted by fire blowers, tropical dancers and an amazing balancing act! For our second night we watched the Reggae Live Show. We began in the amphitheater where we heard and saw very talented singers and dancers. Then our party was escorted outside to enjoy a circus themed show.   Throughout the resort, there are monitor screens advising you of upcoming nightly activities, and around the numerous pools there are constant activities to keep you entertained.   Places to eat: The food is always outstanding at Sandals. South Coast has nine dining places to enjoy, ranging from very casual to resort evening attire. Our absolute favorite was Schooners! During the day we dined on Jamaican Beef Patties, a must try for all, and at night we were served surf and turf, paired with Prince Edwards Mussels, which were delicious. I highly recommend that upon arrival you make reservations for dinner at Schooners. Even though reservations are not required, due to its popularity all available tables will be taken, so it is better to have a reservation.   The beach: South Coast is a protected area, and you want to remember the rule to not remove anything from the ocean. With that being said they have a great stretch of a 2-mile beach that is separated in two different parts. One is close to the front of the resort, while the other is near the Over the Water Bungalows. In my opinion you want your seat to be on the second part of the beach.       Is the drive worth it: So, I started out by asking do you wish to enjoy five or seven days at South Coast? Well, it all comes down to the extended drive from the airport. The distance from Montego Bay to South Coast is 90 minutes of navigating small, rough roads, accompanied by exhilarating driving. So, if you are only staying five days, one full day is taken for transfers, thus your last (fifth) day is gone. Furthermore, since you must be at the airport three hours before your flight departs and it takes 90 minutes to get to the airport (without traffic), then that last fifth day is lost. If you arrive in the morning, you can still enjoy at least half a day. So, with a five-day trip you are only getting three full days to enjoy South Coast. So, in my opinion for a South Coast vacation, I recommend the seven day trip. But, please contact me and we can discuss the particulars, then allow you to decide the length of your amazing trip. If you are ready to book your next vacation to Sandals South Coast, the best time to plan is now; rooms are booking up fast. I am a Jamaican Travel Specialist and I would love to help you plan your next holiday excursion.

Jamaica 2020
Jamaica 2020

Traveling during Covid-19 can be tricking. Does your location need a negative Covid test? Does it require Covid vaccinations? What happens if I test positive while away? These are all questions I can help answer when booking with me. I was able to travel to Jamaica November 2020 during Covid. We had such an amazing time and were still able to enjoy it all. I would love to help you plan your next vacation.

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