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We recognize that vacations are not just an investment, but often the highlights of our lives, and we take that responsibility seriously. We want to ensure you have the best vacation experience. Interested in a job in travel? Click here to learn: How to Become a Travel Agent

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Overview Introduction In this town, one of the best forts in the country (built in the 1670s as a palace) has been restored by the government. It's now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be sure to admire its beautiful carvings and painted ceilings. 110 mi/180 km southwest of Masqat.


Near the center of the state, Jackson is Mississippi's capital and largest city. Named for Andrew Jackson, the city is today a leading educational and medical center. Rich with history and vibrant with arts and cultural experiences, Jackson provides visitors with experiences that range from public a...


Jackson, located in a remote corner of Wyoming, is definitely not an easy place to get to. It isn't on the way to anywhere except Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. Throw in its harsh climate and unpredictable winter road conditions, and it may be difficult to understand why anyone would w...

Jackson Hole Resort Area

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the name of the mountain valley extending almost 50 mi/80 km along the east side of the Teton Range from the town of Jackson to near the southern border of Yellowstone National Park and including several towns: Jackson, Kelly, Moose, Moran and Teton Wilson. The Jackson Hol...


Set on the banks of the scenic St. Johns River and flanked by the Atlantic Ocean, Jacksonville, Florida, is a major port and metropolitan area. A major East Coast center of U.S. Navy operations, with two naval installations for air and sea power, Jacksonville also boasts a booming downtown ripe wit...


The charming town of Jacmel (pop. 217,000) on Haiti's south coast has interesting architecture and magnificent beaches. It is a handicraft production center, particularly for papier-mache masks and carved-wood animal figures. There's not a lot to do except enjoy water-related activities: The best sw...

Jaco Island

Overview Introduction Jaco Island is a national park, reached by rowboat, off the eastern tip of East Timor. There are no accommodations but campers frequent the park. With fabulous beaches and coral reefs, it's a great escape for the well equipped.


Although few travelers stop in the endless groves of olive trees that characterize the Andalusian province of Jaen, Spain, when driving between Madrid and Granada, it does have some spots worth seeing. The provincial capital, which is also called Jaen, has a hilltop castillo that offers a spectacu...


Overview Introduction The scene of intense fighting, Jaffna remains off-limits to visitors. Most of the city's residents have fled, and Jaffna has become a modern-day ruin. Before the fighting, the city's main sites were the Jaffna Fort, a number of Hindu temples and an archaeological museum. 19...


The walled Rajasthani capital of Jaipur, India, is famous for the unusual rose-colored sandstone architecture that gives the city its nickname, the Pink City. Local maharajahs built quite a few magnificent structures in Jaipur, but two are must-sees. The early-18th-century Jantar Mantar is the lar...


Just 62 mi/100 km from the Pakistan border, the oasis of Jaisal, India, is the only inhabited spot for miles/kilometers in the Great Indian Desert. The walled city of Jaisalmer, built of sandstone about 410 mi/660 km southeast of Delhi, is dramatically perched on a flat-topped hill. The town contain...


The beautiful walled city of Jajce (pronounced YITE-sa ) is 106 mi/170 km by road northwest of Sarajevo, set on a leafy hilltop at the confluence of the Vrbos and Plivsko rivers, where water from both plunges over 70-ft-/22-m-high cliffs, forming a spectacular waterfall in the middle of town. Jajce...


For most travelers, Jakarta, Indonesia, is either part of a business trip or a pit stop on the way to more popular tourist destinations such as Bali and Yogyakarta. In truth, most find little that makes them want to linger in Indonesia's capital: A large, crowded city on the island of Java, Jakarta...


Overview Introduction This ancient walled town guards the western end of the Khyber Pass. A playground for the rich and famous of the ancient world, Jalalabad continued to serve as a resort for the wealthy during the winter—Afghanistan's reinstated king once had a palace there. More recently, the...


The capital of Veracruz state, Jalapa (also spelled Xalapa) is also a university town with its own symphony orchestra and is surprisingly dynamic for its small size. There are frequent concerts in the main square, and theater productions and traveling exhibitions at the Galeria de Arte Contemporaneo...

Jaluit Atoll

Overview Introduction During the German and Japanese colonial eras, Jaluit was the capital of the Marshalls. Today the atoll is a beautiful place for watersports. Scuba divers and snorkelers will enjoy the clear waters and stunning reef life, and quite a bit of war wreckage can be seen. Some of t...


The popular image of Jamaica is emerald rain forests, waterfalls that tumble into cool, clear streams and glorious beaches that rival any in the Caribbean. The legendary "cool" of Jamaican culture is heard in its reggae music and by the dry wit of the young Jamaican men who pilot visitors down the ...


The first permanent English settlement in North America after the early demise of the Roanoke Island colony, Jamestown nonetheless had a troubled existence. In the first few years, the colony was nearly wiped out by starvation and disease. Even after it became more established, it never enjoyed the ...


It is fascinating to watch as Japan merges its thousands of years of tradition with its present and future. So far, it has been able to do so with some mystery intact. The language barrier has helped, although that's slowly dissolving with bilingual signs and Japanese students learning English. For ...


The small mountain-town of Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic, 70 mi/110 km northwest of Santo Domingo, enjoys a pleasantly cool climate and is the main gateway to Pico Duarte and a variety of other outdoor thrills. Constanza, the only other town in the mountains, attracted a number of Japanese immigra...

Jaragua National Park

Jaragua National Park protects a rare, dry deciduous forest at the extreme southwest corner of the nation. Endangered hutia and solenodon cling to life amid the cacti and scrub, and jade-colored Laguna Oviedo is a precious habitat for flamingos and other wading birds that can easily be seen from...

Jasper Natl Pk

Beginning 160 mi/260 km northwest of Calgary, Jasper National Park offers towering mountains, splendid lakes, forests, ice fields, waterfalls and hot springs. The largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, Jasper covers more than 4,200 sq mi/10,880 sq km, including vast areas of remote wilderne...


Although other cities may claim to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, Jbail, or Byblos, has the goods to back its claim. And visitors will be happy to discover that the evidence (spanning approximately 6,000 years) is located in a relatively compact area. The Byblos Archaeolog...

Jebel Marra

Overview Introduction This splendid region of small mountains in Southern Darfur Province (western Sudan) is popular with trekkers. In the center of Jebel Marra is an extinct volcanic crater with a lake called the "Eye of Jebel Marra." Most visitors pay for a truck ride to the area from Nyala , ...


The name of this humid Red Sea port means "grandmother," a reference to the legend that Eve was buried there. (There is actually a cemetery in the city said to contain "Eve's Tomb," though the authorities discourage visitors.) Jeddah's size, skyscrapers and picturesque thoroughfare (the Corniche) al...


This charming community 150 mi/240 km east of Dallas was once the leading center of commerce and transportation for the state, thanks to its location near the Red River. But the river's course changed, and today Jefferson is best-known for its lovely old homes (many of them bed-and-breakfasts), its ...

Jefferson City

Located on the Missouri River 105 mi/170 km west of St. Louis and occupying a more or less central location in the state, Jefferson City became the state capital in 1821, though it was only a small village at the time. The Capitol building has a statue of Ceres, goddess of grain, perched at its to...


Jeffersonville, Indiana, which touts itself as the "Sunny Side of Louisville (Kentucky)," includes the Falls of the Ohio. Its 386 million-year-old fossil beds are among the largest exposed Devonian fossil beds in the world. Visitors can walk on remnants of a coral reef laid down when the area formed...


Overview Introduction This ridge of foothills south of Tripoli has some interesting Berber villages and a slightly cooler climate compared to the coastal plain. Gharyan is a good base for exploring the area. It also boasts a traditional craft school where pottery is made and carpets are woven. ...

Jeita Grotto

Overview Introduction The Lebanese love to show visitors this natural wonder, with its many stalagmites and stalactites in a series of caves. In summer, a boat ferries passengers across a subterranean lake, which is the source of Nahr al-Kalb (the Dog River). In the past, concerts have been stage...

Jeju Island

Large Jeju Island 60 mi/100 km off the coast of the mainland and 300 mi/485 km south of Seoul has a distinctive history, dress, architecture, language and tradition. Jeju is an extremely popular tourist destination for Koreans, especially honeymooners. Millions of won have been pumped into building ...


The inland harbor town of Jelgava, 25 mi/40 km southwest of Riga, set on the partly polluted Lielupe River, was once a favorite of the Duke of Courland and is now a center of the textile industry. The landscaped park in nearby Tervete is full of wooden sculptures of gnomes—the fairytale character...


The epicurean capital of Korea and a paper-producing center 125 mi/200 km south of Seoul, Jeonju draws travelers to its sixth-century Geumsan (Gold Mountain) Temple and 40-ft-/12-m-high Buddha. The city also maintains a Hanok village with about 800 traditional houses. About an hour's drive east, M...


Located 33 mi/54 km north of Amman, the 2,000-year-old Greco-Roman ruin of Jerash, Jordan, is the best-preserved of the Decapolis cities. The city is nestled in a valley carpeted with yellow mustard flowers in springtime. An urban Greek center in the third century BC, Jerash later flourished under...


Jericho, the City of Palms, is famous as the site where, according to the biblical account, Joshua blew his horn and caused the walls to come tumbling down. It is about 15 mi/25 km northeast of Jerusalem in Palestinian territory, so Israeli tour guides must hand visitors over to Palestinian guides a...


To reach this region, about a four-hour drive from Yerevan, you'll travel through the Ararat Valley, with its dramatic view of Mount Ararat, and into the mountains of eastern Armenia. There are several hotels and health spas in the area that have been brought somewhat into the modern age, making Jer...


For Old West-history buffs, Jerome, Arizona, located 110 mi/175 km north of Phoenix, is a wondrous place. Miners began to work the area in the 1870s, and the town boomed and busted several times, depending on the price of copper. When Jerome boomed, it was known to be wild and wicked, but the mine...

Jersey Shore

More than 125 mi/200 km of coastline reveal the state's roots, from the first lighthouse at Sandy Hook to Cape May's gingerbread Victorian houses. Many locals spend their summer days "down the shore," and visitors may want to do the same. With so many beach towns to choose from, a little help is in ...


For centuries, Jerusalem, Israel, has been a place where different ideas, people and religions run into one another, and that's a big part of what makes it such a fascinating place to visit. As the focal point of three of the world's major religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam—Jerusalem's templ...

Jewel Cave National Monument

Overview Introduction Another Black Hills-area attraction, 60 mi/100 km southwest of Rapid City, Jewel Cave National Monument features a cavern studded with sparkling calcite crystal formations. Jewel Cave is among the longest caves in the world, with more than 140 mi/225 km of mapped passageways...


Located in Yunnan province, Jianshui, China, is rapidly developing as a major tourist center. Its history dates back 1,200 years. Jianshui's Eastern Gate is similar in design to the gateway at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, but it is 25 years older. The top level of the gate, as well as an adjacent ...


Overview Introduction This village, set in the greenest and most fertile part of Yemen, will be one of the highlights of your trip: Its 13th-century architecture, palaces, narrow streets and ancient atmosphere will take you back in time. The principal site is the Queen Arwa Bint Ahmed mosque and ...


The city of Jinan, China, has long been renowned for its lakes and springs, including Daming Lake and the First Spring Under Heaven. Cable cars run to the nearby Thousand Buddha Mountain, home to some interesting statues; adrenaline-seekers can take the luge back down. Other interesting sights for ...


The modern city of Jingzhou, China, on the Yangtze River, has a history that dates back thousands of years. Guests can visit the remains of ancient cities, temples and hundreds of nearby tombs, many of which date back to the powerful Chu kingdom that ruled this area around 1030-223 BC. The old city...


Uganda's second-largest city, Jinja is situated where the White Nile leaves Lake Victoria on its 3,470-mi/5,590-km journey to the Mediterranean. There is a small plaque that commemorates the spot where the explorer John Speke claimed he had found the source of the Nile in 1862. Although the river ...

Joao Pessoa

The capital of Paraiba state, Joao Pessoa lies on the easternmost tip of South America and 1,060 mi/1,705 km northeast of Brasilia. It is Brazil's third-oldest city. The main reason to visit is to see the Igreja Sao Francisco, one of Brazil's most interesting churches. Elements of several European a...


Jodhpur, India, the city 300 mi/485 km southwest of Delhi that gave its name to riding breeches, is dominated by an imposing fort—considered by many to be the finest in Rajasthan—sitting atop a hill. Inside the citadel is a collection of buildings famed for their beautiful and colorful decorations—t...


Overview Introduction The town of Joensuu, 240 mi/385 km northeast of Helsinki, is worth a day's visit to see the Karelia House Museum (locally produced items and historical displays) and its art museum, which contains icons and Finnish art from the 19th and 20th centuries. There is also a "Fairy...


Johannesburg, South Africa, is often affectionately called Jo'burg, Joeys or Jozi. The city was founded in 1886 on one of the richest gold reefs in the world and started life as a simple wagon camp for early prospectors on the bare, open Highveld. Johannesburg quickly grew into the economic powerho...

John Day

John Day, a former frontier town 265 mi/425 km southeast of Portland, is located in the midst of ranching country. Visit the Kam Wah Chung Museum and state heritage site to learn about the Chinese gold miners who came to the area in the 1860s. The impressive canyons of John Day Fossil Beds Nationa...

Johnson City

You might expect that this Hill Country town 70 mi/115 km north of San Antonio was renamed in honor of its famous native son—former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson—but it wasn't: Instead, a relative of LBJ's—his grandfather's nephew, to be exact—donated the land for the town and thus gave it his na...


Stop in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, located 67 mi/107 km east of Pittsburgh, to see just how good a small, regional museum can be. The Johnstown Flood Museum documents the tragic chain of events that led to one of the country's worst natural disasters—the flood of 1889 that killed more than 2,200 peo...

Johor Bahru

Located in Johor, the closest Malaysian state to Singapore, Johor Bahru (simply referred to as JB by most) is situated at the northern end of the two causeways linking the countries. You can get there by air, bus, outstation taxi or train. It is very popular with some Singaporeans who travel there t...


Desert adventurer T.E. Lawrence's wartime trek across Jordan, from Wadi Rum to Aqaba, was one of the most arduous journeys of modern times. These days, however, you can explore Jordan's challenging terrain with considerably less effort. You'll probably forego camels for, say, an air-conditioned four...


Overview Introduction Jos, Nigeria, is a pleasant tin-mining town on a high plateau near the center of Nigeria. Jos has a museum with displays of items from the Nok excavation, which uncovered ruins of civilizations that existed 4,000 years ago. The museum also has full-scale representations of b...

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is located just south of the town of Joshua Tree and 140 mi/225 km east of Los Angeles. With trees that look like they jumped from the pages of a Dr. Seuss children's book, the beautiful park is also a rock climbers' oasis—with desert, mountains and wilderness. After a qu...

Jost Van Dyke Island

A fairly large, mountainous and very sparsely populated island northwest of Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands, is said to have taken its name from a Dutch pirate (the first part of the name is pronounced yost ). Jost Van Dyke offers two good harbors, a couple of nice beaches (Great H...


Jounieh, 15 mi/20 km north of Beirut, was a quiet, quaint town until fighting in the capital caused scores of Beirutis to relocate there. The influx of people begot high-rise development, and Beirutis, naturally, brought with them a demand for nightlife. The result: There's not a single undeveloped ...

Juan Fernandez Islands

Reached only by air taxis, private yachts, commercial cruises, and occasional government and naval voyages, the Juan Fernandez Islands is a volcanic archipelago about 410 mi/660 km west of Santiago and takes its name from its Spanish discoverer. The main island, Isla Robinson Crusoe, derives its nam...


Overview Introduction Locals and visitors flock to this town on the northern coast for its dramatic sunsets. The strategically located La Galera Fort, which sits atop a hill north of town, is an excellent place to see the show. You can also settle in with a cocktail at one of the restaurants alon...


Overview Introduction Capital of Equatoria Province and terminus for Nile steamers, Juba (pop. 167,000) is one of the few true cities in southern Sudan and has its own university. Although the government has control of the city, this area has been the scene of heavy fighting in the past. Flying i...


U.S. author Alex Haley found that his ancestor Kunte Kinte was born in Juffure, and Roots tours now go up the river from Banjul to visit this village. There's even an annual International Roots Homecoming Festival in June that celebrates reuniting members of the African diaspora. (The atmosphere i...


San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina, is simply known as Jujuy (pronounced hoo-HOOEY ). The Spanish colonial town is 945 mi/1,520 km northwest of Buenos Aires. It has a pleasant atmosphere alive with Andean flair and a constant springlike climate. The city streets are lined with orange trees, and white...


Nestled in the 6,000-ft-/2,000-m-high Laguna mountains, about 40 mi/65 km northeast of San Diego, is the former gold-mining town of Julian, California. You can tour the defunct mine's tunnels, ride through town in a horse-drawn buggy and shop for country curios and antiques in old-time buildings tha...


Juneau, Alaska, enjoys a majestic setting in a narrow fjord with Mount Juneau and Mount Roberts towering above it. To the east is the vast expanse of glacial ice known as the Juneau Icefield, and to the west are the wilderness islands of the Inside Passage. Because of the natural beauty that surr...


Jupiter, Florida, is an idyllic retreat for sea- and sun-lovers. This pleasant beachfront town has been recognized as one of America's happiest seaside places. Its clear blue seas blend beautifully with orange skies, sprawling greenery and splendid architecture.


Jurmala, which means "seaside," is a lovely 20-mi-/32-km-long cluster of 14 historical centers on the shore of the Gulf of Riga (promotionally known as the Baltic Riviera), 10 mi/15 km west of Riga. The most popular points are Majori and Dzintari. Several international music festivals are held in...


Jyvaskyla is a university town 145 mi/235 km north of Helsinki, and it was the hometown of functionalist architect Alvar Aalto. It has several buildings he designed, as well as the Alvar Aalto Museum. Also visit the Handicraft Museum (traditional Finnish costumes), the Art Gallery (Finnish and inter...

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