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MT Sobek specializes in handcrafted, small-group and custom adventures with an emphasis on active travel, wildlife and authentic cultural experiences, providing insider access and trips to some of the world’s most incredible places.

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8-Nights Norway Mountains & Fjords Multi-Adventure

Price: $6,495 - # of Days: 8 days
Tour Norway Mountains & Fjords Multi-Adventure Discover the wonders of Norway on foot, by kayak and by train, on this awe-inspiring adventure. Hike at sea level and atop lush plateaus that afford staggering views over the fjords. If you choose, sea kayak in the shadow of these same fjords or tr...

Last day to book: 07/21/2025

Package Details

12-Nights Saudi Arabia Cultural Discovery

Price: $10,995 - # of Days: 12 days
Tour Saudi Arabia Cultural Discovery MT Sobek is known for epic, insider adventures that go deep into the heart of a destination. Explore Saudi Arabia on our cultural discovery adventure that travels from modern, vibrant Riyadh, to ancient rock art at Jubbah and into AlUla to explore Nabataean tombs...

Last day to book: 11/27/2024

Package Details

6-Nights Alaska Glaciers Whales and Wildlife Multi-Adventure

Price: $5,595 - # of Days: 6 days
Tour Alaska Glaciers & Wildlife Multi-Adventure Journey to Southeast Alaska's largest protected habitats, home to some of the world's most spectacular wildlife and nature. Explore Glacier Bay National Park, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its marine wildlife and stunning glaciers, an...

Last day to book: 08/08/2024

Package Details

10-Nights Wild Borneo

Price: $7,995 - # of Days: 10 days
Tour Borneo Rainforests & Villages Wildlife Safari The island of Borneo offers an amazing range of ecosystems, from lush rainforests to pristine beaches, and is home to a magnificent display of rare and endangered wildlife. As you journey through Borneo on this unprecedented adventure, encounter ora...

Last day to book: 09/09/2024

Package Details

10-Nights Walking Japan

Price: $7,995 - # of Days: 10 days
Tour Japan Kyoto to Tokyo Walking This enchanting journey through Japan combines stunning vigorous walks with timeless tradition. Beginning in the old imperial city of Kyoto and ending in modern Tokyo, follow the historic Nakasendo Way, a network of ancient trade routes once used to travel between t...

Last day to book: 10/30/2025

Package Details

10-Nights Ultimate Tanzania Safari

Price: $8,595 - # of Days: 10 days
Tour Tanzania Ultimate Serengeti Active Safari Enjoy a rare experience that very few travelers can claim — striding across the rolling plains of Tanzania's legendary Serengeti National Park. Immerse yourself on a three-day walking adventure with your expert guide at your side. Combine this wit...

Last day to book: 12/14/2025

Package Details

13-Nights Ultimate Namibia Safari

Price: $9,695 - # of Days: 13 days
Tour Namibia Wildlife & Dunes Safari Journey through timeless Namibia, following experienced trackers through the last-remaining haven of desert-adapted black rhinos, and see cheetahs and leopards on exhilarating safaris. Explore Damaraland and search for desert-dwelling elephants which survive on t...

Last day to book: 10/19/2024

Package Details

10-Nights Uganda Gorilla Safari

Price: $8,495 - # of Days: 10 days
Tour Uganda Gorilla Safari Experience the best gorilla safari by venturing to Uganda, a raw and beautiful land. Cross its wetlands, tropical forests, and volcanic crater lakes on foot and by vehicle. Listen for the pant-hoot calls of clever chimps high up in fig trees and spot black-and-white colobu...

Last day to book: 12/17/2025

Package Details

15-Nights Trekking in the Cordillera Huayhuash

Price: $5,495 - # of Days: 15 days
Tour Peru Cordillera Huayhuash Trekking Tackle one of the world's most spectacular mountain circuits in the Cordillera Huayhuash, a compact yet magnificent range that's richly glaciated, steep, and dramatic. Six of Peru's highest mountains rise from this striking massif. This classic, multi-day trek...

Last day to book: 07/31/2024

Package Details

11-Nights Treasures of Turkey

Price: $6,695 - # of Days: 11 days
Tour Turkey Istanbul, Cappadocia & the Coast Cultural Discovery Discover the wonders of Turkey, a country boasting some of the most diverse and rich cultural heritage sites in the world. Sail across Asia and Europe in Istanbul and marvel at the Ottoman royal collections of the Topkapi Palace. Take a...

Last day to book: 10/09/2024

Package Details

7-Nights Treasures of the Incas

Price: $4,295 - # of Days: 7 days
Tour Peru Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu Hiking Discover iconic Peru, from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu. Combine awe-inspiring day-hikes through fertile valleys and highlands with a rich mix of ancient sites and interactive traditional village experiences—all from the comfort of perfectly l...

Last day to book: 10/03/2024

Package Details

14-Nights Treasures of Iran

Price: $8,995 - # of Days: 14 days
Tour Iran Treasures Cultural Discovery Home to some of the world's most renowned and best-preserved archaeological sites, Iran is a mecca for art, history, and culture. This itinerary explores the fascinating cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, and Isfahan, and showcases Iran's rich, textured past while...

Last day to book: 10/29/2024

Package Details

14-Nights Treasures of Indochine

Price: $6,995 - # of Days: 14 days
Tour Southeast Asia Cultural Discovery Experience the mystical ruins of Angkor Wat, the Buddhist temples of Luang Prabang, and the dragon-like islands of Lan Ha/Halong Bay on this unique journey through Southeast Asia. Slow down and enjoy genuine encounters with locals in remote villages. Try tai ch...

Last day to book: 12/11/2025

Package Details

7-Nights Tour du Mont Blanc Express

Price: $5,695 - # of Days: 7 days
Tour Alps Tour du Mont Blanc Express Hiking Experience contrasts that surprise and stimulate on this express version of our classic Alps Tour du Mont Blanc hiking adventure. In just 8 days you'll maximize opportunities for vigorous trekking, breathtaking scenery, and the coziest of Alpine hospitalit...

Last day to book: 09/12/2025

Package Details

11-Nights Tour du Mont Blanc

Price: $7,795 - # of Days: 11 days
Tour Alps Tour du Mont Blanc Hiking Mont Blanc. Europe's highest and most iconic peak. Spectacular. Immense. Dazzling. And undisputedly on every serious hiker's must-do list. Hiking for 10 days through the heart of the Alps won't just get your pulse rate up, it will open your eyes to some of the mos...

Last day to book: 09/06/2025

Package Details

11-Nights Three Kingdoms of South Africa Adventure

Price: $8,695 - # of Days: 11 days
Tour South Africa, Lesotho & Eswatini Multi-Adventure Discover the majesty of three African kingdoms: South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal and its Zulu people, the mountainous Kingdom of Lesotho, and the hikers paradise Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). Relish unparalleled wildlife experiences on safari walks,...

Last day to book: 10/11/2024

Package Details

11-Nights The Great Silk Road Adventure

Price: $5,995 - # of Days: 11 days
Tour Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan Silk Road Cultural Discovery Experience the best of East and West on this extraordinary journey through Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Delight in the natural beauty of the northern Silk Road route's immense deserts and rich cultural heritage. Explore some of the region's...

Last day to book: 10/03/2025

Package Details

13-Nights The Chomolhari Trek in Bhutan

Price: $6,195 - # of Days: 13 days
Tour Bhutan Chomolhari Trekking Experience the magical kingdom of Bhutan from the path less traveled on this ultimate trek. Go high into the Himalaya and immerse yourself in Buddhist culture by visiting the country's famous dzongs (citadels) and monasteries. Meet traditional Bhutanese monks and yak ...

Last day to book: 10/31/2024

Package Details

9-Nights Summit Kilimanjaro

Price: $6,995 - # of Days: 9 days
Tour Tanzania Climb Kilimanjaro Summit mighty Kilimanjaro on this spectacular mountain adventure! Follow MT Sobek's highly experienced guides up a less-traveled route with a 98% summiting success rate. Warm up on the forested slopes of neighboring Mount Meru, home to colobus monkeys, buffalo, giraff...

Last day to book: 12/09/2025

Package Details

11-Nights Secrets of Kashmir

Price: $7,895 - # of Days: 11 days
Tour India Secrets of Kashmir Cultural Discovery Unravel the mysteries of Kashmir, recently opened to tourism, on this behind-the-scenes journey through one of India's most remote regions. Hike the pristine mountains around Srinagar, take tea with local villagers, visit Lake Dal's vibrant floating m...

Last day to book: 10/01/2024

Package Details

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