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Alligator Pond

Tucked away at the mouth of a valley, far from the beaten tourist path, Alligator Pond, Jamaica, is a small fishing community popular with Kingstonians for its seafood restaurants nestled up to a beach where marine turtles go ashore. The surrounding ...

Categories: Alligator Pond


Appleton, an inland town in the Siloah Valley 35 mi/55 km west of Montego Bay, is the home of Wray and Nephew's Appleton Estate, where one of Jamaica's leading rums has been made since 1749. You can tour the distillery, watch a video showing how suga...

Categories: Appleton

Black River

Discover Jamaica's Coast where miles of beaches, natural waterfalls, and wetlands create an atmosphere of adventure, relaxation or quiet wonder. Long ignored as a tourist destination, the Black River and it's surrounding area still retain the flavor ...

Categories: Black River

Blue Mountains, Jamaica

Famous for their namesake coffee, these mountains begin 12 mi/20 km northeast of Kingston, Jamaica, and rise above the city to form one of the highest continuous mountain ranges in the Caribbean. They have a fragile ecosystem: The range has suffered ...

Categories: Blue Mountains Jamaica

Boscobel Bay

Boscobel Bay is located approximately 10 miles from Ochos Rios, on the north shore of Jamaica. Boscobel has something for everyone to enjoy - private beaches, family resorts and popular activities including scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, golf...

Categories: Boscobel Bay


A growing resort area between Montego Bay and Runaway Bay, Braco is just another slice of paradise in Jamaica.

Categories: Braco

Cockpit Country

Cockpit Country, Jamaica, a region 70 mi/110 km southeast of Montego Bay, is characterized by an unusual formation of limestone hummocks and sinkholes, which are heavily overgrown and mostly inaccessible except at the outer fringes. Their attraction ...

Categories: Cockpit Country

Discovery Bay

Located on Jamaica's north coast between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios and 75 mi/115 km northwest of Kingston, Discovery Bay may be the spot where Columbus first came ashore in 1494 (though nearby St. Ann's Bay is another possibility). Today, Discovery B...

Categories: Discovery Bay

Falmouth (Jamaica)

Falmouth has often been compared to Colonial Williamsburg because of its 19th century Georgian architecture and plantation complexes. Visit the Greenwood Great House museum, and feel like you've stepped into the 19th century. Music and history...

Categories: Falmouth (Jamaica)


Just outside of Montego Bay is a parish that borders Cornwall county and St. James. The smallest parish on the island, this historical area is the birthplace of labor leader and first Jamaican prime minister Alexander Bustamante, one of seven nation...

Categories: Hanover


Whether you’re up for an adventure, ready to tie the knot or simply want some rest and relaxation in paradise. We’re the island of happy days, vivid nights and dreams that come true. Paradise in Jamaica can be whatever you want it to be – lose you...

Categories: Caribbean

Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston is the capital and the commercial, administrative and cultural heart of Jamaica. It is the largest English-speaking city in the Caribbean, has the seventh largest natural harbor in the world, and lies on a wide plain with the sea to the sout...

Categories: Kingston Jamaica


Lacovia is the longest village in Jamaica, laid out for more than 5 mi/8 km on either side of the South Coast highway and the Black River, both of which divide the community into East and West Lacovia. The name Lacovia is derived from the Spanish nam...

Categories: Lacovia


Categories: Lucea


There's not a lot to do in Mandeville, Jamaica, but this pretty town 60 mi/95 km west of Kingston and some 2,000 ft/610 m up in the mountains offers relief from the heat of beach resorts. It's an important center for bauxite and alumina mining, which...

Categories: Mandeville

Montego Bay

Montego Bay, with its hotels and beaches, offers the best of the Caribbean. Visit the famous Rose Hall Great House which was once home to the White Witch of Rose Hall, now owned by millionaire John Rollins. Legend has it the White Witch, Annie Palmer...

Categories: Montego Bay

Moore Town

Moore Town, a remote village high in Jamaica's John Crow Mountains, is the capital of the Windward Maroons, whose ancestors were slaves who were freed by the Spanish in the mid-1600s and who later battled English colonists. Getting to Moore Town is n...

Categories: Moore Town


The "capital of casual," Negril is located at the western tip of the island, and is most noted for its seven miles of gorgeous white sand beach and incredible sunsets. By law, no building is higher than the tallest palm tree.

Categories: Negril


On Jamaica's west coast, just an hour's drive from the airport in Montego Bay is Negril. Known as a laid-back city with a reputation of being chilled out, travelers to Negril will find many opportunities for fun and relaxation complete with...

Categories: Caribbean > Jamaica

Nine Miles

If Nine Miles doesn't sound familiar, don't worry: It's a remote mountain village that doesn't even appear on some maps of Jamaica. It's about 48 mi/80 km northwest of Kingston and 25 mi/40 km south of Runaway Bay, between Alexandria and Claremont, o...

Categories: Nine Miles

Ocho Rios

The most famous attraction in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, is Dunn's River falls, where you can barefoot your way up a staircase of cascading water. For sheer natural beauty, you can't surpass Shaw Park Botanical Gardens, which offers 32 acres of indigenous ...

Categories: Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios

Affectionately called “Ochi” by the locals, Ocho Rios is the second most popular tourist town on the north coast of Jamaica. It's normally a laidback city, but can get a bit crowded when a cruise ship docks, as Ocho Rios is home to Jamaica’s mos...

Categories: Caribbean > Jamaica


Oracabessa is one of Jamaica's best kept secrets on the North Coast. It is home to the world famous James Bond Beach and a place which Charlie Chaplin referred to as "like no place on earth, simply paradise".

Categories: Oracabessa

Port Antonio

Some say movie star Errol Flynn was the first to float down the Rio Grande River on a raft. In this part of Jamaica, it's still a good way to spend a few idyllic hours.

Categories: Port Antonio

Port Maria

A small town on Jamaica's north coast and 45 mi/70 km north of Kingston, Port Maria is best known as the site of Firefly, the estate where actor and playwright Noel Coward lived prior to his death in 1973. At 1,000 ft/300 m above the coastline, Firef...

Categories: Port Maria

Port Royal

Located just across the harbor from Kingston, Port Royal was once Jamaica's richest city. The wealth came from renegades and pirates who, after the English took control of Jamaica, were allowed to use the town as a base for their raids on foreign shi...

Categories: Port Royal

Rio Bueno

Categories: Rio Bueno

Rose Hall

Located a short 20-minute taxi ride from Montego Bay, Rose Hall is a trip back in time. Visitors take advantage of the stunning hillside views and water surrounding the town. The city is home to a number of upscale resorts, yet it still evokes old wo...

Categories: Rose Hall

Runaway Bay

From Ocho Rios, drive west to Runaway Bay (so called because slaves once used this area as an escape route) to visit Seville Great House and Nine Miles, the birthplace of Bob Marley.

Categories: Runaway Bay

Spanish Town

Spanish Town is the first city in Jamaica and was once the capital for 300 years. The city is located in Middlesex,Jamaica just west of Kingston.Spanish Town is is now a major historical landmark with plenty to be discovered around town. There is ple...

Categories: Spanish Town

St. Ann's Bay

Located on Jamaica's north coast, 60 mi/95 km northwest of Kingston, St. Ann's Bay makes a convenient stop for those traveling between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Its town square is a good focal point for your visit. See the mid-1800s church, and then...

Categories: St. Ann's Bay

Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach, 70 mi/115 km west of Kingston and encompassing a string of sleepy fishing villages, offers a relaxing, no-frills, offbeat experience in a place where tourism hasn't flourished. The community remains friendly and rooted in a life attac...

Categories: Treasure Beach


Categories: Trelawny


White House is as alluring as it is rich in the history, distinctive culture and creative fare that makes Jamaica's south coast the next hit vacation spot. Whitehouse is a flashback to Jamaica's colonial past, as it is the setting for what...

Categories: Whitehouse

From each glorious morning sunrise to the iridescence of the sunset, Jamaica presents a magnificent kaleidoscope of color and beauty that has made the island the most precious jewel in the Caribbean. It is a land of warm and welcoming people, inspiring scenery and so many unique and engaging ways to experience it visitors want to come back again and again. Jamaica has coves for parasailing, roads for jogging, duty-free shops for treasure hunting and a place called Boston Beach for surfing. Plus, the bluest-ever waters for swimming, snorkeling, skiing and wind-surfing.
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Jamaican Cuisine Masterclass and Wine Pairing - Day Experience

Price: Please call for rates - # of Days: 0 days
Visit Jamaica's most beautiful panorama at Murphy Hill. Prepare a three-course meal with wine pairings

 Package Details

Blue Mountains Hike, Holywell and Coffee Experiences - Day Experience

Price: Please call for rates - # of Days: 0 days
Visit the islands highest range, hike a scenic rainforest and taste the flavors of Jamaica's famous Blue Mountain coffee and a local garden picnic.

 Package Details

3-Nights Jamaica, Round Hill Hotel and Villas

Price: Please call for rates - # of Days: 3 days
Round Hill Hotel and Villas invites guests to a world of timeless luxury, rich in tradition with lavish accommodations, warm Jamaican hospitality and an enchanting ambiance. Located in a beautifully restored 18th century Great House, the serene oceanfront spa featuring Elemis aromatherapy product...

 Package Details

3-Nights Jamaica, Half Moon

Price: Please call for rates - # of Days: 3 days
A world-class destination in itself, Half Moon is set on 400 acres of manicured grounds with two miles of private, pristine beachfront. Individually appointed rooms, suites and villas have been designed with comfort and privacy in mind, most of which boast stunning Caribbean Sea views from private p...

 Package Details

3-Nights Jamaica, GoldenEye

Price: Please call for rates - # of Days: 3 days
The ultimate hideaway for A-listers, GoldenEye is hidden amongst lush tropical foliage on the north coast of Jamaica in Oracabessa Bay. Once the Jamaican retreat of the world-famous author, Ian Fleming, the resort has since been developed by Island Records founder, Chris Blackwell, the music produce...

 Package Details


The popular image of Jamaica is emerald rain forests, waterfalls that tumble into cool, clear streams and glorious beaches that rival any in the Caribbean. The legendary "cool" of Jamaican culture is heard in its reggae music and by the dry wit of the young Jamaican men who pilot visitors down the Great River on bamboo rafts. You won't easily forget the throngs of competing taxi drivers who swarm outside the Crafts Market in Montego Bay.

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich islands in the Caribbean, with an economy that depends largely on tourism. Explore the countryside and mingle with the locals, as they are friendly and truly delighted to meet and greet tourists who visit their island. The physical beauty and vibrant culture of Jamaica are still its greatest assets, and the good cheer among its people makes for a memorable vacation.


Jamaica is the third-largest of the Caribbean islands—146 mi/234 km long and 51 mi/82 km wide—and the largest island in the English-speaking Caribbean. It lies some 90 mi/145 km south of Cuba. More than 100 rivers wind through the forested mountains of the island, and nearly half the island is more than 984 ft/300 m above sea level, so you can always see a hill or mountain, wherever you are.

The largest city, Kingston, on the southeast side of the island, lies in the lee of the Blue Mountains. The northeast side of Jamaica receives trade winds and is extremely wet. By contrast, the southeast and south central coasts are arid, and cacti abound. The tourism industry is concentrated along the north coast, especially in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, and in Negril, on the western tip of Jamaica.


Archaeological evidence suggests that the Tainos people settled in Jamaica as early as AD 650. The island took its name from the Tainos word xaymaca, meaning "land of wood and water."

Columbus first sighted the island in 1494, on his second voyage to the New World. Ever since, Jamaican life has been a stormy mix of political, racial and economic divisions. Although the Spanish never fully settled the island, their influence was far-reaching. Most notably, they carried diseases that killed many of the Taino people. In regards to vegetation, they introduced citrus fruits, bananas, plantains and sugarcane, and such livestock as cattle, pigs and horses. They also brought the first slaves from Africa.

The English invaded Jamaica in 1655 and gained complete control of the island by 1660. They then used Jamaica as a base to threaten Spanish interests in the Caribbean and Latin America. Jamaica's Port Royal became the premier headquarters of pirates in the Western Hemisphere until it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1692. The English also established great sugarcane plantations powered by slave labor.

Slavery, in turn, played a central role in the political instability of the island. Slaves freed in the final days of Spanish rule, along with those who had run away from their plantations, established communities in the wild mountain interior and became known as the Maroons. Skirmishes with British troops eventually escalated into two separate wars, which led to the eventual deportation of many Maroons.

Two slave rebellions, one in Morant Bay in 1760 and the Christmas Rebellion in St. James in 1831, combined with the growing antislavery movement in England, ended slavery in Jamaica. Chinese and East Indian indentured laborers were then brought to Jamaica, adding to the island's cultural mix.

The early decades of the 20th century were marked by agitation for independence and social unrest among sugar plantation workers. After gaining greater sovereignty in the 1950s, Jamaica won full independence from Great Britain in 1962. It remains a member of the British Commonwealth. The island's social tensions have helped fuel its most famous export—reggae music. A potent mix of politics, religion and danceable rhythms, reggae rose to international popularity in the 1970s on the shoulders of Bob Marley and other Jamaican performers.

In the 1970s, Jamaica veered toward socialism under charismatic premier Michael Manley. The resulting economic crisis spawned social unrest. Abetted by corrupt political leaders, criminal gangs evolved; the drug trade and politically partisan violence associated with it threatened to destabilize the nation. The economy has been relatively stable in recent decades, thanks to the growth of tourism and effective leadership.


Jamaica's foremost attractions include sunning on white-sand beaches, snorkeling, diving, listening to reggae music performed by local bands, partying, getting pampered at world-class resorts, horseback riding, river rafting, hiking, and visiting caves and historical sites.

Travelers who appreciate warm tropical waters, magnificent scenery, food, earthy music and dance will enjoy Jamaica.


Rastafarianism, a religious and cultural movement that developed in Jamaica in the 1930s, had a great influence on the development of reggae, and many reggae lyrics espouse the Rastafarian religion and outlook. The "Rastas" wear their hair in dreadlocks and use marijuana extensively (locally called ganja or sinsemilla and considered to be a "holy herb"). They worship the late Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I (also named Ras Tafari) as their messiah.

Spelunkers are drawn to Jamaica's more than 400 caves. Many of them have dripstone formations, as well as large (but harmless) bat colonies. Some are open to the public.

Singer Harry Belafonte's Banana Boat Song (Day-O) was inspired by the chants of men and women as they loaded bananas onto boats at Boundbrook Wharf in Port Antonio.

Cinnamon Hill, on the North Coast Highway near Greenwood, was the birthplace of Edward Moulton Barrett, novelist Elizabeth Barrett Browning's father. More recently, it was the home of country singer Johnny Cash, who was very involved in charitable work on the island.

Jamaica has an excellent and long-standing "Meet the People" program. The Jamaican Tourist Board will arrange for you to meet (or even stay with) a Jamaican with a similar hobby or profession, who will often take you to places of interest. Give the board a few days' notice or register online prior to your trip.

A cult-film favorite, The Harder They Come (1973) helped bring reggae music to the attention of many outside Jamaica, and it made a star of singer Jimmy Cliff, who played the lead role. Shot on location in Kingston, the film provides an entertaining look at the Jamaican music business.

Hollywood film directors, drawn by Jamaica's beauty, have used it as a setting for many films, including Cocktail, Blue Lagoon, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Island in the Sun, Dr. No, Live and Let Die, Return to Treasure Island, Mighty Quinn, Wide Sargasso Sea and How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

Jamaica's athletes have won more than 75 Olympic medals over the years, including gold medals at the London, Beijing and Rio Olympics courtesy of the record-breaking speed of Usain Bolt. The most surprising sport is bobsledding: Despite the fact that the island has no ice or snow, its two-man bobsled team ranked 10th in the 1992 Winter Olympics.

Jamaicans call the speed bumps on the roads "sleeping policemen."

Jamaica has 635 mi/1,022 km of coastline, with a beach around every bend and nestled in every cove.

Couples can be married 24 hours after arriving in Jamaica if prior application has been made for a marriage license and notarized birth certificates have been produced. No blood tests required.

Jamaica is listed in Guinness World Records as having more churches per square mile/kilometer than any other country. Parish churches welcome tourists at Sunday morning Mass, but mind the strictly enforced dress code.

Jamaica's national motto, Out of Many, One People, reflects the island's rich and diverse racial heritage.

The first mango plants introduced into Jamaica were captured on the high seas on their way from India to the West Indies by Lord Rodney's ship H.M.S. Flora in 1782.

During the Maroon War, fought against the British, Maroon warriors used a bugle made from a cow's horn (called an Abeng) to alert each other of danger.

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