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Space Perspective is changing the face of Space Travel, and our SpaceBalloon is the ultimate platform for space tourism. Our six-hour journey to space in a pressurized capsule offers a very different and reimagined trip to the edge of space; it is a highly unique and immersive experience that we are thrilled to introduce to the luxury travel industry. Space Perspective is driven by a desire to share the transformative power of space travel with as many people as possible. We know from experience that looking down on Planet Earth from space will radically shift one’s perception of our world and our place within it.

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A Life-Changing Journey to the Edge of Space

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Tour Space Perspective, the world’s first carbon-neutral spaceflight experience company, is driven by a desire to share the transformative power of seeing Earth from the blackness of space – the quintessential astronaut experience – with as many people as possible. We know that loo...

  • Spaceship Neptune:
    • Unique and unparalleled experience of approximately six hours
    • Astonishing 360-degree visibility through the largest panoramic windows ever flown to space
    • Bespoke culinary and beverage selection aboard
    • Reclining, plush seats, for eight Space Explorers and a Captain. These may be reconfigured to accommodate a special event, like a dinner for two or a wedding
    • Dark and tactile materials throughout the interior to reduce glare and reflection
    • Refreshments bar and cabinet for belongings
    • Wi-Fi connection 
    • Accommodations for scientific instruments supporting research projects
    • Splashdown cone at base allows for smooth landing on the water
    • Fully equipped restroom

Last day to book: 12/31/2029

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