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We recognize that vacations are not just an investment, but often the highlights of our lives, and we take that responsibility seriously. We want to ensure you have the best vacation experience. Interested in a job in travel? Click here to learn: How to Become a Travel Agent

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Alexandria, ON

Categories: Alexandria ON

Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is known for its bounty of maple hills, rocky ridges, and thousands of lakes. Located in the park are eight camping grounds and fourteen trails, the park can only be explored by canoe or foot. Each Thursday in August the cro...

Categories: Algonquin Provincial Park


Categories: Brockville


Categories: Cobourg


Categories: Cornwall

Cunningham Bay

Categories: Cunningham Bay

Fathom Five National Marine Park

Categories: Fathom Five National Marine Park

Frazer Bay

Categories: Frazer Bay


Categories: Gananoque

Hamilton, ON

Hamilton, Ontario, sits on the Niagara Escarpment, a distinct vertical cliff that separates the upper and lower city. Known as "the mountain," this cliff is the city's defining feature. Streets continue from the bottom of the mountain to the top, wit...

Categories: Hamilton ON


Categories: Huntsville

Killarney National Park

Categories: Killarney National Park

Kingston, Ontario

Kingston is nicknamed the "Limestone City" because of its many historic buildings built from limestone. Kingston is home to many artists who work in visual arts and performance art. There are many music and theater venues that hold per...

Categories: Kingston Ontario

Lake Ontario

Categories: Lake Ontario

Lake Superior/Georgian Bay

If you want to get a look at some of Ontario's better natural vistas without getting too far away from civilization, this drive along Lake Superior should fit the bill. It skirts the lake's shoreline and then takes you for a tour of the green islands...

Categories: Lake Superior/Georgian Bay

London, ON

This region of south-central Ontario, located midway between Toronto and Windsor, took great joy in modeling itself after England: London has its own Thames River, and nearby Stratford, namesake of Shakespeare's hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon, has i...

Categories: London ON

Manitoulin Island

Categories: Manitoulin Island

Midland, ON

Categories: Midland ON


Categories: Minto


Established in 1903 as a trading post on the Moose River 600 mi/965 km north of Toronto, Moosonee is the northern terminus of the four-hour Polar Bear Express train ride that begins in Cochrane. The train, which runs late June-early September, travel...

Categories: Moosonee

Niagara Falls, ON

One of the world's most famous travel destinations, Niagara Falls offers a combination of natural beauty and entertainment that has inspired visitors since the 19th century.The impressive 170-ft-/53-m-high Horseshoe Falls on the Canada side and roman...

Categories: Niagara Falls ON

Niagara on the Lake

Niagara-on-the-Lake offers many recreational activities including world-class golf courses, cycling on the Niagara Parkway, tennis, swimming, or a visit to our harbourfront. Amongst all this the town boasts the world Renowned Shaw Festival, fully re-...

Categories: Niagara on the Lake

Nipigon Bay

Categories: Nipigon Bay


Ottawa is beautiful to visit and one of the most culturally diverse cities in Canada. Its magnificent boulevards, exquisite gardens and regal architecture are captivating. The city is home to the country’s national monuments and museums. There is Can...

Categories: Ottawa

Parry Sound

Categories: Parry Sound


Categories: Pembroke

Peterborough, ON

Situated 85 mi/110 km northeast of Toronto in the heart of the Kawaratha Lake Region, Peterborough is the gateway to Ontario's cottage country. The Trent Severn Waterway passes through the city and houses the Peterborough Lift Lock, the world's large...

Categories: Peterborough ON

Point Pelee

Categories: Point Pelee

Port Colborne

Categories: Port Colborne

Port Dalhousie

Discover this charming port town by strolling along the waterfront between the West and East Piers to Lakeside Park. Rowers from around the world come to these waters, as Port Dalhousie hosts the Royal Canadian Henly Regatta. Visit the old-fashioned ...

Categories: Port Dalhousie

Port Weller

Categories: Port Weller


Settled in 1787 and founded in 1810 by Major Edward Jessup against French and American encroachment, Prescott has since become a major port town with a rich military history, cargo trade history and the city's history can be felt while strolling thro...

Categories: Prescott

Sandbanks Provincial Park

Categories: Sandbanks Provincial Park

Sault Ste. Marie

Categories: Sault Ste. Marie

Silver Islet

Categories: Silver Islet

Slate Island Provincial Park

Categories: Slate Island Provincial Park

Smith Falls

Categories: Smith Falls

St. Catharines

Categories: St. Catharines

St. Lawrence River/Lake Ontario

If you've got time to drive from Ottawa to Toronto, this trip will take you past some lovely scenery and through some historic towns. It runs along the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Thousand Islands and Lake Ontario. If you're starting from Ottawa, take H...

Categories: St. Lawrence River/Lake Ontario

Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands are a 50 mile long archipelago consisting of 1,864 islands whose territories are shared between Ontario, Canada and New York State.  The region is very popular for boating, however, due to the large number of shoals a...

Categories: Thousand Islands

Thunder Bay

Categories: Thunder Bay


Categories: Timmins


Categories: Tobermory


It’s been called “a city that works.” As the capital of Ontario and Canada’s largest city, Toronto has become a dynamic cosmopolitan hub known for entertainment, culture, sports, high fashion and big business. The city boasts more than 20,000 retail ...

Categories: Toronto

Waterloo Region, ON

Ontario's Waterloo Region, about 55 mi/90 km west of Toronto, includes four cities all within a short distance of each other. Kitchener and Waterloo share public transportation, but Guelph and Cambridge are within a 20-minute drive. All the communiti...

Categories: Waterloo Region ON


Categories: Wawa

Welland Canal

The Welland Canals' various locks make it possible for large ships to navigate through the North American-Canadian border, bypassing the Niagara Escarpment that makes passing from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie impossible. Visit Lock 3 to see this in acti...

Categories: Welland Canal

West Bay

Categories: West Bay

Windsor, ON

Culturally diverse with a wide variety of activities for all interests, Windsor has a lot to offer its visitors. For history, visit the Willistead Manor, a mansion in 15 acres of parkland, or Mackenzie Hall, the old courthouse. Windsor is home to the...

Categories: Windsor ON

While travelling in Ontario, be sure to visit Parliament Hill in Ottawa, The CN Tower in Toronto and the breathtaking Niagara Falls.
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13-Nights Great Canadian Rail Journey

Price: $6,469 - # of Days: 13 days
Redirect your train of thought on this epic rail journey across captivating Canada. Nestled in your first-class, art deco train car aboard VIA Rail’s The Canadian, you can cruise and snooze your way through five picturesque provinces – although you won’t want to miss a moment of the panoramic scener...

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With so much to explore, Ontario is as difficult to cover in one vacation as it is to describe in one sentence. It manages to include both Canada's most populous city (Toronto) and areas so remote that polar bears outnumber humans. It has tranquil farm country in the south, but in the midst of that rural landscape are Stratford and Niagara-on-the-Lake, two small towns that stage some of the finest theater in North America.

There's an incredible wealth of water in Ontario—four of the five Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers and 250,000 inland lakes with hundreds of them linked together by the Trent-Severn Waterway, the country's largest engineering marvel when it was finally completed in 1920. And, of course, there's Niagara Falls, the most famous water spectacle of them all.


Ontario can be thought of as four distinct topographical areas: the fertile lowlands along Lake Erie and Lake Ontario; mixed forest in the heart of the province, the rocky Canadian Shield in the north and western part of the province; and the swampy lowlands along Hudson Bay in the far north.


Much of Ontario's natural splendor can be traced to the Ice Age, when glaciers carved the Great Lakes and the melting ice left the province a watery land. Paleo-Indians populated the region while hunting for large game.

At the time of European contact, there were various tribes who spoke the Iroquois language—Iroquois, Huron, Petun, Neutral, Erie and Susquehannock—living along the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. They supported themselves by farming, fishing and hunting and lived primarily in permanent, densely populated villages of bark longhouses.

Farther north, the Ottawa lived along the Ottawa River Valley. The Cree, Ojibway, Nippissing, Mississauga and Algonquin inhabited northerly parts of the province. Because it was too cold to cultivate crops, they depended on trapping, fishing, foraging and hunting.

French explorer Samuel de Champlain traveled up the Ottawa River in 1613, opening the principal fur-trade route to the upper Great Lakes. The presence of European trade changed the Native Americans' lifestyle and aggravated tensions between the Algonquin tribes and the Iroquois. In the mid-1600s, a massive Iroquois offensive drove the Algonquins out of southern Ontario and disrupted the fur trade for a time, though the French were able to re-establish trading posts and forts in the late 1660s.

When France ceded its dominion over Canada to Great Britain in 1763, Ontario quickly became one of the Canadian provinces most closely tied to England. In the 1770s and 1780s, loyalists fled to Ontario from the 13 rebellious American colonies. They were later joined by more immigrants from the U.S., who came to claim some of Ontario's plentiful land. The province's location on the Great Lakes made it a flashpoint in the War of 1812, when Britain and the young U.S. went to war a second time.

As immigrants (especially from England, Scotland and Ireland) poured into Ontario in the 1800s, the pressure mounted for political reform and some sort of clear status for the region: Until then, Ontario and Quebec were divided into a vague pairing of Upper (English) and Lower (French) Canada, respectively. The newspaper editor and firebrand William Lyon Mackenzie successfully focused attention on the problems—his short-lived rebellions were a key factor in the ultimate confederation of Canada in 1867.

Toward the end of the 1920s, Ontario suffered its own Great Depression that did not let up until the end of the Second World War. Following the war, an influx of immigration increased the province's population considerably. This in turn sent the economy on a quick upswing.

Since that time, Ontario has emerged as one of the most important areas of the country: Ottawa serves as the nation's capital, Toronto is Canada's largest city, and until recently the province has amassed great wealth from its mineral resources, heavy industrialization, forestry, agriculture and fishing. These days, the changing economies have morphed the province from a heavily industrialized frontier to an information economy in banking, health care, education and tourism with only fragments of industry still visible.


Ontario's main attractions include Canadian history, Toronto, the CN Tower, outdoor sports, rivers and lakes, islands, wineries, Niagara Falls, Parliament Hill, Ottawa, museums and cultural events.

With both urban attractions and varied outdoor activities, Ontario has something for just about everyone. Those who crave rugged mountain scenery might be disappointed, but high elevations are one of very few things that can't be found in Ontario.


Thunder Bay is the only place in the world where you can buy a "Persian," a squished doughy bun laced with streams of cinnamon and topped with strawberry icing. For close to 100 years, they've been baked and sold at just about every bakery in Thunder Bay.

The world's highest lift-lock is in Peterborough. It has held this distinction since 1904 when the engineering marvel was completed.

In order to create the seaway along the St. Lawrence River (near Long Sault and Cornwall) in the 1950s, entire villages had to be completely flooded. People from these communities relocated, leaving their belongings and homes, which to this day remain under water.

Serpent Mounds National Historic Site on Rice Lake is home to nine burial mounds that contain the ceremonial graves of native people. The largest mound has a zigzag appearance and is the only one of its kind in Canada.

One out of every three Canadian citizens lives in Ontario.

Toronto's Yonge Street is purported to be the longest street in the world: It runs 1,190 mi/1,900 km through the city and west to the border with Minnesota.

Quetico Provincial Park (west of Lake Superior on Ontario's southern border) preserves one of the greatest concentrations of Native American rock paintings on the continent. There are more than 28 sites in and around the park. More ancient artwork is on display at Petroglyphs Provincial Park (northeast of Peterborough), which contains hundreds of ancient rock carvings. The well-preserved images went unnoticed by anthropologists until 1954.

Famous Ontarians include Justin Bieber, Dan Aykroyd, Margaret Atwood, Paul Shaffer, John Kenneth Galbraith, Wayne Gretzky, Peter Jennings, Morley Safer, Robertson Davies, Shania Twain, Hume Cronyn, Mike Myers, Martin Short, Alex Trebek, Neil Young, Alanis Morissette, Frederick Banting and Alexander Graham Bell.

The Muskoka lakes area is a playground for the rich and famous. Celebrities' multimillion-dollar summer homes are located around Lake Joseph, Lake Muskoka and Lake Rosseau.

The original Uncle Tom's Cabin (yes, there really is one) is in Dresden. It was the home of Josiah Henson, a slave who escaped to freedom in Ontario and told his story to Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Jumbo, the famous circus elephant, was struck and killed by a train in St. Thomas in 1885. The town erected a statue in his honor.

Brantford is home to Her Majesty's Chapel of the Mohawks, the only designated Royal Indian chapel in the British Commonwealth. The town is also known for its spectacular horticulture.

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