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Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Italy

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Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Italy

Can't decide between a European vacation and a beach vacation? Look no further - these five beaches in Italy are must-sees and are sure to cure your need for some rest and relaxation.


Capri's Marina Piccola is a tranquil and semi-secluded stretch of coastline off of the southern part of the island. It is surrounded by quaint restaurants and colorful lounge chairs and umbrellas, and the water stays a beautiful turquoise blue. The Scoglio delle Sirene cliff separates the marina into two beaches, both of which are protected from the wind and exposed to the sun -- perfect for an afternoon swim! Sunbathe on the warm pebble beach with a crisp glass of white wine at this ultimate relaxation station. Marina Piccola can be reached by bus from the Piazzetta or by foot, following Via Roma to Due Golfi, and taking the stairs down Via Mulo; only about a 15-minute walk.


One of the longest beaches on the Island of Elba, this sandy beach is also one of the most popular beaches on the island. Most of the beach is free, however there are restaurants on the left-hand side of the beach as well as  La Guardiola Sailing Club which runs a mooring wharf for boat trips. Feeling adventurous? After soaking in the sun, you can swim out to the shipwreck of a Roman cargo ship that sank in 190 A.D., lying on the sea bed a few hundred meters out. The water is relatively shallow and is perfect for kids or for those who just want to get their feet wet!


The Scala dei Turchi ('Turkish Steps') is one of the most popular beaches in Italy on account of its unique and spectacular shoreline. The cliffside is built from rock that, over time, developed ridges all the way down, imitating a white marble staircase. This beach is located in southwest Sicily in the town Realmonte. After admiring the coast and cliffside, venture to one of the nearby Roman villages for a cappuccino or espresso!


Not only is San Fruttuoso perfect for those wanting a more secluded beach destination, but the history buff will be delighted by the Benedictine Monastery located just steps from the beach itself! San Fruttuoso is only accessible by boat/ferry or a long hike and is nestled between the cities of Portofino and Camogli. Spend time soaking in the sun or go snorkeling in the crystal clear waters and explore the sunken statue of the Cristo degli Abissi (Christ of the Abyss), a submerged statue of Jesus Christ that was placed in the Ligurian Sea.


Last but not least, visit the secluded cove of Cala Goloritzé which is only reachable by boat and by foot. This beach is famous for its towering rock pinnacle rising 143 meters above the cove. Cala Goloritzè was declared a national monument of Sardinia; with its cerulean blue water and natural arch that opens on the right side of the bay, it lives up to its name. The beach is a mix of small white pebbles and sand, and is known for its warm water and good weather!

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Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Italy

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