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25th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas-Sandals Packages and News

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25th Anniversary Gift Ideas Perfect For A Silver-Year Love Story

January 20th 2021
25th Anniversary Gift Ideas Perfect For A Silver-Year Love Story

As far as anniversaries go, the silver year (25th wedding anniversary) is among the most significant of milestones. After all, it's a quarter century recognition of a love that has stood the test of time.

Anniversary gifts in the 25th anniversary year usually revolve around the traditional sterling silver theme. This means there's plenty of options of things you can get, including beautiful silver engraved keepsakes, jewelry and accessories, picture frames or photo albums, homeware, candle holders and so much more!

If you're contemplating 25th anniversary gift ideas, sift through these options which are sure to provide the inspiration you need ahead of this extra special occasion!

Couple beach

What is the traditional 25th anniversary gift?

Sterling silver is the traditional anniversary gift theme associated with 25th wedding anniversaries. Sterling silver is a precious metal that includes a combination of pure silver and typically, copper. This is a metal known for its durability, and the relative ease associated with keeping it at its highest level of shine. Sterling silver certainly demonstrates that anything precious, including marriage, can sparkle for years with just a little effort!

What is the traditional 25th anniversary flower?

In addition to most anniversary gift themes, there's also an associated flower. For the 25th wedding anniversary, this flower is the Iris. It is named after the ancient Greek goddess of the rainbow. This is one of the most gorgeous flowers there is, and it comes in various shades. Irises are said to symbolize hope, trust, wisdom, and valor - all ingredients for a love that lasts!

Insider tip: Planning a special all-inclusive anniversary getaway to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary? Check out Sandals most spectacular honeymoon suites! The best part: you'll be able to get 1 free anniversary night to make your stay in the Caribbean even more special.

Sandals Grande Antigua
Picture: Top your gift up with an anniversary getaway to Sandals Grande Antigua, voted the "World's Most Romantic Resort" year after year.

In this article on the Sandals Blog:

25th anniversary gift ideas for him
25th anniversary gift ideas for her
25th anniversary gifts for celebrating couples

Alternative ways to celebrate your 25th anniversary

Tips for buying anniversary gifts for family or friends

25th year anniversary gift ideas for him

A silver wrist watch

Silver Wrist Watch

Photo credit: photoezh/

A stainless steel wrist watch with silver accents can be a great 25th year anniversary gift idea. Look for one with silver dials for example, which will really stand out against the body of the watch. There are tons of options in this category, and you'll just need to find one that suits his style.

Silver cufflinks

Photo credit: Juanan Barros Moreno/

If you're looking for a gift your beau will be able to make use of on your anniversary night and beyond, cufflinks are a good way to go. You can include a tasteful shirt, or even a suit he can wear them with as part of your anniversary gift to him!

A gentleman's shaving set ('silvered' stainless steel)

Shaving Set

Photo credit: Africa Studio/

Shaving sets are a good choice if you're looking for a functional gift. Go for one that's silvered, and made out of stainless steel to stick within the tradition of this 25th year anniversary - he'll love how this adds a touch of elegance to his primping and preening ahead of your big anniversary date!

Silver guitar pick

Silver Guitar Pick

Photo credit: Room 76/

Musicians will love this as a gift: a guitar pick that can be as pleasing to the eye as it is functional, and ready to make magic. You can also give this to your guy as a memento that you can gift framed, or as something he can add to his desktop coin dish.

A stainless steel cocktail set

Cocktail Set

Photo credit: Igor Palamarchuk/

Does your guy like his cocktails shaken or stirred? If the former, then you can get him a stainless steel cocktail set that'll make it easy for him to put his bartending skills to the test. You two can use this on anniversary night for a romantic and fun evening in!

A custom ballpoint or fountain pen

fountain pen

Photo credit: Andrei Kuzmik/

The gift of a good pen is an understated way of saying I love you. After all, a high-quality pen will always come in handy, and the better the quality, the more confident a person tends to feel about whatever it is they're using it for. You can have the pen engraved, or add a personalized message which will make him think of you every time he uses it!

A nice set of luxury headphones

Headphones are something that seem to come and go, function and not function at whim. That is, if you don't get a high-quality pair. If your husband is the sort who always seems to be replacing his headphones, get him a luxury pair with cool features like noise-elimination, which also includes functions like wireless bluetooth so he can use his anniversary gift without feeling tied up!

Silver paperweight

What better way to say I love you, and I'm always thinking of you than to get a fancy silver paperweight to uplift his desk? He'll be drawn into thoughts of you and your life together every time he looks at it!

A set of silvered sunglasses

Couple Beach

Is your husband the type who loves to make a statement with his choice of accessories? Get him a pair of silvered sunglasses that he'll be able to rock whenever he heads out. Better yet, let these sunglasses be an invitation to the amazing Sandals all-inclusive vacation you two can take to a sunny Caribbean destination!

Modern silver sculpture

Is your man a lover of art? Get him a new piece for his collection, like a silver sculpture, as a 25th year anniversary gift. He'll appreciate this option as he can set it up at work, or at home - it'll definitely serve as a symbol of your love!

Silver luggage tags & tickets to somewhere special

An exciting thing to do for your 25th wedding anniversary will be to travel somewhere you've never been. Or, return to a place you two have gone together, where you might have created some amazing memories. Gift him some silver luggage tags, and tickets for you both to a dream destination this anniversary!

Custom collar stays

Even collar stays can be made romantic if you gift some that have been engraved with your handwriting, or a custom message. This will be tucked into his shirt, but he'll be reminded of how much you always think of him every time he wears it.

A silver monogrammed money clip (or a love message engraving)

money clip

Photo credit:myboysme/

A money clip will come in handy to help him keep his cash safe and organized, and you can get one in silver that's also monogrammed to make this anniversary gift idea extra special!

Freshly minted silver coins

Is he into coin collecting? If so, then your husband will be over the moon about some newly minted silver coins he can add to his collection. Try to remember whether he might have dropped any hints for a particular set, and this should steer you in the right direction on what to get.

25th anniversary gift ideas for her

A silver bracelet


Photo credit: Nicoleta Ionescu/

A silver bracelet will be a clean cut way to show your wife some love on your 25th anniversary. She'll know right off the bat that this year, you've chosen to stick with tradition, much like you've chosen to continue showering her with love and affection, since the day you both said, 'I do'!

Silver earrings

Silver earings

Photo credit: Holyshyn Oleh/

The best thing about silver earrings is that you can dress them up, or tone them down with ease. Your wife will appreciate the versatility of a pair of silver earrings, just as she'll appreciate the thought that went into you choosing the perfect pair as an anniversary gift!

Silver locket

Silver Locket

Photo credit: Jakub Gruchot/

Lockets have a nostalgic feel to them, and you can gift your wife a locket with a beautiful photo of you two inside for your anniversary. She'll be able to wear this every day, or just on special occasions. Either way, it'll remind her of how you've always held her heart.

A silver purse mirror

Twenty five years later, she's still as gorgeous as she was the day you met. Remind her of this by gifting her with a silver purse mirror, which she'll be able to include in the assortment of things she always carries around in her purse. There are lots of options, and you'll just need to decide whether to go for something simple and sleek, or embellished and fancy.

A silver silk eye mask

Eye mask

Photo credit: VGstockstudio/

Help her stay glammed up even in her sleep with a silver, silk eye mask. This can be gifted along with other sleep or beauty essentials, like a new set of PJS, beauty products, or even a bedroom robe and a pair of cosy bedroom slippers. This is a sure way to say I love you, and I want to make sure you're always comfortable!

Vintage silver candlestick holders

Vintage is a good way to go if you're looking for a unique 25th year anniversary gift idea that's also somewhat sentimental. Vintage silver candlestick holders will not only make a great gift, they can also be incorporated into a romantic candlelight dinner you can set up right at home!

Pandora charm

Pandora Charm

Photo credit: Arkadi Bulva/

If your wife is into Pandora charms, you're already one step ahead in getting her an anniversary gift she'll love. If you've given her Pandora charms in the past, this year you can look for a silver one that will gleam and glitter every time she wears her bracelet.

Silver dipped natural rose


Photo credit: Nadir Keklik/

A simply timeless and romantic gift for your wife on your 25th anniversary is a rose, dipped in silver to seal its beauty for eternity. This way, she won't have to worry about your special gift wilting - she'll be able to cherish it for years to come.

Silver plated picture frame

Silver picture frame

Photo credit: Still AB/

Take your photos from social media, and into real life for your 25th wedding anniversary. For this occasion, pick out a great photo of you two and have it placed into a silver plated picture frame. Your wife will love the sentimental value of this gift idea, and of course the beauty and charm of this unique frame!

Bouquet of Irises (or her favorite flowers)

Bouquet of Irises

Photo credit: Parilov/

Flowers say 'I love you' without you having to utter a word. A bouquet of Irises, in 25th anniversary tradition, will help you emphasize this message, as will a bouquet of her favorite flowers - whatever that might be. This 25th anniversary gift idea will definitely keep her in smiles all day, and you can even tie on an added silver ribbon for emphasis. A silver vase is also a good option if you're going with a non-traditional flower, as this will balance things off.

25th anniversary gifts for celebrating couples

A commemorative, customizable silver platter


Photo credit: stockimagefactorycom/

A silver platter will be a welcome surprise for a couple celebrating their 25th anniversary of love. This refined and stately gift can include engravings, like their names, the anniversary year and wedding date.

State-of-the-art coffee brewer

Coffee Brewer

Photo credit: RachenArt/

It is often said that humanity runs on coffee. If this is a quote that would resonate with the celebrating couple, then getting them a state-of-the-art coffee brewer is a good idea. Go for one in stainless steel to add a hint of tradition!

Silver plated photo frame


Photo credit: Inked Pixels/

A silver plated photo frame is a good option not only when getting a 25th year anniversary gift for your spouse, but also when shopping around for the perfect gift for another celebrating couple. Maybe you have a throwback photo of them that they no longer have, or remember. Surprise them with this option wrapped up and sealed with love!

New set of silverware


Photo credit: PunkbarbyO/

Around the 25th year (and even before), couples seem much more appreciative of silverware! This 25th year anniversary gift is classic, and not to mention perfectly traditional. A 5-piece set of flatware will be most ideal.

A new set of stainless steel cookware


Photo credit: mirageart/

It's always a good time to get some new cookware. Right on par with tradition, you can gift a couple celebrating their 25 year of marriage with a good quality set of pots and pans. This anniversary gift idea is perfect for a couple that loves cooking!

Alternative ways to celebrate your 25th anniversary

A romantic anniversary getaway with Sandals

There probably isn't a better reason to explore a tropical island in the middle of the Caribbean than your 25th anniversary. Heck, why not go the all-inclusive way this time around? Whether this will be a surprise vacation, or something you plan together, an all-inclusive vacation is the perfect way to send some sparks flying!

all-inclusive honeymoon suite Saint Lucia
Picture: the Beachfront Rondoval Suites with private plunge pool at Sandals Grande St. Lucian are a great place to celebrate your 25th anniversary.

If romance is what you're looking for, Sandals offers special anniversary packages at all their resorts, which are 'made for love'. Sandals anniversaries include spa experiences, candlelight dinner, adventure tours, and more. You'll even be able to take things to the next level with a suite that includes private butler service, or a luxurious Over-The-Water Bungalow.

A vow renewal ceremony

The quarter century mark is as good a time as any to renew your vows. Sandals Vow Renewal package makes this possible at resorts in The Bahamas, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Antigua, and Grenada. You'll be able to re-tie the knot on any of these beautiful Caribbean islands, and let your spouse know you love them today, just as much as you did on your wedding day!

Picture: Over-The-Water Chapel at Sandals South Coast: the perfect venue for a vow renewal ceremony!

25th anniversary gift guide when buying for family or friends

Don't worry about cost

First things first when shopping for a gift for family members or friends celebrating their 25th anniversary: don't think about how much your gift needs to cost! The best anniversary gift, as cliche as it might sound, is the one that echoes the sentiment, that it's the thought that counts.

Get something unique

Going for something unique almost guarantees you'll be able to get something the couple in question will like. Get them something they will enjoy that stands out, and is in line with their interests.

Have fun when shopping

It matters whether or not you have fun while shopping - if you don't you'll end up feeling stressed and just picking up whichever gift is next to you at the point of your frustration. Have fun, and keep an open mind while shopping; that way, you're bound to find something exciting.

Shopping online for anniversary gifts

Shopping online will save you from having to walk from store to store hunting for the gift you hope will be just right. You can click around on your favorite sites, or scope online stores you know the couple likes, and have their anniversary gift delivered straight to their door!

The best 25th anniversary gift will be wrapped in love!

over-the-water-bungalows at montego bay
Picture: the heart-shaped Over-The-Water Bungalows at Sandals Royal Caribbean.

Gift ideas are endless for the 25th anniversary. You can go for functional anniversary gifts, sentimental options, or even go as far as splurging for a surprise Sandals all-inclusive vacation. After 25 years together, anything goes in the name of celebration!

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