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30th Wedding Anniversary Ideas-Sandals Packages and News

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Pearl & Diamond: Gift Ideas To Celebrate Your 30th Wedding Anniversary

February 25th 2022
Pearl & Diamond: Gift Ideas To Celebrate Your 30th Wedding Anniversary

You've made it through paper, wood, aluminum, china, and a host of other gift themes. Getting to a 30th wedding anniversary means that you've unlocked a new traditional present: pearl (if you want to go the traditional route), and diamond (if you prefer something a little more modern and glitzier).

For the sake of celebrating your 30th anniversary in the most memorable way, we've compiled a list of the best 30th anniversary gift ideas that will be sure to dazzle your spouse. Whether you decide to go the traditional route with pearl or go modern with classic and timeless diamond, you'll find something to suit you and your partner's tastes!

Sandals Grande Antigua Long Beach Overview
Expert tip: Your pearl anniversary is the perfect reason to go above and beyond with your love. You can start with a precious pearl anniversary gift, and maybe throw in the most amazing all-inclusive vacation - just because!

Pearl wedding anniversary: Traditional 30th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Having pearl as the traditional 30th wedding anniversary gift makes things a whole lot easier. After all, pearls really do make most things look absolutely beautiful and elegant without you having to try much. Pearls are precious and valuable as well, much like a marriage. They are said to symbolize purity, honesty, durability, and wisdom.

If ever there was something a person needed to know before getting a pearl anniversary gift, it would be that there are levels to this anniversary gift. Pearl and mother of pearl (or nacre) are quite different. The differences begin with how the pearl gemstone is created. A pearl is formed when a foreign object gets into the shell of a mollusk. Mother of pearl is a more iridescent pearl variation that is found on the inner linings of a mollusk's shell. Fortunately, both pearl and mother of pearl are appropriate for a 30th anniversary gift!

Good to know: Freshwater pearls are usually more affordable, and it is also possible to purchase man-made pearls.

Pearl anniversary gift ideas for her

If you want this anniversary to be memorable for her, consider these pearl 30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for women that she's sure to find unforgettable!

Couple 30 Year Anniversary Pearl Necklace

Photo credit: Motortion Films/

Pearl necklace

Since pearls are at the center of a 30th wedding anniversary, what better gift is there to give the special woman in your life than a beautiful pearl necklace? This iconic necklace will be a classic and understated piece that she can wear for any occasion (like a surprise anniversary dinner, perhaps?).

Sunset Dinner Sandals Couple
Expert tip: Speaking of anniversary dinners, some all-inclusive resorts like Sandals will help you arrange a romantic private candlelight dining experience that will leave your loved one speechless!

Pearl studs

Pearl earrings are a great add-on to any jewelry box, especially if your significant other really appreciates simplicity and elegance. These studs are just as classy as a pearl necklace but will cost you less and fit well into your budget.

Pearl picture frame

Surprise your wife with a one-of-a-kind pearl photo frame that encases a lovely photo to remind her of the wonderful bond you share. This is the perfect gift if your wife gets excited by your home decor department or if you know she'll appreciate a gift that's sentimental.

Pearl keepsake or jewelry box

Whether it's your 30th wedding anniversary or you're looking for a nice gift to present to another couple, a pearl keepsake or jewelry box makes an elegant and timeless anniversary present. This gift will suit any woman who enjoys sentimental tokens or loves jewelry. It would be particularly awesome if you combine this gift with some new pearl jewelry that can be stored inside it!

Pearl anniversary gift ideas for him

Since pearls are said to attract prosperity and be good for stress relief, they make for the perfect 30th wedding anniversary gift. There are many pearl items you could get that your husband will be sure to love!

Pearl Cufflink Stud Him

Photo credit: Andrii Medvediuk/

A pair of pearl cufflinks will be an unexpected yet welcome anniversary gift that your husband will probably want to wear to your anniversary dinner! This style of cufflinks is unique and available at various price points, so it shouldn't be too difficult to fit them into your budget. This gift is a great option for a man who just loves looking fabulous in a suit.

Good to know: Mother of pearl cufflinks are the most affordable, but this gift can also be made with fresh-water pearls or man-made pearls. You can also choose to go with a more expensive pair of salt-water pearl cufflinks.

Pearl tie clips

A pearl tie clip is a thoughtful gift your husband can either use right away or save for a special occasion. There are a variety of pearl tie clips available, including clips with real pearls or a pearl inlay set in stainless steel, silver, or gold. If you're considering this gift, keep in mind that there are a number of price points available, and you can just find the one that suits your budget best.

Pearl pens

Custom pens are high on the list of traditional 30th anniversary gifts. They will be appreciated by the man who loves to write and has an eye for quality. These sorts of pens are usually available at various price points and with different accents like silver, gold, and steel. Consider what style your husband might like best so you're sure to find the right one!

Pearl watches

A mother of pearl watch is a trendy timepiece your hubby will happily be able to add to his anniversary gift collection. These watches tend to cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand. This luxury item is one of our top traditional pearl anniversary gifts for men - one he'll be able to enjoy for years to come.

30th anniversary gift ideas that you'll both love

If you've gone through this list and your mind is still running at 100mph as you try to decide on the best gift for your loved one, have no fear! We've got a few other options that just might work if you're really looking for that 'wow' factor or want a gift that truly showcases your love. The gifts below are perfect if you're celebrating your own anniversary, but also make great gifts for another celebrating couple.

A surprise romantic getaway to the Caribbean

There is no better way to celebrate your wedding date than with a trip to one of the most romantic destinations in the world - The Caribbean. A tropical getaway to this wondrously sunny region will be something your spouse will not expect for an anniversary present. You can turn this into the ultimate 30th wedding anniversary surprise!

Sandals Candlelight Dinner Couple

Of all possible destinations, the Caribbean is a top pick for a romantic vacation as no matter the date that your wedding anniversary falls on, the weather is likely to be perfect. The cherry on top of your amazing announcement can be a stay at a Sandals all-inclusive resort, which creates the most magical experiences just for couples. At Sandals, you won't have to worry about anything but having a good time and celebrating your love. You'll even be able to get help from the staff to set up a special date night for your anniversary!

Expert tip: Even after 30 years of marriage, you can fall deeper in love! Treat your anniversary like a honeymoon by staying in one of these spectacular and romantic Caribbean honeymoon suites.

Pearl sundial

Sundials are an antiquated way to tell time, but these traditional devices are a great symbol for the fullness of time. You can work sundials into a fabulous 30th wedding anniversary gift by getting a personalized mother of pearl dial. It's an unexpectedly elegant gift that you can even have engraved with your anniversary date. Your spouse will appreciate the sentimental value and it's something you can easily blend into your home decor.

Wall art

Wall art is the anniversary gift that keeps on giving - in a good way. You can select something that goes along with the diamond theme and purchase it ahead of your anniversary. Go with something that speaks to your love and connection. Options include personalized art or more classic pieces that fit into some traditional aspect of your life.

Personalized photo book

Photo books are always a good idea when you're celebrating something meaningful like a birthday or an anniversary. For your 30th wedding anniversary, why not create a photo book that walks you both through the happy times you've spent together? This gift will be truly sentimental, and you can always include it with one of the other items on this list.

Anniversary wine glasses

Wine glasses are likely to be well received by your spouse or another married couple on their special day, particularly if you personalize them by marking the anniversary date. You can have the date of your anniversary (or that of the couple you're gifting) printed onto the wine glass. A perfect gift, especially when paired with a bottle of wine!

Celebrating your anniversary with diamonds: Modern 30th anniversary gift ideas

A more modern 30th anniversary gift is to celebrate with diamonds. If you and your partner are not keen to celebrate your pearl anniversary, diamonds are just as beautiful and a great way to celebrate your love story. After all, 30 years together is a huge milestone.

To mark this momentous occasion, the modern option is diamond, which is said to signify purity and strength. While diamonds can be a little pricy, if you consider the gifts below, you're sure to find something that works for you!

Diamond wedding anniversary gift ideas for her

You can't go wrong with surprising your wife with some beautiful diamond jewelry or beautiful decorations for the home. Below are some of our top choices for diamond 30th wedding anniversary gifts for your lovely bride.

DIamond Earrings for Her

Photo credit: yurakrasil/

Diamond earrings

Diamond earrings are a classic and timeless gift; you'll just have to find a pair that suits your budget. These earrings are generally quite varied in terms of cost as there are different sizes, cuts, and materials to choose from.

Diamond tennis bracelet

Just in time for your 30th wedding anniversary, gift your wife with a diamond tennis bracelet that'll certainly fill her heart with love. Tennis bracelets can lighten the darkest mood and always seem to bring smiles.

Diamond wine glasses

Much like the diamond whiskey glasses we mentioned earlier, diamond wine glasses are a simple gift with a lot of flair. You don't have to splurge on this gift to benefit from its elegance.

Diamond print throw blanket

A cozy throw is on the more practical end of gift-giving. By adding a diamond print to it, you end up with a totally unexpected themed 30th anniversary gift. Your wife will remember what a thoughtful and loving partner she has every time she uses it - which will probably be a lot!

Diamond anniversary gift ideas for him

These diamond wedding anniversary gift ideas for men are certainly something to smile about. We wish you well in selecting one of these unique gifts for the wonderful man in your life!

Diamond Wedding Band Him

Photo credit: Chad Sazali/

New diamond wedding band

There's no better time than a 30th anniversary to upgrade your wedding rings. Ahead of your anniversary date, you can head out to take a look at what's available. The cost of diamond wedding bands can vary widely, and you shouldn't be afraid to switch things up.

Good to know: When shopping for a diamond ring, note the price differences with having a single diamond in the band as opposed to having a row of diamonds. This can help you find something wonderful that's in your price range.

Diamond cufflinks are an anniversary showstopper that he'll love so much he'll probably want to wear them right away. Cufflinks with diamonds can usually be purchased for a couple hundred to a couple of thousand dollars, depending on the size, shape, and material.

Diamond whiskey glasses

Pouring whiskey into a diamond glass will certainly add some pizazz to your wedding anniversary. You won't even need real diamond glasses - a diamond-shaped one will work just fine. This gift option will be something he can actually use, and it is classy as well, which works right along with the 30th anniversary theme.

Diamond stitch jacket

This is gift will be a more figurative take on a diamond anniversary gift. Your partner will love a high-quality diamond stitch jacket because it's a practical addition to his wardrobe that he'll be able to put to good use. This is a great option if your partner isn't too interested in actual diamonds but is still likely to appreciate the effort of a themed gift.

Best ways to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary in the Caribbean

There is no better place to celebrate your Pearl Anniversary than in the romantic Caribbean. Surrounded by clear blue waters, exciting excursions, delicious food, and rich culture, you can spend some quality time with your partner.

Let's go over some of the top ways to celebrate your 30th anniversary in the Caribbean.

Create unforgettable memories with unique excursions

There is so many unique cultural experiences located throughout the Caribbean islands. Whether you're looking for outdoor adventure, water front experiences, or relaxing excursions, you'll be able to find something that you and your spouse love.
Some of our favorite excursions include:

- Taking a hike to the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

- Take a swim with wild pigs in Exuma, Bahamas

- Explore the off-the-beaten path caves in Barbados

- Book a romantic beach front picnic in Saint Lucia

- Swim with dolphins on islands across the Caribbean

There is no shortage of activities on any of the Caribbean islands. Make tons of new memories with the unique excursions, from wildlife encounters, breathtaking hikes, or relaxed dinners on the beach.

Throw an anniversary party

If you're looking for a more extravagant celebration, an anniversary party may be the way to go. Tons of your friends, family, and loved ones will want to celebrate your anniversary with you. What better way to do it than throwing a Caribbean anniversary party.

You can 'Retie the Knot' with a vow renewal at one of the many Sandals resorts for your pearl anniversary. The Sandals Retie the Knot Package includes options for a beautiful vowel renewal ceremony, reception, and honeymoon deals. Your loved ones will love celebrating the happy couple all over again.

Relax at your resort

After 30 years together, you're also probably looking forward to some rest and relaxation. No matter where you stay in the Caribbean, you'll have tons of relaxing activities directly at your resort.

You can spend your days reading on the beach, enjoying a cocktail by the pool, or experiencing true zen in your resort spa. No matter how you'd love to relax, you and your partner can enjoy a refreshing vacation without having to leave.

Celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary in style

Thirty years of marriage is quite an achievement. Reaching this marriage milestone means that you've had a lot of time to make amazing memories and overcome challenges together. These 30th wedding anniversary gifts are sure to add even more incredible moments you can both look back on, especially if you lovebirds decide on an all-inclusive anniversary vacation!

Sandals Antigua Couple Dining

Sandals anniversary celebrations allow couples to plan spa dates, candlelight dinners, and even adventure tours. Not to mention the day and night entertainment, unlimited all-inclusive dining options at up to 16 restaurants per resort, as many cocktails as you can drink at multiple bars, including swim-up bars, and loads of other inclusions geared specifically toward couples in love.

There's no better way to celebrate a truly special wedding anniversary than with a truly romantic Caribbean getaway!

Expert tip: Still want to shop around? Here are more anniversary gifts by year for some inspiration, and our list of 40th year anniversary gift ideas so you can plan ahead!

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