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Reconnect, Relax, & Rekindle Romance With These Exciting Babymoon Destination Ideas

Our Resorts
April 25th 2024
Reconnect, Relax, & Rekindle Romance With These Exciting Babymoon Destination Ideas
Cover image credit: Frolova_Elena/

Looking for a fun vacation with a baby on board? A babymoon is a perfect opportunity to bond with your partner before your new baby arrives and responsibilities take over. Maybe you always thought you’d be planning something like this, or perhaps you're just considering it for the first time. Whether this will be your first child, or you already have children, the good news is you’ll be able to find options for babymoons (or familymoons!) catered just for you.

Pregnant Mom Beach Posing

Image credit: lunamarina/

Before you start planning, there are some important questions you should ask yourself: where do you want to go, how long do you want to spend away, and what do you want to do when you get there? Most babymoons are short and sweet, and more relaxing than adventurous. Keep this in mind as you plan but also know that what you decide to do will be entirely up to you. If you want to just put your feet up and relax for most of your babymoon vacation, consider an all-inclusive resort where you’ll find a lot of entertainment, activities, and enough restaurants to satisfy your cravings right on the property!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's discuss the intricacies of a babymoon. Later on, we'll share some of the best babymoon ideas, destinations & tips. Read on!

Expert tip: If you'll be headed on a familymoon with a baby, here are some of the best vacation ideas for families with a baby. You might also find something you like on our list of family vacation ideas.

What is a babymoon?

A babymoon is usually the last trip a couple will take alone together before welcoming their new baby into the world. Much like honeymoons, babymoons are all about bonding, making time for intimacy, and being fully present with the one you love. Some couples even combine babymoons with their honeymoons, particularly if they’ve just gotten married. The interesting thing about babymoons is that they can be celebrated whether it is a couple’s first child, or they already have children together.

In the case where a couple already has children, their babymoon can transition into a familymoon if the other children come along for the ride. No worries though, both babymoons and familymoons can be super romantic and fun, particularly with family-oriented resorts like Beaches!

Good to know: Beaches Resorts are ideal whether you want to go on a babymoon with the love of your life or a familymoon with the people who make your world go around. With water parks, Kids Camps, and lots of fun for both parents and kids, there will be good times for all during a Beaches Resorts vacation!

Why go on a babymoon?

Perhaps the better question should be, why not go on a babymoon?

Seriously though, having a baby is an important milestone, and the moments that come before the new little one arrives are worth acknowledging too. A babymoon is a perfect way to connect on a deeper level with your partner, and even to take stress levels down a bit as you both take a break from baby planning. As things are likely to get even more hectic with a new baby, a babymoon can be that oasis you and your partner so desperately need. So why go on a babymoon? Renewed peace, enhanced intimacy, bonding and just making the most of the time you both can still enjoy alone together before your bundle of joy arrives.

The best time to go on a babymoon

The best time to go on a babymoon is in the second trimester of pregnancy (between 14 to 28 weeks). This is the ideal time to travel as early pregnancy symptoms usually subside by then, allowing you to make the most of your vacation. Traveling when you're further along in your pregnancy, anywhere from 28 weeks to 35 weeks plus, is not generally recommended. In fact, you may not be allowed to travel at all by plane to many places further along in your pregnancy, which makes having a babymoon earlier on the most suitable option.

How long is the average babymoon?

Babymoons tend to be shorter trips. Couples taking off for these pre-baby getaways often book 3-5 nights away. Some couples do choose to have longer trips and the time you spend away will be entirely up to you. You should, however, consider how far you’ve gotten in planning for your baby’s arrival, and how much time you really have to spare. As couples tend to go on babymoons early on in a pregnancy, they usually get right back to baby planning and baby proofing when they return. With a short babymoon, you'll be able to get some much-needed rest before easing back into baby preparation mode, hopefully in a more relaxed state of mind!

Six great babymoon tips

1. Choose the right location

As with any other kind of vacation, location is key with a babymoon. Not only will you have to decide where you want to go and how far you're willing to travel, but you’re also going to want to give some thought to the things you can do while there. Many couples who go on babymoons find that they prefer resorts with lots of options for things to do so they don't have to venture out for entertainment, activities, or dining. This makes booking an all-inclusive resort a good idea - preferably one on the beach where you can relax with some non-alcoholic cocktails and the most amazing scenery!

Mother Pregnant Poolside Resort

Image credit: lunamarina/

One of the best things about the all-inclusive experience is that you can get into as many activities as you’d like, and when the mood strikes, simply walk back over to your room to get some rest.

Expert tip: Feeling for something Asian-inspired? How about seafood, or authentic island cuisine? Sandals' all-inclusive resorts offer multiple gourmet restaurants that will be able to satisfy just about any pregnancy food craving!

2. Remember to make it extra special

A babymoon isn't a regular vacation; it is literally the last vacation you will take ahead of becoming a new parent. If you already have kids, your babymoon won’t be any less special. You'll soon welcome a new life into the world, and it is worth celebrating. Before the sleepless nights begin, there are lots of things you can do to make your babymoon extra special.

Couple Beach Pregnant Pool Belly Kiss

Image credit: FamVeld/

As you and your partner will soon be expanding your family, it is important to make the most of the time spent with just the two of you on your babymoon. To add a little spice to the whole occasion, make the most of any romantic offerings offered by your resort. While some things might be included in the price, there are other options like candlelight dinners on the beach, spa experiences, and breakfast in bed that may come at an additional cost. Depending on the type of experience you're going for, these can absolutely be worth it.

3. Include time for romance and intimacy

You wouldn't think that penciling in some time for romance and intimacy would be something you'd need to think about ahead of a vacation, but with a babymoon, this can be very important. There will be many things you’ll want to do while you still have the time to do them! From soaking up the sun and entertainment to trying spa treatments, it can be easy for romance to get placed on the back burner. Try not to forget while you are away that the goal of your babymoon is to spend time together. Make a focused effort to be fully present in every moment, enjoying each other.

4. Give yourself time to relax when you get home

Traveling can be exhausting generally, but this is even more so for pregnant women. If you are going on a babymoon, be sure to free up your schedule with lots of time to rest once you're back home. While you’ll likely still have things left to do to prepare for your baby’s arrival, relaxing for a few days after your babymoon can help you feel less stressed once you get back into planning mode.

5. Consider safety at all times

Safety is important when it comes to traveling, particularly while pregnant. Although it is generally considered safe to travel up to around 24 weeks of pregnancy, in some cases it is worth checking in with your doctor before you go. Gather all the necessary information before you travel, including safety measures, vaccine regulations, and cleaning protocols related to the destination and resort you have in mind. Once you're satisfied with the travel requirements, destination, accommodation, and activities, you'll be able to safely do while there, you’ll have the green light to book your babymoon.

6. Consider how you’re traveling

You might have your heart set on a babymoon, but have you decided what will be the best way to get there? There can be different options depending on where you're planning to go and the sort of travel you’re willing to put up with. Go for whichever option feels less stressful. If you want a short trip, keep in mind that there are some destinations, including many in the Caribbean, that are not very far off. In fact, it can take less time to get to some of these destinations, including The Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, and Jamaica, than it would take to travel to some locations within the U.S. However, you choose to travel for your babymoon, bring lots of snacks and water along so that you and your baby are comfortable and content.

15 amazing babymoon destinations

If you have a baby on the way, it may be hard to tell when the next opportunity will come to travel with just you and your partner. Here are some of the best babymoon destinations for expecting couples:

1. Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos is a wow-worthy destination that any couple can appreciate. Located in the Caribbean and with many little islands that you can visit as part of your vacation, the Turks & Caicos Islands call out to couples who want to relax and do a bit of exploring as well. These islands have a laid-back ambiance, and they’re romantic too, so all you’ll need to do is find the right resort and settle in.

Providenciales is the most populated island in Turks & Caicos. This is a great option if you're looking for the best place to stay. On this island, you’ll find some of the best resorts, restaurants, and beaches in Turks & Caicos, including the award-winning Grace Bay Beach. A resort near Grace Bay Beach like the family-friendly and all-inclusive Beaches Turks & Caicos (with 21 gourmet restaurants!) can be ideal for a babymoon.

Good to know: There are lots of things to do in Turks & Caicos including lounging on the stunning Grace Bay Beach, exploring the Conch Bar Caves, enjoying catamaran cruises, and even spending time at the best Turks & Caicos resorts.

2. Negril, Jamaica

Jamaica has a seemingly irresistible island appeal that you'll definitely appreciate while planning a vacation. Consider Negril in Jamaica for your babymoon if fresh seafood, sunset cruises, and lots of beach time at Negril resorts sound like a dream. Located to the west of Jamaica, Negril is both laid-back and romantic. During your Negril vacation, you'll be able to lounge on the world-famous Seven Mile Beach and even spend time at Beaches Negril, which is steps away from this beach. Other than that, there are lots of other things to do in Negril Jamaica that’ll keep you well entertained.

3. Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Speaking of that island charm, you won't be able to get away from it in Ocho Rios, Jamaica either. This former fishing village is one of the most popular areas for travelers to stay while on vacation in Jamaica. During your Ocho Rios babymoon, there'll be lots to see if you decide to venture out of your resort, including the Ocho Rios Blue Hole. Even if you choose to stay in your resort, you may be able to find interesting things to do as well, particularly at the 22-acre Beaches Ocho Rios. This resort has its own waterpark, The Pirates Waterpark, so you might even be able to turn your babymoon into a familymoon if you have other kids. The lush garden setting of Beaches Ocho Rios and its nearness to the most beautiful beach will make this one of the most amazing beach vacations/babymoons you’ve ever been on.

Good to know: There are a few stand-out all-inclusive resorts in Ocho Rios, Jamaica that’ll position you near some of the best things to do in Ocho Rios.

4. Montego Bay, Jamaica

There are many things that make Montego Bay, Jamaica stands out, including its beautiful and calm beaches like Doctor's Cave Beach. There are also restaurants, bars, shopping, and the amazing coral reefs you’ll be able to explore during a snorkeling expedition if you're up for it. The all-inclusive resorts in Montego Bay like Sandals Montego Bay are pretty amazing as well with lots of options for things to do for couples who want a memorable babymoon.

The goal of your babymoon is to spend time together, and you’ll be able to do just that at Sandals Montego Bay. Since this is an adults-only resort you can really expect some special touches for your babymoon, and you can even request extra options if you want to go all out in making your experience unforgettable.

5. Nassau, The Bahamas

The Bahamas belongs on any list of best babymoon destinations because of its tranquil appeal and pure beauty. The Bahamas is a tropical archipelago made up of numerous islands and cays, some of which you can explore during a babymoon in this territory. The Bahamas is one of the closest island destinations to the U.S. and travelers from the city of Miami, in particular, can get to Nassau (capital of The Bahamas) in one hour! There are other U.S. cities just a short plane ride from The Bahamas as well, which makes it ideal for a babymoon without the long flight time.

There will be no short supply of activities and entertainment if you decide to stay at an all-inclusive resort in The Bahamas. This option will leave it entirely up to you just how much you want to do, or how little. Guests of Sandals Royal Bahamian love the Red Lane Spa, which has a host of treatments including the Mother-2-Be Massage and the Tropical Paradise Couples Massage. Sandals Royal Bahamian also has a private offshore island that you can explore with the love of your life!

6. Emerald Bay, The Bahamas

Truly tropical and exotic, The Bahamas doesn’t need to call out too loudly to boast its allure. Just a whisper and perhaps a glimpse at a couple of photos and videos of these islands will be enough to get anyone packing for a vacation here. For a babymoon, Emerald Bay in The Bahamas is ideal. This area is most known for being the location of Sandals Emerald Bay, which is the quintessential couples' island retreat.

Luxurious and totally private, Sandals Emerald Bay is located on Great Exuma in The Bahamas. This part of The Bahamas is also home to some swimming pigs that frequently make social media appearances. While enjoying your peaceful and romantic getaway in Emerald Bay, you might be able to take a boat out to see the pigs and some of the other interesting sites in The Bahamas.

7. St. George’s, Grenada

Grenada is a beautiful and quiet Caribbean island most known for its spice production, crystal clear beaches (both white and black sand), and its luxurious all-inclusive resorts. One of these resorts is Sandals Grenada, which can be the perfect babymoon oasis. At this resort in St. George's, Grenada, you and your love will be able to enjoy Skypool Suites, private plunge pools, multiple restaurants and bars including swim-up bars, and lots more. During your Grenada babymoon, there will be lots to love about this resort including the fact that it is located right on the stunning Pink Gin Beach. At Sandals Grenada, you’ll definitely be able to have that peaceful and entertaining babymoon you crave without leaving your resort.

8. St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados

Barbados has a certain energy to it that can either lead you to want to have the most action-packed vacation there is, or one that's serene and filled with moments of tropical bliss. For your babymoon, you can tune into any of these energies that feel right. One of the best places to stay in Barbados is St. Lawrence Gap where you can find lots of accommodation options, restaurants, bars, and other attractions.

Sandals Barbados is located in St. Lawrence Gap. This resort appeals to moms-to-be because it has the largest and longest lagoon pool in Barbados and Tranquility Soaking Tubsâ„¢ on most patios and terraces. If you plan to rest and have a bit of fun, then a Sandals and Barbados combination can be ideal for your babymoon.

Good to know: Barbados is near U.S. destinations like Florida. It takes just about 3 hours and 30 minutes to get to Barbados from Miami.

9. Castries, Saint Lucia

Swaying palm trees, beautiful beaches with soft white sand, and the most refreshing waterfall experiences -- all of these can be part of an incredible babymoon in Saint Lucia. As Castries is the hub of all things business in Saint Lucia, this can be a convenient area to stay in. From Castries, you'll easily be able to make your way to other parts of the island if you want to explore, particularly if you stay at a central resort like Sandals Regency La Toc.

There are lots of perks to having your babymoon at Sandals Regency La Toc including the fact that this resort has nine restaurants with cuisine from Italy, France, England, the Caribbean, and the Far East. Your babymoon in Saint Lucia can be spent exploring beautiful beaches, strolling around the Pigeon Island National Landmark, and overall, just taking in the incredible natural beauty of this island.

10. Gros Islet, Saint Lucia

Gros Islet is to the north of Saint Lucia, near Rodney Bay. In this part of Saint Lucia, you’ll find some of the best beaches and hotels on the island. This includes the all-inclusive Sandals Grande St. Lucian, which is an adults-only resort perfectly suited for a babymoon. This resort is highly rated by newlyweds and the babymoon crowd, and many guests love Sandals Grande St. Lucian for its delectable dining options, amazing beachside views, and the exotic offerings of the Red Lane Spa. A babymoon in the Gros Islet area in Saint Lucia can be as calm or entertaining as you desire with lots of time to relax and reconnect with your love.

If you want to babymoon a little closer to home…

If you don’t want to leave the country for your babymoon, there are plenty of great locations within the U.S. that you can consider.

11. Miami Beach, Florida

A Miami Beach babymoon might be just what you need if you're looking to be right in the center of the action. While this trip to Miami Beach probably won't be much about clubbing or bars, there are lots of restaurants and shops where you’ll be able to treat yourself. If you choose to, you can spend time on the beach, or take a walk down Lincoln Road, a pedestrian-only boulevard and outdoor mall. Take lots of photos as you explore the sights in Miami Beach including South Pointe Park and save the precious moments for later.

12. New York City, New York

New York City promises a babymoon adventure you won't soon forget. The energy of this city alone will refresh your spirit as you and your love indulge in some of the best restaurants, stroll around the city, and even picnic together in Central Park. There are lots of galleries and museums you can visit in the city if you want to get out and about. In the city that never sleeps, hopefully, you’ll still be able to get a little shut eye ahead of your bouncing new arrival!

13. San Juan Islands, Washington

San Juan Islands, Washington is an archipelago in the U.S. that is a brief floatplane ride from Seattle. For a babymoon, you can get to this location via an hour-long ferry ride from Washington State. The San Juan Islands are ideal if you want a babymoon that’s earthly and relaxing, and possibly involves light hikes, kayaking, farm-to-table foods, and even spa visits to help the mama-to-be get back to feeling like herself. These islands are truly beautiful, so make sure you take lots of pictures and soak it all in.

14. Scottsdale, Arizona

Art and history collide in Scottsdale, Arizona making this the ideal babymoon destination for those seeking a simply stirring experience. In Old Town Scottsdale, you can roam around and enjoy the shopping, dining, culture, and art. You and your partner can take off on a self-created guided tour that includes stops at the best art museums in the city. Your tour can involve walking (which can be great exercise for a mom-to-be), or you can just go by car. If you want to do slightly more intense walking, you can go to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve where there are about 225 miles of hiking trails available. You likely won't have a hard time finding a suitable (and easy!) one.

15. Monterey County, California

Oh, sweet Monterey County! This Californian escape is ideal if you want a beach break right in the U.S. Monterey County is known for its beautiful weather, beaches, and particularly for having the longest coastline of any county in California. Monterey County is said to attract a record number of visitors on an annual basis and the beauty of this county is reason enough to plan a babymoon here. If you're looking to spend some time on the beach during your babymoon, other options in California, particularly along the Central Coast, include Big Sur and Pebble Beach. Carmel Beach and Del Monte Beach are also worth visiting!

Unwind with these amazing babymoon ideas

We hope that we answered any questions you might have related to planning your babymoon. Whether you're looking for a destination to soothe your spirit, one that’s all about pleasing your palette, or perhaps a sunny beach getaway, there’s bound to be something on our list that’ll help you destress and build stronger bonds with your partner pre-baby. The only real rule to babymoon planning is that you do what it is that you really feel led to do, and you make the most of those precious moments with your partner.

Mother Pregnant Kids Playing Beach

Image credit: NadyaEugene/

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