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Best Beaches In Nassau Bahamas-Sandals Packages and News

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The 12 Best Beaches in Nassau, the Bahamas.

Island Life
June 27th 2019
The 12 Best Beaches in Nassau, the Bahamas.

Beaches in Nassau, Bahamas leave none of your desires unsatisfied. Even in the more densely populated capitol, located on the island of New Providence, Nassau's beaches almost guarantee you will find a stretch of golden sand that will make your top ten list of best beaches in the world. Their clean white sand and crisp turquoise waters are just that beautiful. To make your next trip to the Bahamas even more enjoyable, we've taken the liberty to sum up the top 12 beaches in Nassau!

1. Cable Beach

cable beach nassau

Picture: Luxury resort Sandals Royal Bahamian on Cable Beach.

You won't be able to get enough of Cable Beach once you set foot on its pristine shores. There's plenty of room to walk around and explore, and you'll be mesmerized by the blue waters, and striking white sands. These gorgeous features are obvious even as you're making your way to the beachfront. You will find Jet Ski rentals if you're looking for some adventure. Cable beach is beautiful, peaceful, fun and a great choice for beach goers of all ages.

How to get here: You can find Cable beach about 6 miles west of downtown Nassau. It is on the north shore of New Providence. The number 10 bus will take you there for a fare of about US$1.50 from George Street in downtown Nassau. You can also catch a taxi fairly easily to Cable Beach. Try to negotiate the fare with your driver in advance.

Insider Tip: Sandals Royal Bahamian is located right on Cable Beach. This all-inclusive resort also has its own private offshore island and you can easily travel from this resort to most beaches mentioned in the article across Nassau - if you want to.

2. Love Beach

love beach nassau

Love Beach is a dream you won't want to wake up from, and you won't have to - at least not for the duration of your vacation! Among the most interesting features on this beach are its natural rock pools, hammocks and cabanas. Love Beach is quiet, calm, perfect for a romantic stroll, and even good for family beach days. It is one of the most popular beaches for locals living in the west of New Providence. Love Beach is also a great spot for snorkeling with a 40-acre protected coral reef about one mile offshore. Early morning snorkeling tends to be better, with greater visibility, but you're bound to see something exciting once you go. The Nirvana Beach bar is always a vibe and a great place to get a cold cocktail. This beach is located quite near the airport, so you can expect to have the best view of low flying air crafts of all sorts and sizes, which can be exciting to watch!

How to get there: If you taking a public bus to this location, take the 12a or 12b bus (jitney), then ask the driver to take you as close as possible to the beach without going off his route. You can also take a cab, which is a little more expensive, but more convenient.

3. Jaws Beach

jaws beach nassau

Unlike the movie that left the most jittery of us scared to set foot into open water, Jaws beach in the Bahamas will lure you in without hesitation. Jaws Beach is a top-rated Nassau beach, and will have you snapping photos and capturing moments like there is no tomorrow. This is even more likely considering the beach was once used as a filming location for the final installment of the 'Jaws' movie. Some people visit this beach just for its cinematic value, but most visit based on reviews, which promote Jaws as a off the beaten track beach, loved by locals. Jaws beach is located within the Clifton Heritage Park.

How to get there: You can take the 12B jitney to get to this beach, but make a point of letting the driver know your destination beforehand as the buses don't always pass near the beach. You will need to make arrangements with the driver to pick you up afterward, as buses to and from this area are not always reliable.

4. Cabbage Beach

Cabbage beach Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas

Photo credit: Giongi63/

Cabbage beach is one of the top picks for lounging on the sand with a sea view while in the Bahamas. It is often described as one of the best beaches in Nassau and lives up to the hype. As this beach is tourist friendly, you will find various water excursions on this beach, including parasailing and water skiing. Near this Nassau beach you'll find various resorts, bars, restaurants, and shops, but that is of course, if you're willing to tear yourself away from the tantalizing turquoise, blues and greens of the ocean. While you're at the expansive Cabbage Beach, you may want to join the plethora of jet ski lovers racing around, or find somewhere quiet to take in the beachside views. Cabbage beach can get busy and you might get hustled by beach vendors now and then, but it's large enough to find a quiet spot as well!

How to get there: To get there, you will first need to make your way over to Paradise Island. To do this you will need to cross over the Paradise island bridge (either by car or by foot). Once there you can go via Casino Drive, Paradise Island. From New Providence it is a good idea to take a cab, or rent a car for the day. Keep in mind the toll across the bridge to Paradise Island cost $2, if you are driving.

5. Paradise Beach

As the name suggests, this Nassau beach is pure paradise - tropical paradise, in its finest form. Here you'll find a sprawling coastline, which means you can choose your spot on the beach depending on how you'd like to spend your day. Opt to be surrounded by the crowd, or in a more private area with friends, or the love of your life. There are water sports available so you won't get bored, and you'll also find coconut water for sale, and plenty of things to snack on.

How to get there: Paradise beach is located on the north-western coast of Paradise Island. It is to the west of Cabbage beach. The beach access point is located near the stretch of hotels on the northern coast of the island.

6. Arawak Beach

While you're unlikely to find any Arawak Indians here (or just maybe you might), you are sure to find the relaxation you're seeking out of a Caribbean beach vacation. At this Nassau beach you'll get the best of both worlds, as with many of the beaches in the Bahamas - you can find a peaceful spot if you so desire, or somewhere where you're able to take in the social scene. The shallow waters here are an attraction for families with children and people who want to have an easy snorkeling experience in pristine and clear waters. The downside to this beach is that there are no rest rooms, so you'll need to plan accordingly.

How to get there: Arawak beach is located about three miles from downtown Nassau, and it is recommended that you take a taxi to get there. If you plan on travelling in a private car (rental), keep in mind the $2 toll fee.

7. Caves Beach

caves beach nassau

Some people go to the beach for the excitement, and others just to find the sort of serenity you can only find near an ocean. Caves beach is perfect for the latter, as it is one of the more secluded beaches in the Bahamas. There are many limestone caves that can be seen along the edges of this beach, and that is where the beach got its name. As history tells it, the caves once provided shelter for native Indians, but they do come in handy as a shelter in rainy weather. Caves beach is perfect for relaxing and exploring, and from time to time, you can find a local tour guide on site who'll be more than happy to take you around.

How to get there: Caves beach is located to the west of Cable beach. It is near the main road, and will be easy to find if you stick to the coast. There is free parking here for those who opt to take out a rental for their beach day, though you'll have no trouble getting a taxi to this location. Caves is a 15-20 minute drive from downtown Nassau.

8. Saunders Beach

saunders beach nassau

Beach beauty at its finest, with crystal clear waters to boot. That is the magic of Saunders Beach; this stunning location comes complete with trees for shade and manmade rock coves, which are roped off for safe swimming. Saunders is most crowded on weekends or public holidays, but even then you won't feel cramped, and there'll still be plenty of space for fun in the sun, and privacy. You can catch an awesome view of cruise ships docking from this location. There's a playground with swings and slides nearby, and restrooms, which puts it high up on the list of family friendly beaches. There are some food shacks as well, so you'll have options for snacks and drinks.

How to get there: Saunders Beach is located east of the resort area of Cable Beach and can be accessed via the Number 10 or Number 12 buses to the port terminal. Buses operate on a schedule, which means you can expect to catch one every 15-20 minutes.

9. Junkanoo Beach

junkanoo beach nassau

Locals call this Nassau beach 'Spring Break Beach', and you can well imagine why. Throughout the year you can find 'Spring-break' inspired events happening here, especially in December to early January, when the Bahamas hosts its popular Junkanoo celebration. Junkanoo beach is located within walking distance from the cruise terminal, and in an area with several restaurants and bars; you'll have no issues as far as sourcing food and drinks. This is the perfect beach for those who like convenience and fun. From the up close and personal view of the cruise ships, to the blaring music some of the beach bars play to attract a crowd, there's no shortage of excitement on these shores. Junkanoo beach isn't the most serene in the Bahamas, but it is perfect for a good time!

How to get there: Junkanoo beach is located near to downtown, and close to the cruise ship port (10-15 minutes), so you can take a brisk walk there, or a cab if you choose. If walking, head west along Woods Rogers walk or Bay Street. Keep along the coast, and you won't miss it. There are also signs to point you in the right direction.

10. Adelaide Beach

adelaide beach nassau

A bit off-the-radar, Adelaide beach is a hidden treasure of the best variety. Both locals and tourists love this Nassau beach, though on a typical day you can expect to have the beach mostly to yourself. This beach has a similar feel to some of the out-island beaches, but in much closer proximity to the more populated parts of the Bahamas. Once you get there, you might find some locals playing dominoes or listening to music. People from the Bahamas are super friendly, so don't be surprised if you're offered a taste of the famous local Kalik beer!

How to get there: Adelaide is located south of Old Fort Bay, on the south western coast of the island. Your best bet to get there is renting a taxi to this location, or hiring a vehicle. A taxi may get you there quicker, if you're not up for the exploration.

11. Coral Harbor

coral harbor beach nassau

From hammocks swaying in the wind, to upbeat horse-riding tours, Coral Harbor has a different feel as compared to some of the other beaches on New Providence Island. For one, it's a little more secluded. It's also one of the only Nassau beaches where you can partake in a fun horse-riding tour, right on the beach front. Coral Harbor beach is spacious, and relatively undiscovered, so you won't have to worry about it being overcrowded. Just pick a spot, spend some time cooling off in the sea breeze on the beachside hammock, and plan to make some time for horse-back riding later!

How to get there: Take a taxi, or drive (rental) to the south western coast of the island. You will find Coral Harbor beach at the end of Coral Harbor Road.

12. Montagu Beach

montagu beach nassau

Montagu Beach is popular for picnics, and generally cooling off in the refreshing oceanside breezes. It's a smaller beach and often busy, but not as busy as Cable, Junkanoo, or Cabbage beaches. Montagu scores added points for the fact that it is well maintained, and located near the historic Fort Montagu, Nassau's oldest fort. Montagu requires a little caution when swimming out beyond the designated areas, as there is a lot of boat traffic between Paradise Island and Nassau, where it is located. Still, it is known and loved by both locals and tourists, and a beautiful sight to behold.

How to get there: Montagu is located to the east of the Paradise Island Bridge, off East Bay Street. Stay close to the coast, and you'll find it easily. Most taxis on island will be able to take you to and from this location. Make plans with your taxi driver in advance for pick up once you're done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What island is Nassau on?

Nassau is one of the most popular destinations in the Bahamas, and can be found on New Providence, one of the largest islands. Measuring just about 21-mile-long, New Providence is the 11th largest island in the Bahamas.

What is the best beach to go to in Nassau, the Bahamas?

The Bahamas is known for its post-card worthy beaches, and some of the most talked about and visited include: Cabbage Beach and Cable beach; both in Nassau. Cable Beach is a favorite for many people as it is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, parasailing, or taking in romantic sunsets!

Planning on snorkeling while in the Bahamas? Check out our snorkeling tips for beginners!

How many beaches are in the Bahamas?

four people on cable beach

Believe it or not, there are over 2,000 beaches in the in the Bahamas, which is a tropical archipelago made up of 700 islands, and even more cays and islets. If you're planning on a beach hopping excursion, look no further than these Caribbean islands. You can find every kind of beach imaginable in the Bahamas, from the ultra-secluded, to the party zones, with white sand, pink sand, and everything in between!

How do you get around in Nassau?

There are many ways to get around Nassau. You can choose to take the public bus, also known as a jitney on local shores, a taxi, or a rental to get around. There's no Uber or Lyft, and the alternative local taxi apps are often unreliable.

It takes about 30 minutes to get to downtown Nassau, from the area across the bridge. In the downtown area, you'll have no issue finding a way to get around. You may even opt for the opulence of a luxury town car or SUV to get to your hotel, or explore around town. Downtown you'll find the cruise ship port, and many places to shop!

What is the best time of year to go to the Bahamas?

The Bahamas is great all year round, but the best time to visit the Bahamas is from mid-December to mid-April, which is considered to be peak season in this territory. Despite the various travel seasons, you'll find consistent temperatures year-round, which hardly ever dip below 60 degrees.

Where do cruise ships port in Nassau, the Bahamas?

Most cruise ships in Nassau dock at the cruise terminal in Nassau, on the Prince George Wharf. This terminal can be found on island's northern coast, on walking distance from downtown Nassau and Junkanoo Beach.

Is it safe in the Bahamas?

Yes. The Bahamas is considered a safe place to vacation, but you should still be vigilant to protect your safety, as you would in any foreign territory. The Bahamian government has especially increased security in the downtown area, which means there is an increased police presence (both day and night). It's wise to avoid back roads and alleys especially when in rural areas and stick to familiar places. Stay alert, and stay safe. If you don't plan on leaving your resort, you need not worry about any of this, but if you do run into any problems, there is a US Embassy located in downtown Nassau, where you can seek assistance. The US Embassy also deals with issues including misplaced passports.

Nassau has it all!

Sandals Royal Bahamian on Cable beach

Maybe you were planning a beach vacation in the Bahamas, but weren't quite sure where to go to find the best of Nassau's beaches. All things considered, Nassau is home to some of the best beaches in the Bahamas; most located within close enough proximity to the main downtown area. During the summer months waters on the beaches in the Bahamas are especially warm, but things don't change much through the year, as the temperatures in the Bahamas are pretty consistent, which means you're good to go for your beach vacation at whatever time you choose. Resorts like Sandals Royal Bahamian offer great all-inclusive vacation packages in the Bahamas year-round!

Happy beach vacationing!

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