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Fifteenth Year Anniversary Gift Ideas-Sandals Packages and News

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The Best 15th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples In Their Crystal Year

February 23rd 2021
The Best 15th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples In Their Crystal Year
Photo credit: Prostock-studio/

Time flies when you’re in love! One day you’re walking down the aisle, and the next, you’re scrambling to find the perfect 15th wedding anniversary gift. As far as 15th anniversary wedding gifts go, crystal is known to be the traditional gift of choice. Timepieces and jewelry are more modern options, but either way it all comes down to preference.

So, what’s it going to be this year? Something crystal themed and traditional, or more conventional… like say, the latest cologne, flowers, or perhaps even an experience, like a romantic anniversary getaway at one of the Caribbean’s hottest all-inclusive resorts?

sandals montego bay all-inclusive resort

Picture: Sandals Montego Bay is the very first Sandals and has been masterfully reimagined to be the most modern, open-concept, 5-Star Luxury Included® couples-only all-inclusive resort. Ideal for a 15th year anniversary getaway!

One thing’s for sure, 15 years is a milestone and there’s lots to celebrate. To help you plan out this occasion, here are some of the best 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples, and even a few suggestions for loved ones who want to gift a celebrating couple something special this year.

In this article on the Sandals Blog:

What is the traditional 15th anniversary gift?

Crystal 15th anniversary gifts for him
Crystal 15th anniversary gifts for her
Crystal anniversary gifts for celebrating couples

Gemstones to consider besides crystal

Non-crystal 15th anniversary gifts for him
Non-crystal 15th anniversary gifts for her
Non-crystal anniversary gifts for celebrating couples

Alternative ways to celebrate your 15th anniversary

What is the traditional 15th anniversary gift?


Photo credit: adriaticfoto/

Traditional 15th wedding anniversary gifts range from crystal ware and timepieces (crystal clocks, watches, etc), to flowers (roses or anything red) and jewelry. The 15-year milestone is considered the ‘crystal anniversary’, and this is said to symbolize investment, sacrifice, clarity, and even the ‘sparkling love’ that has seen the couple through the good times and bad. There are many imaginative anniversary gift options along this theme, and we’ve listed some of the best traditional and non-traditional options below!

Crystal 15th anniversary gifts for him


Photo credit: Denis Junker/

Fifteen years is quite the achievement. It can also be the point where couples start running out of anniversary gift ideas. If you’re shopping around for something sweet, thoughtful, extravagant, traditional, or anything under the sun, here are some 15th wedding anniversary gifts to get you started.

Crystal decanter and matching glasses

If you’re the type who just wants to get something that’s sure to be a hit without thinking too much about it, go for a crystal decanter and glasses set, which will be a super stylish way to sip on his favorite drinks, whether that be whisky or brandy. This is one gift that he’ll love coming home to after a tough work week!

If you go for crystal cufflinks you’ll be right on course of celebrating your 15th wedding anniversary as tradition would have it. This will add the perfect touch of glamour to the wardrobe of the man who has it all, and there are many variations you can choose from; like a pair that features a variety of crystals, or one with a single crystal style which is more low key. Whatever you choose, it’ll be a great sentimental anniversary gift that can be cherished for years to come.

A fancy beer mug

The only thing that can possibly make an icy cold beer better, would be a unique beer mug that’s fun, and possibly made of crystal. During game nights with friends, this will be a great conversation piece, and on nights when it’s just you two, you guys can sip together if you purchase one for yourself as well.

Crystal rock candy

Want to bring some amazing childhood memories into the mix while celebrating the ones you’ve created with your soulmate over the years? Get some crystal rock candy, which is more gourmet than either of you might have remembered, but still absolutely delicious and the perfect satisfaction for a sweet tooth.

A crystal clock

Who doesn’t love finding the perfect clock? This simple and classy anniversary gift can add something special to your household, or even an office, especially if you go for a crystal clock. This clock is definitely on the fancier side, but hey, it’s the perfect reminder of an ever-lasting love!

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Crystal 15th anniversary gifts for her


Photo credit: Studio Peace/

Whether or not your wife’s primary love language is receiving gifts, she’ll certainly appreciate the thought put into the selection of her 15th wedding anniversary gift. Go simple, or pull out all the stops (with emphasis on traditional crystal!), either way, she’s bound to be in smiles if you get her one of these.

Crystal earrings

Crystal jewelry is a sure win as far as anniversaries go, and especially so for anniversary number 15. Crystal earrings especially are classic, and so simple that it’ll seem like they go with everything, which they likely will!

A crystal ring

Still in the arena of crystal jewelry, the next option is a glimmering crystal ring. Your wife will love one of these as an upgrade, or addition to her wedding band, as it will be an exquisite reminder of all the love you’ve shared over the last 15 years together.

A crystal bracelet

You won’t have a hard time finding an amazing crystal bracelet for the gal of your dreams, and this is definitely one of those anniversary gift ideas that will make her face light up on anniversary day!

A Pandora cerise crystal charm

Pandora is a sure win if she loves her charms, and if she does, by now you would surely know this. If this is a gift you think she’ll love, try to find out which charms she doesn’t have already, or which ones she’s had her eye on. A personalized charm will ensure that you get her something original, that she can hold dear.

A crystal paper weight

It’ll be a really sweet touch to give a gift that she’ll be able to use at home, or in her office, like a paper weight. Even while at work, she’ll have a constant reminder of just how much you love her (and want to help her keep organized)!

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Crystal anniversary gifts for celebrating couples


Photo credit: Master1305/

Crystal anniversaries are among the most exciting anniversary themes to celebrate, and it’ll be fun to shop around for this occasion. Whether you’re looking for a 15th year anniversary gift ideas for your child, or some really close friends or family, there’s lots of options to consider, like these:

A crystal jewelry dish

By anniversary number 15, most couples have more than a few jewelry pieces that they really love. Help them find somewhere safe to store their precious pieces like a crystal jewelry dish, which may just be as stylish as the jewelry itself!

A set of champagne flutes

Champagne flutes are a good gift option for a couple that loves to entertain. You can go for a classic crystal selection, or something unique and customized. Whatever you choose, it’s a great way to help the couple toast to 15 years together.

A pair or set of crystal red wine glasses

If not champagne flutes, go for a pair of crystal red wine glasses which really will be the anniversary gift that keeps on giving. Consider having them monogrammed for an extra special touch!

Raw crystals

Crystals in their natural state are simply mesmerizing and can have you thinking deeply about the beauty of nature, and naturally occurring phenomena like crystals and precious stones. Crystals are said to have a calming energy about them, and they also exude the sort of hope and happiness any couple would want, when looking even further into the future of their union.

Crystal figurines

Crystal figurines are collectors items, and they’ll be a sure thrill for a couple celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. Add something to their collection they’ll never forget — better still if you have an idea of one they’ve had their eye on!

Agate crystal bookends for book worms

Is one person within the union (or both) an avid reader? Do they have an eye for the finer things? Put it all together and what you’ll come up with is a one-of-a-kind crystal bookend that will really stand out on a plain bookshelf. Some versions of this fantastic anniversary gift come with a hint of gold, which really brings out the beauty of the crystal.

3D photo crystals

Looking for a stand out gift the couple will love? Get them a 3D photo design in crystal, which they’ll be able to cherish forever. This works best if you already have an amazing photo of the couple - if you don’t, it shouldn’t be very difficult to acquire one, or take one of your own!

Crystal vase

A crystal vase with the couple’s favorite flowers inside is a great gift idea. Or, you can stick to the traditional theme and get them some beautiful roses in their new crystal vase which is sure to brighten their day!

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Gemstones to consider when looking for things that sparkle


Photo credit: Marben/

Looking for something more to give your spouse, other than timepieces and crystal (as amazing as these gifts can be)? For a unique option that won’t soon be forgotten, get something that sparkles, like these amazing gemstones which are also a bit traditional and can be incorporated into your 15th wedding anniversary gift idea.


It’s hard to go wrong with rubies, especially as these gems are often associated with passion, energy, power, and vitality. The deep red ruby color also, in a way, mirrors a love that has grown and matured over the years. All of these are reasons enough to select ruby as your gem stone of choice when choosing 15th anniversary wedding jewelry. You can also combine ruby gemstones with diamonds, or platinum.

Garnet or Rhodolite

Garnet and rhodolite are associated with 15th wedding anniversary tradition, and the two are amazing gemstones of the red, and pink varieties. Garnets can be found in a variety of red hues, while rhodolite is deep pink, and so amazing. This gift will be even better if it’s connected to a birthstone, but even if it’s not, it’ll make a lovely anniversary present.


Alexandrite is a unique gemstone if ever there was one, and the most fascinating thing about it is its changing color. Alexandrite is quite the chameleon, and in the daytime it can be green, or fluorescent light. At night, it tends to look a hue of red, but whatever the color, it’ll make for a great statement piece if incorporated within jewelry or in another design.

Non-crystal 15th year anniversary gift ideas for him


Photo credit: Claudia K/

It is perfectly alright, even on a 15th crystal wedding anniversary, to get a non-crystal themed gift. In fact, this will probably widen your options a bit as you can even focus on finding experiences he’ll love, things you can enjoy together, and gifts he’s probably been hinting at over the last few months. Here are a few non-crystal 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas we love!

A wristwatch

Some new arm candy will be a great way to put a smile on the face of the one you love as you both celebrate being together for 15 years. Whether you go for something trendy, sporty, or elegant, this is one upgrade he will absolutely treasure.

A Michelin-star dinner

A Michelin-star dinner will be the perfect start for your anniversary night out together. This is one way to ensure your dinner together will be as exceptional as your time together to this point has been, and to set the tone for more amazing years to come!

Premium whisky tasting

A whisky tasting can be fun for the man who loves his whisky, or the one who wouldn’t mind a historical journey and tasting experience where he can learn more about the origins of this alcoholic beverage best tasted in a crystal glass!

Designer sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only unexpected, but essential as well. If you’re really looking to splurge, shop around for a designer pair for your 15th year anniversary. Once you’ve found the perfect pair, start planning an outdoor adventure where they’ll be put to good use!

Men’s cologne with hints of rose

For this year’s crystal anniversary, why not surprise him with a new rose accented scent? It is completely possible to find one that is the perfect combination of spices, herbs, resins, woods, and rose, and you can even get him a gift voucher and help him pick the best one.

Comfy clothes and shoes for the home

Maybe your husband or partner isn’t the shopping type, but could use a wardrobe sprucing up. Get him some comfy new pieces, including slippers or other relaxed options that he can wear around the house. Throw in a luxe robe (perhaps a matching one for you too) and you’ve well on your way to a romantic night.

A charcuterie or cheese subscription

A charcuterie gift or meat basket with a cheese subscription added in will be something you and your love can enjoy together. If your guy is a foodie, he’s sure to enjoy this. You two can also invite some friends over, throw in some wine, and make a party of it!

A personalized mug

Personalized mugs fit nearly any occasion, and can be customized to suit individual personalities and tastes. A personalized anniversary gift like a mug will be appreciated by sentimental types, and you can include a fun and romantic quote, or a picture of you and him together.

Non-crystal 15th year anniversary gift ideas for her


Photo credit: Syda Productions/

Even if you’ve gone the traditional way for every anniversary before this, it is perfectly fine to switch things up this year and do something a little different. Your gift for her doesn’t need to be crystal themed, and there are many options you can choose that she’ll appreciate.

A ruby ring

A 15th year wedding anniversary is the perfect time to give the gift of a sparkling ruby ring. This stands out as a traditional gift, and you can choose between silver and gold bands. Though rubies don’t shine as much as diamonds, they do represent purity and passion, which we all need in our relationships.

Chocolate or other confectionary goodies

Every woman deserves a well thought out chocolate platter once in a while, and better still if this gift includes other delectable confectionary goodies. From chocolate covered strawberries, to exotic foreign flavors and everything else in between, any lady with a sweet tooth will appreciate this rich and tasteful anniversary gift, ‘thank you’ sweets and treats included.

A wine subscription

A good bottle of wine is a great finishing touch for any special occasion gift, and even more so for an anniversary. Even better is a wine subscription, which will make it possible for the couple to have the best options of wine (according to their preferences) delivered right to their doorstep. This is a great anniversary gift that you can both enjoy, which will add some spontaneity to regular wine picking and sipping!

Designer shoes

There’s no better time to splurge on some designer shoes than anniversary 15. By now, you two would have walked many miles together, and definitely can be relied on to find the perfect style. A scorching red anniversary like this might even be the perfect time to spoil your lady with something special from Christian Louboutin. Red bottoms perhaps?

A champagne tasting

A champagne tasting is the ideal anniversary gift idea for the woman who loves enjoying the best life has to offer, and it’ll definitely set the mood for a sparkly and feel good anniversary date!

A custom-bound notebook

Does your wife enjoy unwinding with a pen and a journal in hand? Is she the type who collects eye catching notebooks? If yes to either of these, you’ll certainly make her day by presenting her with a custom-bound notebook for your anniversary. You can combine this with something else she’ll love, like the above-mentioned bottle of wine for the perfect anniversary effect.


Flowers have a way of making a woman feel absolutely beautiful, and so loved. Put a smile on her face, and warm her heart with a good ol’ bouquet of flowers. Better still if that bouquet consists of the types of flowers she loves most. If you want to go non-crystal, but still want to stay somewhat on the side of tradition, get her some roses, as red is the signature 15th anniversary color.

Traditional rose bouquet

Most people love roses, no matter the time of year. They just ooze love, and the more the merrier. Not surprising that the rose would be the traditional flower of choice for an anniversary as special as number 15. Roses represent so many things, including passion, love, and perfection. Handing one (or a bouquet) to the one you’ve loved with every part of your being since you first met, will verbalize all these things, so you don’t have to. Although, you definitely should!

A crystal rose

A single long-stemmed crystal rose from a reputable brand will be one of the more impressive trinkets you’ve given to your lady, and your 15th wedding anniversary is the perfect occasion for this unforgettable gift. Two revered traditions of the 15th year wedding anniversary come together for this gift idea which will make her feel extra special!

Rose-infused cocktail masterclass

Want to find out just how many cocktails include an infusion of roses? Try a cocktail masterclass that focuses on just that! You can do the class together, or you can gift it to your lady who’ll even be able to create her own signature cocktail with the help of a mixologist. After this class, you’ll both be able to enjoy cocktails with hints of rose syrup, rose lemonade, and even rose petals, made from scratch whenever you’d like.

Rose scented perfume

Roses are best known for their beauty and mesmerizing fragrance. Hardly surprising that there are so many variations of scents with a rose base. Go scent shopping, and select a perfume or eau de toilette that your love can wear on your special anniversary night out!

Plant your own roses

Planting roses in your backyard garden will take things to a whole new level where anniversary gift ideas are concerned. If you can, plan this in advance so the roses can possibly start blooming in time for your anniversary, or start one together around the date of your anniversary.

15th year anniversary gift ideas for celebrating couples


Photo credit: Maksim Toome/

Not sure what to get for that special couple just about walking into their 15th year of love? There are lots of options from home goods, to sentimental or functional items, and so much more.

Something for their home

Getting an anniversary gift that will come in handy in the home of a couple that has been together for 15 years is a good idea. Ask questions to see if they drop hints of things they could use at home, or just stop by a home goods store for trending and useful items.

An elegant wine decanter

Did you buy the couple a wine bottle last year? Why not go for a wine decanter this year which can greatly enhance the wine sipping experience for all? While shopping around, you’re likely to find a variety of decanters.

A bottle (or two) of some top-label champagne

Champagne popping is a necessity for a celebration as big as a 15th year wedding anniversary. Go with a top label, which is something any couple will appreciate.

A photo album

Gift the couple with a photo album made with love and filled with memories you’ve saved over the years. The more time you’ve spent with them, the better this album is likely to be. In addition to photos of the couple out and about and enjoying life, you can also include some of the photos of them over the years that you love most!

Alternative ways to celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary

A romantic anniversary getaway with Sandals

overwater bungalows jamaica

Picture: Over-The-Water Bungalows at all-inclusive resort Sandals South Coast in Jamaica. Includes unlimited food and drinks at 9 world-class restaurants, (motorized) water sports and Elite Butler service.

Want to take your gift giving to a whole new level this year? Celebrate your anniversary with a romantic all-inclusive vacation in the Caribbean. You can either do this as a surprise, or plan it together. Go the couples-only route for this vacation with Sandals, which offers luxury resorts in incredible destinations like Jamaica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Antigua and The Bahamas. At any of these resorts, you can increase the luxury factor with butler level room categories, which include private butler service. You can also go for a spectacular Over-The-Water Bungalow which is bound to leave you both with memories to last a lifetime.

A vow renewal ceremony

vow renewal ceremony

Planning anniversary celebrations will definitely take some thought, and one of the things you can consider while in the planning stages is a Vow Renewal. Fifteen years past your wedding date is a great time to do this, and Sandals Resorts offer attractive vow renewal packages that will leave the planning up to the professionals. All you’ll need to do is arrive at the resort, and get set for a destination vow renewal ceremony that’s sure to remind you of all the reasons you fell in love. The great thing about vows renewals is that you can invite family and friends if you wish, or keep the celebrations between you two.

15th year anniversary gift ideas and tips for friends

Don’t overspend

Celebrating any anniversary is exciting, but a 15th wedding anniversary is likely to seem more so than those previous. Even for overzealous friends, there’s no need to overspend. Set a budget, and focus on getting something that will be well received, as opposed to something extravagant.

Have fun with the couple

Beyond just getting a gift, make some time to celebrate with the couple so that you can all have some more fun times together. Your anniversary gift and presence should both be memorable.

Timepieces are ideal

We can’t emphasize enough that timepieces are it when it comes to selecting gifts that work for a 15th year wedding anniversary. This is because of the fact that these can incorporate traditional crystals, and also the reality that some people actually consider 15th year anniversaries to be the “timepiece anniversary”.

Now that you’re well versed on 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas…

You’re well on your way to an amazing celebration. If you’re the one celebrating this year, congratulations on making it this far in love. Any of the 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas or experiences mentioned above will certainly add flavor to your celebrations this year, and set you off on the path of continued excitement and love!

couple in overwater hammock

Insider tip: Your 15th anniversary is one worth celebrating with friends and family. With amazing all-inclusive packages available from the couples-only Sandals Resorts, and even the family-oriented Beaches Resorts in the Caribbean, everyone is bound to have an amazing time!

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