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Fifth Year Anniversary Gift Ideas-Sandals Packages and News

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5th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas That Will ‘WOW’ Your Partner

January 22nd 2021
5th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas That Will ‘WOW’ Your Partner

As it is often said, time flies when you’re married, having fun, or both. One day you’re walking down the aisle, and the next you’re getting set to celebrate your 5th anniversary!

Getting down to it, what would be a good anniversary gift idea for a 5th year? Traditionally speaking, the first year was something ‘paper’, the second, cotton, leather, then fruit/flowers for anniversary number 4.

If you were to go with the traditional 5th year anniversary theme, then something associated with wood would be your go-to option. Wood is said to symbolize strength and durability within a union, and gifts like a keepsake box, a personalized photo frame, or even a personalized figurine would be just about perfect. Or you can go all out and pair one of these with an amazing anniversary getaway!

Rondoval suite at all-inclusive resort Sandals Grenada
Nothing more romantic than staying at Sandals Grenada's Rondoval Suites for your 5th anniversary!

If you’re searching for the perfect 5th year anniversary gift idea, have a peep at the amazing selections we’ve compiled below!

What is a traditional 5th year anniversary gift?

The 5th year anniversary gift in the traditional sense has everything to do with wood. This is said to symbolize a love that can stand the test of time. There are lots of options in this category which your partner will love (or the couple you might be shopping around for). Even with that said, it’s perfectly alright to go the non-traditional route as well.

Insider tip: Planning a special all-inclusive anniversary getaway to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary? Check out Sandals most spectacular honeymoon suites! The best part: you’ll be able to get 1 free anniversary night to make your stay in the Caribbean even more special.

In this article on the Sandals Blog:

5th year anniversary gifts for inside the home
5th year anniversary gifts for the creative or intellectual
5th year anniversary gifts for entertaining
5th year anniversary gifts for the kitchen or dining table
5th year anniversary gifts for the outdoors

Alternative ways to celebrate your 5th anniversary
Tips for buying 5th year anniversary gifts for friends

5th year anniversary gifts for inside the home

Something to keep her gems safe

The purpose of a jewelry box is to help keep treasured possessions safe, and in one place. Pick up one of these that she can keep her jewelry in - preferably something handmade.


Photo credit: cosma/

A wooden keepsake box

There’s lots more memories to come, but for now, perhaps a keepsakes box will do to save some of the ones you’ve created already. Just about anything goes in there; birthday cards, pictures, certificates and other assorted memorabilia.

A wooden bathtub caddy

A caddy is a great gift idea as it can really enhance bath time. Your partner will love this, as it makes it possible to carry just about any item with you as you get set to sink into the suds. Wooden caddies are the strongest, and modifications have been made so that they can carry books, mobile phones, and even a glass of wine.

Stylish wooden frames for the wedding photos

A framed photograph of a special moment between you and your partner is a thoughtful way of letting them know you care. You can place this in a wooden frame which comes in many different styles and designs.

Looking for a new picture of the two of you? Let a professional photographer take pictures of you at sunset at any Sandals Resort in the Caribbean. A memory that’ll last forever!

A wooden incense burner

Incense is said to be therapeutic, and you can give a wooden incense burner to your spouse, particularly if you think they’re in need of something which can help them relax, and diminish stress and anxiety. The wooden incense burner helps keep the incense stick in place, as it is lit up and its fragrance fills the air. This anniversary gift idea is traditional in more ways than one, as burning incense in itself is a practice considered traditional and symbolic.

Nice modular wooden shelving

Who doesn’t need fresh shelving? Especially couples hitting the 5-year mark, this is the point where many look to store up some of the things they’ve accumulated in their home over the years. Before the two of you run out of places to put everything that you ‘absolutely need’, invest in some wooden shelving, which will make for a great anniversary gift. These come in various shapes, sizes and even colors so this gift can be a fun, creative one.

New bed sheets

Crawling into bed on some fresh new hotel quality sheets can come with a burst of freshness and a feeling of rejuvenation that’s hard to beat. If you get some as a gift for your partner for your 5th year anniversary, in addition to the sheets sprucing things up a bit in your bedroom, you both might even get better sleep. Sheets that are made from 100% bamboo are not only affordable, but are boasted to be some of the softest and most breathable available, some say even more so than Egyptian cotton! Bamboo sheets are also a great eco-friendly option.

5th year anniversary gifts for the creative or intellectual

For the couple who loves to read

If there is anything an avid reader would love more than a good book, it would be an attractive bookshelf to show off their impressive collection. If both of you enjoy reading, this bookshelf will be an anniversary gift for not only one, but two!


Photo credit: united photo studio/

A book of love poetry

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than to add some poetry to the mix? A book of love poems is romantic and exciting, and it will be a great way to spend the night with your spouse. You both can set up with some wine, and read a few poems to each other while reminiscing on the good days.

A wooden calligraphy set

Any new or experienced writer or calligrapher would certainly appreciate a fancy wooden calligraphy or fountain pen. This small but useful 5th year anniversary gift will encourage your partner to write in style, and it also shows that you appreciate all the creative work that they do.

5th year anniversary gifts for entertaining

Wooden serving plates

Wooden serving plates will be a unique way of serving your spouse, friends and family with delicious food any time you feel like. Aesthetically, these are pleasing to the eye; and they’re also an economical choice. With the right care, your wooden serving plates will last for years.


Photo credit: Larisa Blinova/

Wooden salad bowls and serving spoons

A truly authentic dinner would be one served with not just wooden serving plates but wooden salad bowls and spoons as well. This will help set the mood, day or night, and their unique makeup captures the flavors of the food as well.

Wooden banquet board

Wooden banquet boards can be very useful in the home, particularly if you and your spouse enjoy cooking and having friends over. These boards can hold all sorts of snacks like hors d'oeuvres and drinks to satisfy your guests. Plus, if you’re getting this for your wife, you can throw in some daisies, which just so happen to be the traditional 5th year anniversary flower!

A nice set of handmade wooden coasters

Protect the surfaces of your favorite tables and chairs from moisture by getting a few wooden coasters. These come in extra handy during the summer heat but can be used throughout the year when you’re having a drink with your beau, or when some friends stop by to visit.

5th year anniversary gifts for the kitchen or dining table

Wooden wine rack

A wooden wine rack is a fabulous way to show off your latest wine collection. The wooden ones come in various designs and sizes and are made of different types of wood. Also, some have the capacity to hold only four to five bottles, whilst others can carry a whole lot more.


Photo credit: foamfoto/

Fancy chef’s knives

Chef knives will be a fancy addition to your kitchen, and anyone with a love for cooking will appreciate this anniversary gift. While some of these knives can be costly, there are many others that are quite affordable. Japanese knives are a great option, thanks to their thin, sharp blades and unique design.

Hand made (and even engraved) cutting board

Surprise your spouse with not only a cutting board, but a handmade, customized version with just about anything on it – your family name, or even a romantic quote. A gift of one of these wooden boards will be that thoughtful anniversary gift idea that adds some extra pizzazz to the kitchen.

Engraved wooden Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan is a turntable that can hold a variety of food and drink at the dinner table. It’s a great asset to have in your kitchen and an engraved version will surely impress your spouse. You can engrave their name, initials or even your wedding date on it.

A personalized pepper mill

Spice up your meals by sprinkling your favorite pepper from your very own personalized pepper mill. A wooden engraved version of this will be a welcomed anniversary gift to any spouse that loves a peppery, flavorful dish.

A new cutlery set

If you and your spouse are still using cutlery received as wedding presents, or bought soon after the ceremony, then a new cutlery set is probably in order. Some new shiny pieces will make it so much easier to slice and dice your food and enjoy your meals at home.

A new set of dinner plates

It would be a little bit odd if you bought a new cutlery set but still resorted to using the same dinner plates you got years ago. Why not get some new plates too? The new sets of plates and cutlery will complement each other perfectly, and this can be the first step in revamping your kitchen.

A new set of pots and pans

In with the new, and out with the old. Why not gift your spouse with a new set of pots and pans to prepare all your favorite meals? Your partner is sure to appreciate your efforts as you both walk into a new year together, in grand style (at least in your kitchen!).

5th year anniversary gifts for the outdoors


Photo credit: Kella Carlton/

A wooden bird feeder

Animal lovers… or rather bird lovers, will appreciate a wooden bird feeder that will help them care for their favorite creature. There are many sizes and designs to choose from, and some bird feeders can be personalized with engravings and other options.

A wooden handled pocket knife

A pocket knife is a good tool to keep handy; you just never know when you might need to cut, trim or carve items around the house. Wooden pocket knives in particular are a great tool to have on a fishing trip, or when roaming through your garden picking some fruit. Your outdoorsy partner will love this useful 5th year anniversary gift.

Something for the backyard or patio

Your backyard and patio should be an inviting and relaxing spot, where you can chill and have a cocktail or two if you desire. The right furniture, such as some eye-catching wooden pieces, will add to the ambiance and complement the natural landscape of these areas.

Alternative ways to celebrate your 5th anniversary

A romantic anniversary getaway with Sandals

So yes, we know that the 5th year anniversary gifts ideas above are pretty awesome… but an all-inclusive vacation to the Caribbean would surely be a treat for the both of you that will likely beat them all. A perfect choice for couples looking for some fun in the sun is Sandals, with resorts on some of the most picturesque islands in the Caribbean, including Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Barbados, The Bahamas, Grenada, and Antigua. Sandals Resorts have the recipe for romance with an extensive list of quality inclusions, so much so that while there (and even when you return home), you’ll feel like you’re falling in love all over again!

SkyPool suite at all-inclusive resort Sandals Royal Barbados
Picture: The SkyPool suites at Sandals Royal Barbados make a good place to celebrate a 'once-in-a-lifetime' anniversary.

A vow renewal ceremony

Getting your vows renewed at the five-year mark is an opportunity to celebrate the successes you two have seen thus far, and the challenges you’ve overcome together. You two can choose to do this as a romantic way of reaffirming your love and commitment to each other. This can be done in an intimate setting with your loved ones, or as part of a destination vow renewal. The rules of the vow renewal ceremony are usually more relaxed than a wedding; you don’t need a fancy dress or even a party and the service can be held in the church, a garden or even your home.

Insider tip: Retie the Knot in Paradise with Sandals for a chance to set your love on fire with 5-star quality inclusions as part of the mix, including gourmet dining, unlimited premium drinks, a vow renewal ceremony planner, and so much more!

Tips for buying 5th year anniversary gifts for friends

Seeing your friends hit a 5 year milestone will be just as exciting as reaching it yourself. To help them celebrate, here’s how you can settle on the perfect 5th year anniversary gift idea without overthinking it:

Don’t worry about cost

Getting the perfect anniversary gift for a friend can be tricky. How much is too much when it comes to shopping, and how much is too little? The good news is that you don’t need to worry so much about cost when it comes to this or any other anniversary gift for a friend. This is where thoughtfulness matters. Add in uniqueness, and affordability to the mix, and you’re sure to find something amazing to gift your friends!

Get something unique

If you’re considering getting a 5th year anniversary gift for a couple that isn’t your family, chances are you’ve been friends with them for a bit and know them pretty well. Use this knowledge to your advantage and personalize their anniversary gift. Consider their likes and dislikes, favorite places and hobbies – all of these details will help you arrive at the perfect present.

Have fun when shopping

Turn up the fun factor while shopping by bringing along a friend or even another couple to help you select the right anniversary gift. Also, don’t wait until the last minute to shop. As the year goes by, keep an eye out for great deals and offers such as those advertised on Valentine’s and Christmas Day. Shopping in advance will take some of the pressure off.

Shopping around online for anniversary gifts

These days you can shop online and order just about anything. Anniversary gifts are no different and the deals you get in the local stores can also be found online. The best part is that you won’t need to walk around in order to find the perfect gift; you can simply browse through a collection with a few clicks.

5th year anniversary gifts galore!

anniversary couple

There you have it; lots of 5th year anniversary gift ideas to get you started on your gift giving endeavor. Whether you choose to get something thoughtful and personalized like a poetry book, new bed sheets or even a bathtub caddy, with daisies in a pretty vase on the side, or an exciting experience like a Sandals Anniversary Getaway, your loved one or that special couple will appreciate the effort!

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