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Love Beach Bahamas-Sandals Packages and News

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Escape to Love Beach: Where Serenity Meets Adventure in Nassau, Bahamas

Island Life
March 7th 2023
Escape to Love Beach: Where Serenity Meets Adventure in Nassau, Bahamas
Cover image credit: murkalor/

With amazing opportunities to dive in the clearest waters and lounge on powdery white sands, The Bahamas certainly is a beach lover’s dream. Made up of 700 islands and hundreds more cays, you really can have it all in The Bahamas when it comes to a beach vacation with island hopping included!

Among the amazing beaches of The Bahamas, Love Beach stands out for more reasons than one. This beach is located in Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas on the island of New Providence. Love Beach tends to be less crowded than some of the other popular beaches in this territory which can be great news for beachgoers. It is rare to find a beach this beautiful that isn’t overcrowded, so we definitely say make the most of it while in The Bahamas. If you’re planning on visiting this beach during your vacation, here are some travel tips and what to expect!

About Love Beach


Image credit: Photo Spirit/

Secluded relaxation is definitely something to look forward to at Love Beach in Nassau. This beach is about a mile long, and it is on the northwestern coast of The Bahamas. Since it is typically less crowded than some of the other popular beaches on New Providence Island, you can truly find an oasis here that will likely be everything you envisioned an island beach to be.

There are no public facilities on Love Beach, but there are some nearby hotels and resorts like the Compass Point Beach Resort. Some beachgoers, including cruise ship passengers, choose to take a day pass at resorts in this area to have access to sun loungers, swimming pools, restaurants, and bars during a visit here. It is free to visit Love Beach, but if you opt for a day pass, there is a price attached to that which will depend on the hotel or resort.

Sometimes you can rent a beach chair and umbrella on this beach for around $10 USD. Otherwise, you may have to just find a shady spot beneath the trees to relax. In terms of the swimming conditions, some areas on Love Beach are a bit rocky when you get into the water, while others have sandy bottoms that are conducive for swimming. If you find the right spot on this beach, you can have a wonderful beach day.

Good to know: There is no public parking lot at Love Beach either which is something to keep in mind if you will be renting a car.

Where is Love Beach in The Bahamas and how to get there

Love Beach in The Bahamas is located on the northwestern coast of New Providence. This gorgeous white sand beach is just off West Bay Street and it is not difficult to find. It can take 20-30 minutes to get to Love Beach from the Nassau Cruise Port depending on the traffic. If you are staying in Nassau or just getting to the beach from this area, you can either take a taxi or rent a car to get to Love Beach. There is a taxi service available from downtown Nassau, or you can arrange a taxi through your resort. The best option is to make taxi plans through your resort.

When headed to Love Beach, you’ll need to factor in the time it will take to park and walk to the beach as there isn’t public parking on the beach. If you'll be staying near the beach, the best option will be to either walk or take a shuttle. From downtown Nassau, you will be able to take a jitney (local bus) to the Love Beach area — this is the least costly option. A jitney ride costs around $1.50 USD in The Bahamas. Jitneys operate approximately every half an hour until 5 p.m. Weekend service on the public buses in The Bahamas is more unpredictable, but still possible.

Expert tip: If you will be traveling to Love Beach via public transportation, be sure to let the driver know where you're going, so he can drop you off at the closest possible point to the beach. You can ask the driver to point you in the right direction when you get to your stop.

Things to do at Love Beach

The Bahamas is filled with amazing beaches and Love Beach is included on that list. There’s plenty to do at Love Beach including these exciting activities:

Snorkeling at Love Beach


Image credit: Denis Moskvinov/

Snorkeling in The Bahamas is bound to be an incredible experience as this territory is one of the best places to dive in the world. Just about a mile offshore from Love Beach, there are roughly 39 acres of coral reefs that divers and snorkelers can explore. The reef runs parallel to the shore and divers can expect to see a variety of sea life including striped parrotfish, queen and gray angelfish, bi-color damselfish, gray and yellowtail snapper, reef butterflyfish, and more.

As Love Beach has crystal clear waters and great visibility, this is a great place to go snorkeling in The Bahamas. While diving here, you're likely to see a variety of tropical fish and other unique sea life. If you’ll be visiting Love Beach as part of a tour that includes snorkeling, you likely won’t have to worry about bringing any gear. If you go to this beach on your own, you may want to bring your own snorkeling equipment.

Insider tip: Don’t have snorkeling gear? Not a problem! Land and water sports are included for Sandals guests and this extends to snorkeling and scuba diving (up to 2 tanks per day). There’s a wide range of other water sports available at Sandals Resorts in The Bahamas that travelers might want to look into as well.

Enjoy a Bahamian lunch


Image credit: BlueOrange Studio/

The Caribbean is renowned for its delicious cuisine, with each island offering its own unique specialties. The Bahamas is no exception, and food lovers can look forward to indulging in local delights during their vacation. For the best places to sample authentic Bahamian cuisine, local spots like Nirvana Beach Bar are a great place to start. Nirvana Beach Bar offers a delectable selection of Caribbean seafood, cocktails, and refreshing drinks. Some of the must-try dishes include cracked conch and red snapper. Prices for lunch range from $15-20 USD, and cash is the only accepted form of payment. To add to the tropical atmosphere, visitors can enjoy lively island music while dining at Nirvana Beach Bar.

Plane spotting


Image credit: EAKARAT BUANOI/

Love Beach offers a unique activity for plane enthusiasts, as Lynden Pindling International Airport is located just a short distance away. While lounging on the beach, you can observe planes flying quite low over the area, which can be quite exciting. Settle in on a hammock, beach lounger, or towel, and see how many planes you can spot during your visit. For those seeking a quieter experience at Love Beach, the western section of the beach offers a more peaceful atmosphere to relax and unwind.

Other excursions in Nassau, Bahamas

In addition to the enjoyable activities at Love Beach, there are many other exciting excursions to try in The Bahamas. Here are some of the activities that we enjoy most on the islands:

Go beach hopping


Image credit: Jessie Meredith/

As The Bahamas has a seemingly never-ending stream of beautiful beaches, beach hopping is a definite possibility here. Aside from Love Beach, some of the most popular beaches in this territory include Junkanoo Beach, Cabbage Beach, Cable Beach, Jaws Beach, and others. Junkanoo Beach is about a 15-minute walk from Nassau Harbour and it is loved by locals and visitors alike. The tranquil Jaws Beach is to the west of Nassau and offers a chance to see old shipwrecks, bathe in crystal blue waters, and even see some of the locations where movie scenes were filmed in The Bahamas, such as JAWS: The Revenge.

Both of these options can be included on a beach-hopping adventure in The Bahamas. You can also pencil in a visit to Cable Beach if you’re looking for a more social beach experience. Cable Beach is quite popular, so it tends to be a bit crowded in places. This beach is about an 11-minute drive from West Bay Street, Nassau. Other than these options, you’ll find lots of amazing beaches all over The Bahamas, including on the nearby Paradise Island which is connected to New Providence by a bridge.

Good to know: Cable Beach is located in an area with lots of luxury all-inclusive Bahamas resorts, golf courses, water sports, and nightlife. Going to this beach is sure to be a fun and convenient experience for couples.

Taste the high-roller lifestyle at a casino


Image credit: Studio Romantic/

Want to live like a high-roller, at least for a moment? If so, you’ll definitely want to visit at least one of the casinos in The Bahamas. One of the best options for a casino night in The Bahamas is the Baha Mar Casino in Nassau, which is one of the largest casinos in the Caribbean. This casino is open 24/7 and it has over 119 table games and more than 1000 slot machines.

Another casino option you might enjoy is the Atlantis Casino which has upwards of 700 slot machines and about 85 game tables. Atlantis Casino is located on Paradise Island and is part of the Atlantis Resort. A casino night on either New Providence or Paradise Island can be fun whether you choose to gamble or not. One thing’s for certain, you sure will feel like a million bucks walking into any of these glitzy island casinos!

Reserve an upscale dinner slot

The Bahamas is home to a plethora of upscale dining options that offer a truly elevated culinary experience. On New Providence in particular, you'll find a variety of lavish restaurants that serve up delectable dishes in opulent settings. For a taste of gourmet Caribbean fare, the Pink Octopus Restaurant in the southeastern Nassau neighborhood of Palm Cay is a must-visit. Their menu features locally sourced ingredients, many of which have a Mediterranean influence.

Along with its fine dining selections, the restaurant also offers a variety of quality wines and unique cocktails. As it is near the water, the Pink Octopus is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner with a stunning ocean view. Keep in mind that prices at this restaurant can range from $100-200 USD per dinner.

When is the best time to visit The Bahamas?


The best time to visit The Bahamas is between the months of mid-December to mid-April. This is the peak season for this territory, much like many other Caribbean islands. The Bahamas is known for having warm temperatures year-round, so this means that despite the popularity of the high season, it is possible to have a great vacation in The Bahamas year-round.

Aside from the high season, the second best time to travel to The Bahamas is during the shoulder season which is from mid-April to June. You can expect slightly less visitor traffic on the island around this time, and might even be able to get more moderately priced flights. The low season in The Bahamas lasts from June to November.

Where to stay in Nassau

Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas and is the hub of pretty much everything in this territory. Staying in Nassau means that you’ll have quick and easy access to the best restaurants, bars, resorts, beaches, and entertainment. If you’ll be vacationing in Nassau, you won’t have a hard time finding accommodations as there are quite a few resorts in this area including the all-inclusive Sandals Royal Bahamian.

Sandals Royal Bahamian is perfect for couples looking to enjoy a resort vacation near a beach that includes thrilling water sports as well as great food. This resort is always a good time with day and night entertainment that includes themed parties. The staff at Sandals Royal Bahamian can be a great help when it comes to pointing out the best things to do in Nassau during your vacation!


Good to know: Sandals Resorts has one resort in Nassau, Sandals Royal Bahamian, and one resort in the Exumas, Sandals Emerald Bay. If you want to learn more about these two great all-inclusive resorts in The Bahamas, check out our article on Sandals Royal Bahamian vs Sandals Emerald Bay.

Love Beach FAQs:

Is Love Beach worth visiting?

Love Beach is most certainly worth visiting while in The Bahamas. This is one of the best beaches in the country and it is ideal for vacationers who want a beach day that’s more on the quiet side. Though Love Beach has few amenities, it is possible to get access to some by booking a day pass at one of the resorts in the area. For a beach with a local vibe and fewer crowds in The Bahamas, definitely go for Love Beach.

Does Love Beach have wi-fi?

It is possible to access wi-fi from Love Beach but most of the signals that you see will come from nearby resorts. Often, these signals aren't strong at all, or you'll need a password in order to use them. If you do not have access to these wi-fi options, then the best thing to do is make sure that your phone is fully charged and that you have international data available.

Is Love Beach safe?

Love Beach is a safe beach option in The Bahamas. This beach tends to be less crowded which means you'll have fewer things to keep an eye on. Still, you should maintain a healthy level of vigilance. Stay safe on public beaches wherever you choose to vacation and make sure you keep your valuables either out of sight or in the safe at your hotel room.

Fall in love with Love Beach on your Bahamian vacation


Image credit: Sharan Singh/

Love Beach is just the start of the incredible experiences that await you in The Bahamas. With its stunning scenery and peaceful atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to set the tone for a romantic getaway. If you’re traveling as a couple, consider staying at an all-inclusive resort like Sandals Resorts, which offers everything you need to create the ultimate romantic escape.

Expert tip: For the best things to do in The Bahamas, you might want to take a look at our Nassau Bahamas Guide. This can help you figure out what to include in your Bahamas vacation travel itinerary.

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