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Tenth Year Anniversary Gift Ideas-Sandals Packages and News

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10th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas That Will Celebrate Your Love!

January 19th 2021
10th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas That Will Celebrate Your Love!

If tin or aluminum came to mind when considering 10th anniversary gift ideas, you are wholly on the right track. That is of course, if you planned on going the traditional route, as these silver-toned metals are the symbolic 10th anniversary gift theme.

Now… we know what you’re thinking. How romantic can you get with tin and aluminum? Well, our answer to that is, you’d be surprised! As we discovered, the 10th anniversary gift theme transcends out of the kitchen, and into endless possibilities of sharing love. To prove this point, we’ve compiled a list of the best 10th anniversary gift ideas, plus some of the facts you need to know about this milestone anniversary!

Modern or traditional?

First things first. Whether you’re shopping for your spouse, or a friend or family member, it's important to decide how committed you are to going the traditional way for this year’s anniversary gift. We say this because, it's important to know that while there are lots of fun and creative gifts you can either make or purchase, gifts which incorporate the tin/aluminum theme, it's also perfectly okay to go the modern route. For the 10th year anniversary, modern typically equals diamond jewelry. Another option is meeting the color tradition for anniversary number 10, which is silver or blue.

Sandals Grande Antigua all-inclusive resort
Celebrate your 10th anniversary at the World’s Most Romantic Resort: Sandals Grande Antigua. The best part: you'll get one 1 free anniversary night.

What is the traditional 10th anniversary flower?

Daffodils are the traditional 10th anniversary flower. These blooms are said to symbolize joy and new beginnings with their beautiful yellow hues. Among the endless options of flowers, even yellow flowers, daffodils stand out for the fact that they are among the first to pop up in the springtime, and they really do bring happiness wherever they grow, and to whomever they are gifted!

What is the traditional 10th anniversary gemstone?

For a wedding anniversary as significant as the 10th, the only gem that’ll do is diamond. Fittingly, diamonds are indeed the traditional gemstone associated with this anniversary, but it is entirely up to you whether or not you’re going to stick with tradition this year. If you do give a diamond encrusted gift, it’ll symbolize longevity and love.

Now that we’ve covered all the bases, here are some of the best 10th anniversary gift ideas…

Top your gift up with a romantic getaway to a luxurious resort designed for two people in love. Sandals all-inclusive resorts are couples-only, always located on a gorgeous Caribbean beach and offer more than any other resort brand on the planet. Celebrate your 10th anniversary in style and book one of Sandals Signature Love Nest Suites!

In this article on the Sandals Blog:

10th year anniversary gifts for him
10th year anniversary gifts for her
10th year anniversary gifts for celebrating couples
Alternative ways to celebrate your 10th year anniversary
Tips for buying 10th year anniversary gifts for friends

10th year anniversary gifts for him


Photo credit: adriaticfoto/

An aluminium wrist watch

Watches serve well as an anniversary gift idea for just about every year, but give it with a difference this year. Go for a watch that’s stylish and made of aluminium. Aluminum is known for its versatility and durability, so you can expect to find lots of cool variations to choose from.

A new grill or smoker for the backyard

Make plans to fire up the brand new barbecue grill that will be sitting in your backyard on the night of your 10th year anniversary. You can either give him the heads up so you two can get things in motion together, or surprise him by going ahead and getting the necessary supplies. You can also invite some of your closest friends and family to celebrate with you on your special night!

New tools for the grill

Perhaps you’ve already done the barbecue grill gift. This year, why not go for some new grilling apparatus? There are so many tools to choose from, all of which make barbecuing so much more fun. He’ll also be able to show off his new tools and skills every time you two host a barbecue!

A tin or aluminium monogrammed money clip

A money clip is a timeless gift made even better if you include special accents and engravings. A money clip as an anniversary gift will serve two purposes: it’ll help him keep his cash safe, and the sweet message you include will remind him of you every time he uses it!

Aluminum cocktail shaker

Cocktails lovers, or simply people who love catering to others through the skill of bartending, will appreciate an aluminium cocktail shaker as an anniversary present. Put the shaker to good use on anniversary night by shopping around for key ingredients for his favorite cocktails ahead of time! Keep in mind that most cocktail shakers are made from stainless steel, so this might take a bit of searching.

Aluminum camping table

Is your husband a lover of the outdoors? If he is, an aluminum camping table could be the perfect gift as you two plan some time out in the outdoors. Make this camping trip extra special by bringing along some of his favorite treats — after all, it’s your 10th year anniversary!

Fishing rod

There’s no telling what he’ll be able to catch with his brand new fishing rod. Only you two (and maybe his fishing buddies) will be there to witness that play out whether it’s through a fly fishing, sport, or deep sea fishing adventure. Catch and release fishing is also an option for the less experienced!

Custom license plate

A gift he portably won’t expect is a custom license plate made out of aluminium. Maybe he’s talked about this in the past, or perhaps it’ll be a total surprise, either way this is a trendy and thoughtful 10th year anniversary gift idea!


Get him an unexpected set of wheels for your anniversary in the form of a new bike. This will be the perfect way for him to work out and have fun at the same time. Even better, get one for yourself as well so you two can pedal off into the sunset together!

A new cell phone

Is it about that time for him to get a cell phone upgrade? If the answer to that question is yes, then consider getting him that pricy phone he’s had his eye on as a 10th year anniversary gift. If you’re not sure which type of phone will keep you in the traditional aluminum category, go for one of the latest models, like a iPhone, which is mostly made of aluminum.

10th year anniversary gifts for her


Photo credit: 4 PM production/

Bouquet of daffodils

Flowers are a sweet and fragrant way to say “I love you”. Add some daffodils to your expression of love and what you’ll have is a gift that symbolizes new beginnings. A bouquet of these yellow blooms can complement just about any anniversary gift on this list!

Diamond stud earrings

A pair of diamond stud earrings will be that gift that keeps on giving for the special woman in your life. Your wife will be able to wear them to add some understated elegance, or some real bling to any outfit, depending on the carat size.

Diamond anniversary band

Anniversary bands are definitely a thing, and your 10th year anniversary is an opportune time for a ring upgrade. Give her something to gush about by surprising her with a new diamond anniversary ring. This is the perfect anniversary gift idea to accompany a vow renewal!

Want to make your anniversary gift extra special this year? Consider going on a romantic anniversary getaway to the Caribbean.

Engagement ring upgrade

You can also consider an engagement ring upgrade. This is worth considering for couples who for whatever reason might not have gotten their dream wedding rings. These reasons might have had to do with finances, or timing. Ten years later, it might just be time for that full carat diamond! Look for jewellers who offer “trade up” programs where you can sell your diamond ring, and have the money go towards the upgrade.

Aluminum/tin art

Looking for an artsy gift she’ll love? Search out some aluminum/tin art which can bring creativity to the table in a new way. This is one 10th year anniversary gift idea that you can learn to make yourself, or you can try a source like Etsy for something pre-made.

Personalized tin jewelry

If she has an eye for unique and stand out items, rustic tin jewelry just may be something she’ll love. You can get tin items like a necklace or a loose bangle and have them personalized. Take some time to find the piece you think will best suit her. This anniversary gift works well when paired with something else that’ll blow her away!

A full-body fashion mirror

A full body fashion mirror is one of those items everyone needs, but not everyone remembers or makes the time to get. If your bedroom is missing one of these, get one, as it can also give the illusion of more space, and a touch of style. You can also purchase a fashion mirror that can be hung up on a wall.

10th year anniversary gifts for celebrating couples


Photo credit: Konstantin Zibert/

A painting

A new painting will definitely help spruce up the home of a couple celebrating their 10th year anniversary, and this is a great-go to gift if you’re looking for something that will also be a conversation starter. You’ll have a head start when shopping around for the perfect painting if you have an idea of an artist the couple likes, or the type of painting that’ll complement their home.

Aluminum/Tin Art

Aluminum/tin art can also be given by family and friends to celebrating couples. This is an easy 10th year anniversary gift idea if you’re looking for something creative that isn’t going to be costly. It also gives you a chance to embark on a DIY project for a very deserving couple!

A new set of aluminium cookware

Give that couple a new reason to experiment with new recipes by gifting them with new aluminum cookware. Couples who love to cook will appreciate this 10th year anniversary gift most — be sure to get non-stick aluminum.

Aluminium outdoor furniture

Does the celebrating couple need new outdoor furniture? Are they the type who love to entertain guests? If yes to both, go for a set of trendy aluminum outdoor furniture that’s both eye catching and durable. Aluminum outdoor furniture also tends to be light-weight and low cost, so it's a win-win.

Tins of tea

There’s something extra special about being gifted deluxe tea options, especially when these come in charming aluminum tins that you can store and use at leisure. Get the couple tea tins for their tea collection that are artsy and fun. Tea lovers will appreciate you forever for this 10th year anniversary gift!

Alternative ways to celebrate your 10th year anniversary

A romantic anniversary getaway with Sandals

Sandals Royal Barbados honeymoon suite

Picture: The SkyPool suites at Sandals Royal Barbados make a good place to celebrate a 'once-in-a-lifetime' anniversary.

Want to do something super romantic for your 10th year anniversary? Plan an all-inclusive vacation that includes just the two of you and a sunny Caribbean island! Sandals Resorts makes it possible to have romantic adventures just for couples on islands including Saint Lucia, Barbados, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Antigua, and Grenada. Your anniversary getaway can include a suite with its own private butler, or even an Over-the-Water Bungalow.

You two will likely be so blown away by the Sandals inclusions that you might just consider making it an annual anniversary tradition!

A vow renewal ceremony

Possibly the only thing that can top an all-inclusive vacation as a surprise anniversary gift, would be one that includes a vow renewal celebration. Sandals Vow Renewals are the perfect way to reignite your love in paradise. From start to finish, the Sandals team will ensure every bit of your ceremony goes smoothly, with inclusions like breakfast in bed with mimosa on any morning of our choice, steamy turndown service with flower petals on arrival that first evening, a special dinner arranged just for you, and so much more!

Tips for buying 10th year anniversary gifts for friends

Don’t worry about cost

Cost won’t be as much of a factor as the gift itself when shopping around for an anniversary gift for friends. All you really need to do is stick to themes and gifts you know for sure your celebrating friends, or family members would like. You can do this by considering their personalities and interests. Whether you’re budget shopping, or planning on a big splurge, the most important thing is to choose and give from the heart.

Get something unique

Although there’s nothing wrong with shelling out some cash for that super inspirational and loving couple, don’t forget about the originality factor. You’ll want to shop around for a unique 10th year anniversary gift idea the couple won’t be able to stop raving about. Think deeply, and use everything you know about them to find the perfect gift!

Have fun when shopping

The more fun you have while shopping, the better the gift! Whether you choose to shop online or head down to the stores, make the most of every moment as you get closer and closer to the best gift ever.

Shopping online for anniversary gifts

Despite how much fun it can be, going from shop to shop searching for the perfect 10th year anniversary gift can get tiring quick. If you’re one of those people who prefers to shop from the convenience of your home, then definitely get onto your favorite sites and start shopping! Online shopping works well for anniversary gift buying as you can have your gift delivered straight to the couple’s door.

10th anniversary gift ideas that dazzle!

couple on an anniversary getaway

There you have it: all the facts and some of the most amazing 10th anniversary gift ideas ever! Whether you’re shopping for your significant other, or the couple you’re shopping for are friends or family members, any of the items on this list will be received with love!

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