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Top 55 Things To Do In Grenada-Sandals Packages and News

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Top 55 Things To Do In Grenada For An Unforgettable Vacation

Island Life
December 28th 2019
Top 55 Things To Do In Grenada For An Unforgettable Vacation
Photo credit header image: carma sumrall/

The island of Grenada is often overlooked when compared to bigger and presumably-better, Caribbean islands. In this case, this small isle makes quite a compelling case for itself, with its charming hilly terrain.

Known as the Spice Isle, Grenada is one of the biggest producers of spices, providing the world with lots of cinnamon, turmeric, cloves and ginger! Visitors to these shores are often compelled to find out more about its colorful history, and to experience its wonderful beaches and other natural attractions.

View from Saint George's in Grenada

Photo credit: carma sumrall/

If you're planning to go, make sure you keep at least one Friday night free as part of your trip to take in Fish Friday, Grenadian style, and also, be sure to pencil in some time to explore the many historical monuments that can be found here.

There are lots of things to do in Grenada, and for the purposes of enhancing your vacation there, here are the top 50!

55. Take a trip to Hog Island

This secluded stretch of island is the ideal place to simply relax and unwind. You can get some much needed RNR on any day that you decide to go, but be sure to bring along some food, drink and some recreational material to keep you occupied. Sundays at Hog Island tend to pull a crowd that come out for the music, dancing, drinks and a good ol' BBQ at Roger's Barefoot Beach Bar. Hog Island can be accessed by car from Mt. Hartman. Once you get there, you'll need to take a brief walk across the bridge for access. Visitors can also get there by boat from neighboring Woburn.

54. Walk along The Carenage

Location: St. George's

the carenage

Photo credit: Ana del Castillo/

Take a cool walk along The Carenage, which is a lively waterfront promenade in St. George, the capital of Grenada. Here you'll find great views of everything from boats and wandering cats, to bustling workers preparing the boats to leave for other islands, or welcoming them as they come in. Explore the shopping centers, or revel in the sight of the radiant city and its infrastructure.

53. Climb up to Fort Matthew

Location: St. George's

This 18th century 1500-yard fort is the largest of its kind on the island and its name derives from the then governor, Edward Matthew. A visit to Fort Matthew is both intriguing and exciting, particularly for those who can appreciate the intricacy of 18th century style amenities like the army kitchens, bathrooms and the tables made out of rum barrels. The amazing view of St. George and the Melville Street Cruise Port make a trip to this part of the island more than worth it.

52. Try some new water sports

Location: Dragon Bay

This popular beach can be found near Molinere, along the west coast of Grenada. It is busy enough that you can enjoy some people watching, but not so busy that you'll end up in a squabble over a prime beachside spot. There are bathrooms and a concession stand for your convenience but perhaps the best perk of all, is the wonderful opportunity to snorkel and dive among the seahorses and other marine life.

51. Experience Fish Friday

Location: Gouyave

Fresh exotic fish shrimps and lobster

Photo credit: Bartosz Dworski/

The town of Gouyve (pronounced as gwav) has made a name for itself when it comes to finding the best fish every Friday. Locals and visitors come out in large numbers to enjoy some of the delectable fish meals, which include lobster, fish, lambi and other scrumptious seafood. The festivities begin at 6 pm and continue well into the morning with steel pan entertainment and Caribbean rhythms.

50. Visit nearby islands like Carriacou & Petit Martinique

Anse La Roche Bay Carriacou Island Grenada

Photo credit: otorongo/

Petit Martinique and Carriacou, part of the Grenadines, are two of the closest islands to Grenada. Carriacou, also known as 'The Land of the Reefs' is a snorkeler's dream while Petit Martinique is a fishing islet that has maintained its authenticity over the years. Both islands can be accessed by ferry or plane and you definitely will not regret going. Want to visit these locations? Check out this great Grenada Tri-Island Explorer Tour.

Tip: A water taxi from Hillsborough to Petit Martinique is also available, and costs around $60 USD per person.

49. Listen to steel pan music

Location: island wide

Steel Pan Player

Photo credit: ZipporahG/

The smooth melody of Grenadian steel pan music is well loved across the island. The pan members play just about every genre of music and you'll find yourself moving and grooving and in good spirits in no time. The sounds of the steel drums can be heard during Carnival, on the Carenage and at Spice Basket, a venue with authentic local entertainment. Suzuki Pan Wizards are one of the most popular steel bands on the island and has been in existence since 1988.

48. Unwind at a Friday night bonfire & BBQ

Location: St. George's

Apart from the Fish Fry in Gouyave, Grenada has lots of amazing Friday night activities. One of the most popular is the Friday Night Bonfire & BBQ in St. George. The Bonfire and BBQ held at the Savvy Beach Cabana offers a relaxing experience featuring soft pan music, a sparkling bonfire, delicious food and a calm beach atmosphere. The meals include grilled fish or meat with potatoes, pumpkin, salad and more.

47. Tee-off at Grenada's golf course & country club

This 1936 golf course has 9 holes (2673 yards), hilly terrain and just enough wind to test your skills in the game. No worries though, because a pro golfer, Ronny Felix is on standby to help new golfers and even advanced players if they encounter difficulty. Regardless, the stunning view of the island from this vantage is sure to put you in a great mood.

46. Learn about the Carib's Leap

Location: Sauteurs

Sauteurs Bay Grenada

Photo credit: Richard Semik/

Picture: Sauteurs Bay.

In 1651, in the town of Sauteurs, the last of the Carib Indians on the island of Grenada fiercely resisted colonization by the French. They resorted to committing a collective act of sacrifice: mass suicide. Together, they all jumped off the cliff and into the ocean, several feet below. The area where they jumped to their deaths is now known as Carib's Leap.

45. Stop by Grenada's fish market

Location: St. George's

Fishing children Grenada

Photo credit: Ana del Castillo/

If you're looking for things to do in Grenada then you definitely should stop by Grenada's Fish Market, a busy and exciting place where you're bound to meet some interesting people and get the freshest catch. The market is often buzzing with visitors who have dropped by for some fresh local fish. Catches of the day include red snapper or barracuda, which are sold at affordable prices. Souvenirs are also sold at this location.

44. Visit St George's Anglican Church

Location: St. George's

St. George's Cathedral

Photo credit: Ana del Castillo/

This historical church was not left untouched by bad weather. It suffered some significant structural damages and since then, repairs have been underway to restore its ceiling and gallery. Nevertheless, you can still drop by to see this 1825 structure and learn the rich history of the majestic building.

43. Go barbeque hopping

Grilled jamaican jerk chicken

Photo credit: Joshua Resnick/

As soon as the weekend hits, pork, chicken and fish can often be seen sizzling away on BBQ grills across Grenada. Preparation of this grilled food is an island wide practice and places like Jam-Down Jerk Chicken in Grand Anse Valley or Rosanne's BBQ in St. David are among the most popular BBQ spots. At these locales, you can grab a few drinks to go along with your meal, before moving onto the next hotspot of your night.

42. Give bowling a try at Lavo Lanes

Location: St. George's

Bowling pins

Photo credit: marino bocelli/

Sure you've been bowling before, but have you been bowling in Grenada? The ambiance is different here, and so is the competition. Lavo Lanes is relatively new, and at this location you'll find a bar and a rooftop area for those looking to chill, and not just bowl. More serious bowlers can use any of the 8 lanes to try for a perfect score.

41. Join the Grenada Hash House Harriers

Location: St. George's

Approximately 150 to 300 men and women meet up every Saturday for a cross country fun walk in Grenada. This social group is open to everyone, regardless of age and agility and they actually call themselves 'drinkers with a running problem'. Once the island wide trail has been set up, the 2 hours or so walk begins as participants follow bits of clues along the way until they finish off at a rum shop or bar.

40. Visit in time for the Grenada Music Festival

Though this festival was launched only a few years ago, in 2016, it may well be an excellent addition to your vacation 'to do' list in the future. The first year of the festival saw performances by the ever-so-soulful Estelle, Joss Stone and the Roots Reggae musical band Steel Pulse. Local performers and vendors joined in on the festivities but in 2019, it was postponed due to insufficient funding. All we can say at this point is that you should keep your eyes open so you'll be the first to know when this amazing festival makes its much anticipated comeback!

39. Chill at the Prickly Bay Marina

Location: St. George's

Marina Grenada

Photo credit: Lisa Belle Larsen/

On the southwestern part of Grenada, lies Lance Aux Epines in the parish of St. George, where the Prickly Bay Marina can be found. It has become a hangout for sailors and other maritime folk, who come together to chill, eat and drink at the restaurants and bars and to take advantage of their deals. Whatever you do, don't miss happy hour (5 pm to 6 pm)!

38. Visit Black Bay Beach

Location: St. John

black bay beach

Photo credit: The Beach Chaser/

The sand on Black Bay Beach is in fact black. This exotic, volcanic beach in St. John is considered one of the most gorgeous beaches in the Caribbean, for its unique look. Here you'll also find a cave that you can explore if you dare. The cave has markings from the Amerindians, the earliest settlers on the island. It only takes a short 20-minute trek from Concord to make your way to this private beach, so don't miss out.

37. Plan a Saturday morning market run

Location: St. George's

The Carenage St Georges Grenada

Photo credit: Ana del Castillo/

Take a trip down to the fruit and vegetable market early on a Saturday morning to get first dibs on the freshest produce of the day. Vegetables, provisions and spices are often on sale and early birds are usually the ones with the biggest advantage as far as Saturday morning market runs go. The fruit and vegetable market can be found in close proximity to the local Fish Market.

36. Eat at the Creole Shack restaurant

Location: St. George's

Macaroni pie Grenada

Photo credit: StockphotoVideo/

Picture: An example of macaroni pie.

This restaurant is appreciated by locals and visitors for its authentic, Caribbean style of cooking, as well as the relaxed atmosphere. You'll find a variety of meals buffet style, including an array of meats along with macaroni pie, ground provisions and drinks. The meals are affordable, and the service is good. The Creole Shack is located within walking distance of the Fish Market.

35. Dine at Dodgy Dock

Location: St. George's

Dodgy Dock is a restaurant and lounge bar in St. George. Unlike some other restaurants, it is open every single day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even Sunday brunch. The menu consists of local dishes and international cuisine that is prepared with a Grenadian twist. Their menu is adaptable too, and vegans, vegetarians and gluten free folk can also find dishes to enjoy.

34. Explore Dougaldston Spice Estate

Location: Gouyave

Learning the history of this estate will help you understand why Grenada has been dubbed the 'Spice Isle.' Remnants of this plantation, such as the boiler, drill and the cocoa processing building are what's left of a once thriving nutmeg oil distillation plant. Spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves were grown here, but fortunately for everyone, these items are still available at the Grenada market, albeit manufactured via different sources.

33. Visit the Grenada National Museum

Location: St. George's

The Grenada National Museum is a busy one; in addition to the exhibits, it also hosts weekly cultural performances and outdoor lunches. The museum is sectioned off into various parts that reflect the content inside. These include Slavery, Plantation Economy and the Whaling & Fishing Archaeology. Interestingly enough, this museum was once housed a prison, barracks, hotels and even a warehouse - its history is very rich!

32. Discover Fort George

Location: St. George's

Vintage cannons Fort George St Georges Grenada

Photo credit: Ken Lloyd/

Fort George is a 1705 fort that was first called Fort Royal when the French ruled the island. Later on, when Britain took over, it was named after King George III and this name is still used today. This fort is strategically built; it offers an aerial view of the capital of St George and the harbor below. Though it is the oldest fort on island, many of its old buildings are still standing and can be accessed via a tour.

31. Spend the day at Grand Etang National Park

Location: northeast of Constantine

grand etang national park Grenada

Photo credit: Claudio306/

At an ascent of 1900 feet, this national park contains approximately 1,000 hectares of sweeping, lush vegetation, mountainous terrain and various ecological subsystems. It is home to a wide range of flora and fauna including the Lesser Antillean tanager, Mona monkey, broad winged hawk and mongoose. The Grand Etang National Park is part of the Grand Etang Forest Reserve and visitors can embark on a guided tour for about $1 or $2 USD.

30. Bask in the ambiance of Annandale Falls

Location: Willis

Annandale Falls Grenada

Photo credit: landscapeography/

You may be awestruck by nature's preciseness and beauty when you first get to the Annandale Falls. It is located in Willis, just a few minutes' drive from St. John and a two-minute walk from the Interpretation Center. Below the 30 feet drop are the cool, clear waters of the falls that is enclosed with the rich vegetation that surrounds Annandale. The amenities here make it a popular stop for anyone who wants to go on an Annadale Waterfall tour.

29. Go deep sea fishing

deep sea fishing boat grenada

Fishing in Grenada is sure to be a rewarding experience; undoubtedly you will catch some of the many fish that populate the island's surrounding waters, such as sailfish, tuna and mahi mahi. Blue marlin lovers will be happy to know that it is plentiful from October-May and you can begin to fish just 20 minutes after sailing.

28. Visit Fort Frederick

Location: east of St. George's

Fort Frederick Grenada

Photo credit: Paulo Miguel Costa/

Soaring over the town of St. George, is Fort Frederick, which is located east of the capital. This fort offers an excellent view of Grenada and its surrounding areas. It was built in 1779 by the French. Since the British and the French frequently fought over Grenada, Fort Frederick was at one point used to defend the British from the French thought it was built by the French!

27. Splash around in Concord Falls

Location: Concord

Concord Falls Grenada

Photo credit: Richard Semik/

The Concord Falls comprises of three different waterfalls at various altitudes, which determines how long it takes to get to them. The first and the lowest one is about 100 feet in, and the other two call for a bit more walking and hiking (45 minutes or more) from the very first fall. They are all located in a private area, and so, a small fee will be charged in order to gain access to the falls. These falls are perfect for those who enjoy a good hike; so, bring your friends or family and make it a fun day! Want to visit? You can kill two birds with one stone, as Island Routes offers an exciting spice tour that also includes a tour of Concord falls.

Tip: Be sure to take the appropriate hiking shoes, and wear comfortable clothing.

26. Trek up Mount St. Catherine

Location: St. Mark

This stratovolcano stands at 2,760 feet (840m) and is recognized as the highest point in Grenada and in the southern Caribbean Sea. Visitors can hike up to the top of the mountain, but it is recommended that you do so via a guided tour. Bear in mind that the path is often muddy and be sure to travel with water to keep hydrated. Tours can be arranged in St. George's or Victoria.

25. Dine at Whisper Cove Marina

Location: St. David

Take a stroll through Whisper Cove Marina in St. David, to have a look at the businesses that make up this harbor. The marina is situated in Woburn in Clarke's Court Bay and includes a Meat & Meet market and a steakhouse. This is the ideal place to dine for those looking for a juicy steak and other succulent meats. Make your reservations early for dinner and the buffet, as dinner ends at 8:30 p.m. and the buffet (Sundays) end at 2:30 pm.

24. Go with friends to Umbrella's Beach Bar

Location: Grand Anse Beach, St. George.

Grand Anse Beach Grenada

Photo credit: Pawel Kazmierczak/

Picture: Grande Anse Beach. Umbrella's Beach Bar is located close to the Camerhogne Park.

If you're looking for a good time and fast food, look no further. The diverse menu at Umbrella's Beach Bar includes cheeseburger sliders, shrimp, steak, loaded fries and the famous Umbrella Burger. Live music is sure to keep you entertained, particularly on weekends from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (Fridays and Saturdays).

23. Visit Laura's Spice Garden

Location: St. David

This Spice Garden upholds the island's reputation as The Island of Spice. Laura's Spice Garden has a selection of plants, herbs and spices that are grown in Grenada. A guided tour will give you all the educational information that you need including the many uses of these plants as well as their names. Don't forget to stop by the gift shop on your way out to grab some souvenirs.

22. Take a tour of the island by car

To really get a feel of the island it's a good idea to rent a car to drive yourself around. In that way you get to meet the locals, explore the beaches in St George's such as Grand Anse and Magazine Beach, the latter which is perfect for snorkeling. Be sure to carry some (not too much!) cash for food and take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe.

21. Seven Sisters Falls


Photo credit: Aisha Sylvester/

Located within the Grand Etang National Park, the Seven Sisters Falls is considered one of Grenada's most beautiful attractions. You'll have to pay about EC$5 to access the Falls, unless you go with a tour, then the price may be included with your package. Most people enjoy the hike to and from the Falls, and a chance to dip in the cool water natural pools. You can go on hikes higher up the falls, but you'll need to ensure you have sturdy shoes and an experienced guide. Having a guide is highly recommended, especially if you want to 'jump the falls', which can be dangerous. Guides will show you where is safe to jump, but keep in mind that the walk to the top of the falls is steep. If you don't feel like pushing the limits, enjoy the views from the bottom, and a refreshing splash in one of the natural pools in the area.

20. Take a bath in the Royal Mt. Carmel waterfalls

Location: St. Andrew

Royal Mt. Carmel Waterfalls Grenada

Photo credit: PataraR/

This waterfall is recognized as the highest in Grenada, as it falls more than 70 feet below into the clear waters. Luckily, it won't take much to gain access to the magnificent view, because you only need to trek about 30 minutes to get there. There are tour guides available if you need one and an entrance fee must be paid to the owners of the private land that you must traverse to get to the waterfall.

19. Sunnyside Garden

Sunnyside Garden in St. Georges is an award-winning tropical garden which has had several television features, including on the 'Gardens of the Caribbean' series in the UK. Described as 'extraordinarily beautiful' by some who've been, there are various garden rooms here with different levels visitors can explore. In between the greenery are ponds with koi fish and water lilies, and a guide will take you through the various plant and wildlife species that can be found in the area. This botanical garden is a must visit for those desirous of a breath of fresh air and want to see nature at its very best.

18. Have a craft beer at the West Indies Beer Company

Location: Lance aux Epines

Opening its doors in 2014, the West Indies beer Company continues to offer a wide variety of beers and ciders. They also cater to nonalcoholic drinkers and offer wine, spirits and soft drinks to suit their taste. All the beers are brewed on location and the company has expanded their services to include food as well, so you'll be able to find items like burgers, pizza, ice cream and fish and chips.

17. Sample rum at the River Antoine Rum Distillery

Location: St. Patrick

River Antoine Rum Distillery Grenada

Photo credit: Richard Semik/

Since 1785, this distillery has been processing and producing rum for the islands of the Caribbean and beyond. The process more or less remains the same and River Antoine stands as the oldest of its kind in the Caribbean. Tours are available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm, and you get a sample of the liquor before you leave!

16. Visit the Belmont Estate

Location: St. Patrick

This private country estate is a fully functional 17th century style plantation that serves as a major tourist attraction in Grenada. Tours are available throughout the week; until the doors close at 4 pm As part of the tour, you'll get to see the gardens, farms, museum and the facilities where the cocoa is produced. The restaurant on site also offers a scrumptious lunch menu, and you can stop by the gift shop to pick up souvenirs, or the cafe to relax.

15. Join a yoga session on the beach

Yoga on the beach

Photo credit: HTeam/

Yoga sessions are relaxing, soothing, and are a sure way to bring peace to your body and mind. Yoga in the Caribbean however is next level. The peace of mind that you find is amplified in this part of the word, for the breezy ease with which you'll find yourself moving through the way. If you're experienced, you will be right at home at any yoga class, and if you're not, no worries, it is very easy to learn! Some hotels on island offer yoga classes at reasonable cost, or you can try asking around at a local gym.

14. House of Chocolate

Learn all you'll possibly need to know about chocolate during your vacation to Grenada with a visit to the House of Chocolate. Here you can go on a tour, shop for gifts, and learn about the intricacies of the chocolate making process. The House of Chocolate is essentially a mini museum as described by its creators, which features a cafe on site that offers tasty local chocolate treats. There's also a boutique at this location where you can have your pick of an array of items made with cocoa to take back home with you. House of Chocolate is in St. George's Grenada.

13. Reflect and sunbathe at La Sagesse Beach

Location: St. David

La Sagesse Beach Grenada

Photo credit: Hugh O'Connor/

Before your holiday comes to an end, you simply must visit La Sagesse Beach. Not only is it beautiful but it is quite peaceful too, because it is not frequented as often as the other beaches on the island. Unlike some of the other beaches in Grenada, there is only one hotel located near this beach, which comes in handy in case you want to grab something to eat. Otherwise, carry your own food and drinks.

12. Have some fun in the sun at Magazine Beach

Location: St. George's

magazine beach grenada

Photo credit: GillesBelanger/

Magazine Beach is found on the south west coast of Grenada. It is easily accessible, and all you'll need to do to find yourself basking in the warm rays on these shores is continue along the main road after the Point Salines International Airport. It is located behind the airport, near the Aquarium Restaurant. There are hotels situated near the beach, which means things can get pretty busy here, but that should take away from the enjoyable experience you're sure to have here.

11. Tower Estate

Estates and Plantation Houses are worth visiting when on this Caribbean isle, as you can learn more about the island's history, and Tower Estate is a good place to start. Tower Estate is in the community of St. Paul, and here you'll be able to go on farm tours or garden tours, with opportunities to stay for brunch, or afternoon tea. Before you leave, try their organic floral teas made from plants grown on the estate. A tour of this location is complete with a walk through the Great House, which is filled with rich history. Tower Estate is about 15 minutes away from St. George's.

10. Join a costumed band for Spice Mas

The yearly carnival parade, known as 'Spice Mas' is held on the second Monday and Tuesday in August. By then, the carnival season would have been open for several weeks prior, with various events such as dance competitions, Panorama and a Soca show. Jab Jab Jouvert is also a highlight of carnival, where people wake up super early (or don't sleep at all) for an opportunity to party in the streets with a mixture of mud, paint, and Soca music!

9. Test the waters at Morne Rouge Beach

Location: St. George's

Morne Rouge Beach Grenada

Photo credit: Gem Russan/

Some people prefer the waters of the Morne Rouge Beach as compared to Grand Anse and other beaches in Grenada. This is because the sea is quite calm here, and the beach itself offers a tranquility that is in contrast to popular beaches which are always buzzing with activity. Morne Rouge can be accessed by car, or by taking a quick walk from Grand Anse Beach, which is situated just next to it.

8. Sign up for a bicycle tour

Location: St. George's

Cycling through Grenada has been made easy thanks to Island Routes, offering a great cycling tour across the island of Grenada. You will cycle across much of Grenada's terrain, ride along the coastline, pass by the local fishing bay and even visit L'anse aux Epines!

7. Meet some Leatherback turtles at Levera National Park

Location: St. Patrick

Lavera beach Grenada

Photo credit: Hugh O'Connor/

Levera Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Grenada, located across the north of the island. The beach itself is always postcard ready, complete with golden sand, translucent blue waters and palm trees lining the coast. Levera National Park is an amazing place to watch Leatherback turtles. During the months of March until August, you can witness the turtles arrive, lay eggs and return to the ocean.

6. Explore the Underwater Sculpture Park

Location: St. George's

Underwater Sculpture Park Children Grenada

Photo credit: R Gombarik/

Grenada should be given more credit for its amazing diving sites with incredible views of the island's coral reefs and shipwrecks. One of the main underwater attractions is the world's first Underwater Sculpture Park, which features a collection of underwater contemporary art. The sculptures are situated in a variety of depths with a maximum of 40 feet. The park is popular amongst scuba divers, snorkelers and glass bottom boat tours.

Insider Tip: Sandals Grenada offer free snorkeling and scuba diving to guests as part of their all-inclusive vacation (including professional equipment).

5. Relax at the Grand Anse beach

Grand Anse beach Grenada

Photo credit: Pawel Kazmierczak/

Not only is it popular, Grand Anse is the largest beach in Grenada. Here you'll find everything you need for the perfect beach day, including opportunities to try water sports like kayaking. Grand Anse Beach is also ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving, or just taking a swim. Sunbathing here is highly recommended, because of the laid back ambiance.

4. Sandy Island

A water taxi is all it takes to get to this slice of paradise, and if you have your own yacht or speed boat, all the better. White sandy beaches and palm trees line the island, which is also a nature reserve, and the water is so beautiful and clear that it attracts divers vacationing in Grenada and in the nearby islands of the Grenadines, like Carriacou. Sometimes you can get a local fisherman to take you across to the island from Grenada; the boat ride takes about 10 minutes. If you plan on spending the day there, bring along food and drinks.

3. Palm Tree Botanical Gardens

Palm Tree Botanical Gardens in Grenada is not particularly well advertised compared to some of the more well-known attractions, but when you go, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you find. There is so much beauty in the small space of this location, that it is best described as a garden's dream. The guide here will take you through this enchanting space in a leisurely manner, ensuring that you leave better informed than you came. For great views, a chance to be at one with nature, and a wealth of information, this tour is highly recommended.

2. Go on a kayaking adventure

Beach Kayaks

Photo credit: Anna jedynak/

Conservation kayak will take you on an exciting kayaking adventure that will make it possible for you to see the beauty of the island and its wildlife firsthand. The trips are more than just paddling through the waters; most include lunch, drinks and quality time on the beach. You don't need any previous experience in kayaking but you must be able to swim!

1. Sail off into the sunset

Sunset Bay Grenada sailboats

Photo credit: Yuliya - K/

The ideal way to end any fulfilled day in Grenada is to climb onboard a catamaran and enjoy a tour along the gorgeous Grenadian waters, while the sun sets in the distance. Island Routes offers a two-hour sunset cruise, along with snacks and drinks that is perfect for a romantic or casual occasion. Be sure to walk with your camera to capture the memorable sights you are sure to witness and bring good company with you for the ride!

Options are endless...

Whether you set off to explore all 45 beaches in Grenada, or just take it easy and choose to focus on taking in the history of the island, there are lots of things to do in Grenada which will keep you well occupied during your stay!

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Ocean cruising, river cruising, yacht charters, expeditions, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Viking, Lindblad, there are so many options when it comes to cruising

And SO Much More!

We create custom travel itineraries and trips, and we know travel - Whether it's Universal, river cruises, safaris, yacht charters, Australia, Thailand and more!

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Debt free and in business since 2013. Vincent Vacations has agents in Dallas, Kansas City, Houston, Shreveport, Little Rock, Roswell, Oklahoma City and more locations.

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Travel agents can help save time and stress by doing the research and handling all your bookings for you. An experience travel agent is best at finding great deals and packages, as well as providing you with helpful information and tips. They can also help you plan special activities and experiences that you may not have thought of on your own. All in all, using a travel agent can be a great way to make sure you get the most out of your trip.

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In travel since 2002, and in business since 2013, our travel team serves clients all over the US! Planning a vacation away from home takes a great team. We have taken the time to build a team of dedicated, smart, hard-working personnel who are each committed to excellence and service. We work side-by-side, creating and ensuring INCREDIBLE vacation experiences for you and your group. Our store front in-office team, and our travel consultant independent contractors, work all around the US.

travel agent near me
travel agent near me

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