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East Caicos

East Caicos, located 25 mi/40 km northwest of Grand Turk, is the largest uninhabited island of Turks and Caicos. It is accessible only by private boat or by special arrangement with a charter-boat operation. Once important for its sisal crop (used to make rope and native straw crafts), the island ...

East End

Overview Introduction A small village on the northeastern part of Anguilla, East End is best known as the home of the Heritage Collection. The museum traces Anguillan life during the past 500 years, including an exhibit on the Anguillan Revolution.

East Falkland

Visitors to the island of East Falkland can choose between Mother Nature's finest and mankind's worst: Choices range from wildlife tours to battlefield visits. Home to the majority of the population, East Falkland is also site of Stanley, the capital and largest city in the colony. It's a relaxing l...

East Greenland

This area, characterized by impressive mountain peaks, has several villages. The inhabitants are primarily hunters of seals and bears, and their lifestyle and language are distinct from the fishing communities of western Greenland. Tasiilaq ( Ammassalik )—This village is on an island off the east...

East London

Coastal East London, South Africa, 470 mi/760 km south of Johannesburg, was established in 1836 by the British as a military post, which they used as a base during the Xhosa wars. Today it has the wonderful East London Museum, with excellent anthropological displays, including the only known dodo ...

East Shore

Think back to Fantasy Island and Tattoo shouting "Da plane! Da plane!" Remember the waterfall—in all its picture-perfect, quintessentially Hawaiian glory? That was Wailua Falls, one of the most photographed places on Kauai's East Shore, a must-see for visitors and a fitting start for a tour of the...

Easter Island

Culturally Polynesian, politically Chilean and semitropical in climate, Easter Island has much to offer the modern-day vacationer. The small population of 8,000 does a commendable job in accommodating more than 100,000 tourists per year. The first inhabitants of Easter Island called it Te Pito o Te...

Eastern Coast

A 30-minute flight east of Seoul takes visitors to the cities of Gangneung, Samcheok and Sokcho. Any one of the three cities could be used as a base to visit the excellent beaches in the area or to go mountain climbing or skiing, depending on the season. Spectacular Seoraksan and Odaesan National ...

Eastern Highlands

Extending more than 200 mi/320 km from north to south along the border with Mozambique, Zimbabwe's eastern region is dominated by a series of dramatic and beautiful mountain ranges. Deep valleys, gorges, granite peaks and tropical forests make this a great area for trout fishing, hiking, cycling, cl...

Eastern Pyrenees

Just up from the border with Spain, this stretch of Mediterranean coast is known as La Cote Vermeille , or "the red coast." The scenery lives up to the name: The rocky, red-gold cliffs stand out against the azure water. The area around the city of Perpignan holds the French record for the most nu...

Eastern Shore, The

Travelers familiar with Maryland's Eastern Shore may not realize that the shoreline continues into Virginia for 70 mi/110 km. The area got its name because it forms the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay. Like the portion in Maryland, the Shore is a haven of windblown beaches, undisturbed wildlife and ...

Eastern Shore/Marine Drive

The Eastern Shore and Marine Drive route runs northeast from Halifax along the eastern shore of the province. Lawrencetown Beach, a 30-minute drive from Halifax, has pleasant swimming in summer and, especially in winter, some of the best surfing in North America. Continue up the coast to the Fisherm...


Eastham, Massachusetts, quietly ignores the world's trends and fashions and is an excellent place for swimming in a freshwater pond or bicycling. Eastham is often just a resting place for motorists, but it's not a bad idea to stop to see the Edward Penniman House with its eight-sided cupola. The c...


Easton, Maryland, is a charming town, 45 mi/70 km southeast of Baltimore, full of gracious homes and alluring shops housed in well-preserved buildings from the 1700s and 1800s. Attractions include the Historical Society of Talbot County Museum, the late-1700s James Neall home, some beautiful old g...




Overview Introduction Ebeltoft, Denmark, is in the hilly countryside of Mols, 50 mi/80 km northeast of Aarhus, and its setting provides a perfect backdrop for its cobblestoned streets and well-preserved buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. Children love to explore the dungeon of the half-t...


Overview Introduction In the shadow of Mount Ararat (just across the border, in Turkey), Echmiadzin dates from the sixth century BC and was the capital of the country for almost two centuries. Today, Echmiadzin remains the spiritual capital of Armenia, as it is the home of the Supreme Catholicos,...


Echternach, Luxembourg, an early center of European Christianity located 20 mi/32 km northeast of Luxembourg City, was heavily damaged during World War II, but it has been completely restored. Its narrow, cobbled medieval streets, ancient ramparts and old patrician houses still impart a feeling of c...


Ecuador is not a typical travel destination and it is not for everyone, but for the seasoned traveler looking to dabble in the mysteries of South America, Ecuador is a wonderful introduction. You can go from the balmy Pacific Coast to the high mountains to a remote corner of the jungle all in one ...


Edam's name is synonymous with Dutch cheese, and there's plenty of it to be found there. Among the city's 17th-century buildings are a cheese-weighing station and many places where you can taste or buy the famous cheese. A visit to Edam can be combined with a stop in nearby Volendam, one of the mos...


Overview Introduction The town of Edenton, one of the oldest in the state, has many reminders of North Carolina's colonial past. Once a center of commerce and society where English lords ruled, its residents staged their own revolt as Edenton ladies circulated a petition against "that pernicious...


Scotland's capital, Edinburgh, draws on its history to appeal to visitors—with good reason. The Old Town of Edinburgh reverberates with the history of Scottish royalty and romantic literary figures. Crossing Princes Street and glimpsing Edinburgh Castle towering over the New Town is like passing th...


Rich in historical significance, Edirne, Turkey, saw the best and the worst times of the Roman Empire. At one time named Hadrianopolis after Emperor Hadrian, under whose reign the empire reached the farthest, this city 145 mi/235 km west of Istanbul (near the border with Bulgaria and Greece). was ...

Edisto Beach State Park

Overview Introduction Edisto Beach, on Edisto Island, is 45 mi/72 km southwest of Charleston. This area is serene and beautiful, in part because of Edisto Beach State Park, but it is becoming more developed and is threatened with beach erosion.


If you can, arrive in Edmonton at night. As you ride in from the airport, you'll see Edmonton's glittering steel-and-glass skyline rising on the far shore of the North Saskatchewan River. It's a dramatic introduction to the way oil money transformed this stretch of the north. Founded by the Hudso...

Efate Is

This island, in the center of the archipelago, is where the capital, Port Vila , is located. The city has a strong French flavor: Croissants and baguettes are delivered fresh to the supermarkets and cafes twice a day. It may well be the prettiest capital in the South Pacific. Most of Port Vila's sh...

Effigy Mounds National Monument

Overview Introduction Located along the Mississippi River in the northeastern part of the state (near Marquette), the Effigy Mounds National Monument is a collection of Native American burial mounds, many of them built in the shapes of birds and animals. A self-guided tour routes visitors along t...


Located 88 mi/140 km northeast of Budapest, Eger, Hungary, has the charm and appeal of a splendid provincial town, full of meandering cobblestoned streets and pastel fairy-tale houses. Eger boasts 175 superb historic monuments. Among the most notable are a castle, a basilica and the Istvan Dobo Mu...


Located 250 mi/400 km northeast of Reykjavik, Egilsstadir is the commercial hub of eastern Iceland, and the town is a good place to get supplies while visiting the eastern fjord area (or for overnighting if you're circling the island). Keep an eye out for reindeer in this area. There are a few poin...


Travelers have been marveling at Egypt's wondrous antiquities for thousands of years—even the ancient Greeks and Romans were awed by them. But today, a visit to Egypt is more than an immersion into past glories—mud-brick villages sprout TV antennae, stone and glass high-rises tower over ancient mon...


Overview Introduction This village in the Mount Lebanon range, on the road from Tripoli to Bcharre, is a gateway to some of the best scenery in the country. Located near the Kadisha Gorge, Ehden is a good base for visiting the Horsh Ehden Forest Nature Reserve, which protects native flora and fau...


Overview Introduction Ehnen, Luxembourg, is a medieval town on the Moselle River, 19 mi/30 km east of Luxembourg City, full of picturesque old houses, narrow alleyways and hillside vineyards. It is especially known for its wine museum and for its church, the only round one in the country. Plan to...


At the extreme southern tip of Israel about 155 mi/250 km south of Jerusalem, Eilat is a port and resort on the Gulf of Aqaba, an inlet of the Red Sea. In winter, it's especially popular with Israelis and Europeans who enjoy its hot, dry weather and beautiful beaches. Americans also are starting to...

Eilerts De Haan Gebergte Reserve

Overview Introduction Eilerts de Haan Gebergte Reserve is in the southern part of Suriname, 200 mi/320 km southwest of Paramaribo. It is the nation's largest rain-forest reserve. Though seldom visited (there are no tourist facilities), it can be reached easily enough by air.


The birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach and once home to Martin Luther, Eisenach, Germany, requires a full day to see its sights. The main attraction is Wartburg Castle, where medieval minstrels congregated, Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German, and composer Richard Wagner was in...

El Ayoune

The seaside town of El Ayoune offers a beach with basic resort infrastructure and a bird sanctuary. Short day and overnight excursions via camel are sometimes available, but most visitors to Morocco will have plenty of other superior places to explore than making the trek to this town. Accessible ...

El Castillo

The settlement of El Castillo, Nicaragua, on the Rio San Juan, is a remote destination 155 mi/250 km southeast of Managua that few travelers write into their plans. The castle is a Spanish fort that was built in the 1700s to defend against pirates and British forces trying to make their way to Lak...

El Escorial

The town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, 25 mi/40 km northwest of Madrid, is home to the impressive 16th-century Royal Monastery of El Escorial, which was built as a summer retreat by ascetic Philip II. The monastery-cum-palace, which also includes a church, library and mausoleum, can be seen in a ...

El Golea

Overview Introduction Swaying palm trees frame this classic Saharan oasis. El Golea is really quite beautiful, with its tree-lined boulevards and even an old French Foreign Legion post. The city market is in a courtyard, and among the fruits and vegetables are magnificent watermelons, ripe red to...

El Gouna

Situated on interconnected islands on the coast of the Red Sea, El Gouna, Egypt, is a resort area that boasts exclusive hotels, sandy beaches and year-round sunshine. The resort is a popular retirement area for Europeans and has caught on with vacationers looking for a sunny retreat. One of Egyp...

El Imposible National Park

El Imposible National Park, El Salvador, takes its name from a difficult-to-reach mountain pass in this rugged part of the Ahuachapan Mountains, near the border with Guatemala. Located 70 mi/115 km west of San Salvador, the park covers 12,850 acres/5,200 hectares of tropical mountain forest. It ha...

El Jem

Overview Introduction Most people make a stop in El Jem to see the well-preserved Roman coliseum. Visitors are allowed to climb to the top rows of the coliseum as well as walk through underground passages where gladiators and animals were kept before they entered the arena. The local museum is al...

El Obeid

Overview Introduction The self-proclaimed "gum arabic capital of the world," El Obeid is a fairly large desert city (pop. 423,000). It has a small history museum, two markets and, interestingly enough, one of the largest cathedrals in Africa (attend a Sunday service, even if you're not particular...

El Oued

Overview Introduction One of the most interesting oases in the Sahara, El Oued is noted primarily for its distinctive architecture. It seems as if every building has a dome on it—even the stalls in the marketplace. As a bonus, the town is clean and orderly. See the small museum and lively market....

El Paso

Bordered by mountains and the Rio Grande and 500 mi/800 km northwest of San Antonio, El Paso is strongly influenced by Mexico and the Old West. A cultural mix of Hispanics, Anglos and Native Americans gives it an atmosphere unlike that of any other city in the state. Pueblan tribes inhabited the a...

El Quelite

Located about a half-hour's drive from the high-rise hotels of Mazatlan, the small, charming town of El Quelite offers a glimpse into traditional Mexican village life. There, children ride burros along cobblestoned streets, and on Sunday after Mass, families gather for barbecue at roadside restauran...

El Quisco

The main attraction in the coastal community of El Quisco is to visit the Museo Casa Isla Negra, the beach house of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (not to be confused with his main house in Santiago or his other summer house in Valparaiso proper). Located approximately 90 minutes from Santiago, this spot...

El Salvador

El Salvador is not a country for pessimists. This small land has endured more than its share of war, poverty and natural disasters. And you'll see the scars of these—if that's what you're looking for. But look a little closer and you'll also see the resilience and optimism such tragedy can inspire. ...

El Valle de Anton

El Valle, Panama, makes a delightfully cool escape from the lowland heat, with its springlike climate and exquisite setting. Situated in a steep valley among rugged peaks—in the heart of the country, just a two-hour drive from Panama City—it is known for its Sunday market, where Amerindian women tak...

El Yunque

Less than 1% of Puerto Rico's virgin forests remain—which makes a visit to the Caribbean National Forest, better known as El Yunque (the Taino Indian name for its highest peak), all the more impressive. About an hour's drive southeast of San Juan, El Yunque is home to hundreds of plant and animal ...

Elaphite Islands

Croatia's Elaphite Islands are located to the north of Dubrovnik and can be seen from the Lapad Peninsula or via a ferry from the Gruz port. The ride takes 25 minutes to Kolocep, the nearest island. Lopud is an additional half-hour trip. Once on Lopud, it is a half-hour walk across the island to ...


Elba, Italy, located about 80 mi/130 km southwest of Florence, is one of seven Tuscan Archipelago islands in the Mediterranean—all part of Europe's largest National Marine Park. There's a ferry from Piombino (a 15-mi/24-km trip), and adequate roads make touring relatively easy. Elba has more than ...


Overview Introduction The third-largest city in Albania, Elbasan is a quaint old town, although now quite industrial. The city does have interesting archeological remains, and the 25 mi/40 km ride southeast over the mountains from Tirana is spectacular. It is a good stop on the way to or from Pog...


On the western outskirts of Athens is the sanctuary of Eleusis, one of the holiest places in ancient Greece. The ruins of this ancient religious center are extensive and mainly of interest to travelers who are enamored with the sacred rites of the ancient Eleusinian Mysteries. Only initiated citiz...

Eleuthera Island

The Eleuthera island group was the first area in the Bahamas settled by the British more than 300 years ago. The main island is long and thin: 110 mi/175 km long, averaging only 1.5 mi/2.5 km in width. Because it has three airports— North Eleuthera, Governor's Harbour and Rock Sound—and is visited b...


On your way from Mammoth Cave to Louisville (or vice versa), consider a stop in the area around Elizabethtown. Among the attractions is the Lincoln Heritage House, a cabin built by Abe's father. There's a driving tour of historic homes and, in summer, a walking tour of downtown, with costumed charac...


Located in the north-central part of the state, 310 mi/500 km north of Las Vegas, Elko bills itself as the "last real cowtown in the West." But it has also been home to a sizable community of Basque sheepherders who brought their unique cultural traditions to the area, and were for a time in conflic...

Ellicott City

Cascading down steep, rocky hills just west of Baltimore, Ellicott City, Maryland, is a former mill town that now attracts artists and shoppers. Founded in 1772, it's a good place to hunt for antiques and visit historical sites. Many of the buildings are made of granite. The B&O Railroad Stati...

Ellis Island National Monument

Managed by the National Park Service, the monument pays tribute to the more than 12 million immigrants who passed through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954. Thanks to a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1998, approximately 80% of Ellis Island now belongs to New Jersey rather than New York. The ...

Ellora And Ajanta

About 200 mi/320 km east of Mumbai, India's Ellora and Ajanta aren't cities, but ancient sites filled with religious carvings and paintings. Ellora is a collection of 34 cave-shrines chiseled out of solid rock between the fourth and ninth centuries. The oldest carvings honor the figures and storie...


You might feel a bit like a knight in armor when you approach Elvas, Portugal—the entrance to the walled city is via a medieval drawbridge. Visit the castle and ramparts and see the 15th-century Amoreira Aqueduct, which still conveys water to the city's residents. Elvas is located 135 mi/215 km ea...


Another of the many mining towns that were built in Nevada during the 1800s, Ely has two particularly appealing attractions: the Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park and the Nevada Northern Railway Museum. The Ward Charcoal Ovens site is outside of town. These 30-ft/10-m beehives made of fieldsto...

Emas National Park

Overview Introduction Advance permission from the National Park Department (IBAMA) is advisable for visiting Emas National Park 745 mi/1,200 km northwest of Rio de Janeiro (there are no tourist facilities). Hard-core nature lovers will find it worth the trouble, as it's an excellent place to see ...


Overview Introduction Residents of Embarrass in northeastern Minnesota, 200 mi/322 km northeast of Minneapolis and St. Paul, take their Finnish heritage seriously. They've banded together to preserve some rare turn-of-the-century Finnish homesteads, and tours of the interesting architectural stru...

Emerald Isle

Overview Introduction Emerald Isle, a beach town through and through, grew out of a land purchase made in 1951. It is next to Atlantic Beach and part of North Carolina's Crystal Coast. This quiet beach town is very family-friendly. https://www.crystalcoastnc.org/communities/emerald-isle.


Overview Introduction This city, famous for its chipa (a hard corn-and-cheese bread), is where many visitors stay while visiting the ruined Jesuit missions to the north in Jesus and Trinidad. Although ruins of Jesuit settlements can be found in several eastern sections of the country, the ones ...

Enewetok Atoll

Overview Introduction Like its neighbor Bikini, this atoll was used as a nuclear test site. The world's first hydrogen bomb was exploded on Enewetok in 1952. After contaminated waste was collected and covered by a giant concrete dome, the indigenous inhabitants were allowed to return in 1980 but ...


Visiting England is like finding your way through a well-developed hedge maze: You can't hurry your way through. Around nearly every bend in the road you'll find stately homes, crumbling castles, magnificent gardens, thatch-roofed cottages, cozy pubs and beautiful churches to explore. It's easy to ...

English Harbour

This charming seafaring town on the south coast of Antigua is rich in history. It contains Nelson's Dockyard, named for English naval hero Horatio Nelson, who commanded British forces 1784-1787. Antigua was at that time Britain's most strategic naval base in the West Indies—partly because of its co...


Overview Introduction This ancient city, near Famagusta in Turkish Cyprus, was destroyed more than 3,000 years ago. You can now visit an impressive 1-sq-mi/2-sq-km archaeological site that dates to 2700 BC. When it was excavated in the late 1800s, archaeologists found ivory, gold and bronze statu...


The port city of Enkhuizen is the home of the Zuider-zee Museum, an open-air collection of more than 130 houses and workshops dating from the late 19th century. The picturesque sailing boats moored in the harbor are still used to carry cargo along Holland's rivers and canals. Enkhuizen is 30 mi/45...


In County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, Enniskillen (55 mi/90 km southwest of Belfast) has several worthwhile sights. Chief among them are Castlecoole, an 18th-century mansion, and the Regimental Museum of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (http://www.inniskilling.com). The museum is housed within Enn...

Enosburg Falls

Located close to the Canadian border, Enosburg Falls is home to the Enosburg Opera House, dating from 1892. It is still actively used for theatrical performances and concerts, including shows by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra. The town also hosts the annual Vermont Dairy Festival (parades, tractor p...


It's said that Ensenada, Mexico—one of Mexico's busiest ports—is built around a bar. Although that's not true (fishing and wineries remain its economic mainstays), Hussong's Cantina has enticed revelers to Ensenada since 1892—a date that's easy to believe once visitors see the legendary watering ho...


Overview Introduction The original colonial capital of Uganda, Entebbe is best known for its airport, where a hijacked Air France flight landed in 1976 before being liberated by the Israeli army. The airport is still the international gateway to the country, and some travelers spend a day or a ni...

Epi Island

Overview Introduction A long, mountainous island in central Vanuatu, Epi is known for its former European plantations, now in decline. The main reason to visit, however, is to swim at Lamen Bay, which is located on the northwest side of the island. The bay has resident dugong (relatives of the ma...


Epidaurus, Greece, is located 83 mi/135 km southwest of Athens. It was built to honor Asklepeios (Aesculapius), the god of healing. In the city you'll find the unique Tholos, a circular building with Corinthian columns, and the Temple of Asklepeios (both from the fourth century BC). Chief among the ...


The Epirus region is one of the best areas of Greece because of its varied terrain and relatively few tourists. It is located roughly 250 mi/400 km northwest of Athens. Snow-covered mountains, the impressive Vikos Gorge (near Monodendri, known for its weaving), the Agia Paraskevi Monastery and the r...


The site of the Parc National d'Okapis, Epulu is a tiny village located in the Ituri rain forest . The rare okapi (similar to the giraffe, but with a shorter neck and legs and a purplish hue) can sometimes be found in the dense jungle surrounding the village. It's very unlikely you'll see one in ...

Equatorial Guinea

Few countries have had as quick a reversal of fortunes as Equatorial Guinea, where things are suddenly looking up. This tiny country, which consists of a few islands and a patch of mainland squeezed between Cameroon and Gabon, suffered for more than a decade under one of the cruelest despots on the ...


Erbil is the largest city of Iraqi Kurdistan and the seat of the regional government. The history of Erbil can be traced back to Neanderthal man. The old part of the city sits on a mound formed by many centuries of continuous habitation. A citadel overlooks the narrow, twisting streets. Shar Park in...


The desert valley town of Erfoud, 230 mi/370 km east of Marrakech, is a good base for various excursions to see the Sahara because it has several comfortable hotels. A favorite excursion is to Merzouga, where you can see the impressive Erg Chebbi sand dunes. From Merzouga, you can ride a camel into ...


The small city of Erfurt, Thuringia's capital city, is one of the most attractive in eastern Germany. Spared massive destruction during World War II, it has experienced a lot of revitalization since reunification. Two Gothic churches grace Domplatz: Mariendom and Severikirche. Visitors should visi...


Locally, Eridu is claimed to be the oldest city in the world, dating back to 4000 BC (it was built upon a lake that's now gone). Of special interest are the temple (claimed to be the world's oldest religious structure) and the mud and straw huts. Eridu is usually seen in conjunction with Ur, which...


Erie, Pennsylvania, on the shore of Lake Erie 126 mi/203 km north of Pittsburgh, is Pennsylvania's only Great Lakes port. Extending out into the lake is Presque Isle State Park, which includes 11 mi/18 km of white-sand beach and 3,200 acres/1,300 hectares of parkland. The park is considered a pre...


As conflicts with Ethiopia, its neighbor, wind down, Eritrea may finally get a chance to put its proud nationalism into practice—in peace. And that would be very good news for adventurous travelers, because this country, for all its troubles, has a lot to offer. Eritreans are among the friendliest...


Overview Introduction Located in the beautiful Red Sea Hills, Erkowit was once a cool retreat for the British. There are, however, few original buildings left; it's just a place to go to get out of the heat for a while. The area is reached by private vehicle. 60 mi/100 km south of Port Sudan.


Overview Introduction Located on the mainland side of Kochi Harbor, Ernakulam, India, is a bustling commercial center jammed with traffic of all kinds, both human and mechanical. Its narrow streets are lined with tiny shops and stalls selling everything under the sun. Entire streets are devoted t...

Erromango Island

Overview Introduction This rugged, sparsely populated island in southern Vanuatu is only for the adventurous, as accommodations are basic and the hikes are demanding (the island has several areas of low inland mountains). North of Dillons Bay there's a good coral reef, with some nearby cave buria...


The city of Erzurum, Turkey, 475 mi/765 km east of Ankara in eastern Turkey, is surrounded by beautiful, gently eroded mountains. You may not want to make a special trip to see Erzurum, but it has several interesting sights for those passing through or spending the night. Be sure to stop at the Ci...


Want to combine a shopping spree with a thermal bath? Then go to Les Escaldes. This small town—an eastern extension of Andorra la Vella (1 mi/2 km away)—offers not only a shopping mecca but hot sulphur springs. The Caldea Spa (https://www.caldea.com) is one of Europe's largest aquatic centers, with ...

Esch sur Alzette

Located about 12 mi/19 km southwest of Luxembourg City, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg's second-largest city, was originally the center of Luxembourg's iron and steel industry. Now all that remains are two blast furnace monuments. The large, steel-beam street lights in the pedestrian shopping area lea...

Esch sur Sure

Esch sur Sure, Luxembourg, located about 33 mi/53 km northwest of Luxembourg City, is a typical Ardennes market town located on a bend of the scenic Sure River. It has a wonderful "lost" quality—you'll feel like you're in another era. Castle ruins overlook the isolated village, which is entered vi...


Overview Introduction These two towns, which are so close together they've practically melded, are worth a visit of several hours. While there, see the Eschen Church, the Roman ruins and the 14th-century Pfrundhaus, which is used for expositions, concerts and wine tastings. Also walk some of the ...


Located 110 mi/180 km northwest of Quito, the coastal city of Esmeraldas, Ecuador, can be used as a base to visit nearby destinations and is a port of call for several cruise ships. Esmeraldas itself is, in a word, awful—it's dirty and crime-ridden, rip-offs abound, and there's a serious malaria pro...


Espanola, New Mexico, is best known for being at the heart of a handful of historic pueblos: San Juan, San Ildefonso, Santa Clara and Pojoaque, to name a few. Espanola will also appeal to car buffs: It's a center for low-riders and classic autos. It also features the historic Santa Cruz de la Cana...


White-sand beaches and a large population of waved albatrosses have made this southern island (also called Hood Island) a frequent stop for visitors. It is one of the oldest islands (3.3 million years) and is considered to have formed from an uplift caused by submarine lava. Most excursions on th...

Espiritu Santo

The second-most-populous island, "Santo," as local residents call it, contains many reminders of World War II. Luganville , located on the southeast coast, is a somewhat sleepy city these days, but during World War II it was a huge U.S. military supply center. Many of the Quonset huts erected then ...


Although it feels more like a suburb of Helsinki, Espoo, 5 mi/8 km southwest of Helsinki, is the country's second-largest city. Espoo is an ancient place (the site was occupied as early as 3,500 BC) with a modern feel—there's no old city center or even a recognizable downtown. Its attractions rang...


Rather than being an attraction on its own, the town of Esquel, Argentina, is a good base from which to see a number of area sights. There's good skiing (cheaper than Bariloche) a short distance north of town, and Los Alerces National Park is about 40 mi/60 km west. Rail enthusiasts will want to r...


Overview Introduction Esquipulas, Guatemala, 138 mi/222 km east of Guatemala City, is worth a stop to visit the Basilica of Esquipulas, an important pilgrimage church known for its Black Christ statue. It's often seen as part of a trip to the Copan ruins in neighboring Honduras. http://www.esquip...


The popular port town of Essaouira (called Mogador by the Portuguese) dates to Phoenician times, but it was redesigned in the 18th century by a French architect who was in the service of Louis XV. Its cultural mix, blue-painted and whitewashed buildings, and pinkish-red ramparts make it one of the m...

Estes Park

The town of Estes Park is 8 mi/13 km east of Rocky Mountain National Park and serves as its main commercial center. In addition to hotels and restaurants, it has the Estes Park Area Historical Museum and an aerial tramway that runs to the top of Prospect Mountain. The town hosts the Longs Peak Sco...


Explore the border city of Estevan, Saskatchewan, if you're arriving in the province from the southeast. The Shand Power Station offers tours of its unique greenhouse. At the Estevan Art Gallery, see the circus posters of Canada's Poster King from 1912-1958. In the nearby town of Macoun, the Kuntz...


Estonia feels a little like Finland South, which is not surprising given its closeness to Finland, both geographically and ethnically. And although its people can seem a bit Finnish, too, in their emotional reserve, we've found that Estonians tend to greet tourists warmly—they take pleasure in telli...


Overview Introduction Located 12 mi/20 km west of Lisbon, Estoril is a beautiful beach town perched on Portugal's scenic Atlantic coastline. This town is popular for its cove-sheltered beaches, diverse watersports offerings and a world-famous casino—the largest in Europe. With plenty of chic shop...


Eswatini, Africa, formerly known as Swaziland, is nestled between the nations of South Africa and Mozambique. It is the Southern Hemisphere's smallest country and home to just more than 1.4 million people. With an area of about 6,500 sq mi/17,000 sq km, on a map, Eswatini appears as only a tiny drop...


Esztergom, an ancient and lovely city on the Danube, overlooks Slovakia (just across the river). Plan at least an hour to see the huge 19th-century basilica perched dramatically along the river, and the Christian museum where ancient books and art are displayed. Other sites of interest include the...


Ethiopia may not actually have been the domain of the Queen of Sheba, as legend has it. And it may not be the final resting place of the lost Ark of the Covenant, either. But it's the home of some of the most remarkable ancient civilizations in the world—and the land where the fossilized remains of ...

Etosha National Park

Located about 250 mi/400 km north of Windhoek, Etosha Park is Namibia's best-known tourist attraction and one of the most interesting game reserves in the world because of its unusual terrain. Etosha is a combination of dried lake (salt pan) in the north and grasslands, dense brush and open plains i...


The confluence of rivers and roads makes Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, an important market and trading center and gives it the title "Gateway to the Ardennes." The old-world town, located 19 mi/30 km north of Luxembourg City, is home to a monument and museum honoring U.S. Gen. George S. Patton, and a we...


Together with its neighbor, Springfield, Eugene forms the second-largest metropolitan area in Oregon. The surroundings are still pristine enough, however, that white-water rafting and fishing take place within the metro area. The range and quality of cultural offerings in the cities are top-notch,...


Overview Introduction The ancient city of Eupen (81 mi/130 km east of Brussels), in a small German-speaking pocket in the eastern part of the country, has many churches. Out of town, walk along the top of Gileppe Dam for great views of the valley below and enjoy countryside walks through the Hert...


The fog-shrouded town of Eureka, California, and its nearby neighbor, Arcata, were built by timber companies. Situated on the rugged northern coast, 225 mi/360 km north of San Francisco, the towns seem like outposts of civilization in the midst of the wilderness. Many of the timber barons chose to...

Eureka Springs

The many cold-water natural springs in Eureka Springs were once famed for their restorative properties. They've drawn people for centuries, and in the late 1800s, this scenic town in the Ozark Mountains became one of the state's popular resorts. Today, the springs are polluted and no longer used as ...


Many eras of Midwestern history are on display in the southwest Indiana town of Evansville. Remnants of ancient residents are on view at Angel Mounds State Historic site, which features interactive exhibits about the people of the Middle Mississippian culture who inhabited this area 1100-1450. Jus...

Everglades National Park

Comprising 2,354 sq mi/6,097 sq km and located 40 mi/60 km southwest of Miami, Everglades National Park, Florida, is made up of tropical mangroves, freshwater marshes and forest, and is home to alligators, manatees, beautiful birds, the rare (and rarely seen) Florida panther and a wide variety of we...


Evora, Portugal, a lively university town 95 mi/150 km southeast of Lisbon, has a macabre attraction: The chapel in the church of Sao Francisco is fashioned from the skulls and bones of 5,000 monks. The bones and skulls were treated as design elements, used like mosaic tiles to create patterns in th...


Once a busy port, the university and cathedral city of Exeter, England, on the River Exe in Devon, was once filled with ancient houses, winding streets, Roman artifacts and buildings dating from the 14th and 15th centuries. Although bombing during World War II took a severe toll, enough remains to b...


The Land of the Conquistadores, Extremadura is located along Spain's border with Portugal. The vast majority of Spain's new-world conquerors and explorers came out of this harsh region to win an empire for Spain. Today, it's not unusual to travel for great distances through eastern Extremadura's l...


From a point just southeast of New Providence, the Exumas—a chain of 365 islands and cays—lie strung out across some 95 mi/150 km of ocean. They are lightly inhabited, and most of the population lives on Great Exuma or Little Exuma, both of which are in the southern part of the island chain. The E...

Eyrarbakki and Stokkseyri

An easy day trip from Reykjavik, these two charming towns 34 mi/55 km south of the capital are full of historic houses and have interesting museums that illustrate the area's history and commitment to fishing. One such museum is Eyrarbakki's Folk Museum. If you want to further explore the coast's na...


Eze bord de Mer, perched on a hilltop over the Mediterranean, is a great place to stop for lunch or dinner if you are in nearby Nice or St. Jean Cap Ferrat. Eze bord de Mer has some of the best views of the Riviera and France's neighbor, Monaco, as does nearby La Turbie.

Ezulwini Valley

Overview Introduction Swaziland's Ezulwini Valley, dubbed the Place of Heaven, stretches for 19 mi/30 km between the towns of Mbabane and Manzini. The Ezulwini Valley is a showcase of Swaziland's astonishing natural beauty, and it's the country's main tourist hub and entertainment center. In addi...

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