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Oahu Island

Oahu is the political, economic and population hub of Hawaii, assuming a place of importance that sets it apart from the rest of the state, which is often clumped into the designation of "Neighbor Islands." Oahu is dominated by Honolulu, Hawaii's largest city. Although the high-rise office buildin...

Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge, Tennessee, is the mysterious city the federal government built as part of the Manhattan Project, which produced the atomic bomb in the early 1940s. The once-top-secret Graphite Nuclear Reactor, the world's first, is now a national landmark and can be visited. Be sure to visit the Departme...


Oakland, California, which is situated on the mainland side of San Francisco Bay, is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the U.S. (more than 80 languages and dialects are spoken there). There's a small Chinatown with authentic dining options, and a vibrant and large population of Ethiopian...


In far-western Maryland, Oakland is known for its Amish farms, mountain scenery and several sights related to the past, such as the Garrett County Historical Museum, the 1884 B&O Railroad Station (one of the country's oldest) and St. Matthews Episcopal Church. The latter is also known as the Chu...


Located along historic Route 66, Oatman, Arizona, is straight out of an Old Western movie set. Visitors can walk the wooden-plank-sidewalk-lined main street and browse the many novelty and souvenir shops. Dress up in Old West garb to get into the true spirit, and hand-feed wild burros that are str...


Oaxaca is possibly the loveliest state capital in Mexico, with ancient ruins, colonial architecture, distinctive food and friendly, relaxed people. Oaxaca (pronounced wah-HAH-kah ) also has several large markets where you can sample the local produce and unique indigenous crafts of the region. Much...


Overview Introduction On the other side of Tadjoura Gulf from Djibouti City, Obock was the capital until 1888—when the water ran out and the French were forced to move to Djibouti City. Today, Obock is a sleepy town seldom visited by tourists. The beaches and snorkeling are pretty good, but facil...

Ocean City

On the Atlantic coast 105 mi/170 km southeast of Baltimore, Ocean City, Maryland, is a strip of boardwalks and high-rise condos along wide, white-sand beaches. It is known as the White Marlin Capital of the World, but the bay and ocean waters also offer sea bass, sea trout, flounder, shark, dolphin ...

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios, Jamaica, would seem to be Spanish for "eight rivers," but it is most likely a corruption of the Spanish word chorreras , which means "waterfalls." Jamaicans refer to it fondly as Ochi. The second-most important tourist town on the north coast, it offers the island's best shopping, plent...


Odense, on the island of Fyn (Funen in English), is often called the "Garden of Denmark" and is where Hans Christian Andersen lived. The easy drive to Odense, 90 mi/140 km southwest of Copenhagen, reveals beautiful rolling hills and blue lakes, and it takes you across the relatively new Storebaeltsb...


The large port city of Odesa, Ukraine, built on a cliff overlooking the Black Sea, presents a dichotomy. In part, it's an ugly, industrial, oil-refinery city, but it also has streets lined with lilac and acacia trees, outstanding classic architecture, a thriving cafe scene, vibrant nightlife at the ...


Almost midway between Dover and Wilmington, Odessa dates to the 1600s and has some good examples of Georgian architecture. The top attraction is the district known as the Historic Houses of Odessa (open March-December), which is owned and operated by Winterthur Museum and Gardens. Just outside the...


This coastal enclave, also known as Ambeno , is about 25 mi/40 km west of the border that divides Timor. The first Portuguese settlements were in Oecussi, making the territory politically and historically important to East Timor. The residents, however, have more in common with their West Timor nei...


About as picturesque as they come, Ogunquit has a slightly more frivolous spirit than its Kennebunk neighbors, and it is a very popular gay resort spot 60 mi/95 km southwest of Portland. Once a fishing village, the town is now something of an art center with lots of galleries and shops lining the st...


Ohio has never let itself get stuck in the past. Places such as Cleveland and Cincinnati helped forge the industrial age, but when the industries hit hard times, they managed to exchange rusting factories for gleaming city centers. And in this, the age of computers, Columbus has created some of the ...


Ohrid, Macedonia, is a charming and attractive city located on the shores of beautiful Lake Ohrid about 120 mi/195 km southwest of Skopje. Ohrid is the highlight of any trip to Macedonia. Its uniqueness is endorsed by its UNESCO World Heritage status; there's a church for every day of the year ( r...

Okavango Delta

One of the most exciting areas in Botswana is the Okavango Delta. Unlike most rivers, which flow toward the sea, the Okavango fans inland, forming a 4,000-sq-mi/10,360-sq-km network of islands, lagoons and waterways. The Okavango River flows down from Angola to the edge of the Kalahari Desert, where...

Okefenokee Swamp and National Wildlife Refuge

Cypress trees, floating islands, alligators and more than 200 species of birds dominate this massive swampland in southeast Georgia. There are three main entrances into the refuge. From the east, you can enter through the Suwannee Canal Recreation Area ( Folkston ), from the west through Stephen Fo...

Okinawa Island

Okinawa, Japan, is a place of history, beauty and a friendly, laid-back lifestyle not seen elsewhere in the country. It is home to subtropical forests, coral reefs, sunken ships and ruins. It is a hidden paradise of warm, clear water waiting to be explored by both snorkelers and scuba divers of any ...


It’s hard to imagine the serene fields and forests of today's Oklahoma as places of frantic, even desperate, activity: Native American tribes forced to relocate; land-crazed settlers rushing to claim a piece of ground; Dust Bowl farmers escaping a state that was blowing away. Perhaps all that agitat...

Oklahoma City

Most of the world has only one horrible image of Oklahoma City: the rubble of the Federal Building after the terrorist bombing that killed 168 people in April 1995. The Oklahoma City National Memorial now graces the downtown site where the building stood. It includes rows of empty bronze-backed chai...

Okoboji Lakes/Spirit Lake

Located in the northwestern part of the state on the Minnesota border, this area offers year-round recreational facilities, from swimming and boating to snowmobiling. There are two Okoboji lakes—East Okoboji and West Okoboji. The western lake is bordered by two state parks, and Spirit Lake, just nor...


Oland is an island of windmills and beautiful flora 175 mi/280 km south of Stockholm. There are also remnants of Viking history, including a Viking grave reminiscent of Stonehenge. This isn't to say that Olanders are stuck in the past—the bridge that connects Oland to the mainland at Kalmar is an ...


Overview Introduction The tiny village of Olden, which is located at the mouth of the Oldeelva River, is a popular tourist area because of its proximity to Europe's glaciers, particularly Birksdal Glacier, which is 15 mi/24 km from the town. The surrounding area is dramatically beautiful, with lo...

Olduvai Gorge

It was in Tanzania's Olduvai Gorge, which lies between the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, that Louis and Mary Leakey discovered Homo habilis , the remains of a 2-million-year-old man (there's a plaque marking the spot of the discovery in 1959). There have been more than 35 discoveries in th...


Overview Introduction Olinda has some of the best-preserved colonial buildings in Brazil (UNESCO has declared it a "monument to humanity") with some stunning examples of baroque Portuguese architecture. The best way to see Olinda is on foot. Stroll along its 16th- and 17th-century cobblestoned st...


History buffs will get a real kick out of Ollantaytambo, a pretty town about 26 mi/42 km northwest of Cusco. Before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, Ollantaytambo served as the royal estate and ceremonial center of the Inca ruler Pachacuti, who had previously conquered this region. The to...


Moravia's most appealing city, the one-time provincial capital and archbishopric of Olomouc is second only to Prague in historical and architectural significance in the Czech Republic. Lying along the Morava River 48 mi/75 km northeast of Brno, Olomouc features a cobblestoned historical center sur...


Located 80 mi/130 km southeast of Gdansk, Olsztyn, Poland, is associated with the astronomer Copernicus. Visit the 14th-century Brama Gorna, which is an old, defensive gate structure that marks the entrance to the Old Town, St. Jakuba Wiekszego Cathedral (Gothic), old Town Hall and the Castle of t...


The site of the first Olympic Games (which ran from 776 BC to AD 393), Olympia, Greece, is located 180 mi/290 km west of Athens. Olympia still serves as the inspiration for the modern Olympics, which were started in 1896: The eternal flame of Altis, which dominates the site, is the source of the fla...


The state capital of Olympia is a small city just a short drive from the Seattle-Tacoma area. The main attraction is the Capitol Campus—take a guided walk through this beautifully landscaped area and sit in the Capitol gallery to observe government in action. Tours are given daily. Phone 360-902-888...

Olympic National Park

The lush temperate rain forests of Olympic National Park are impressive. Averaging an incredible 12 ft/4 m of rainfall per year, these spectacular forests of tall, moss-covered trees surround lakes, rivers and waterfalls. The park also encompasses the Olympic Mountains, which reach heights of 7,000 ...


Overview Introduction Omaha, Nebraska's largest city, is located along the banks of the Missouri River at the state's eastern border. The name Omaha is taken from a Native American word meaning "those who go against the current."


When you arrive at Oman's ancient city of Nizwa, surrounded by mountains and desert, you'll encounter an unusual piece of roadside sculpture: a giant Arabic coffee urn surrounded by silver-lined cups. This modern rendition of a traditional symbol of Arab hospitality could stand for Oman's intriguing...


Overview Introduction The holiest site in Sudan is located across the Nile from Khartoum. Omdurman makes a nice day trip to see the site of the Mahdi's Tomb (nonbelievers aren't permitted to enter); Khalifa's House (relics of the Mahdi and British Sudan); and a huge, fascinating market (excellent...

Omo River Area

This river, which empties into Lake Turkana on the border with Kenya, was home to some of the earliest hominids. Human fossils have been found there that are more than 3 million years old. The Mursi and Hamer people are among the dozen or so tribes that inhabit the area today, living traditional lif...


Onitsha, Nigeria, was destroyed in the Biafran civil war but has since been rebuilt. The city is famous outside Nigeria for its Onitsha Market Literature—short moralistic pieces about life in the region (a few of these pamphlets are, in fact, sold at the market). Onitsha is less a city than it is a ...


With so much to explore, Ontario is as difficult to cover in one vacation as it is to describe in one sentence. It manages to include both Canada's most populous city (Toronto) and areas so remote that polar bears outnumber humans. It has tranquil farm country in the south, but in the midst of that ...


The hot-spring resort area of Onyang, 45 mi/70 km south of Seoul, merits at least a one-day visit to see the Hyeonchungsa Shrine, the 600-year-old Onyang Hot Springs, the Sudeoksa Temple (which houses a stone Buddha figure) and the Onyang Folk Museum. Many hotels there have their own hot-spring spas...


On the Adriatic near the border with Italy and in the province of Istria, Opatija, Croatia, is very pretty, offering a scenic mountain backdrop, elegant architecture and gardens. It lies 85 mi/135 km southwest of Zagreb. Opatija was a renowned spa in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and it...


Overview Introduction On the Hungarian border, this monumental Hapsburg-style city can provide a pleasant break if you're driving between Cluj and Budapest, Hungary. While exploring Oradea, note its arched bridges, parks and citadel. Attractions to visit include the Museum of the Oradea Area, whi...


Overview Introduction Oran (pop. 700,000) is built upon the prehistoric site of Ifri (which means "Caves"). The present city was founded in AD 903. Beginning in 1509, it became an important Islamic center. The surrounding coastal area is beautiful—marred only by the occasional oil refinery. In ...


Nestled to the northeast of Charlottesville, Orange County is best known for two things: President James Madison and grapes. In the town of Orange, the James Madison Museum has exhibits dedicated to the nation's fourth president. Madison's estate, Montpelier, is just to the southwest and has under...

Orange County

The drive on Interstate 5 from Los Angeles south to San Diego takes you through Orange County, one of the most populous suburban areas in the country. On your way south, take at least a day for Disneyland and Anaheim's other attractions. Then head back to the coast and Huntington Beach, the pla...

Orange Walk

Located 60 mi/95 km by road northwest of Belize City, Orange Walk Town is a center for Belize's sugarcane industry. Its cultural center, Banquitas House of Culture, offers interesting exhibits when it is open. From a traveler's perspective, Orange Walk Town is mostly notable for what it's near: th...


With its charming Dutch-Colonial architecture, Oranjestad, Aruba, is a wonderful place to explore on foot. Fort Zoutman, a restored 17th-century fort on Zoutmanstraat, is a main attraction. In 1869, the people of Aruba wanted to honor William III, then king of the Netherlands, on his birthday. S...


Oranjestad, St. Eustatius, is the island's capital and only town. It is possible to leisurely walk the entire town in one day. Orangestad (or Orange City) consists of Lower Town, which is on the water, and Upper Town, which sits atop a cliff. Begin your sightseeing at the St. Eustatius Historical ...

Orchid Island

It takes a fair chunk of time to get to this peaceful 17-sq-mi/44-sq-km island located 37 mi/60 km off Taiwan's southeastern coast, but it's worth the effort. There are plenty of opportunities for swimming, snorkeling (take your own gear), hiking, sunning and cave exploration among beautiful and rug...


It's home to loggers and environmentalists, ultraconservative voters and hippies, deserts and rain forests, beaches and volcanoes. There's a big city full of high technology and progressive ideas. There are throwback ranch towns that seem closer to the 19th century than the 21st. Oregon's variety i...

Oregon City

Oregon City was the first incorporated city west of the Rockies, as well as the original capital of the Oregon Territory. For 300,000 early pioneers, it was the end of the Oregon Trail. You can relive that long and trying journey through audiovisual displays and artifacts at the End of the Oregon Tr...


An ancient city, Oryol, Russia, is known as the birthplace of 19th-century novelist and playwright Ivan Turgenev (author of Fathers and Sons and A Month in the Country ) and 20th-century philosopher of culture and language Mikhail Bakhtin (author of Rabelais and His World and Toward a Philosop...


Overview Introduction Near Orhei is the Capriana Monastery, an ancient settlement along the Reut River surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards. The monks lived in caves carved high into the limestone cliffs overlooking the river. Inside some of the caves you'll see old graffiti—it was scribbled...

Orkney Islands

The isolated archipelago of Orkney's 70 islands (of which 20 are inhabited) lies off the northeast coast near the tip of Scotland. These nearly treeless islands were of great strategic importance in both World Wars; the dozens of World War I shipwrecks are a great attraction for divers. Most visitor...


Orlando, Florida, is one of the world's premier leisure destinations, offering more than just outdoor fun and theme parks. Orlando's cleanliness, friendliness, temperate climate and diverse offerings make it a popular getaway for families, honeymooners, seniors and corporate travelers, many of whom...


A mining town since silver was discovered there, Oruro was founded in 1606 and is well-known as the Folkloric Capital of Bolivia, largely thanks to its amazing Carnival, considered by many the finest in South America after Rio de Janeiro. By some estimates, 90% of its 182,000 residents are pure Amer...


Orvieto, Italy, is built high on a rocky precipice in an important wine-producing region of southern Umbria 60 mi/95 km north of Rome. It's best known for its Gothic cathedral (note particularly the gabled facade). Also see the town square and the cool Pozzo di San Patrizio (Well of St. Patrick), ...


Osaka, Japan, and the surrounding Kansai region are the country's spiritual heartland. The site of one of the earliest capitals of the country, Osaka remains a vital center for trade and entrepreneurial culture. Tokyo may have political and financial clout and Kyoto may be the repository of ancient...


Overview Introduction The country's second-largest city (pop. 300,000) is an ethnically diverse commercial and agricultural center on the edge of the rich Ferghana Valley. It was once a major stop on the Silk Road, though little remains from that era. Today's attractions are the city's daily mark...


Oshkosh is located 80 mi/130 km northwest of Milwaukee on the shore of Lake Winnebago in the east-central part of Wisconsin. Its factory-outlet stores at The Shops at Oshkosh are a shopper's dream, including the factory store where Oshkosh B'Gosh clothing is sold. When you're done shopping, visit ...


Oshogbo, Nigeria, is one of Africa's most creative art centers and a must-see on any trip to the country. The town is filled with artists working in the style of the Oshogbo school, producing original masks, tapestries, batiks and sculptures, often based on Yoruba folklore. We particularly recommend...


Osijek, Croatia, is a delightful little town situated a few miles/kilometers away from the Danube on a tributary, the River Drava. Located 131 km/210 mi east of Zagreb, this city of about 115,000 is an industrial center with oil refineries. The town's 18th-century Tvrda (Fortress) is a surprising...


One of the best features of Oslo, Norway, is its setting. Located at the base of the Oslo Fjord, the city extends up the mountains that surround it on three sides. The city's cultural center is downtown, right on the water. Oslo is easy to navigate and so compact that you can walk almost everywhere...


Ostende, a seaside resort in the middle of Belgium's 40-mi/65-km coastline, is a landing spot for daily ferries to England. Fronted by a vast sandy beach, Ostende is a good place to relax. You can browse the souvenir shops and sample fresh fish at market stalls and restaurants along the quay. Expres...

Ostia Antica

Visit the well-preserved ruins of ancient Rome's port in a beautiful park of pines and cypresses less than 15 mi/24 km from Rome. The extensive excavations expose the empire's remarkable architecture—from houses and stores to temples. Practice your oratory in the perfect acoustics of the Roman theat...


Market day in Otavalo is a must for any traveler to Ecuador. Every Saturday, Amerindians from the surrounding villages gather to sell produce, livestock, woolen goods and other handicrafts. The market is well known by tour groups, so don't go expecting to be the only tourist, but do go: Otavalo is a...


From humble beginnings in 1800 as a lumber camp, Ottawa, Ontario, grew to become the vibrant, multicultural capital of Canada. Ottawa is a bilingual city, reflecting its French and English heritage. Home to the copper-roofed Parliament Buildings, the Supreme Court of Canada and foreign embassies, O...

Ouachita National Forest/Ozark National Forest

Overview Introduction This area in northwest Arkansas, along with neighboring Ouachita National Forest , offers some of the best scenery in the mid-South. We really don't think you've seen Arkansas until you've at least driven through this region, preferably on State Road 7 from Hot Springs to H...


Overview Introduction Formerly a major caravan stop, Ouadane is very isolated today. Camels are still a part of life in this desert town—the dromedaries can be rented for travel around town or to other cities (we opted for a quick spin around Ouadane). While in town, visit the Ksar el Klali (an o...


This ancient capital city (pronounced wah-gah-DOO-goo ) of 1,038,000 is home to the Mossi, the largest ethnic group in the nation. In the center of the country, "Ouaga," as it is known to the locals, has wide, tree-lined boulevards and several interesting places, including the National Museum, with...


Overview Introduction Ouahigouya (pronounced wah-hee-GHOO-yah ) is the center of Yatenga, the last established Mossi kingdom. The king's palace, though not as elaborate as others, is still worth a visit, particularly when traditional ceremonies are being held. Nearby are Tibou , one of the coun...


Overview Introduction This ancient city, now in ruins, is located on a rocky, sparsely populated plain 20 mi/30 km north of Abeche. Ouara was abandoned when the water table dried up 300 years ago, and all that remains are traces of palace walls, queen's quarters, tribunal hall, prisons, tomb, mos...


Overview Introduction Located 150 mi/240 km southeast of Ghardaia, the oasis of Ouargla was once an important stop for caravans and nomadic people. Today, it consists largely of oil and gas refineries, though the ramparts built of crisscrossed palm trees are interesting to see. Plan a maximum sta...


Ouarzazate has grown from a nondescript camel stop to a major destination for international winter tourism. Although its central location—near the Draa and Dades valleys and various oases, the High Atlas and the Sahara—is its main asset, other reasons to visit include Taourirt Casbah, its Ouazguita ...


There are some 150,000 domesticated ostriches in the world, and 120,000 of them live around Oudtshoorn, South Africa, a dusty town on the edge of the Little Karoo plain 210 mi/340 km east of Cape Town. They wander the stony farms, scratching a minimal diet from the harsh desert scrub. Be sure to v...


Overview Introduction This northern port and supply town on the Sangha River rates a visit only if you're already in the area. People-watching is the sole attraction. The diminutive Pygmies (who make up about 10% of Congo's population) live in nearby villages and often visit the town. If your tim...


Once one of Africa's largest slave-trading centers, the 2.5-mi/4-km path from Ouidah to a slave ship that was walked by so many can still be followed. Along the way, there is a memorial to those who passed there before you. Through the diaspora, this eerie colonial town is responsible for exporting ...


The coastal city of Oulu, 330 mi/530 km north of Helsinki, is a center for information technology and a good base for visits farther north. There are several small islands to visit in the area (especially Hailuoto Island—home to an open-air museum and a lovely old lighthouse), as well as beautiful p...

Ouro Preto

Originally named Vila Rica ("rich town"), this 18th-century hill town 60 mi/100 km southeast of Belo Horizonte was once the wealthiest gold-mining center of Brazil. (The name Ouro Preto means "black gold.") We think it's a must-see, particularly for architecture and history buffs. Unlike many other...


The vast and mostly desolate interior of Australia (roughly three-quarters of the country) is often referred to as the Outback. The most visited sites are Uluru, Alice Springs, Broken Hill, Coober Pedy, Kalgoorlie and the Kimberley, as well as the scenic mountains and salt flats of the Flinders Rang...

Outer Banks, The

A glance at a map of North Carolina illustrates one of the state's most striking features: the long line of barrier islands that form much of the Atlantic Coast known as the Outer Banks. The islands are more than a geographical oddity, however: They're one of the best reasons to visit the state. T...


Overview Introduction This small island, part of the Loyalty group, is just what you'd expect from a South Pacific paradise: a wide turquoise lagoon, coral reefs, coconut palms and 15 mi/25 km of uninterrupted white-sand beach. It's a great place for fishing. It's also one of the focal points of ...


Rugged Ovalau, considered by some to be Fiji's most beautiful island, is the site of Levuka, the country's first European capital. Few places in the South Pacific are so well-preserved—tiny Levuka appears locked in time, with storefronts that seem unchanged since the 1870s, when the town was a major...


Located 50 mi/80 km northeast of Las Vegas, near one arm of Lake Mead, Overton was founded in 1869 by Mormons who believed the area to be part of Arizona. They left a year later, when the state of Nevada demanded taxes. Previous residents of the area included Paiute Indians and, before them, the Ana...


Located in the northern province of Asturias, 230 mi/370 km northwest of Madrid, Oviedo, Spain, has several historic buildings, including the outstanding Gothic cathedral and the attached Camara Santa, an earlier church built in 802. Also worth visiting are Oviedo's Asturian churches, which also d...


Barbecue and bluegrass music helped make Owensboro, located 80 mi/130 km west of Louisville, a travel attraction. It claims to be the Barbecue Capital of the World (though plenty of other towns would dispute this). This much is true: Barbecue in these parts is pretty darn good. Owensboro's barbecue ...


Home to the U.K.'s oldest university, Oxford is eccentric, engaging and personable—epitomizing the spirit of Old England in many ways. The "city of dreaming spires" claims the world's densest concentration of Gothic architecture. Towers, battlements and domes crown the compact center, which is frin...


Oxford, Maryland, is a pretty little town on the Tred Avon River, 50 mi/80 km southeast of Baltimore. It is a quieter, less-crowded version of St. Michaels, the popular shore town to the north. Founded in 1683 and once a busy trade center, Oxford is one of Maryland's oldest towns. Bicycling is a p...


A statue on the courthouse square makes it clear: Oxford, Mississippi, is the hometown of William Faulkner—one of the literary heavyweights of the 20th century. The relationship between Faulkner and Oxford is an enduring one. The author modeled most of his settings on the town (called Jefferson in h...

Ozark Mountains

Covering the south-central and southwestern parts of the state, from a few miles/kilometers south of Kansas City and Jefferson City to the Arkansas border, the Ozarks offer lovely scenery of rolling hills, winding rivers, large glassy lakes and thousands of caves (more than two dozen of the caverns ...

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travel agent near me

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