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Top Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas to Get Your Wedding Crew to Say 'Yes'!

December 13th 2022
Top Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas to Get Your Wedding Crew to Say

Planning a wedding can get pretty crazy. One minute you've got over 12 months to play with, and the next you're practically walking down the aisle! Before getting to that point though, there are lots of things to think about, like decor, invites, venue, location, and so much more.

Bridesmaids Jumping Pose Beach

Photo credit: Robert A. Metcalfe/

Other than planning the logistics of the ceremony, if you're the bride, you'll also need to figure out who your bridesmaids will be and how you plan on asking them. Many brides don't give much thought to popping the 'Will you be my bridesmaid?' question - but it's a question that requires finesse, and some level of charm. If you're unsure of how to proceed, here are some practical bridesmaid proposal ideas we've compiled that are sure to help get your besties to come along for the most exciting ride of your life!

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Special hand-written or printed card proposals

Cards are a simple yet wonderful way of letting someone know how much they mean to you. They're also great for proposals of just about any kind, including bridesmaid proposals. Here are a few ideas for cards that can help you to ask your friends the question of the day:

Bridesmaid Custom Card

Photo credit: Clare Seibel-Barnes/

1. Hand-made or custom card

A custom-made item is a nice way to add a personal touch to any gift or card. A handmade card is even better because then you get to select any style or design of your choice. This shows that you've invested some time into creating something you know will be appreciated.

2. Silly bridesmaid proposal card

A bridesmaid proposal card doesn't always have to be formal and business-like. Lighten the mood by adding a silly line or two or even an 'inside joke' only you and your bridesmaids-to-be would know about.

3. Let's do this card

If you feel like cutting to the chase, a 'Let's do this' card gets straight to the point and lets your bridesmaids-to-be know that you mean business.

4. Creative bridesmaid invitation

A little creativity never hurt anyone. These might even be the cherry on top when it comes to your bridesmaid invite! Lure in those special women who'll help ensure everything about your wedding day goes smoothly. Unique designs are cool, and you can also include a famous line or two from your favorite singer or actor.

5. Scratch-off card

This type of card builds up the excitement and fun by letting your bridesmaids put in a little work to finally uncover the big secret. Each lady will have to scratch her card to find out exactly what's hidden underneath, and only then will the exciting news be revealed!

Bridesmaid proposal gift boxes

Who doesn't like getting gifts? Giving one to your potential bridesmaids may be just what you need to coax them into saying yes. There are different bells and whistles you can include with these gift boxes. Here are some ideas:

Bridesmaid Special Gift Box Set

Photo credit: Kostikova Natalia/

6. Goodie boxes

Gift boxes are another way to present your proposal to your closest friends. The best goodie boxes have room enough to include lots of treats, trinkets, and even jewelry while making a proposal of a lifetime.

7. Custom gift box

A customized gift box is a cute bridesmaid proposal idea. There are tons of designs you can reference to create your own or get one customized by a company. You can print the bridesmaid names on the outside and fill the inside with treats and snacks they'll love.

8. Pop-up box

The pop-up box is a whole lot more exciting than a simple bridesmaid box. This type of box will leave your bridesmaid in awe when she opens it up and out pops a beautiful display in color. As a bonus, you can fill it with whichever treats you think your bridesmaids will enjoy.

9. Gift with a secret message

If you want to add some mystery to your bridesmaid proposal, why not give your potential bridesmaid a present and slip your proposal in the package? You can gift her with a few bottles of wine or even a blouse you know she's always wanted. You can slip an envelope inside with your request.

10. Proposal bomb box

Proposal bomb boxes are a fun way of popping the question. As soon as the recipient unwraps and opens the box, it pops open to reveal your secret. You can also personalize these bomb boxes to include the names of your beloved bridesmaids-to-be.

11. Engraved bridesmaid proposal box

Bridesmaid proposal boxes are simple and memorable, and an engraving at the top of each box will be a sweet gesture. These make great mementos and can even be used to store jewelry and other personal effects.

12. Treat them to some spa products (spa day box)

A gift of spa products inclusive of mineral masks, essential oils, shampoos, candles, and bath products is a sweet way to let your bridesmaids know you care about them. You can include your invite inside the box!

Insider tip: Got the wedding planning jitters? Go for a Caribbean resort like Sandals for an experience that comes with a dedicated Sandals Wedding Planner who'll help you get everything you need in order ahead of your big day!

Propose to your bridesmaids with the best feel-good treats

Your pre-wedding shenanigans won't be complete without a spa treatment to help you and your bridesmaids relax before the ceremony. Options include finding a great spa you can all go to or bringing the spa to your bridesmaids-to-be in an unexpected way. Here are some great options we like:

Bridesmaids Toast Pre Wedding

Photo credit: Andrii Medvediuk/

13. Spa treatment

Spa days are great for connecting and relaxing. Find out when everyone is free and set up a day when you can all have a chill time together indulging in exotic spa treatments. After everyone is all pampered, you can make your special announcement and extend the invitation!

14. Spa-style face masks

If you don't feel like heading to the spa, why not transform your home into one? To make this possible, you'll need to head to the beauty store for some supplies. You can pick up lotions, essential oils, body scrubs, face masks, and other indulgent treats. You can also go the DIY route for face masks, which is something you can all do together. The next step, of course, will be popping the big question!

Insider tip: Speaking of spas, you and your wedding party will be in the lap of luxury and indulgence at the award-winning Sandals Red Lane Spa. You'll be able to find the rejuvenation and relaxation you and your bridesmaids need and so much more!

Things they can wear make a great bridesmaid proposal gift

Put some smiles on the faces of your future bridesmaids by gifting them with clothing items they might even be able to wear to your bachelorette party! You can shop around for some comfy PJs - anything cute and cozy will do. Remember, a personalized touch is always well-received!

Bridesmaids Yatch party Champagne

Photo credit: Kamelevska Tetiana/

15. Bridesmaid t-shirts

Gifting your bridesmaid with customized t-shirts is a neat way of helping them to support you during this important milestone in your life. You can include catchy slogans like 'bridal duty', 'the bride tribe' - basically anything that adds to the fun and excitement of your big day!

16. Silky satin robe

A smooth, silky satin robe can be a great gift for your bridesmaids-to-be. These are so soft and comfy that they will surely help your bridesmaids mellow out as they get their hair and makeup done for the wedding. You can gift one of these to each of your bridesmaids, along with a handwritten invitation!

17. Bridesmaid hair ties

All your bridesmaids should step out in style on your wedding day with their hair adorned with the latest and fanciest hair ties on the market. Remember, these ladies represent you so be sure to help them to represent you well!

18. Bridesmaid jacket

If you feel like switching up the traditional dress code, a bridesmaid jacket adds an edge to the regular bridesmaid dress. It's both trendy and cute and the custom-made ones can feature any interesting quotes you come across.

19. Luxe sleep mask

Planning a wedding can be hectic and chances are your bridesmaid is going to want to get some shut eye whenever they can. Help them out a little by gifting them with a luxe sleep mask to help them relax and get some much-needed rest.

20. Temporary tattoos

Live on the edge (but not really) with some cool temporary tattoos you and your bridesmaids can rock at your bachelorette party, or even at your wedding. You can all get in touch with your creative and somewhat rebellious selves with some rad temporary tattoos. This will definitely be the gift that keeps on giving, and a memory you won't soon forget!

21. Personalized sunglasses (and box)

Imagine your girls stepping out in their very own pair of personalized sunglasses in honor of your wedding. Sounds pretty cool right? Box these up along with your invite. They will certainly make a statement at your bachelorette party, so get yourself a pair as well!

22. Personalized pajamas

Buying personalized pajamas for your nearest and dearest is a sweet gift option that'll show you care about the comfort of your bridesmaids-to-be! Make this gift complete by adding some sleep masks to the package.

Insider tip: Want to have a wedding and vacation in one? You can get a free Sandals wedding with a minimum 3-night stay inclusive of an amazing venue, a bouquet, a boutonniere, and even a gorgeous cake you'll be able to cut against the backdrop of paradise!

Things they can eat will get you a quick 'Yes!'

Your bridesmaids will surely get hungry along the way and, in between meals, they might want to have a few snacks and candies to keep them going. Here are our top picks for sweet treats they're sure to love:

Bridesmaids Robes Cupcakes

Photo credit: Peakstock/

23. Cupcake mason jars

People find lots of fun ways to enjoy their favorite foods and cupcakes are no different. Rather than simply serving them in cupcake liners, you can put them in mason jars - this way they'll be able to keep the jars (which hopefully are wedding customized!) when they're done.

24. Cookies with printed or icing messages on top

Can anyone really say no to some delicious cookies? Especially with icing on top with cute messages, these will be a delicious treat for your ladies to savor. The best part is that these can be made in different shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. Go for red, heart-shaped cookies for a touch of romance!

25. Custom M&M's (candy)

This sweet candy can be made extra special in honor of your wedding day. Start by customizing them with the faces of your friends or even phrases like 'Best Friends' or 'Friends Forever.'

26. Box of chocolate

Chocolate is a dessert item you can play around with, and it also makes a great gift for your bridesmaids. Take your pick of the many brands your troupe will love and include your proposal inside the box of chocolates!

27. Lollipops with a twist

Yummy treats on a stick - this is one gift just about anyone would be happy about receiving. Take your pick of the many vibrant colors, find a size that suits you, or even go for gourmet selections with a nicely sealed bridesmaid proposal envelope on the side!

Insider tip: A little inspiration never hurt anyone! Take a look at these amazing wedding inspiration ideas you might be able to incorporate into your big day.

Propose to your bridesmaids with things they can drink or drink from

28. Custom tumbler

Your bridesmaids should be able to enjoy a drink or two in style, and a fancy tumbler is just the way to do it. These come in a range of colors and can be customized to include any design of your choice. For the sake of holding onto memories, your bridesmaids will be able to keep these long after your wedding!

Bridesmaid Personalized Tumblers

Photo credit: edoole/

29. Custom wine with a customized label

Let the wedding fun begin with a bottle of custom wine! Take things to another level by placing a label you and your future bridesmaids will love... perhaps the wine label can contain your proposal or something sweet you love about each lady? Find out whether they love red or white wine, and you'll be good to start planning! Add a handwritten note for a personal touch.

30. Personalized shot glasses

A wedding is a celebration of love with friends, food, and, more than likely, alcohol. Make yours truly memorable by personalizing some shot glasses before gifting them to your bridesmaids just ahead of them setting off on the journey with you to an amazing wedding day!

31. Personalized stemless flute

Fizzy drinks will definitely look (and perhaps even taste) better in a flute that has been customized for each of your bridesmaids. From your bachelorette party to your wedding, they'll be able to enjoy their favorite sparkling drinks in this personalized gift.

32. Customized bridesmaid mug

A hot cup of tea or coffee is best enjoyed from an insulated mug that keeps the drink warm. Breakfast on the go, or rather, tea on the go, does not have to be a dull affair. Mugs can be customized to include inspiring or romantic messages on the side, and this is something your bridesmaids will for sure appreciate.

33. Custom drink sleeve

Drink sleeves are a convenient way to carry your favorite drink with you when you're on the go. A customized version for your bridesmaids is a good way to inspire them to stay hydrated while planning the wedding with you.

34. Custom wine glasses

A customized wine glass will go great with a bottle of wine and the customized label we described earlier. This wine glass can include the bridesmaid's name and even your wedding date - that way she'll always remember the moment she shared with you.

35. Water bottle

A gift of a water bottle can help ensure your friends have a way of storing the most essential drink when they're out and about. It's easy to customize as well and is one of the most sensible presents you can give.

36. Mini champagne with custom labels

Champagne is one of the best drinks to have for any celebration. A bottle of mini champagne with a custom label designed by yours truly? Even better! Your bridesmaid might even choose to slip this into her bag to save a bit of fun for later!

Insider tip: At Sandals, five-star premium liquors are included in your all-inclusive package. There are as many as 11 bars per resort, including swim-up bars and over-the-water bars with expert bartenders waiting to serve signature cocktails, and so much more!

Jewelry or something to keep it in works well for bridesmaid proposals

37. Personalized locket

A locket is a small but sentimental gift that allows you to wear your favorite memories around your neck. Have a little fun with a gift like this one by including pictures inside of you and your friends, or simply take the opportunity to pop the question.

Bridesmaids Matching Jewelry

Photo credit: TorriPhoto/

38. Earrings in a cute proposal box

Most women love the idea of receiving a pair of earrings as a gift. In this case, earrings can serve two different purposes: As a simple gift with your proposal inside the box, or as a jewelry item to match the bridesmaid dress. Either way, it's a win.

39. Bridesmaid invitation bracelets

Bracelets are another item of jewelry you can give someone and be pretty confident they will like it. Again, the bracelet can match the wedding dress, and the box can be customized to include your proposal inside.

40. Handmade ring dish

Ring dishes are beautiful and elegant, and you can choose from unique, custom, or even handmade options. These can be used to store various jewelry items. Your bridesmaids will love the thoughtfulness of this proposal gift!

Propose to your bridesmaids with fun things for around the home

41. Bridesmaid bath bomb

Bath bombs for bridesmaids are all the rage. These often come pre-wrapped in a clear cellophane bag (glittery or not - your choice), and you can have your pick of the color ribbon included with each individual gift. Pair this with a handwritten proposal card, and you're likely to get many yeses!

Bridesmaid Bath Gift Box Set

Photo credit: Kostikova Natalia/

42. Bridesmaid candle

Candles are often included in weddings. Even before the ceremony, you can set the tone by using some one-of-a-kind candles in your bridesmaid proposal. Try adding some fun phrases on the candle jar, or even asking the big question in bold print!

43. Mini succulent

Plants speak life and getting your bridesmaids small and easy-to-maintain plants like a succulent is a thoughtful way to go. You can choose between the real deal and artificial versions that are just as adorable.

44. Bridesmaid hanger to go with their dress

What better way to add a little pizzazz to the closet of a bridesmaid-to-be than with a personalized bridesmaid hanger? This can be part of your proposal, and each hanger can include their name and title, for example: 'Caroline: Bridesmaid.'

45. Bridesmaid tote bag

Tote bags are a must for every woman. When planning your wedding, you might want to give one of these as a gift to your bridesmaids-to-be. Custom totes (and your exciting news!) will definitely be something your bridesmaids will smile about.

46. Personalized bottle opener

A personalized version of a bottle opener can include your proposal on the handle or your bridesmaid's name. Instead of simply gifting it by itself, you can add it to a gift box that includes wine or champagne.

47. Bridesmaid Christmas ornament

Two special occasions can be integrated with one special gift: a bridesmaid Christmas ornament. If your bridesmaid is a big fan of Christmas celebrations, then a gift like this would make her very happy and she will be glad to have a reminder of your special day too.

48. A floral delivery

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is a sweet and heartwarming gesture for your bridesmaids. Better yet, add a little note with your proposal so they know just what it is all about.

49. Framed photo

One can never have too many picture frames. Bring some pictures of you and your best gals from social media to life as you pop the question. You can encase each photo in a picture frame with your proposal etched along the borders. Your bridesmaids will be delighted with the memories this gift brings.

50. Bridesmaid proposal pillow

Pillows that have been customized to include your request are sure to be appreciated by the lovely ladies who'll stand by your side on your wedding day. Long after the nuptials, this proposal pillow will serve as a fond memory that can also help with getting a good night's rest.

51. Bridesmaid keychain

Similar to the personalized bottle opener, a bridesmaid keychain is a small but handy gift item. They can both be added to a bunch of keys and the bridesmaid keychain will serve as a reminder of her role in the nuptials.

52. Personalized luggage tags

If your wedding is taking place across the state or out of the country entirely, then a personalized luggage tag will be a cool gift for your bridesmaid-to-be. Personalizing it to include 'Bridesmaid' on the tag, is a way of instantly letting them know what the present is all about.

Insider tip: There's hardly anything that can beat a destination wedding... except perhaps a destination wedding and honeymoon combo, which is entirely possible with Sandals Honeymoons! With a Sandals honeymoon, you'll be able to enjoy gourmet dining at up to 16 specialty restaurants per resort, land and water sports galore, day and night entertainment, and luxurious suites created with romance in mind!

Other fun options to propose to your bridesmaids

53. Make bridesmaid recipes

A bridesmaid 'recipe' highlights what you love most about each bridesmaid and the friendship you share with them. This is something you can create yourself, and it is a great way of honoring the ladies who'll serve as your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid Gift Box

Photo credit: Gladius Stock/

54. Get matching mani/pedis in your wedding colors

A wedding is a perfect reason to be pampered. Get into a mode of comfort and style by heading out to get some matching manicures and pedicures with your bridesmaids before you pop the question. If you'd like, you can get them matching bottles of nail polish with the big question printed on the label.

55. A balloon proposal

Balloons are the ultimate celebratory item, so take advantage of this and literally pop the question with a couple of balloons. This will surely add to the excitement of the upcoming wedding.

56. Champagne mini piñata

Piñatas always add some excitement and fun, and you can make a champagne mini piñata to let your bridesmaids-to-be know how you would like them to be a part of your wedding. The piñata can be stuffed with all sorts of treats, and you can add your proposal to the mix.

57. Confetti poppers

Confetti poppers are those party items that are practically begging you to have a good time. Make good use of them and ask your bridesmaids-to-be all the questions you want and be prepared to answer a few from them too.

58. Unraveling ribbon

If you're a lover of suspense, you're going to love the eager looks on the faces of your future bridesmaids when they begin to unravel the mystery ribbon - this is the only way they'll be able to read the secret message it holds. This process will be rewarding for all, and you will be ecstatic when they finally say yes!

59. Pop-me proposal balloon

Another element of suspense and surprise can be found in these unique pop-me proposal balloons. This will be an entertaining way of pitching your proposal and seeing the ladies all excited to share the moment with you!

Bridesmaid proposal ideas that will get you yeses all around!

Now that you have this comprehensive list to work with, we're almost certain you have what it takes to win over the lucky ladies who'll play a crucial role in getting you down the aisle. Match these ideas up with your budget and the personalities of the friends or family members you'll be asking. Then, you'll be all set.

Bridesmaids Matching Robes Photoshoot

Photo credit: luchik08/

If you're still not sure about a location, Sandals resorts in Jamaica, Sandals in The Bahamas, Sandals in Saint Lucia, Sandals in Antigua, Sandals in Grenada, and Sandals in Barbados are all amazing all-inclusive resort options for couples!

Insider tip: Amazing weddings and Sandals are almost synonymous. Take a look at these real Sandals weddings that came to life on the property - and ended with a happily ever after!

Groomsmen Proposal Ideas That'll Make You the Real MVP

August 17th 2022
Groomsmen Proposal Ideas That
Cover image credit: SyedAliAshraf/

If you're newly engaged, chances are you might have thought that once the proposal bit was over, it would be an effortless flow into your happily-ever-after. Think again!

There's a whole wedding to be planned and, not to mention, groomsmen that need to be reeled in! Fortunately, there are such things as wedding planners, and the groomsmen proposal aspect - well, that just opens the way for bonding, creativity, and fun with your best buds ahead of your wedding.

Groomsmen Proposal Ideas Toast

Image credit: Jacob Lund/

When it comes to recruiting groomsmen, it turns out there's a method to the madness.

Who knew?

Although you can ask simply with no fanfare, what fun would that be really? Your wedding is an exciting event and should be treated as such - that includes placing the needed emphasis on your groomsman proposals.

If you have no idea where to go with this, stay with us. We've got it (mostly) all figured out, and, by the end of this post, you will too!

Special handwritten or printed card proposals

We'll start off with handwritten or printed proposal cards. These work well for a groomsmen proposal because you can make these as personal and creative as you would like. The best part? Your groomsmen will be able to save their proposal card and remember this special occasion during which they played such an important role!

Groomsmen Proposal Ideas Suit Up

Image credit: Tyler Boulton/

Handmade or custom card

Handmade items, including cards, have a special feel that lets the receiver know you really did put some thought into them. Your groomsmen won't need to be artistically inclined to appreciate the thought that went into the invite. Incorporate elements that stand out about your friendship, and you'll have a round of yeses in no time!

Mustache groomsmen proposal cards

'I mustache you an important question, and I hope you will say yes!' Who really will be able to turn down a proposal that starts like this? Some mustache-inspired groomsmen cards come with a fake mustache inside the card along with an invite for the groomsman to send a photo back to the groom wearing the faux facial hair to signal his acceptance. This one is guaranteed to fire up some laughs!

'Suit Up' groomsmen proposal cards

Time to suit up boys, it's a special occasion! Indeed, it is, and a card that says something simple like, 'Suit up. Will you be my groomsman?' is sure to get you some prompt responses.

Funny groomsmen proposal cards

'I know of a great party with an open bar...' and you're invited! Just like that, your groomsmen will be lured in. Chances are, they won't mind a bit that the open bar will be at your wedding reception!

Groomsmen proposal scratch-off lottery-style tickets

Have your groomsmen take a bit of a gamble with some lottery-style scratch-off cards that are hard to resist trying. In this case, a chance to be your groomsman or best man will be the big prize once they scratch the card, which you can even personalize with a photo of your face!

To-the-point groomsmen proposal card

Would you rather skip the long-winded conversation that can sometimes accompany trying to convince your friends to be your groomsmen? Get a proposal card that says it for you: 'I want you to be my groomsman. Thanks for saying yes. Great talk!'

Draft your groomsmen card

Your wedding is a big deal. Draft your groomsmen much like you would the members of a special task force, because let's be real... you're going to need a great team to help you get your wedding to run smoothly from start to finish!

A scratch-off card

Other than lottery-style scratch-off tickets, you can get other types of scratch-off cards to do the asking for you. Choose one that is as unique as your friendship, and make sure there's lots of humor added in!

Goodie boxes

Groomsmen proposal box (DIY)

A great groomsmen proposal idea revolves around filling some gift boxes with neat gifts like shot glasses, a handy pocket knife, and other bits and pieces while including a note asking your groomsmen whether they're down to support you on your big day. Of course, they will be! You can even make a party of it and have them all open their boxes together. The celebration will begin the moment you pop the cap of your favorite booze and put some use to those shot glasses!

Groomsmen Proposal Ideas Gift Box

Image credit: NAR studio/

Prepackaged groomsmen proposal box

Would you rather just get a gift that you don't have to do much shopping around for? Go for a groomsmen proposal gift set that can include things like sunglasses, watches, minimalist wallets, flasks, cigar cutters or holders, corkscrews or openers, and other options all in a keepsake box. You can choose how much or how little you want each box to contain, and prices vary. This is something your groomsmen will definitely smile about - that and your amazing proposal!

Insider tip: Still undecided about where you want to have your wedding? Consider a Sandals all-inclusive wedding where you can customize your ceremony in the Caribbean just the way you would like!

Things they can wear

Get them groomsmen watches

Pick up some stylish and durable watches your best guys will be able to sport at your wedding and gift them as part of your groomsman proposal. This will help ensure all the guys will be on time for your wedding too!

Groomsmen Proposal Ideas Timepiece

Image credit: ZikG/

Insider tip: Look for watches that come in their own eco-friendly boxes, so you can easily give them out to your groomsmen.

Personalized groomsmen sunglasses

Outside of a proposal box, sunglasses might still come in handy. You can get a few pairs for your groomsmen to sport on your big day. This will be very much needed if you're tying the knot with a sunny all-inclusive resort wedding in the Caribbean!

Send them underwear

Underwear will be an unexpected find in the mail that will catch the attention of your groomsmen to be. Get some pairs that have "groomsman" or "best man' wording on them and include a funny card with your request. Wait by the phone - they'll surely be calling quickly with a reaction!

Gift them socks they can wear on your wedding day

A good pair of socks never hurt anyone, and they certainly won't do any harm to the friendship you share with your groomsmen. Your invite can either be written on the socks, or in a note that accompanies this gift, but either way, these unique socks will definitely add a pop of color to your wedding!

Personalized cuff links are an elegant gift that works for just about any occasion. They'll serve two purposes in this instance. First, they'll show some appreciation to your groomsmen, and second, they'll add a little zing to your friends' formal wear on your big day.

A custom pullover hoodie

Pullovers always come in handy, and your groomsmen will get a kick out of customized ones that make your request without having to say a word. There are many different colors and quotes to choose from for your groomsmen's hoodies. You all can think of a fun way to incorporate them into your wedding.

Groomsmen accessory gift sets

A groomsman gift set is a cool way to gift your groomsmen with a few small items that complement each other - like a pocket square and tie bar combo. You can choose whether to get them all matching sets, or whether you want to give each of your friends something that suits their taste. Include notes in each box to let your boys know what it's all about.

Custom pocket watches

Friends who've stood the test of time are most certainly worthwhile picks to be your groomsmen. You can show your appreciation with some classic pocket watches. Get the watches monogrammed for a personal touch. Box and wrap these up with a handwritten note to make your request!

Bow ties or regular ties

Ties and bow ties will be needed on your wedding day. You can plan for this in advance by gifting your groomsmen matching pieces that'll go well with their attire on the day. Of course, they won't know that part yet, and will only find out when you drop the big question!

Superhero shirts

Few things say I appreciate our friendship more than superhero shirts, especially for friends who can't get enough of Marvel or DC movies. You can get a shirt for each groomsman, and you can all wear these under your wedding attire for a Clark Kent moment that will definitely go down in history.

Insider tip: Want to have a vacation and wedding in one? You can have a free Sandals wedding if you stay at the resort for a minimum of 3 nights!

Things they can eat

Take them to an awesome restaurant

When was the last time you headed out with your bros to a great dining spot? If you have to think about your answer, then an evening at a stand-out restaurant might be the perfect backdrop for your groomsman proposal. You'll have an amazing meal, and the odds will be in your favor for yeses all around!

Groomsmen Proposal Ideas Donuts

Image credit: Paul Velgos/

A customized box of dry rub seasonings

Your groomsmen won't be expecting this, but they'll love this box of seasoning options, especially if they're foodies! If you're a bit of an 'underrated chef' yourself, you can even create a homemade seasoning mix they can take home with them along with your amazing news.

Beef jerky with groomsmen proposal card

A beef jerky proposal is definitely not something you hear about every day, but it's a flavorful present you can consider if you really want to entice your friends. You can make it yourself, or find a premium brand online... Either way, beef jerky with a side of whiskey, beer, or chocolate will be a sure win.

A box of donuts

Donuts make people happy, which can translate to automatic yeses for your proposal. This is especially so if the donuts are hand delivered at an opportune time when you can just ambush your friends with the question. This is best done with several donut boxes though, and you can personalize them to cater to each friend.

Hot sauce or hot pepper oil

You can make your own hot sauce or hot pepper oil fairly easily, and your friends just may be curious enough to try it. Why not host a small tasting event around your special hot sauces? This will definitely spice up your proposal. Make sure everyone gets to leave with their own bottle of hot sauce or hot pepper oil - you can even create a customized label with your big question!

Things they can eat or drink from

Challenge them to 'Chug A Beer'

A round of 'Chug A Beer' will take you all back to your college days! You can even include customized labels for this option. The names of your groomsmen and your wedding date can be printed on the labels of a six-pack of beer that will then be delivered to their houses. Chugging a beer (video proof required!) is all they'll need to do to let you know that they accept!

Tip: Once you receive all your 'yes' video clips, you can compile them into a fun video that you can share with your new groomsmen team or play at your reception!

Put their face on a flask

Who can say no to a personalized caricature flask? No one, really! All jokes aside though, your friends will appreciate a personalized flask with a creative caricature as part of your groomsmen proposal - it'll be something that will forever remind them of your beautiful, big moment.

Baseball bat mugs

Are you and your friends baseball fans? If you are, some baseball mugs made out of real baseball bats will be a good conversation starter as you get ready to ask your boys to stand by your side on your wedding day. Each mug comes with a personal message, so you might not have to say much as the wording will invite them to be your groomsmen in plain and simple terms.

Never let him forget an embarrassing moment

An approaching wedding is as good a time as any to pull some files, which may or may not paint a flattering picture. Pick a photo, any photo of your friends, either individually or in a group, and have the words 'will you be my groomsmen' printed on them in a creative way. Then, get a vendor to put these photos on glasses that you can gift your friends. Choose a few humorous photos or a single photo that will have everyone in stitches!

A bottle of booze with a custom label

A few bottles of custom-labeled booze will go down well with your groomsmen-to-be. Not only will you be able to pop the big question, but you'll be able to have a fun evening with your friends that can include barbecued treats or other tasty appetizers.

Do a shot together

Personalized shot glasses are a sure win. Gift these in a box set with a pint of their favorite alcohol, or yours. You can all meet up to present the gifts in person, and with everyone in the same space, you'll be able to do a celebratory shot together.

A personalized beer mug

A personalized beer mug, much like a shot glass, will remind you of all the amazing times you've had together. This will be a welcome gift for a crew that loves beer, and while you're all sipping from the 25-ounce stein, you can present your question in a lighthearted atmosphere.

Custom coffee mugs

For the non-alcohol-drinking crowd, custom coffee mugs out of the blue will be enough to have them questioning the occasion. After you hand them over, you can sit everyone down and ask them to be the groomsmen on your special day.

A bottle of wine

A good bottle of wine always comes in handy. For your proposal, you can create a personalized label with each of the names of your potential groomsmen written alongside the date of your wedding. This gift won't require much talking, and your boys will be able to keep the bottle as a memento.

Insider tip: Still trying to figure out a location for your wedding? Sandals' wedding inclusions make it possible to choose from a range of incredible locations, including an Over-the-Water Chapel!

Manly things for around the home

Toss them the question

Personalized footballs offer an opportunity to add some playfulness to your pitch. There won't be any room for fumbles as you put together the all-star team that will take you smoothly into the end zone on your wedding day. Each personalized football can include one groomsman's name, your wedding date, and the role they will fulfill on the day.

A cigar with a custom label

Add an exotic touch to your groomsman proposal by including some personalized cigars with labels you can design yourself. Make this into a fun outing by doing something you all love to do together. That way, you can surprise them with the boxed cigars and see their reactions for yourself!

Send them a humidor with cigars

Or you can take things up a notch and get a humidor with cigars for each groomsman. This is a step up in the luxury department, and you can make your request known with a note letting them know you'll all be saving the cigars to celebrate later - as in, on your wedding day.

Travel toiletry bags

Toiletry bags will be something your groomsmen might actually be able to use if you're planning an all-inclusive destination wedding! Even if you're not planning on traveling, a good toiletry bag will come in handy for the getting-ready suite you'll likely book out ahead of the wedding.

Custom pocketknives

Pocket knives always come in handy, and you can get some custom ones for your groomsmen as a prelude to your big question. This will be especially well-received if your bachelor event has something to do with the outdoors ... like say, a camping trip. Go big with this gift and get some fancy ones that come with fire starters and LED flashlights.

Groomsmen Proposal Ideas Pocket Knives

Image credit: edoole/

Personalized weekender bags

Weekender bags are one of those items that always seem to disappear when you need them most. Spare your groomsmen from having to hunt for theirs ahead of your bachelor party or destination wedding and get them some custom duffle bags. Include cards asking them to accompany you on your 'next incredible adventure'! Your groomsmen duffle bags can include details on their role in the wedding on the exterior!

Custom bottle opener

One can never have too many bottle openers. Well, scratch that. A person can never have enough bottle openers that actually work right! Get your groomsmen some keychains with credit card-sized/shaped openers, or even 50 caliber bullet bottle openers. There are many fun options that will add to the appeal of your groomsman request and get you a full round of yeses. For added effect, have custom engravings applied!

Monogrammed beach towels

Having a beach wedding? A monogrammed beach towel will be great for your groomsmen, even if they don't know it yet! They certainly will get the idea when you gift them some great monogrammed towels with all the information, they'll need to figure out what all the fuss is about!

Custom playing cards

Playing cards always come in handy, and you and your groomsmen can make good use of them at your bachelor party and beyond. You can choose any design to create a custom pack of cards for your boys, and you'll even be able to include that extra special date!

Custom groomsmen shaving kit

Help your groomsmen stay in tip-top shape by gifting them a shaving kit. Get some good quality kits that will really inspire your team to put in their best effort on your wedding day, like one that leaves room for you to get a razor handle monogrammed, for example.

Personalized luggage tag

Luggage tags will be the perfect gift for your groomsmen if they'll accompanying you and your bride-to-be somewhere tropical for your wedding. You can add a cool photo or your friends' initials or nicknames to make this gift a little more personal.

Insider tip: Speaking of traveling, the only thing better than a Sandals wedding, that includes everything you'll need for your wedding event, is a Sandals honeymoon that comes with everything you need for romance! Sandals honeymoon packages include 'a bubbly welcome', special turndown service, a chance to wake up to wedded bliss (including breakfast in bed on a morning of your choice), and so much more!

Other cool options

A DIY gift

Some of the most popular DIY groomsmen proposal gifts include wood slice serving boards, leather mason jar sleeves, beef jerky, salsa, homemade hot sauce, shaving cream, framed and customized maps marking experiences, and more. When going the DIY route, you can easily gift all your groomsmen with the same gift, while switching things up a bit for your best man. However, you decide to go about your DIY groomsmen gift project, your boys will certainly appreciate the effort.

Groomsmen Proposal Ideas Drinks Pub

Image credit: Profotosession/

Draft your groomsmen onto your team (humor included)

Make a show of getting all your best buds involved in your wedding by conducting a playful draft that will let every one of your groomsmen know just how much you value their friendship. It's perfectly alright to take some digs at them even as you recruit them to be part of your wedding team, NBA Draft-style. Be sure to mention their talents and strengths as well.

Make them a groomsmen caricature

Caricatures are artistic, fairly realistic, and something you can hold onto and appreciate basically until the paper they're printed on falls apart. Get a custom group groomsmen caricature done and either have it printed out or text it to them as you make the ultimate wedding request.

Make a video for them

Compile a special video that will highlight each of your groomsmen in a comedic and fun way. You can go all out for this one and even create a short film asking your buddies to be there for you on your wedding day. When the video is complete, send it to them and wait for the happy responses!

Send them a funny text

A humorous text message out of the blue asking your friends to be your groomsmen will definitely come as a huge surprise. This is a simple and easy way to get the message across, and all you'll need to do is confirm that each of your guys will be available on your wedding date.

Surprise them out on the green

If you and your guys are into golf, you can set up an unexpected groomsmen proposal right out on the green. None of them will be expecting it, and it'll be hard to say no through the huge smiles on their faces.

Take them to a high-end go-kart racetrack

Go-karting is always good fun, and you can set up a day to head out and make some rounds on the course with your boys. After racing around, stuffing yourselves silly with drinks and food, and comparing race stats, you can ask them collectively to be your groomsmen!

Get them tickets to a sporting event

If going to big games is something you and your friends like doing together, you can set this up ahead of your big ask. Somewhere between rooting for your favorite team and downing beers and hot dogs, you can slip in the question about being your groomsmen!

Take them to a cigar lounge

Treat your friends to some great cigars at a cigar lounge as special tokens of appreciation. In this private space, you all can relive old memories... right before you deliver the big news. Ask the proprietor to include a note with their cigar choices that will invite them to be there for you on your wedding day.

Set up a pub crawl

The only thing better than the average pub crawl with friends is a pub crawl that ends with one of the bunch - you - inviting your best buddies to be your groomsmen. You can choose a day to meet with each friend or do it all together with a party pass that will give you access to drink specials.

Insider tip: Planning on getting married at Sandals? Skip the wedding planning jitters and enjoy your time in the Caribbean to the fullest knowing your dedicated Sandals wedding planner has everything under control.

Take them to a gun range

Blazing guns and proposals don't necessarily go hand in hand but taking your friends to a gun range and spontaneously asking them to be your groomsmen will definitely be something they'll never forget.

Get down on one knee... again!

If you want to get some serious laughs out of your friends, get down on one knee and hilariously ask them to be your groomsmen, much like you did with your fiance! Your friends definitely won't let you hear the end of this, but it'll all be good fun!

Serenade them

You don't have to be a singer to execute this one - in fact, it'll probably be a whole lot funnier if you're not! If you are though, serenading your groomsmen with a song you can write yourself to ask them to have your back on your wedding day will come across as sentimental and well thought out. Either way, it'll be entertaining!

A celebrity shout out

Yes, a celebrity shout-out! Even if you don't know any celebs personally, this is entirely possible. Look into a service that will allow you to get your friends' favorite celeb to pop the question on your behalf. Most of these services work via apps, and all you'll need to do is provide the text and wait until the video is sent to you. Once you receive it, you'll be able to share the wealth with your groomsmen!

Treasure hunt

Adventure anyone? For old time's sake, set up a treasure hunt where your friends can find some real goodies, and then eventually, a card asking them to be your groomsmen. There's no need to make this challenge hard, just set it up in a casual hang-out spot and include a poster board at the starting point with a clue to the location of the next hint.

Groomsmen proposal getaway

Of all the groomsmen proposals out there, nothing will beat asking your friends while on the getaway of a lifetime. There are amazing locations you can head out to in the Caribbean, including islands like Jamaica, The Bahamas, Saint Lucia, Antigua, Grenada, and Barbados. One thing all these islands have in common is that you'll be able to find the best adults-only all-inclusive resorts. White sand beaches, greenery for miles, and luxurious Sandals accommodations will all be the perfect ingredients for an out-of-this-world groomsman proposal (or destination wedding)!

These groomsmen proposal ideas will be hard to turn down...

As they should be! Weddings work best when you have people involved who've really been there for you through the good times and bad, and the above-mentioned ideas will definitely help you reel in those special men in your life for your big day!

Groomsmen Proposal Ideas Group

Image credit: Natalia Kabliuk/

Insider tip: Want to see why guests can't stop raving about their incredible Sandals weddings? Check out these amazing Sandals real wedding photos!

The Big Ask: 19 Great Proposal Ideas From The Simple To The Grandiose!

May 14th 2024
The Big Ask: 19 Great Proposal Ideas From The Simple To The Grandiose!
Cover image credit: exegi/

Love is in the air. Can you feel it? That deeply profound and exhilarating feeling is capable of compelling a person to climb to the highest heights and dive to the lowest depths just for the sake of the one who holds their heart. The best love is reciprocated. The kind of love that raises questions about proposals, weddings, and forever.

Formal Marriage Proposal

Image credit: Kostyazar/

If you're considering a proposal, questions are likely swirling in your mind. What's the best type of proposal, and when should you do it? Is it better to opt for something small and meaningful, or go all out? Can a wedding proposal be private, or should family and friends be involved? There's an abundance of questions, and we understand. To assist in guiding your journey, this post delves into the intricate world of wedding proposals.

Proposal ideas to suit every relationship dynamic

Effort matters most when it comes to a marriage proposal. With that said, there are numerous ways to ask that special lady in your life to marry you. You can opt for a proposal that's low-key and sentimental or something grandiose and unforgettable. Either way, we've got options. Ranging from simple proposal ideas to those that are a bit more daring and fun. Here are some ideas that will prove valuable for your proposal, starting with the simplest:

Simple proposal ideas

Marriage proposals don’t have to be elaborate. Some couples are a bit more private than others, so in this case it would be best to plan something that involves just the two of you. Even with that said, it is still possible to include some friends and family members in your proposal even if you want to keep things small and simple. Use your own personal relationship gauge to determine if your bride-to-be will be comfortable with doing so.

If you want to go the simple route, here are some of our favorite ideas:

1. Go back to the scene of your first date

If you want a nostalgic and intimate proposal, consider going back to the scene of your first date or some other place or venue that's meaningful to you both. This can include the restaurant you went to for your first date, a movie theatre you both love, a concert venue, or anywhere where that special flame was ignited. Any of these locations can help set the mood for the life-changing question you’re about to ask.

Couple Date Night Proposal

Image credit: Lucky Business/

If you’re not able to go back to the place of your first or most meaningful date, then you can try recreating it. Order the same food, go together to see the same band, or just take a romantic walk together somewhere with good memories. Pop the question when the mood is just right! You can also wait until you get back home to propose in a more private setting.

2. Wrap your engagement ring and put it under the Christmas tree

If your proposal is during the holidays then you might be able to incorporate it into your annual gift-giving. Wrap the engagement ring nicely along with your other presents, and place it somewhere underneath the Christmas tree. To keep the whole thing a secret, you might want to place the ring box into a larger box. This will help ward off any suspicions!

Christmas Marriage Proposal

Image credit: Roman Samborskyi/

On Christmas Day, you two can unwrap your gifts together. You’ll be giving your bride-to-be the ring box as the last gift, so ensure it's somewhere in the back or just select it last. Get down on one knee as your special gift is being opened — this will surely be an unexpected surprise. You can include family and friends in this proposal easily if you want to, and it’ll all flow effortlessly along with the Christmas spirit.

3. Create a photo montage of your love story

A photo montage will certainly be appreciated by the one you love, especially if you find just the right moments to include in this. On the day or night of your proposal, you can fill a room in your home with pictures and mementos of your relationship. This can be things from over the years, from the moment you started dating, until now.

Couple Moments Picture Collage

Image credit: Anna Selina/

Candles and rose petals can really up the romance factor of this proposal. Spend some time together looking back on the good times, and once you’re done looking at the various photos and memories, get down on one knee. If you can arrange at that point for her favorite song or a special song you both love to come on, then yours would indeed be in the realm of perfect proposals.

4. Go stargazing

If you want to wow your loved one, it helps to get out in nature. Stargazing is one of the ways you can do this and pour in lots of romance as well. Plan a romantic picnic beneath the stars that includes you and your significant other’s favorite foods, some wine, and snacks. Pack everything up along with a blanket and head to a good stargazing spot. Soak in the good times as you two enjoy every moment of being together.

Couple Camping Proposal

Image credit: anatoliy_gleb/

As you gaze up at the stars, talk about everything… your life together thus far, plans for the future, and your undeniable love. Right at that moment when everything feels aligned, ask the burning question that will forever seal your love.

Unique marriage proposal ideas

When it comes to marriage proposals, there are endless options to choose from, some more unique and spontaneous than others. If you're going for something that will really make an impact and be memorable, then here are a few of the best options:

5. Create a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of those playful and romantic proposal ideas that will really stand out. You can get friends or family to help you get the whole thing together, or you can do it yourself. Hide sweet and romantic clues throughout your home for your significant other to find. One thing should lead to another, and you can include clues that lead to photos of you as a couple and helpful hints in the form of trinkets and locations that are meaningful to you.

Couple Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Image credit: Avatar_023/

For something a little more extreme, you can take your scavenger hunt out on the town. If you go with this option, it will be particularly useful to include friends and family who can help lead your partner to various spots. The last clue in the scavenger hunt should lead to the ring box, where you’ll hopefully be waiting down on one knee. The scavenger hunt idea can be modified to suit your specific needs.

6. Design a jigsaw puzzle

Feeling creative? How about designing your own proposal jigsaw puzzle that you and your loved one can figure out together? Your puzzle can include your favorite photo of you and your love together, or even a photo of them solo. Add the words 'Will you marry me?' for the best proposal puzzle effect. You can gift this puzzle to your partner and allow them to complete it themselves, or you can do it together. As the words start coming together, the excitement of the whole occasion will start to kick in. It will be right at that moment that you’ll be able to get down on one knee to make it official!

Couple Puzzle Solving Proposal

Image credit: Budimir Jevtic/

Expert tip: If you'd prefer not to embark on the actual puzzle creation process yourself, you can order a custom puzzle and have it delivered to your home a few days or weeks before you ask. You can choose to pop the question jigsaw puzzle style at a board game cafe, during an all-inclusive resort vacation, or even just on a rainy day at home.

7. Capture the big moment in a photo booth

There’s something special about how a photo booth picture captures so much of the moment, in the moment. To have some super nostalgic photos of your wedding proposal, you can actually plan to propose somewhere special where there is a photo booth. Go on a date at the location of your choice and pull out all the stops to ensure it's a magical evening. When it’s all said and done, invite your lady to take a photo with you in the photo booth. You can pop the question while inside, and that way you can capture the raw emotions of the moment. This is a cool way to get photo keepsakes without the high cost of hiring a photographer, although we do admit photographer quality beats photo booths every time!

Couple Photo Booth Proposal

Image credit: Jos Temprano/

8. Ask the question in a fortune cookie

In case you didn’t already know, getting personalized fortune cookies is absolutely a thing. You can use these to help make your proposal a little more exciting and, well, surprising. Arrange to get a personalized fortune cookie made with a note inside with your proposal request. This proposal will work best if you’re looking for a more private way to propose that’s still unique and fun.

Fortune Cookie Proposal

Image credit: Visualistka/

To get your fortune cookie proposal underway, plan a casual night with your partner during which you can order Chinese takeout. You'll need to make the suggestion that you specifically feel like eating Chinese food for this to work. When your significant other isn't looking, swap the fortune cookie that comes with your meal with your custom-made one that contains your proposal on the inside. Wait until dinner is finished, and then you can hand your partner the fortune cookie for them to open. As they start to open the cookie, get down on one knee with the engagement ring and pop the question!

Beach Proposal Ideas

The beach is a good spot for pretty much anything, and a proposal here won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Even better if this beach is in an exotic location straight off the pages of a magazine. Put beach romance to the test with these exciting beach proposal ideas:

9. Hire a professional photographer for a beach photoshoot

If you want an impressive, memorable proposal, then there’s no better way to do it than with a romantic beach photo shoot. You don't even have to tell your significant other that a proposal has anything to do with the beach photo shoot, just that you want to capture the wonderful moments you’ll be spending together.

Beach Sunset Marriage Proposal

Image credit: Ground Picture/

With this sort of proposal, it will help if the photographer is aware of what is going on, that way they know which moments to look out for as they snap. The photographer will be able to suggest various poses as well which can help you get down quickly on one knee with your significant other being none the wiser. You’ll want to ensure the photographer gets photos that capture the moments just before you propose, during the proposal, and after. These will be photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

10. Spell it out in the sand

If you’re looking for a beach proposal idea that’s both simple and romantic, then writing your question out in the sand is definitely it. If you're confident and artsy, you’ll be able to create something eye-catching on your own, otherwise, you might need to request professional help from staff if you’ll be staying at a resort.

Marry Me Written Sand Proposal

Image credit: luxora/

Rather than just writing words in the sand for this proposal, you can jazz things up with rose petals, sea shells, and other beachside items. Do some research ahead of time if you’ll be doing this on your own so you can get ideas on how to put the whole thing together. Once the design is done, you can suggest a romantic walk on the beach to your partner. Stroll together all the way to the location of your special, sandy request.

Expert tip: Want to write something sweet, down in the sand for your proposal? Try this at one of the best romantic island getaways for couples to make your proposal that much more memorable.

11. Bring in professional sand sculptors

A sand sculpture can be a great option for a proposal if you’re going for the surprise factor. You can work with professionals to get an impressive castle structure made, with your proposal inscribed in the castle. Have the words ‘Will you marry me?’ prominently displayed somewhere on or around the castle. It is also possible to design a simple sand structure/castle yourself for this proposal. If you do, be sure to have the design personalized as well, with the name of your partner, the date, and anything else you think will add to the special moment. Friends and family can possibly help with the sand castle building as well!

Sand Sculpture Couple Proposal

Image credit: Alexander Chizhenok/

12. Use an airplane banner

If you really want an attention-grabbing marriage proposal, then an airplane banner can be a great idea. This is one of those proposals that you can easily plan without your significant other getting suspicious, and it comes with an exciting element of surprise as well.

You can organize your wedding proposal banner with a company offering this service and then plan a beach date that takes you to the best spot to view the banner. Some people choose to have the airplane and banner with the words ‘Will you marry me?’ fly by as they’re relaxing beachside, and this can add some real excitement to a beach day. If you go with this option, just make sure your partner is paying attention when it flies by!

Destination proposal ideas

Take your proposal abroad if you really want to create lasting memories. There are lots of romantic and memorable destinations you can choose from where you can try to fit your proposal into some of the best tours and excursions. Here are some of the best destination proposal ideas:

12. Propose underwater

Make some real magic under the sea with an underwater proposal. This is the sort of proposal your significant other will never expect as they're exploring the deep blue sea in an exotic location. Somewhere warm and tropical will be best for this type of proposal, and you can plan to do this during a snorkeling or scuba diving trip.

Scuba Underwater Proposal

Image credit: Islandjems - Jemma Craig/

An underwater proposal will take some planning as you'll need to liaise with your dive team to ensure your proposal is done in the safest way possible. If you stay at a resort with free scuba diving like Sandals Resorts, the dive team might also be able to give you some ideas on how to go about this proposal in the best way. Amid the vibrant coral and mesmerizing sea life, you’re almost guaranteed a ‘yes’!

13. Go for a private catamaran cruise at sunset

There’s hardly anything more romantic than taking a private catamaran cruise out at sunset. This is something you can plan with your significant other during your vacation without filling them in on the big surprise. If you want to propose on a catamaran out in the middle of the ocean, you can usually book this tour at a resort if you'll be staying at one.

Sunset Cruise Proposal

Image credit: Sundraw Photography/

Usually with private catamaran cruise excursions, food and drinks are included. If you're not sure, you can ask the tour operator and even organize to bring in special items, like champagne and desserts. Or, you can just enjoy what's provided, and save the celebrations for once you're back at your resort. Either way, with the ocean backdrop and the sun dipping ever so slowly beneath the horizon, there will be no time more perfect than this to ask the big question.

14. Organize a treasure hunt around your resort

Planning is key for a successful marriage proposal and that's just what you’ll need to do to organize a treasure hunt around your resort. Of course, you’ll first need to choose a resort and a destination in the first place! Go for a destination with great scenery like an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, which can add to the ambiance of your proposal treasure hunt photos.

Treasure Hunt Proposal

Image credit: Insanet/

For your proposal treasure hunt, use clues to guide your significant other closer to the final surprise, which will be the ring box. You can bury the ring box somewhere safe in the sand, just make sure that there’s a marker in the area or even someone who can keep their eyes on the ring. To ensure your proposal goes smoothly, coordinate with resort staff who can help make things especially magical.

If you'd prefer not to bury your ring in the sand (even with supervision), then you can choose to let the final clue lead your lady into a private dinner location that’s well-decorated for the occasion. A garden setting or another cozy spot in the resort that your partner loves will work as well. The options are endless! Once she gets there, it’ll be time to pop the question.

15. Hike to a waterfall and pop the question

For the more adventurous, an outdoor proposal is ideal. With a waterfall in the backdrop and also the possibility of a scenic hike together, you’ll be well on your way to an exciting and surprising proposal. Some waterfalls are more private than others, and these will be the ones that are best for your proposal as crowds are unlikely at these locations.

Waterfall Couple Proposal

Image credit: zjuzjaka/

The Caribbean has a number of pristine waterfalls where you can hike as well. These can be the ideal proposal settings, and you can even organize to have a professional photographer there to capture the big moment. Let your hike together on tropical shores lead the way to the amazing proposal that will set things in motion for your happily ever after.

16. Room service proposal

A room service proposal is a private way to ask the one you love for their hand in marriage. This is perfect for the woman who appreciates low-key, romantic gestures with luxury incorporated as well. To do this, all you’ll need to do is plan a restful night with your significant other, just to ‘spend some time together’.

Room Service Hotel Proposal

Image credit: - Yuri A/

Your partner doesn't even need to know what you’re planning, you can simply coordinate with the resort beforehand to have your ring included in your order. Your meal can be delivered with a special note with the words, ‘Will you marry me?’. Don’t forget to order champagne and desserts as well for bonus points.

Grand gesture proposal ideas

Does your significant other like grand gestures and being in the spotlight? If so, then you should definitely consider a grand gesture proposal. This type of proposal is often public and grandiose, and it’ll be something neither of you will be able to stop talking about anytime soon. Here are some of the best ideas in this category:

17. Hire a skywriter

Look up into the sky, it's a bird… it’s a plane… it's your proposal! A little corny, perhaps, but this proposal won't be. Your significant other will hardly expect to see your proposal written in the sky and the type of effort and cost required to organize this whole thing likely won't go unnoticed. To make this proposal work, you can plan a date somewhere that'll perfectly position you to take in the sights. This proposal will not only wow your significant other, but anyone else around who witnesses it. To create a celebratory atmosphere, perhaps you can invite some friends and family members to your special outing as well.

Skywriter Marry Me Proposal Plane

Image credit: - Yuri A/

18. Go up in a hot-air balloon

Want a memorable proposal story? Plan a romantic hot-air balloon ride! This proposal will be pure exhilaration for you both as you soar in the skies to surprise your partner with the best engagement ever! Whimsical and romantic, your partner will likely already be over-the-moon for the experience, and they’ll be ever more enthused once you pop the big question mid-air.

Hot Air Balloon Proposal

Image credit: Birol Bali/

There are quite a few locations that offer hot air balloon experiences, you’ll just have to search around for a place near you. You can also opt to skip off somewhere special where you can vacation together and also have a hot air balloon experience that will end with a proposal. Some of the beautiful and couple-friendly destinations where you can plan this include The Bahamas, San Diego, Park City, Tuscany, and Punta Cana.

19. Enlist the help of a flash mob

If you don't mind being the center of attention and know that your bride won't either, then you can consider a flash mob proposal. This type of proposal takes quite a bit of planning as you’ll need to work with a local flash mob or group of dancers to pull the whole thing off. One thing about flash mob proposals is that they are guaranteed to get attention, and even possibly go viral depending on how the whole thing plays out.

Flash Mob Proposal

Image credit: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/

To plan a flash mob proposal, you can organize with the flash mob to dance to a song both you and your partner like, or just one that you know is their favorite. Proposal flash mobs are even more exciting and unexpected when the man doing the asking jumps in and starts dancing too. Get on your knee at just the right moment as the flash mob proposes the big question in unison, either by shouting it out, with intricate signs, or both!

Expert tip: If you go for a flash mob proposal, it can be fun to pull your significant other into the mix for a quick dance as the flash mob's performance comes to an end. You’ll have great photos of the whole experience as well.

Wedding proposal ideas FAQs

What should you say in a proposal?

What you'll say in a proposal is something that will be entirely unique to you and your situation. While there are a few keywords that’ll usually stay the same, like 'Will you marry me?’, there's a lot more you can say when you propose to that special person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Here are some useful pointers that can come in handy for your proposal:

• Don’t use a template - Be natural. Say what’s on your mind in your own words, not what you think you’re expected to say. It's your marriage proposal, not a movie script. Talk about your experiences together as a couple and how much your love has grown over the years.

• Read the room - Proposing or receiving a proposal can be equally as nerve-wracking. Pay attention to your partner’s emotions as the whole thing plays out. Yes, you want to get your message across and get an answer, but you also want to pay attention to whether or not your partner is nervous or overwhelmed so that you can slow down and reassure them.

• Don’t be afraid to get emotional - If there were ever a moment to wear your heart on your sleeve, this would be it. Your proposal is your 'now or never’ moment, so get all the way into it.

• Talk about your future - As much as you can mention some of the things that you two have overcome over the years and how your love has grown, don’t forget to speak to the future as well. Talk about your hopes and dreams together, and how there is no other person that would fit as perfectly into your life as your partner.

• Go with your gut - When it comes to proposal planning, ideas will come from all sides regarding what you should say. Don’t overthink it. Just do what feels right and get those heartfelt words across to the love of your life.

If you really want to make sure you say all the right things in your proposal, plan and prepare in advance. Even the most prolific speakers can get caught up in their own emotions on the day, so sometimes it helps to write things down just in case. Practicing your proposal by reading aloud from a piece of paper, or even your phone, can help seal it into your memory banks. If you find that you don't remember every single thing you’ve written down on the day, speak from your heart.

How do you propose in a unique way?

There are so many unique, fun, and romantic ways to propose. Selecting the best one will really depend on what feels right for you and your union. Choose an idea or theme that is memorable for both you and your bride-to-be, and try to make it as authentic as possible. You can choose from ideas that are artsy and romantic to undertakings that are more spontaneous and fun.

Knee Beach Proposal Ring

Image credit: Denis Beklarov/

If you’re looking for unique marriage proposal ideas, you'll need to get creative. Even once you have a starting point, you may need to use your own creativity to tweak things to suit your situation. Some people use their pets, plan a scavenger hunt, take a trip, or even organize a flash mob to pop the big question. Sometimes friends or family can be included to help pull the whole thing off, but it all depends on the idea you’re going with and what is required. Overall, the key to a successful proposal really is just making sure that it's something that'll be memorable for you!

For maximum impact with minimum stress, Sandals Resorts has you covered! A range of exclusive proposal packages tailored for various preferences and experiences are available, ensuring a magical and personalized engagement experience at Sandals. Each package shares common inclusions such as a picturesque location, engagement concierge services, a proposal photoshoot, and a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate the occasion.

Which knee do you propose on?

Traditionally, the left knee is the one you should get on when proposing. There’s a lot behind the whole history of proposing on one knee as well. This is a tradition that dates back to medieval times. Knights would get on one knee to show respect to royalty. Proposing on a bent knee is a sign of respect and also shows loyalty.

One Knee Beach Proposal Ring

Image credit: Denis Beklarov/

Over the years, the act of proposing down on one knee has continued with men, and sometimes even women, getting down on one knee to pop the question. Once the person making the proposal is down on one knee, then they'd likely hold the ring with their left hand, and open the box with their right hand. So, there’s a method to the act of proposing and knowing this could help your proposal go that much more smoothly.

Do you put the ring on her finger when you propose?

The ideal scenario is that you wait until you have an affirmative answer once you've made a proposal, and then place the ring on the finger of your bride-to-be. Ahead of your proposal you and your soon-to-be bride should have already discussed ring sizes and possibly even styles she likes, so the ring should go on smoothly marking the end of your proposal.

Proposal Ring Beach

Image credit: Denis Beklarov/

Crafting everlasting memories with the perfect proposal ideas

There you have it, some of the best proposal ideas around. If you’ve found something you love or you’re not quite sure, keep in mind that these unique proposal ideas are intended to spark your creativity. You can make any of these proposals your own by simply customizing it to suit you, or taking particular elements of one proposal idea to add to another. Whatever the case, you’ll be well on your way to a picture-perfect engagement.

Sunset Couple Proposal Fall

Image credit: eldar nurkovic/

Speaking of picture-perfect, Sandals Resorts are located on some of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. These include Antigua, Barbados, The Bahamas, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, and Grenada. Any of these islands can be the backdrop of your proposal story. Sandals Resorts are adults-only and have packages created just for couples in love. At Sandals, you’ll be able to get help with planning your proposal and other special couples dates including candlelight dinners, spa experiences, and more. Whatever direction you want to take your surprise proposal, Sandals engagements will be there to help!

Expert tip: There are lots of exciting ways to ask a lady for her hand in marriage including letting your proposal play out at a luxurious Sandals all-inclusive resort. While you’re at it, you can find out more about the Sandals Institute of Romance, which is all about modern romance, relationships, and intimacy.

Nothing Beats These 16 Beach Proposal Ideas!

Our Resorts
April 25th 2024
Nothing Beats These 16 Beach Proposal Ideas!
Cover photo credit: yurakrasil/

You’re on your way to your dream wedding and marriage, but you’re not quite there yet. First, you need to propose. You may have been considering various ways to do this, and perhaps even contemplating locations. If you’re a lover of the sea, a romantic beach proposal might have come to mind. With that thought, another big question arises: how do you even propose on the beach?

We totally get why you’re considering the beach for your engagement. With the transfixing blues of the ocean, the delicate feel of the sand, and the mesmerizing scenery afforded on nearly every coast — what is the beach not the perfect backdrop for? Zeroing in on a beach proposal, there are many ways to go about it and we’ve compiled our top 16 beach proposal ideas to help get you started!

1. Written in the sand


Photo credit: luxora/

There’s something magical about the beach that allows you to leave your cares behind and tune in completely to the beauty of life itself. For this, and many more reasons, the beach can be the perfect location for a proposal. If you’re planning to propose to your partner and want to do something simple that will capture their attention, consider writing your request in the sand. Spell it out with seashells or flower petals for extra flourish, or simply write it out during low tide in an area where your words won’t quickly be washed away, either way, your partner will be in for an exciting surprise as you two take a romantic beachside stroll. Don’t forget to get down on one knee for the full effect!

Expert tip: Looking for an amazing beach with great ambiance to pop the question? Consider Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica or Grace Bay Beach in the Turks & Caicos Islands. You’ll find some incredible honeymoon packages on these islands too!

2. At sunset


Photo credit: anek.soowannaphoom/

There’s a certain romance that fills the air around sunset, and this can be amplified 10-fold if you and your significant other find yourselves on a breathtaking beach in the Caribbean (or even one close to home). As the Caribbean region is known for its spectacular sunsets, what better place to pop the question than on a beautiful island shore? This idea becomes even better if you add an all-inclusive resort with lots of amazing amenities to the mix, where you two will be able to celebrate later. Take a stroll with your partner along the beach and soak in the colors of the sunset. Try to arrange to have a photographer nearby and brief them on when exactly they should start taking photos. Just when your partner least expects it, get down on one knee, and profess your love!

Good to know: If you’re looking for spectacular proposal photos, a sunset shoot can be a good way to go. Nature in this case definitely provides the most amazing backdrop for love!

3. At sunrise


Photo credit: Antonio Guillem/

Is your sweetheart an early bird who loves to be up at the crack of dawn? If so, then a sunrise beach proposal can be just what it takes to create unforgettable memories. It won’t be hard to plan this one out — simply get your significant other on board for an early morning beach walk or even a stretching session. If this might seem a bit out of the norm to them, tell your honey you want to introduce more self-care into your routine! Head to the beach, enjoy a quiet and intimate moment watching a new day begin, and say the words that will also be the start of your new beginning together.

4. At a beachside meal


Photo credit: Sven Hansche/

Beachside proposals have a way of feeling super intimate, and if you throw a great meal into the mix, things can get even more exciting. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner - no matter your preference, you can arrange to have a meal prepared and packed that will knock your partner’s socks off. Throw in their favorite dessert for you both to enjoy picnic-style at the seaside, and you’ll be set to present the ring and top off a truly amazing experience.

Expert tip: A luxurious candlelight dinner on the beach can be the perfect romantic option for your proposal. Don’t forget the champagne!

5. Go seashell or sand dollar hunting


Photo credit: Maridav/

Want your proposal to be against the backdrop of a spectacular beach? First, you’ll need an incredible beach location! You can opt for popular beach vacation destinations in the U.S. like Miami Beach, Outer Banks, Myrtle Beach, and others, or you can skip over to the Caribbean for a tropical adventure. After you arrive, arrange a casual beach stroll to collect seashells or sand dollars, and plan in advance to have the ring hidden in a large shell. For this proposal idea, you’ll want to be very sure about which shell the ring is in. If a friend hides it for you, have them stick around to make sure everything goes smoothly. You can also wait until your partner is busy finding shells and sand dollars to hide the ring yourself into a shell of your choice!

6. In the middle of the ocean

You can execute this proposal option effortlessly during a water sports adventure, or even ahead of a surf session if you guys are avid surfers. Simply make the arrangements to get out in the middle of the ocean with your sweetheart, and make your proposal. Ahead of time, you should figure out whether you can safely exchange rings during your excursion (without losing the ring!), or if it’s better to wait until you’re back on solid ground. Either way, this proposal will be memorable!

7. Take a boat trip

Get away from it all for a perfectly adventurous proposal! For this one, you and your love will be setting sail in a beautiful location with all the markings of love. You can either hire a boat, book a trip for two on a catamaran (a sunset cruise or even whale watching!), or plan another kind of casual boat cruise. While out on the waves enjoying the scenery, pop the question when the time is right and the ambiance is at its most magical. Don’t forget to detail all the reasons you’re lucky to have found your special person, and why you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

8. Under the sea

It’s a whole new world beneath the ocean, and you and your significant other can explore it together. As you prepare to take your relationship to the next level, plan a scuba or snorkeling trip and head to the beach. This is an especially great option if diving is already something you love to do together. There’s hardly anything more private, memorable, and fun than this!

Find yourself a good guide or instructor (you’ll want to fill them in ahead of time), a cool dive spot, and a laminated sign or waterproof whiteboard with the words, ‘Will you marry me?’. The best part of this proposal is that you don’t even need to be a pro-diver to make it happen. You can simply suggest to your significant other that you both take a dive course for fun. Amid the beauty of the underseas, you two will make some pretty awesome memories together.

Expert tip: Do you want to try a dive proposal, but you’re not sure about locations? Coral Gardens in the Turks & Caicos is one of the most beautiful dive spots in the world, and might just improve your chances of getting a resounding ‘yes’!

9. At the top of a lighthouse


Photo credit: Maridav/

Lighthouses are both historical and romantic. Visit one with your sweetheart just in time to take in a sunset or later on in the evening for an unexpected adventure. You’ll have amazing views of the ocean from the top, and if the lighthouse is functional, you’ll even have a little spotlight of your own. Plan this out by suggesting a sightseeing trip — one of your stops, of course, will be the quaint, little lighthouse that will serve as the most unique and beautiful backdrop for your surprise proposal.

10. Romantic beach setup


Photo credit: Angelica Pasquali/

A beach proposal is one thing, but going all out to make it absolutely unforgettable, is something else entirely. You can arrange to have a customized proposal set up at a local beach and even hire a designer to help you out. Your beach proposal setup can include pathways of tea lights or lanterns, flower petals, customized signs to share your love, a candlelight picnic, and even a musician on hand for a serenade.

Don’t be afraid to get out of the way entirely and leave all the work to the professionals as part of a romantic all-inclusive beach vacation! There are some amazing resorts in Turks & Caicos, resorts in Negril, and resorts in Ocho Rios that can be perfect for this.

Expert tip: Check the rules of the beach you have in mind before setting up, as regulations can vary in different territories. Include resort staff in your planning as well, so you can be guided on the best way to move forward with your intricate beach proposal setup.

11. Buried treasure

A spur-of-the-moment treasure hunt can be the perfect way to surprise your partner with the ultimate bounty — a special ring to mark the start of your lives together. You’ll need to set this up in advance, so it’ll help to have someone assist you with getting everything together (not to mention keeping an eye on the ring!). As part of this proposal, include romantic clues that will fill your partner in on just how much you love them, and how much you’re looking forward to spending forever together.

12. Sandcastle


Photo credit: Altrendo Images/

When was the last time you built a sandcastle? If this is something you enjoy doing and haven’t done in a while, you’re likely to have a grand time building a proposal sandcastle that your partner is sure to appreciate. This is a proposal idea that works best if you’re near a sugary white sand beach like those in the Caribbean. You can get creative with the type of sandcastle you build to surprise your loved one.

Once your sandcastle is complete, you can take your lover on a stroll down the beach for a ‘chance encounter’ with your beautiful creation, which hopefully includes a neatly scripted ‘Will you marry me?’. If you’re not exactly great with sandcastle building, you can make a large, traditional castle (use sandcastle mold buckets if needed) with a flag on top with your proposal message. The gesture will be appreciated just the same!

Expert tip: Try not to build your sandcastle too close to the shoreline as it can get washed away or otherwise ruined by the tide!

13. Message in a bottle


Photo credit: pryzmat/

Up the romance factor with an old-school proposal tactic that involves a handwritten letter professing your love and all the reasons why you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner. Tuck your letter into a bottle and settle down beachside for a romantic day out. Bury the bottle halfway in the sand if you wish, but be sure to place a marker so it's easier to find. You can also have someone else place the bottle in the sand for you, or just magically “find it” when your partner is not looking!

Once your partner retrieves the bottle, give them some time to read the letter, and then pop the question. If you’re staying at a resort, you can also set up a beachside cabana for this occasion. That way you can both have somewhere comfortable to celebrate once you’ve made your proposal.

Expert tip: Be sure to choose an appropriately sized bottle, so you can easily fish out your letter without having to break the bottle!

14. Beach bonfire


Photo credit: pryzmat/

If your partner loves the outdoors and a good bonfire, a beach bonfire proposal can be a great idea. This option can really come to life once the sun goes down, and the flames dance around against the dark of the night. As you two sit together (possibly with family and friends) laughing and enjoying the moment, you can call a moment of silence just to pop the question.

For beach bonfire proposals, you could also arrange a small bonfire for just the two of you, which can be a more romantic and intimate setting. If you choose the latter, you’ll still be able to celebrate with family and friends at a later date!

15. At a special beach destination

Is there a special beach destination you both can’t get enough of? Well, why not plan a trip to go back there for the sake of your surprise proposal? Whether it's the place where you took your first beach walk as a couple or the destination of your first beach holiday, you can lean on your past experiences together when selecting a destination. Have a blast recreating whatever amazing memories you both enjoyed the first time around, and add a new one by proposing in the most magical way possible. After your engagement, you might even want to start planning your wedding or honeymoon at the same (or another) great beach destination.

16. Helicopter or airplane banner


Photo credit: Irina Montero/

Nothing says ‘I love you’ louder than a proposal banner flying high in the sky for all to see. This is one of the more extravagant beach proposal ideas, but it’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Your partner will have no idea what’s coming until the moment you’re both strolling along the coast, settled comfortably in the shade of some palm trees, or looking out onto the ocean from a beachside restaurant. All at once, you’ll both look up to the most unexpected surprise.

Or, you can write out your proposal message big and bold in the sand and then plan a spontaneous helicopter ride to check it out from an aerial perspective. Either one of these methods could create memories you both won’t be able to stop talking about any time soon!

With the right idea, the beach could be the perfect place for your proposal!

The beauty of the beach adds a little magic to every encounter, especially proposals! There are many ways to go about a beach proposal, including vacation proposals and candlelight dinner proposals. There are many places to plan out beach proposals as well, like some of the best beaches in Jamaica.

Ultimately, when it comes to planning that memorable moment with your partner that will forever change your life, the decision is up to you. Once you’ve decided on a location and a method, the only thing left to think about will be enjoying the moment (and getting lots of photos!) with the one you love.

Insider tip: Planning a beach wedding? Here are some amazing wedding venues in Jamaica you’re sure to fall in love with!

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