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King Charlemagne's favorite residence, Aachen is a distinguished city full of history. Visitors can explore the beautiful and elaborate Aachen Cathedral, the first UNESCO world cultural heritage in Germany and site of Charlemagne's tomb, or relax in ...

Categories: Aachen


Ahlbeck is not only one of the most beautiful and most elegant places on the island of Usedom, but also the eastern-most seaside resort of Germany. This enchanting holiday resort is known for its sandy beaches, art noveau architecture,...

Categories: Ahlbeck


Categories: Ahorntal


Categories: Aldingen


Alken is located off La Moselle River on the western side of Germany. A trip to Alken is not complete without stopping at the historic Thurant Castle. This castle was built in the 12 century by Heinrich Pfalgraf Guelphs during the archbishops’ ...

Categories: Alken


Andernach is known as a very friendly township located along the Rhine River. The town is full of medieval architecture in the form of churches and historical landmarks. Visitors may enjoy picnics in the along the river or the forested grou...

Categories: Andernach


Categories: Anderten


Aschaffenburg is the ideal town for any traveler to rest and relax in for several days after the long flight to Germany. There are many things to see and places to go in and around Aschaffenburg. There are various events and festivals all year long....

Categories: Aschaffenburg

Aschau im Chiemgau

Between Munich and the Bavarian Sea is a picturesque mountain village that holds over 100 years of tradition and was settled as early as the 12th century. During the summer, this mountain village turns into an adventurer’s dream with a buffet o...

Categories: Aschau im Chiemgau


On the Romantic Road (a scenic driving route) and 43 mi/70 km northwest of Munich, Augsburg, Germany, was founded by Roman legions: The town name comes from the Emperor Augustus. This city merits a one-day visit. Among the interesting sights are the ...

Categories: Augsburg


The town of Bacharach is a real gem with all it's traditional cottage style buildings and attractions. The wine tasting at the old brick wine cellar at Weingut Stahl is must for wine enthusiasts. From Bacharach visitors can make half day round c...

Categories: Bacharach

Bad Bodenteich

Categories: Bad Bodenteich

Bad Fussing

Categories: Bad Fussing

Bad Homburg

Rumoured to house the most millionaires per capita in Germany, luxury, relaxation and tranquility seem to be the name of the game in Bad Homburg. With exquisite Baroque-influenced architecture and the huge sprawling Kurpark (spa garden) throughout th...

Categories: Bad Homburg

Bad Schandau

Discover all that the German spa town, Bad Schandau, has to offer. Located in the center of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, stunning views can be enjoyed all around town. From extensive walking paths for all levels, cycling, climbing, water activities,...

Categories: Bad Schandau

Bad Worishofen

Visit Bad Wörishofen to find a world of well-being and relaxation in a beautiful alpine setting. Located approximately 50 miles west of Munich in Bavaria, Germany, this quiet spa town is best known for its hydrotherapy treatments developed by Se...

Categories: Bad Worishofen


Come spend a couple of relaxing days in Baden-Baden. Be enchanted by Baden-Baden's unique atmosphere and its vast array of amenities. Its spa, resort and convention town, snuggled at the foot of the Black Forest, is well-known throughout the world - ...

Categories: Baden-Baden


Categories: Badenweiler


Baiersbronn is a resort community located in Germany’s Black forest. A popular holiday destination, visitors can enjoy everything from sophisticated hotels, spas and gourmet restaurants, to walking or biking the extensive network of hiking trai...

Categories: Baiersbronn

Baltic Coast, Germany

Germany's Baltic Coast is home to several popular vacation spots. The lovely island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea is also Germany's largest. It can seem a bit overcrowded in summer and is best visited in May, June and September. The main beach resort to...

Categories: Baltic Coast Germany


Bamberg is a historical yet dynamic city. It is a town of complementary tradition and progress. The locals like to stress their city spreads across seven hills like Rome, has a network of waterways like Venice, and an old city which is at least as be...

Categories: Bamberg


Barth is a small town in Germany located on a lagoon of the Baltic Sea. During the First World War, a headquarters was located in Barth, and during World War II, Barth was the site of a German prison of war camp. The town harbor and historic old town...

Categories: Barth


Categories: Bastei


Bavaria is Germany’s largest and southernmost state. It is a land full of medieval villages and picturesque towns rich in history, amazing architecture, regional specialties, fun festivals, fantastic shopping, and endless opportunities for all ...

Categories: Bavaria

Bavarian Alps

If your idea of Germany is men in lederhosen and women in dirndls, then the Bavarian Alps is the place for you. The kitsch factor can get pretty high, but it's a wonderful part of the country to see. Many people head to the area for its incredible Al...

Categories: Bavarian Alps


Bayreuth is located in Bavaria, Germany, along the Red Main River. It is the largest town in Upper Franconia, and is world-famous for its annual Richard Wagner music festival. Bayreuth boasts one of the most beautiful baroque theaters in Europe, belo...

Categories: Bayreuth


Beilngries is one of the most beautiful places in the nature park Altmuehltal and one of the most popular vacation destinations with an abundance at leisure-time facilities, fascinating landscape and inspiring pieces of culture. The city parish churc...

Categories: Beilngries


Categories: Beilstein


Because of its medieval appearance, Berching is called the "Rothenburg of the Upper Palatinate". The town wall with 4 gates and 13 towers is completely preserved. Beautiful houses, local history museum, adventure pool. An unusual sight to see is Hors...

Categories: Berching


Berchtesgaden is a charming historic town in the German state of Bavaria, 30 km south of Salzburg. Located in a valley in the German Alps, picturesque views are abundant. Visitors enjoy Lake Königsee, the deepest lake in the Alps, and touring th...

Categories: Berchtesgaden


Categories: Bergfriede


Berlin is without doubt the most fascinating city in Germany. Covering around 341 square miles Berlin is a unique landscape. With its numerous parks, lakes and wooded areas it is sometimes easy to forget that Berlin is the capital of Germany. The tr...

Categories: Berlin


Arriving in the Moselle River village of Bernkastle, Germany, is like stepping back in time. With its red-roofed cottages, colorful flower boxes, and multi-paned windows framed with wooden shutters, childhood images of German fairy tales spring to mi...

Categories: Bernkastel


Categories: Bingen

Black Forest

The Black Forest is a wooded mountain range in Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany, with many beautiful hiking trails. It is bordered by the Rhine valley to the west and south. Picturesque towns are plentiful in the Black Forest, and popular tour...

Categories: Black Forest


Be sure to make a guided walk through the Elb Castle Bleckede, which features a 1,000 square meter exhibition of the unique world of birds and plants in the 'Elbtalaue'.

Categories: Bleckede


Located on the Rhine River, just south of Cologne, Bonn was once the capital of West Germany. Rich with history dating back to about 10 BC, the city is ripe with museums, monuments and scenic points of interest. Most notable however, Bonn is the bi...

Categories: Bonn


In the course of history, all kinds of people have felt at home in Boppard. Whether Celts, Romans or Franconians, each has left their mark on the 2,000-year-old history of the town. Present day Boppard is home to about 17,000 inhabitants and host to ...

Categories: Boppard


Borkum is an attractive North Sea island that has a wide range of activities to offer. The island is know as a health resort and has a long tradition in treating respiratory problems, and offers natural healing mud ...

Categories: Borkum


Braubach is south-western Germany and 8km south of Koblenz. The Marksburg Castle is perched dramatically on the top of a hill overlooking Braubach. The fortification has never been besieged and escaped virtually unscathed during the French attacks...

Categories: Braubach


The town of Breisach, located on the Rhine River in southwest Germany, is a major producer of wine, textiles, electrical goods and paper. This town has been long coveted because of its strategic location. Fortified by the Romans prior to the 13th cen...

Categories: Breisach


Breitnau is a charming town in the Black Forest of southern Germany. Located near Lake Titisee, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy boating, hiking, mountain biking, and spectacular views as far as the eye can see.

Categories: Breitnau


Bremen and Bremerhaven share port facilities in this region of Germany. In the area are numerous theatres, libraries and archives, and museums and galleries contribute to the rich cultural life of Bremen. Most of these facilities are concentrated in ...

Categories: Bremen/Bremerhaven


Categories: Brunsbuettel


Bühl (Baden) is located in southwestern Germany in the state of Baden-Württemberg, between the Rhine Valley and the Black Forest. Historically an agricultural town famous for its plums, Buhl is now renowned for its good restaurants and char...

Categories: Buhl


Categories: Burg

Burg bei Magdeburg

Categories: Burg bei Magdeburg

Burg Satzvey

Categories: Burg Satzvey


Categories: Calvorde


This medieval town, located in one of the best wine regions of the Mosel Valley, is crowded against the left bank of the river by a huge vineyard-covered hill. Because of its large number of inns, Cochem is your best choice for an overnight stopover ...

Categories: Cochem


Cologne is a city where cathedral spires tower over Germany's oldest city and its innumerable cultural and historical treasures, world-famous museums and active art scene. In Cologne, street music on the Hohe Strasse or galas in the modern opera hou...

Categories: Cologne

Continental Divide, Monument at Ludwigs Canal

Categories: Continental Divide Monument at Ludwigs Canal

Continental Divide, Rhine-Main-Danube Canal

Categories: Continental Divide Rhine-Main-Danube Canal


Categories: Cottbus


Categories: Cuxhaven


Surrounded by the recreational areas of the Odenwald and the Bergstrasse, the Taunus and the Spessart, Darmstadt is favored not only by nature, having a mild climate and fertile countryside, but is also particularly conveniently located for travel be...

Categories: Darmstadt


Deggendorf is a town in Bavaria, capital of the district Deggendorf. The earliest traces of settlement in the area are found near the Danube, about 8,000 years ago. Both Bronze Age and Celtic era archeological finds indicate continuous habitation thr...

Categories: Deggendorf


Dessau is a picturesque town in Germany where the Mulde and Elbe rivers meet. Landscape lovers will enjoy visiting the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Worlitz with its exceptional 18th century English style parks and gardens. Dessau also offers vi...

Categories: Dessau


Dietfurt has one of the most lively and unique festivals in Bavaria. During the week of Carnival the entire town turns Chinese. During what they refer to as "Chinese Carnival" they eat, drink, and dress up in Asian costumes. Dietfurt also h...

Categories: Dietfurt


Categories: Domitz


Donaueschingen is a picturesque town on the eastern fringe of Germany's Black Forest, near the confluence of the Brigach and Breg rivers. These tributaries are historically considered the source of the Danube, and the enclosed karst spring on cas...

Categories: Donaueschingen


Categories: Dorpen


Dresden is located along the river Elbe in the German state of Saxony and is known as a center for fine arts and science. Beautiful landscaping along the Elbe can be seen in the Elbe meadows and slopes. The Altmarkdt (Old Market Square) dating ...

Categories: Dresden


Duisburg is located in Germany's Ruhr area in the North-Rhine Westphalia, located within the world's biggest inland harbor. Duisburg has a strong steel industry and Duisport is a primary port in the region. One of the major opera houses in Ge...

Categories: Duisburg


Düsseldorf is a wealthy city -- the richest in Germany. It's big and commercial, full of banks and industrial offices and skyscrapers, but it's also refreshingly clean. Düsseldorf got its start as a settlement on the right bank of the Rhine, but tod...

Categories: Dusseldorf


Categories: Eberbach

Eberbach Abbey

Categories: Eberbach Abbey


Eberswalde is a charming old German town surrounded by large verdant forests. The city is popular for its festivities including Carnival when the entire town participates, and Rock me Magdalena a huge rock concert in one of the towns c...

Categories: Eberswalde


Categories: Ediger-Eller

Ehreshoven Castle

Categories: Ehreshoven Castle


The birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach and once home to Martin Luther, Eisenach, Germany, requires a full day to see its sights. The main attraction is Wartburg Castle, where medieval minstrels congregated, Martin Luther translated the New Testament...

Categories: Eisenach


Categories: Eltville

Eltz Castle

Categories: Eltz Castle


Categories: Emden


Categories: Emmerich


Categories: Engelskirchen


Categories: Engers


Erfurt, the Capital and spiritual center of Thuringia, is located in the center of Germany. This medieval city holds the only extensively preserved baroque town fortress in central Europe, and its old town is one of the most in tact medieval cities i...

Categories: Erfurt


The city of Erlangen is full of art and culture and one of the best preserved baroque cities in Europe. There are many attractive shopping facilities as well as historic attractions. The Huguenot Church is the oldest building in the city. The Orang...

Categories: Erlangen


Esslingen lies nestled in the Neckar Valley and is surrounded by beautiful hillside vineyards. Some sights to admire are the oldest row of half-timbered houses in Germany and the castle battlement walkway with an incredible view of the town and the...

Categories: Esslingen


Categories: Ettal


Flensburg lies on the Baltic in northern Germany. This quaint fishing village has a lot to offer visitors. One can find many shops, cafes and restaurants serving local cuisine - making it a great day trip. The town is also home to a Museum of Ship...

Categories: Flensburg


Forchheim, the largest district city in Franconia in northern Bavaria, is the seat of the administrative region of upper Franconia. A former royal city, it is sometimes called the "Gateway to the Franconian Switzerland," as the region is known. F...

Categories: Forchheim


Frankfurt is the city of the International Book Fair, the National Library - a city encompassing a variety of publishing houses, libraries and bookshops. In its museums, exhibition halls, and art galleries, Frankfurt displays its distinct style of co...

Categories: Frankfurt

Frankfurt an der Oder

Categories: Frankfurt an der Oder


Freiburg is the gateway to the southern Black Forest and a center of wine-growing and the arts. Some of the more notable sights include the vineyards on the slopes of Mount Kaiserstuhl, Freiburg's famous cathedral, the unique brooks running through t...

Categories: Freiburg


A peaceful town set amidst woodland and vivid meadows, Freudenberg is filled with picturesque buildings of white bricks and dark brown and blacks timbers. Visitors enjoy outdoor recreational activitues, exploring the landscape via hiking or by bicyc...

Categories: Freudenberg

Freudenberg am Main

Categories: Freudenberg am Main

Frisian Islands

Germany's Frisian Islands in the North Sea are reminiscent of the Cape Cod area in the U.S. or of coastal Scotland—the sea is rough, it's often foggy and there's a certain crispness in the air. Lying 100 mi/160 km northwest of Hamburg, the islands ar...

Categories: Frisian Islands


Categories: Fulda


Categories: Fussen


Although Garmisch is known more for outdoor activities than sightseeing, it has a number of places to visit. The historic churches of Garmisch and Partenkirchen are worth a peek. The Werdenfelser Heimatmuseum, a regional history and folk museum, occu...

Categories: Garmisch


Categories: Garmisch-Partenkirchen


Categories: Geising


Categories: Gengenbach


Genthin sits on the Elbe-Havel Canal, and has a recorded history that dates back to 1171 AD. Genthin also has a variety of beer gardens for guests to taste authentic German beer and meet city locals.

Categories: Genthin


This lovely old town sits on the Tauber River and boasts undamaged 14th-century city walls and beautifully preserved fortifications. Visitors can easily visit this small town on scenic river cruise from one of the larger cities.

Categories: Gerlachshausen


Germerseim, a quaint town in the German state Rhineland-Palatinate, contains Deutsches Strabenmuseum, Europe's only road museum.

Categories: Germersheim


Located on the Rhine River and the border of France, Greffern has a long history that dates back to the late 13th century. Primarily a fishing and shipping town, Greffern's history reflects this, as it consistently remains an important role in the sh...

Categories: Greffern


In summer Greifswald is especially beautiful where visitors can sit with ice cream in the old marketplace, relax at the Baltic Sea beaches and take delight in cultural events such as the Classical Music Festival.  German...

Categories: Greifswald


Categories: Griefswald-Wieck


Categories: Gundelsheim


Categories: Hagen


Categories: Haldensleben


Welcome to Hamburg, formerly Germany's largest city, which has a skyline dominated by historic spires, the largest port, the center of trade, and the most daring nightlife. Obviously, a city of superlatives, there is a reserved, gentlemanly quality a...

Categories: Hamburg


Lying 177 mi/286 km west of Berlin, Hannover, Germany, has had better luck attracting trade-show visitors than tourists; however, an older and popular attraction there is the Herrenhausen Gardens. It has intricate flowerbed patterns, one of the large...

Categories: Hannover


Categories: Hanover


Categories: Harburg

Harz Mountains

The Harz Mountains, a wooded, mountainous region in central Germany 183 mi/295 km southwest of Berlin, has inspired many eerie legends and folktales. There are several towns and small villages that could be combined for a nice two- or three-day tour....

Categories: Harz Mountains


The pretty little town of Hassfurt lies on the north bank of the main between the Steigerwald and the Hassbergerg. For much of its history, it was a frontier post of the territory of the latter's prince-bishopric, and two massive medieval tower-gates...

Categories: Hassfurt


A town with European charm, Hassmersheim contains plenty of reactional activities for visitors, including sports halls, pools, canoeing, and sport shooting. Nearby attractions include a variety of castles, including the Guttenberg Castle, which rests...

Categories: Hassmersheim


Categories: Heide/Buesum


Heidelberg's fairy tale setting has captivated imaginations for centuries in works from writers to painters to composers. Its culture shows in its museums, private galleries, playhouses, concerts by Philharmonic and the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra,...

Categories: Heidelberg


Categories: Heilbronn


Categories: Helgoland


Categories: Hennigsdorf


Heringsdorf is a seaside resort town on the German island of Usedom. The entire island is a nature park and outdoor lovers dream. There are numerous lakes to explore, and green hills to hike or simply bike around He...

Categories: Heringsdorf


A city with over centuries of history, Hilpotstein was first founded as the "oppidum in Lapide," meaning the town at the stone in 1280. The country atmosphere of Hilpoltstein will transport a visitor into a peaceful haven, full of green in all direct...

Categories: Hilpoltstein


Categories: Hitzacker


Categories: Hof


Categories: Hohenschwangau


Categories: Hohenwart


Categories: Hoya


Categories: Ingolstadt

Isle of Rugen

Germany's largest island, the Isle of Rugen is a breathtaking Baltic getaway. White chalk cliffs, long sandy beaches, woods of beech and lovely buildings make the Isle of Rugen a must see.

Categories: Isle of Rugen


Near Trier, Kaiserslautern, and Koblenz, Issel is situated in the Rhineland-Palatinate region. It rests along the river that shares the same name.

Categories: Issel


Karlsruhe, the vivacious metropolis on the Rhine, is rich in culture and excellent, unusual museums. The star-shaped arrangement of roads fanning out from Baroque Schloss, the lovely Schlossgarten park and Botanical Gardens, the Stadtgarten Park an...

Categories: Karlsruhe


Categories: Kassel


Categories: Kehl


Kelheim is a harbor town on one main important European water road and ships with freight from everywhere of the world now bring prosperity. The first sign of reaching Kelheim is a big monument on top of a hill. It is a white round hall from marble, ...

Categories: Kelheim


Kiel is a city in north central Germany, in Schleswig-Holstein, a port on the Baltic Sea, at the eastern entrance of the Kiel Canal. The city has been noted as a port since the 10th century because of its excellent harbor, which is a tideless fjord. ...

Categories: Kiel

Kiel Canal

The Kiel Canal, also known as the Nord-Ostsee Kanal, is an artificial waterway in northwestern Germany that links the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The canal extends in a northeastern direction across the farmIands of Schleswig-Holstein from Brunsbüt...

Categories: Kiel Canal


Part of the German state of Bavaria in the Franconia region, Kitzingen is surrounded by vineyards and produces the most wine in Bavaria. A 13th century leaning tower stands as Kitzingen's main landmark, and is said to have been caused by wine replaci...

Categories: Kitzingen


While exploring this lovely town, visitor are encouraged to visit the nearby 18th-century Pillnitz Castle featuring a blend of Baroque and Far Eastern architecture. Discover its splendid collection of 13th- to 20th-century arts and crafts a...

Categories: Kleinzschachwitz


This 2,000-year-old city at the confluence of the Moselle and Rhine rivers is the cultural and business centre of the Middle Rhine region. History buffs can explore the Neoclassic Residence Schloss, the Prince Elector's palace; the Deutsches Eck, a s...

Categories: Koblenz


Konigstein offers visitors many old world attractions and enjoyable activities. Visitors may go aboard a historic paddle-steamer and tour the beautiful landscape along the Elbe river. The fortress of Konigstein is also a...

Categories: Konigstein


The famous tourist destination of Konigswinter is located at the slopes of the Rhine river banks in the Siebengebirge Mountain, a climatically and geographically prime location.

Categories: Konigswinter


Categories: Konstanz


Categories: Konz


Categories: Krefeld


Categories: Kronberg


Categories: Kustenkanal


Categories: Lahnstein

Lake Constance

Lake Constance (Bodensee), Germany's largest lake, is bordered by Switzerland and Austria. It's an old-fashioned resort area, with one of the warmest summer microclimates in the country. It's also a big fruit-growing region and a popular location for...

Categories: Lake Constance


There are more than a dozen lakes in this area making this a paradise for water sports enthusiasts looking for sailing, rowing, and swimming activities. Lauenberg also features beautiful scenic views, magnificent churches and architecturally beautifu...

Categories: Lauenberg


Categories: Lauenburg

Lauffen am Neckar

Categories: Lauffen am Neckar


Lauterbach, meaning Loud Stream, is a charming town popular with German tourists for the city's festivals and traditional costumes. The lauterback museum features exhibits detailing the middle-ages in Germany, as well as a collection of pottery and f...

Categories: Lauterbach


Categories: Lehnitz


In Goethe's Faust a character named Frosch calls Leipzig 'a little Paris.' He was wrong - Leipzig is more fun. Street-side cafes pour out onto the streets, and underground music clubs thud throughout the night; the town also has some of the finest cl...

Categories: Leipzig


Categories: Lichterfelde


Categories: Lindau

Linderhof Palace

Categories: Linderhof Palace

Linz am Rhein

Categories: Linz am Rhein


Categories: Lorrach


Categories: Loschwitz


Categories: Lübbenau


Now designated a World Heritage Site, this ancient 'Queen of the Hanseatic League' from the 12th to 16th century is today a beautifully preserved medieval town whose traffic-free center is an architectural treasure chest. Lubeck's ancient heart withi...

Categories: Lubeck


Ludwigsburg is Baroque town located on the Neckar River and is known for its beautiful gardens and palaces dating back to the 1700's. Ludwig's Palace is one of the biggest Baroque palace complexes in Germany built for Duke Eberhard Ludwig of Wurit...

Categories: Ludwigsburg


Categories: Ludwigshafen


Categories: Lueneburg


Near Hamburg, Luneburg, Germany, is a Hanseatic League city that was prosperous in the Middle Ages—many fine old buildings and houses remain from the 14th and 15th centuries. Some of them have step-gable roofs and ornate facades. The most notable bui...

Categories: Luneburg


Categories: Lunow


The city of Madgeburg is 1200 years old and located on the banks of the river Elbe. The city is loaded with art and architecture from all time periods. The Monastery of Our Lady is made in the beautiful Romanesque style as are many of the city's ch...

Categories: Magdeburg

Main River Village

Categories: Main River Village


Mainz is located on the left bank of the Rhine, across from the Rhine's intersection with the Main River. It is thought that there may have been wine-producing vines in the area even before the coming of the Romans in 38 B.C., although it was from th...

Categories: Mainz


From its start as a quaint fishing village more than a thousand years ago, Mannheim has grown into one of the largest and most developed cities in Southern Germany. For a short time in the eighteenth century, the city served as a regional government ...

Categories: Mannheim


Categories: Marktheidenfeld


Meissen is known as the "cradle" of saxony. The town's beautiful stone buildings display different time periods in Saxon as well as Holy Roman Empire history. The Albrechtsburg Castle was the first royal residence in Germany and is currently a museu...

Categories: Meissen


Visit the historic market place "Schnatterloch" and the site of the set for the film "The pub in Spessart Forest". From here proceed to the nearby Amorbach, a romantic Baroque town, where you visit the Odenwald nature reserve.

Categories: Miltenberg

Mittelland Canal

Categories: Mittelland Canal


Categories: Modlareuth


Categories: Moenchengladbach

Monheim am Rhein

Categories: Monheim am Rhein


Categories: Muenster


Categories: Muhlhausen


Home of tworld-famous Oktoberfest, the Hofbrauhaus and beergarden-experience, Munich has become one of the most modern and prosperous cities in post-war Germany. Munich offers museums, art galleries, concert halls and historical buildings, beergarden...

Categories: Munich


Categories: Munster


Categories: Nedlitz


Categories: Neumagen


Categories: Neumuenster


The city of Neustadt lies in the Naturpark Südschwarzwald (South Black Forest Nature Park). The Mittelweg hiking trail that goes through town leads also passes many beautiful natural monuments. All along the city visitors can enjoy the hiking tr...

Categories: Neustadt


Categories: Niederfinow


Categories: Nienburg


Categories: Nierstein


Categories: Noerdlingen


Categories: Nurburgring


The second largest city in Bavaria, Nuremberg is a glowing testament to medieval culture as evidenced in its historic monuments, Gothic churches and elegant patrician houses. Take a walk around the 13th-century city walls, complete with moats, watch...

Categories: Nuremberg


If Oberammergau did not have the reputation it does, it would have been one of the quietest places among numerous others in the Alps. But its tradition made it that well-known. This tradition does apply to handicraft, to history up to the legends and...

Categories: Oberammergau


Categories: Oberwesel


Oderberg is a charming small town surrounded by vast forests and picturesque landscapes. The forest, hills and marked nature trails make for excellent hiking and walking. The town also offers cycling routes and bike rentals so that visitors...

Categories: Oderberg


Categories: Offenbach


Categories: Oldenburg


Categories: Osnabruck

Ostseebad Binz

Categories: Ostseebad Binz


Categories: Papenburg


In the third millennium, Passau was considerably enlarged by the prince bishops of Passau, who made it their royal residence and capital of the largest Danube diocese. The wonderful Baroque buildings dominating the city today were built after a fire ...

Categories: Passau


To visit Peenemunde is to step into a very significant part of WWII history. It was here that V1 and V2 rockets were formulated, tested and launched. Now there is not much to be seen of the factories where the rockets were made, as the allied forces ...

Categories: Peenemunde


Categories: Pleidelsheim


Categories: Plittersdorf


Categories: Pommern


The city of Potsdam, Germany, is most often seen as a day trip from Berlin. Located an hour's drive south of Berlin, Potsdam was the scene of one of the most important events at the end of World War II. It was there that the Big Three—the U.S., Great...

Categories: Potsdam

Rastatt Landing

Categories: Rastatt Landing


Categories: Rees


Regensburg is located in Bavaria, one of the most distinctive regions of the entire nation. It is an ancient city. Settled first by the Celts in prehistoric times, it was a Roman center for centuries and the site of an important bishopric in the Midd...

Categories: Regensburg

Reichenstein, Trechtingshausen

Categories: Reichenstein Trechtingshausen


Categories: Reidenberg


Remagen is a German city rich in World II history.

Categories: Remagen


Categories: Remseck


Categories: Rheinau

Rhine Gorge

Winding from Bingen to Bonn, the 'heroic Rhine' has created a beautifully picturesque gorge. The river-scape has been an inspiration to both artists and authors.

Categories: Rhine Gorge

Rhine River Cruising

Categories: Rhine River Cruising

Rhine Valley

Weaving through the Slate Mountains from Bingen to Koblenz, this UNESCO world heritage site is brimming with picturesque panoramas of hills and forests, a latticework of medieval villages and more castles than any other river in the world are found w...

Categories: Rhine Valley


Germans call this area The Rhineland-Pfalz, the river valleys created by the Ahr, Lahn, Moselle (Mosel) and Rhine Rivers. In the Middle Ages the Moselle and Rhine river valleys were controlled by feudal lords who built castles at strategic intervals...

Categories: Rhineland


Riedenburg is in the heart of Bavaria and has a magnificent landscape created over millions of years. Rabenstein and Tachenstein, two fortresses, sit in ruins, but Rosenburg Castle, Riedenburg‘s best known building, is full of life and houses the Mu...

Categories: Riedenburg

Roman Villa Borg

Categories: Roman Villa Borg

Romantic Road

Granted, the notion of Germany's Romantische Strasse (Romantic Road) was simply a marketing scheme of the 1950s, but it was a good one. Some of the prettiest towns in Germany are scattered along the route, a fact that millions of tourists discover ev...

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Rostock Laage

Categories: Rostock Laage


Roth, Germany is best known for its Quelle-Roth Challenge, an annual triathalon that attracts the hearty from all over the world.

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Of the many towns along the Romantic Road, Rothenburg is the most lovable. Today it’s Germany's best-preserved medieval walled town, enjoying tremendous popularity. Those spending a night in Europe’s most exciting medieval town risk actually hearing ...

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Nature, Celtic traditions and Bavarian luxury stretch upward towards the Austrian border from the Tegernsee Valley. Travelers visiting this lake town will never be short of something to do. Witness 500 years of tradition as the town dresses up in fol...

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Rüdesheim is located in the heart of the Rhine river area at the southern entrance to the Lorelei valley. This romantic holiday town offers much to visitors seeking a fabulous German experience. As you cruise down the Rhine, if you listen carefully, ...

Categories: Rudesheim

Ruedesheim an der Nahe

Ruedesheim an der Nahe is a small town located near the Nahe River, not to be confused with Rudesheim am Rhein, which is situated along the Rhine River. The town is only 2 mi/3 km from Bad Kreuznach.

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Russelsheim am Main

Rüsselsheim am Main is located on the Main in the Rhein-Main region of Germany between Mainz and Frankfurt. The first Riesling was cultivated in Russelsheim in 1435, and historic vineyards still exist in the picturesque town.

Categories: Russelsheim am Main


A historical and cultural center of the Saarland region of Germany, Saarbrucken has much to offer the discerning visitor. Old churches such as the 18th century Basilica St. Johann have been perfectly renovated give a taste of the multiude of Baroqu...

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Sankt Goar

Sankt Goar is a town on the west bank of the Middle Rhine in the Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis (district) in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde of Sankt Goar-Oberwesel, whose seat is in the town of Oberwesel. Sankt Goar is...

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Sankt Goarshausen

Categories: Sankt Goarshausen

Schleswig Holstein

The bundesland (state) of Schleswig-Holstein, located 61 mi/99 km northwest of Hamburg on the isthmus connecting Germany to Denmark, has coastlines on both the North and the Baltic seas, with some of the most rural stretches of land in the country. E...

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Schloss Elmau

Tucked deep in the Bavarian Alps with a breathtaking view of the Wetterstein Mountain and Ferchenbach Stream is a wellness-retreat untethered to communal life and ideologies. Its chaste surroundings of whispering forests, trickling streams and majest...

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Schloss Johannisberg, Geisenheim

Categories: Schloss Johannisberg Geisenheim


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Schwangau, Germany

Categories: Schwangau Germany


Schweich is a municipality in the district of Trier-Saarburg in Germany. It is a charming destination with much of a preserved beauty. There are restaurants as well as vineyards to be visited around the area. There are also plenty of hotel accommodat...

Categories: Schweich


Schweinfurt is located in the Bavaria, Germany. The city was completely destroyed back in the 1250’s because of a war that had broken out between Earl of Henneberg and Prince-Bishop of Wuzburg. Following its years it was quickly reconstructed a...

Categories: Schweinfurt


Spandau is located in northern Germany, in western Berlin. The population was estimated at about 223,962 in 2010. This location is home to the Spandau Citadel, which was built in the 16th century and is now completely surrounded by water. There are p...

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One of the oldest Rhine cities, Speyer celebrated its 2,000th jubilee in 1990. It became a significant religious center early on when the Diet of Speyer, in 1529, united the followers of Luther in a protest against the Church of Rome.

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St. Goar

Categories: St. Goar

St. Goarhausen

St. Goarshausen is located on the eastern shore of the Rhine River in Germany. This destination is home to the famous Lorelei rock which marks the narrowest passage of the river. The most important economy boosters in the town come from tourism and w...

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Stettin is located in northwestern Poland on the Oder River Valley. It is capital of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, and it is one of the country’s largest cities with a population of 407,811 according to a 2011 poll. The city is culturally ri...

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Stralsund has one of the best natural harbors in the Baltic. The town is separated from the island of Rügen by a narrow sea channel, the Strait of Bodden, and makes its living mainly from shipyards, fishing fleets and, to an increasing degree...

Categories: Stralsund


Straubing is a medieval town located in Lower Bavaria, Germany. The city is situated on the banks of the famous Danube River. The streets of Straubing are buzzing with so much fun, culture and history surrounding them.  You will find an abundanc...

Categories: Straubing

Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The population was noted at 613,392 in the year of 2012. Stuttgart is known as a very important industrial mecca, home to some of the world’s most prestige line of vehicles, wineries and fashion...

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Sylt is an island belonging to the North Frisian archipelago in Germany. It is the largest island in northern Germany, and 4th largest in the country. The island is attached to the mainland by a narrow way, it has become a very popular destination fo...

Categories: Sylt


The town of Tangermunde is located on the Elbe River about an hour outside of Berlin. The town has a medieval charm with its huge wall with fortified gates, narrow cobblestone streets and ancient churches still remaining from over 400 years ago. A...

Categories: Tangermunde


Categories: Theresienthal

Thuringian Forest

From Eisenach, it's a short trip to the beautiful Thuringian Forest in central Germany, which is ideal for hiking, relaxing and taking a vacation from your vacation. Beautiful hills and valleys characterize this region, and botanists (amateurs includ...

Categories: Thuringian Forest


Located southwest of Berlin, Torgau is best known as the location of a diplomatic meeting between U.S. and Soviet leaders during World War II.   Since the reunification of East and West Germany, the historic town center has been rest...

Categories: Torgau


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Categories: Treis-Karden


Categories: Trendelburg


Trier is a charming and very beautiful city. Founded by the Romans in 16 B.C., it is Germany's oldest city and exhibits architectural styles of the last 2000 years.

Categories: Trier


Tubingen, which was built on a hillside above the Neckar River, is one of Germany's most important and famous university towns. The city dates from at least 1078, and the university was founded in 1477. For a picturesque view over the city, stroll al...

Categories: Tubingen


Ulm is a German city rich in history. It is located along the Danube River in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. Ulm is best known for being the birthplace of Albert Einstein and for having the church with the tallest steeple in the world, the Gothic Ul...

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Categories: Villingen-Schwenningen


Vilshofen is a small town on the banks of the Danube, and it has a welcome blend of modernity and history along its city streets. The old city center with its tower and St. John cathedral, antiquated narrow streets, monuments, and Baroque architectur...

Categories: Vilshofen


The renaissance Royal Palace of Visegrad and the Castle are unique witnesses of Hungarian history with thousands of visitors each year. In summer festivals are held on the ruins commemorating the Middle Ages. The nearby spa in Lepence has both excell...

Categories: Visegrad


The small marina town of Vitte opens up into an island filled with beech and pine forests, white sand beaches, dramatic cliffs and flowered marshland. No cars are permitted on Hiddensee, and it is a small part of the Boddenlandschaft National Park. S...

Categories: Vitte


Categories: Voerde


Categories: Volkach


The Völklingen Ironworks, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, sprawls across the city as the last example of 19th and 20th century ironwork production sites that were organized within city limits, integrated into the metropolitan design. The ...

Categories: Völklingen

Vollrads Castle

Categories: Vollrads Castle


Categories: Waldeck


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Categories: Weikersheim


Weimar, Germany, which is 177 mi/285 km southwest of Berlin and can be seen in a day, has a strong connection to Germany's most famous poets and philosophers (primarily Goethe and Schiller). Though it was never the nation's capital, Weimar lent its n...

Categories: Weimar

Weingut Schlagkamp-Desoye, Senheim

Categories: Weingut Schlagkamp-Desoye Senheim


Categories: Weltenburg


Wertheim is an important city with a historic past that has remained true to its medieval roots. Wertheim's claim to fame is its fabulous castle ruins. Positioned on the cornerhills between the rivers, the Burg Wertheim appears quite striking on firs...

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Weser River

Categories: Weser River


Categories: Wiek


Categories: Wies


The city of Wiesbaden is located on the Rhine River and is often described as the "Nice of the North" with its beautiful parks and gardens. Its hot springs make it a popular health resort and place of tranquility. There is plenty to do in W...

Categories: Wiesbaden

Wimpfen am Berg

Wimpfen am Berg is a small town situated on a ridge high above the Nectar River. The half-timbered houses dating back to 16th century, the high towers and walls, and the historic buildings make the town look picturesque. In the west part of the ...

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Categories: Wismar


Wittenberg was central in the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. This little medieval town was where Martin Luther's 95 Theses were nailed to the doors of the Castle Church, where you can now visit his tomb. You can visit Luther's House, an ...

Categories: Wittenberg


Categories: Wittenberge


The Wittow Peninsula is reached by the Wittower Faehre ferry. As you approach, you will see the striking, pictorial Cape Arkona, with a red topped lighthouse and the cliff faces along pebbled, rocky beaches. Beyond the light house is a beautifully sc...

Categories: Wittower


Categories: Wolfsburg


As a Wendish stronghold in the 12th century, Wolgast was home to dukes and German settlers. Because of the town-wide fire in 1713 by Russian soldiers during a battle, much of what we see now in modern Wolgast are buildings built in the 18th and 19th ...

Categories: Wolgast


Wolin is built on top of and around a medieval town, dating to the 11th century. Slavic ruins may be found in the surrounding region. There is also Wolin National Park to explore.

Categories: Wolin

Wörlitzer Park

Categories: Wörlitzer Park


Once an imperial residence, Worms sits proudly on the banks of the River Rhine. Like other cities in the region, Worms is of great historical significance. She has been home to the Celts, the Romans, the Huns, has been razed by the French and bombe...

Categories: Worms


Categories: Wuppertal


The historic bishopric of Würzburg on the river Main is now the capital of Lower Franconia. Surrounded by sloping hills covered with vineyards, Würzburg is a centre of the wine trade. Visit the cathedral, the Neumünster church, the Marienkapelle and...

Categories: Wurzburg


Categories: Wusterwitz


This charming town on the Lower Rhine has been delighting young and old alike for 2,000 years. Xanten combines cosmopolitan flair with an easy-going country attitude in the picturesque medieval streets around the cathedral. The countryside around Xan...

Categories: Xanten


This old town, along the east bank of the Mosel, is best known for its excellent wine, Schwarze Katze ("Black Cat"). The grape is king here, as you'll quickly realize if you visit during the annual autumn wine festival. Nearby, on the left bank of th...

Categories: Zell


Categories: Zeltingen


Zerben is a local part of the unit municipality Elbe Parey in the district Jerichower country in Saxonia-Anhalt. Zerben lies in a landscape shaped by a lush forest and tranquil river. Visitors to Zerben will discover the an architecturally beautiful ...

Categories: Zerben


Ziegenort is part of the Puszcza Wkrzanska forest region of northeastern Germany and Poland. It is a scenic, simple town along the Szczecin Lagoon in the Oder River's estuary, with a harbor, beach and nearby hiking and cycling areas to other villages...

Categories: Ziegenort


Zingst is known as one of the newer spa and health resort towns on the Baltic Coast. Here, you can indulge in a variety of treatments at the Spa Centre, stroll the Zingst Harbor and hop on a ferry to visit the island of Hiddensee or the Bodden Nation...

Categories: Zingst


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Categories: Zweiflingen

Germany wears its riches well: elegant big-city charm, small picture-postcard towns, pagan-inspired harvest festivals, a wealth of art and culture and the perennial pleasures of huge tracts of forest, delightful castles and fine wine and beer are all there for the savouring. Deep in the heart of Europe, Germany has had a seminal impact on Continental history. From Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire to Otto von Bismarck's German Reich, Nazism and the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, no other nation has moulded Europe the way Germany has.
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Bratwurst and beer, castles and cathedrals, and centuries of history and skilled craftspeople. The time has come to pack your lederhosen for the wonderful views and brews of Germany. From world-class cities to half-timbered towns and romantic river valleys to fairytale forests, we’ve compiled the co...

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5-Nights The Romantic Road: Wurzburg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Augsburg, Fussen, and Munich

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The Romantic Road Step back in time with a visit to the picturesque countryside of the celebrated Romantic Road in Bavaria. Drive along panoramic byways to see fairy tale castles, medieval towns with ancient fortifications, and plenty of quaint shops. Pick up your rental car in either Frankfurt or ...

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Though Germany is weathering the world financial difficulties better than most countries, the impact of unification at the end of the Cold War means there are still significant disparities between east and west. Nevertheless, continued significant investment in public services, research and development, and infrastructure projects has ensured that Germany has one of the highest standards of living in the world.

In real terms, this means that travelers are likely to move around the country faster, dine better and experience newer attractions, such as the Reichstag's glass dome or the spectacular Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. A lot has changed, yet chances are that repeat visitors will still find the things they always liked: the restaurant serving huge helpings of sauerbraten or the biergarten with liter upon liter of lager and wheat beer.

Germany is a relatively new nation, created in 1871, and it has retained a very strong federal element. Rather, therefore, than looking at the country in terms of east and west, Germany is best seen as a host of regions sharply defined by dialect, food, traditions and history. For the best perspective, sample as many regions as possible.

Culturally, Berlin is booming, and it is now the country's No. 1 tourist magnet. Visitors to the cultural centers of Dresden, Leipzig and Weimar in eastern Germany will find much improved amenities there as well. The north has the delightful old seafaring cities of Hamburg and Bremen.

Along the Rhine and Moselle rivers are picturesque castles and steep, terraced vineyards. The Grimm Brothers collected the tales they heard in a trail of villages from Hanau to Bremen. In the south are snowcapped Alps, the alluring Black Forest, Munich, and Bavaria's boisterous beer halls and rococo palaces and churches.

Although it has plenty of fairy-tale sights and picturesque scenery that is reminiscent of medieval times, Germany is without a doubt a postindustrial, multicultural country with all the inherent advantages and conflicts. Reunification was a huge social and economic undertaking, and it came on top of an already heavy and, at times, troubled history. Broadly speaking, it has been a remarkable success, though travelers shouldn't expect all parts of the country, at all times, to be an Oktoberfest.


Germany shares a border with nine countries, more than any other European nation. Internally, it's divided into 16 bundeslander (provinces or states). Its only coastlines are in the north, along the North and Baltic seas. In the south are mostly foothills and mountains: the Alps in the far south and the Erzgebirge in the southeast. The central part of the country is also spotted with several smaller mountain ranges. The northern third of the country is mostly a plain.

Rivers are also distinctive features. The main ones are the Rhine, which flows northward in the western part of the country; the Danube, which begins as a trickle in the southwest and becomes a real river farther east; the Elbe, which flows through Dresden in the southeast and into the North Sea near Hamburg; and the Oder and Neisse, which together form the eastern border with Poland.

If the country were a clockface, Berlin would be at 2, Dresden 3, Munich 6, Frankfurt 9, Cologne 10 and Hamburg 12.


The 1945 division of Germany and its 1990 reunification fit the pattern of the nation's history: Germany has constantly gone through periods of conquest, occupation and reorganization.

The Danube River and the Rhine River divided the Germanic tribes from the Romans in the first century AD, but 500 years later Christianity began to take hold over the entire region. On Christmas Day in the year 800, the pope crowned the king of the Franks, Charlemagne, emperor of the Romans. It was the birth of the Holy Roman Empire (the First Reich), which lasted until the Napoleonic wars in the 19th century.

In 1517, Martin Luther set the Reformation in motion. Eventually, tensions between Protestants and Catholics resulted in the Thirty Years War, which ended in 1648.

The strong authority of local princes kept Germany from truly uniting as a nation until the rise of Prussian power and the formation of the German empire in 1871 (the Second Reich), under the chancellorship of Otto von Bismarck and the first kaiser, Wilhelm I. Just two kaisers later, the monarchy was dissolved when Wilhelm II abdicated his throne at the end of World War I.

Crushing inflation and social unrest after World War I caused political instability in the Weimar Republic. Those conditions were exploited by the Nazi party, under Adolf Hitler, who came to power in 1933, the beginning of the Third Reich. Germany invaded Poland in 1939, which started World War II.

When Germany was defeated, it was split again, with the eastern sector under the control of the Soviet Union and the three western sectors under the control of France, Britain and the U.S. During the Cold War, East Germany enjoyed the highest standard of living among Warsaw Pact countries, though that prosperity was relative: West Germany forged ahead with the economic miracle spurred on by the Marshall Plan.

The Berlin Wall fell in November 1989, and less than a year later, the two Germanys were reunited.

Today, Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe and one of the biggest advocates of the European Union. Its leading position in the EU also offers its citizens, and the world, a positive and progressive outlook for the country's future.


Germany's main attractions are history; Berlin; mountains and forests; river cruises; Christmas markets; lakes and beaches; art, architecture and performing arts; wine and beer; soccer, skiing, fishing and hiking; health spas and casinos; castles and churches; Alpine scenery; farmland; shopping; and Munich.

The country will appeal to travelers who are interested in European history, old-world architecture, lovely landscapes and cultural attractions as well as the flavor of German life. Travelers who are particularly interested in warm-water beaches and consistently nice weather may be happier in other European destinations.


The first Green Party was organized in Germany, and Germany is one of the leading European countries in terms of recycling and the generation of solar and wind-based power.

The Neanderthal Man got his name from the Neanderthal Valley near Duesseldorf where the first skeleton was unearthed in 1865. The last Neanderthals vanished around 30,000 years ago, though they were actually much more intelligent than usually portrayed.

The Russian writer Leo Tolstoy often lost all his possessions at the casino Baden Baden. It is also the setting of Fyodor Dostoevsky's novels The Double and The Gambler.

Bremerhaven was Germany's most important port for people emigrating into the New World. About 7 million people left Old Europe from there. Only 4 million were Germans. German ships were popular because they were safer and more comfortable than those leaving from Britain or France.

The 6 million visitors to Munich's annual Oktoberfest drink a total of around 1.8 million gal/7 million l of beer, and eat around 520,000 half-chickens, 140,000 pairs of sausages and 100 oxen.

In the 19th century, the Brothers Grimm collected fairy tales in many towns and regions in Germany and committed them to paper: Snow White and Rose Red took place in Muhldorf, Puss-in-Boots near Berlin, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in Alfeld, Sleeping Beauty in Sababurg, Little Red Riding Hood in Hesse, Hansel and Gretel near Marburg, and Cinderella in Budingen.

There are about 40 castles on the Rhine River between Koblenz and Mainz.

In addition to visiting the Bauhaus-Archiv in Berlin, enthusiasts of the Bauhaus style of architecture will want to visit Dessau, where the movement was important from 1925 to 1932.

Schloss Herrenchiemsee is a Bavarian castle with a difference: Built by King Ludwig II on an island in Lake Chiemsee, it's a miniature copy of Versailles. It was never finished; Ludwig ran out of money.

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