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Categories: Agropoli


The center of a triangle made up by Bari, Brindisi, and Taranto, the Valley of Itria has long been known for olive cultivation and the beehive-shaped houses dotting its landscape. These curious structures, called trulli, were built at least as early ...

Categories: Alberobello

Alps, Italy

The Italian Alps stretch for 600 mi/966 km across the north of Italy. These mountains, some of which rise 14,000 ft/4,340 m, offer incredible scenery, great skiing, hiking and other activities year-round. They are generally divided into western, cent...

Categories: Alps Italy


The small, picturesque seaside resort of Amalfi, famous for its glorious history as a maritime republic, has spectacular scenery and great weather. The white, pink and yellow cottages are surrounded by whitewashed courtyards and winding alleys that m...

Categories: Amalfi

Amalfi Coast

Categories: Amalfi Coast

Ancona, Italy

Ancona is a port on the Adriatic coast of central Italy. Monuments of interest include the Cathedral remodelled in the 12th and 13th centuries in Romanesque style with evident Byzantine influence. Notable landmarks, restored since the war, include th...

Categories: Ancona Italy


Anzio is a charming fishing port on the coast of Lazio, south of Rome. In fact, Romans drive to Anzio simply to enjoy the fresh seafood from an array of restaurants lining the port. Along the beautiful sandy beaches visitors will discover ruins perta...

Categories: Anzio

Aosta Valley

Categories: Aosta Valley


An artists town with Venetian roots, scenic Asolo, Italy, sits on a panoramic hillside location overlooking trees and small farms 25 mi/45 km northwest of Venice. Walk the narrow streets to see the flower boxes that decorate each house. Visit the mus...

Categories: Asolo


Assisi is a well-preserved medieval town that's, after the Vatican, Italy's second most-popular religious-pilgrimage destination. Located high on a hilltop, it has an air of mystical serenity in keeping with its history. Assisi was the ...

Categories: Assisi


Bari (ancient Barium) is an industrial city in the Apulia region of southern Italy and a seaport on the Adriatic Sea. The old quarter of the city sits on a promontory separating the old and new harbors. It is the site of two notable Romanesque church...

Categories: Bari


Categories: Basilicata

Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa is a medieval town located in the province of Vicenza, in the Veneto region of northern Italy. Due to its nearby location to the Alps, the architecture of the town has a decidedly Austrian flavor intermixed with the typical charmin...

Categories: Bassano del Grappa


Baveno is a town perched on the shores of Lake Maggiore, in northern Italy. Baveno is known for its historic villas and castles, beautiful gardens, peaceful location, and perhaps best of all, its spectacular views of the lake and the Borromean Island...

Categories: Baveno

Bay of Naples

The Bay of Naples, offers travellers the chance to visit some of Italy's most extraordinary sites such as, the classic ruins at Herculaneum, a town that was destroyed along with Pompeii in 79AD, and Mt. Vesuvius. Additionally, Castellammare...

Categories: Bay of Naples


Many people pass through Bologna, Italy, on their way elsewhere, which is a shame—it merits a stop of at least a day. Sometimes called "Bologna the fat," this city 65 mi/105 km north of Florence is a great place to indulge yourself: Many consider it ...

Categories: Bologna


Bolzano lies 265 m above sea level along one of the most important routes running from the Mediterranean to the North Sea, connecting North and South. It is surrounded on all sides by mountains. Bolzano's inhabitants belong to three linguistic group...

Categories: Bolzano

Bracciano-Martignano Regional Nature Park

Categories: Bracciano-Martignano Regional Nature Park

Brenner Pass

Categories: Brenner Pass


Breuil-Cervinia is located in Italy’s Aosta Valley at the foot of the Matterhorn. Sharing a ski area with Zermatt, it is known as one of the world’s top ski resorts. With an abundance of excellent snow, great runs for all levels and a fri...

Categories: Breuil-Cervinia


Rich in history Brindisi sit's on the boot's heel of Italy and is one of the three main towns of the Salento peninsula. From here Crusaders sailed for the Holy Land and traders sold goods from the Silk Road. Visitors can visit the local Archa...

Categories: Brindisi


The elegant hilltop suburb of Brunate is home to a plethora of villas and gardens. It can be reached in seven minutes via a small funicular from the eastern end of the Lungo Lario Trieste, which runs along the shore of Lake Como. The views from the "...

Categories: Brunate


Calabria is known as the ‘Carribbean of Europe’ in Southern Italy. The pristine beaches and beautiful landscape borders the Tyrrhenian Sea to the West and the Ionian Sea to the East. Calabria is one of the oldest regions of Italy where vi...

Categories: Calabria


Categories: Camogli


Categories: Canda


Known as the "Island of Love" since the days of the Roman Empire, Capri offers stunning views, dozens of international cafes, fine Mediterranean restaurants and sophisticated resort shopping. Enjoy a boat trip around the coast to witness the hypnotic...

Categories: Capri

Capriva del Friuli

The small town of Capriva was settled in Roman times until being passed to the Venetians in 1428. By the 16th century, the town was transferred to Italy. Known for its viticulture, Capriva is also refined in its traditional cuisine, organic homemade ...

Categories: Capriva del Friuli

Castel di Lama

Castel di Lama derives from the name of a mediaeval castle. In the 14th century, the castle was originally named Castel della Lama. By the late 17th century the fort was transformed what is today’s hotel Borgo Storico Seghetti Panichi. Visit...

Categories: Castel di Lama

Chianti Countryside

Chianti is Tuscany’s very own wine region popular across the Italian countryside and the most visited by tourists. Chianti covers two provinces, Florence and Siena and 7 other subregions. Its fields of vineyards grow best on rolling hills creat...

Categories: Chianti Countryside


Circeo is a small and isolated mountain range rising above the Tyrrhenian Sea that runs along Gaeta, a province of Latina, Italy. During the middle ages, Circeo was one of Rome’s first colonies controlled by feudal lords and protected by the Kn...

Categories: Circeo

Conca dei Marini

The valley by the sea, the "City of Sailors," the pearl of the Amalfi Coast where lemon orchards and aromatic flowers fragrances the Tyrrhenian air lies Conca dei Marini the small charming village with relics of the Roman Empire. This villa...

Categories: Conca dei Marini

Corigliano Calabro

Categories: Corigliano Calabro

Cortina D'Ampezzo

Cortina d'Ampezzo is a town and municipality in the province of Belluno, Veneto, northern Italy. Located in the Dolomites, it is a popular winter sport resort. .Probably among the three most exclusive mountain locations in Europe, Cortina is know...

Categories: Cortina D'Ampezzo


Categories: Corvara


The highest summit in Western Europe, Courmayeur is a ski-resort haven popular amongst international tourists and more foreign languages spoken here than at any airport. When snow has melted, this village turns into a summer hiking destination. 

Categories: Courmayeur


Categories: Entreves

Fanes-Sennes-Braies Natural Park

Categories: Fanes-Sennes-Braies Natural Park


Many of the streets in the walled, picture-perfect city of Ferrara, Italy, are lined with elegant palaces. Unfortunately, some of the most beautiful parts of this city 70 mi/112 km southwest of Venice—the courtyards and gardens hidden within the pala...

Categories: Ferrara


Categories: Foggia


Categories: Friuli-Venezia-Giulia


Gaeta is an intimate seaside resort town. Rich in history, the medieval urban settlement was built upon foundations laid during the Roman period. Since the times of ancient Romans, the favorable setting and mild climate have made Gaeta an enchanting ...

Categories: Gaeta


Originally named Kalè polis, meaning "Beautiful City", by ancient Greek mariners, Gallipoli's Old Town with its labyrinth of winding lanes emerges from the Ionian Sea and is connected to mainland modern Gallipoli via a 17th-century bridge. It is a l...

Categories: Gallipoli

Genoa, Italy

With its dizzying mix of old and new, of sophistication and squalor, Genoa (Genova) is as multilayered as the hills it clings to. It was and is a port city: an important maritime center for the Roman Empire, boyhood home of Christopher Columbus (whos...

Categories: Genoa Italy


Categories: Grado


Categories: Herculaneum


Oneglia is one of the larger council areas in Imperia and feels like a separate town. The Olive Oil Museum, on grounds of the Carli Brother's renowned oil company in via Garessio, houses a collection of oil-related paraphernalia, tracing the flavor ...

Categories: Imperia


Ischia is the largest of the three islands off the coast of Naples. The coastline offers ample opportunities for sun-bathing and relaxation. Inland, the peaceful rolling volcanic hills and mountainous terrain awaits those ready to hike. For the ...

Categories: Ischia

Isola di San Pietro

Categories: Isola di San Pietro

Isola di Stromboli

Categories: Isola di Stromboli

Italian Lakes District

The Italian Lakes District is an area that is graced with shocking beauty and incredible diversity. The setting includes beautiful valleys, snowcapped mountain peaks and the shimmering lakes of Maggiore, Como and Lugano. Your breath will be taken ...

Categories: Italian Lakes District

Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera is famous for its particularly mild climate which, together with the charm of its old fishing ports and the beauty of its landscape, has made it a popular destination for travellers and tourists since the time of Byron and Shelley...

Categories: Italian Riviera


Categories: Kastelruth

La Spezia

Located in the northern region of Italy, La Spezia is one of Italy's biggest military and commerical harbors. Cinque Terre and Portovenere are often accessed by La Spezia.

Categories: La Spezia

La Thuile

Categories: La Thuile


Sleepy Laglio is not the prettiest town on Lake Como, but it's become a meeting place for the jetset. The culprit is Hollywood actor George Clooney, who bought Villa L'Oleandra (allegedly for US$10 million) in 2000. The walled villa dates from the 18...

Categories: Laglio

Lake Garda

Northwest of Verona is scenic Lake Garda, Italy's largest lake, offering Roman ruins and 12th-century castles. Although some of Lake Garda's towns are now a bit overbuilt (tourists pack the area in July and August), there are still some lovely little...

Categories: Lake Garda

Lake Maggiore

Like the other northern Italian lakes, Lake Maggiore's credentials as a tourist destination go back a long way. The early twentieth century saw a spate of illustrious visitors enjoying themselves in luxurious lakeside villas and verdant gardens. T...

Categories: Lake Maggiore


Langhe is a famous area in Piedmont, famous for its landscapes, long history of wine making, cheeses and truffles.

Categories: Langhe


An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 struck the medieval walled city of L'Aquila, Italy, in April 2009, claiming more than 300 lives and causing severe damage to almost all of the buildings in the historical center of the town, which is the capital of the ...

Categories: L'Aquila


Categories: Lazio

Le Montenvers

Categories: Le Montenvers


Lecce is a historic city located in Puglia, often referred to as Florence of the South. The city is filled with Baroque monuments and the historic center is popular for fine food and many sights.

Categories: Lecce


The noisy industrial area between the Lago di Lecco and the smaller Lago di Garlate often deters visitors from visiting Lecco, which actually has quite a pretty city center. Located 19 mi/30 km from Como, Lecco has a lovely lake promenade, a medieval...

Categories: Lecco


Lerici is a picturesque resort town along the Italian Riviera. The cliffs of the city are terraced and planted with vineyards and gardens, and the waterfront buildings are conveniently clustered around the harbor. The main square is Piazza Garibaldi ...

Categories: Lerici


Categories: Liguria


Categories: Lombardy

Madonna di Campiglio

Categories: Madonna di Campiglio


Mantua is a commune in Lombardy, Italy and sits on the most southeastern part of Lombardy surrounded by 3 man-made lakes carved out in the twelfth century. It is a small town that has spread a cultural movement questioning modern humanism, rediscover...

Categories: Mantua


Known as 'the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian', enjoy this exclusive and peaceful coastal destination in the south of Italy where many of the rich and famous have spent their holiday over the years. Relax on a beautiful beach, visit one of the many c...

Categories: Maratea

Marina di Carrara

Categories: Marina di Carrara


Categories: Marino


Categories: Martano

Martina Franca

Categories: Martina Franca


Categories: Merano


Milan is a city that arouses extreme feelings, just like the city lifestyle. A frenetic, restless rhythm is part of both work and leisure, so much so that it is difficult to stay unmoved and not get overwhelmed by all the cultural and social stimulus...

Categories: Milan


Sicily’s coastal city of Milazzo was founded by the Greeks in 716 BC. Milazzo is most known for the fortress built above the city. It is thought it was originally a Greek acropolis, but the main fortification was constructed by the Arabs in the 10th ...

Categories: Milazzo


Categories: Modena


A commune in the province of Asti, Mombaruzzo borders 11 other municipalities.

Categories: Mombaruzzo


Monfalcone is a charming modern city in the Gorizia provence of Italy. The city has a special archeological past and has a fine Speleological and Paleontological Museum. The city also boasts a number of beautiful churches including the Duomo (S. Ambr...

Categories: Monfalcone


Located on the Adriatic coast halfway between Bari and Brindisi, Monopoli is a doorway to the rugged region of Puglia, renowned for its vineyards and olive orchards, and for the distinctive trulli, whitewashed stone houses with conical stone roofs

Categories: Monopoli


Categories: Montaione


Welcome to Montalcino, Italy - A small Italian paradise. It offers a traveler a feast of opportunities to fall in love with this charming Mediterranean country. From large cities to small rural towns with farms and estates. Montalcino, Italy is a...

Categories: Montalcino


Montecatini Alto is the original Montecatini settlement, lying a few hundred metres above the 'new' town. The views from here are splendid, and the delightful Piazza Giusti is home to some good bars and restaurants.

Categories: Montecatini


Categories: Montefollonico


Categories: Montepulciano


Monteriggioni is a medieval walled town, located on a natural hillock, in the Siena Province of Tuscany. In addition to being a strategic defense fort during the Middle Age conflicts between Siena and Florence, the Tuscan poet Dante Alighieri used t...

Categories: Monteriggioni


Categories: Morre


From Naples visitors can explore the rugged Amalfi coast, Italy's most romantic stretch of coastline. Near Amalfi is the resort of Positano, where visitors enjoy strolling through streets and shopping in small boutiques. Take an excursion to legendar...

Categories: Naples

Neapolitan Riviera

Categories: Neapolitan Riviera


Lying inside the protected Gulf of Olbia in the northeast of Sardinia, the town with the same name sits by the sea. This quaint seaside villiage was originally started as a Greek colony and was the scene of a Roman victory over the Carthaginians in 2...

Categories: Olbia


Orvieto is situated on the valley of the Paglia river. It was an important Etruscan centre with the name of "Volsinii Veters". The Etruscans established there also a sacred place for all people of their region Etruria called "Fanum Volumnae". In Roma...

Categories: Orvieto


Categories: Ostiglia


Sitting on the heel of Italy in Salento, this seaside escape used its fertile lands to breed the best horses across the country. It's colorful past retained much influence from the Greeks, Byantines and Turks. Visit the Romanesque mosaic that riv...

Categories: Otranto


Extraordinary Padua, Italy, just 20 mi/30 km west of Venice, was one of the locales in Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew.Its beautiful streets hold numerous attractions, including a 13th-century university, what's thought to be the oldest Italian...

Categories: Padua


Categories: Paestum


Rugged and scenic, Pantelleria is a small island off the coast to Sicily, and the southernmost island in Europe. On clear days, of which there are many, you may catch sight of the distant outline of Africa's shores. The Lago di Venere is worth a visi...

Categories: Pantelleria


When thinking of Parma, the first thing that comes to mind is its famous food: prosciutto di Parma; and Parmigiano reggiano cheese in particular. Home to Barillo pasta, the town is renown for its culinary delights overall. Visit Parma's various chees...

Categories: Parma


Categories: Pavia


Perugia is a very ancient town, which rose to power during the time of the Etruscans. It was controlled by the Romans and invaded by the barbarians after the fall of the Roman Empire. In the 11th century a Free Commune was set up, reaching great powe...

Categories: Perugia


Categories: Petrignano


This lively little commune surrounded by a medieval wall has history dating back to the 9th century AD. The town has survived many attacks and reached economic prosperity by the 17th and 18th centuries. Revisit 15th century Pianella at the Church of ...

Categories: Pianella


Categories: Pianillo

Piazza Armerina

Categories: Piazza Armerina


Categories: Piazzano


Piedmont is the second largest region of Italy and lies at the foot of 3 Alps, the highest peaks and largest glaciers in Italy. It borders Switzerland and France and sweeps breathtaking landscapes, cultural infused gastronomy, well-preserved ancient ...

Categories: Piedmont


Head south through sun-kissed Tuscany to Pienza and indulge in delicate wines and savory Tuscan dishes! Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pienza was rebuilt and was once called Corsignano. This historical village is the birthplace of Pope Piu...

Categories: Pienza


Categories: Pietrasanta


The Leaning Tower is, of course, Pisa's main attraction. Even before three of its eight stories were constructed (building began in 1173 and continued until 1350), it had begun to lean. In 1990, the instability of the tower made it nece...

Categories: Pisa


Situated in a charming position at the foot of the Apennines, Pistoia is the administrative capital of its province and an important agricultural and industrial centre (Breda), rich of monuments bearing witness of its mediaeval flourishing-period. Th...

Categories: Pistoia


Categories: Polesella


Categories: Pollenzo


The ancient city of Pompeii, Italy, 20 mi/30 km southeast of Naples, was quite prosperous in Roman times. But the city, at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, was destroyed in AD 79 following the infamous volcanic eruption that covered it with 13-20 ft/4-6 m...

Categories: Pompeii

Ponziane Islands

Six islands compose the Ponziane (Pontine) Island chain in the Tyrrhenian Sea: Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone, Ventotene, Santo Stefano and Gavi. With their volcanic origin and stunning emerald and blue waters, the islands have a dramatic landscape, parti...

Categories: Ponziane Islands

Porto Cervo

Surrounded by emerald and crystal-clear blue water, immensely scenic and rocky coast and the rolling hills atypical of the Mediterranean, the Costa Smeralda is a beautiful resort area of Sardinia. Once an exclusive getaway for the jet-set and high-pr...

Categories: Porto Cervo

Porto Empedocle

While there is little to see in Porto Empedocle except the 16th century Quadrangular Tower of Carlo V, the jewel is Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples. Numerous remarkable monuments are present all over Agrigento including the Cathedral and the ...

Categories: Porto Empedocle

Porto Ercole

The small gem of a city Porto Ercole is anchored in Monte Argentario peninsula and enveloped by a blanket of beautiful sand and rock beaches. Porto Ercole is a perfect getaway spot for those interested in traveling to nearby towns and historic sites ...

Categories: Porto Ercole

Porto Levante

Categories: Porto Levante

Porto Marghera (for Venice)

Venice, Italy, is romance: a bridge arching over a canal, a gondola gliding by, the moon reflecting off water. Venice is history: the Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace), Piazza San Marco, the Grand Canal, great art and great museums. Venice is modern: th...

Categories: Porto Marghera (for Venice)

Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo is located thirty minutes away from Olbia in Sardinia, Italy, and is a small vacation village characterized by small roads, friendly people, exquisite food, and Italian tufo rocks which comprise the majority of the walls in the town. Th...

Categories: Porto Rotondo

Porto Viro

Categories: Porto Viro


Picturesquely situated in a narrow cove on Italy's northern coast lies enchanting Portofino. This Pearl of the Mediterranean has been a favored gathering place for the elite who appreciate the charm and intimacy of the cliff-lined harbor. Overlookin...

Categories: Portofino


This tiny town on the Italian Riviera was strategically planned at the tip of a rocky peninsula overlooking the Gulf of La Spezia. Its 12th-century tall, narrow houses climb precipitously up the hillside from the sea. Portovenere is built on differen...

Categories: Portovenere


Categories: Possagno


Categories: Potenza


Pozzuoli is the Phlegraean Peninsula's main city and is located in the center of the Campi Flegrei, also called the Phlegraean Fields. This volcanic area is so magnificent that it was once thought to be the entrance to hell. The fields cover a large ...

Categories: Pozzuoli


Categories: Praiano


Procida was created by 4 volcanic eruptions now dormant and submerged beneath the ocean. It is one of the Phlegraean Islands that sits off the coast of Naples in southern Italy. Procida is Latin for Prochyta or Prima Cyme which means ‘near Cuma...

Categories: Procida


Categories: Pruzilly


Categories: Puglia

Radda in Chianti

Radda in Chianti is a medieval town inhabited since the 9th century, enclosed in defensive walls and surrounded by the picturesque Tuscan countryside. Radda in Chianti offers the small town feel and is a place where visitors will find the heart and s...

Categories: Radda in Chianti


Rapallo is well known in Europe as a main tourist resort area. Offering the typically idyllic Mediterranean climate, it is a perfect place to relax and soak up the essence of Italy.

Categories: Rapallo


Ravello is one of the most attractive destinations on the Amalfi Coast. With a population of around 2,000, the settlement perches high above Amalfi, overlooking the Mediterranean. A renowned musical festival is held in Ravello every year, with classi...

Categories: Ravello


Ravenna is located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy and is connected to the the Adriatic Sea by the Corsini Canal. The city is famed for its buildings that date from the 5th, 6th, and 7th centuries and for the mosaics that decorate many...

Categories: Ravenna

Reggio Emilia

Categories: Reggio Emilia

Rignano sull'Arno

Categories: Rignano sull'Arno

Rimini, Italy

This little seaside town has it all: sun, sea and sand-plus all the attractions of a typical Italian city: 16th-century churches, a graceful clock tower, world-class museums and beautiful fountains.

Categories: Rimini Italy

Riva del Garda

Categories: Riva del Garda

Roccella Ionica

Categories: Roccella Ionica

Romano Canavese

Categories: Romano Canavese


Sprawled across seven legendary hills, romantic and beautiful Rome was one of the great centers of the ancient world. Although its beginning is shrouded in legend and its development is full of intrigue and struggle, Rome has always been ...

Categories: Rome


Categories: Rovereto


Categories: Rovigo


Salerno is situated at the northern end of the Gulf of Salerno. The old town, rising up the slopes of the hill on the site of ancient Salernum, still bears evidence of its medieval period. Salerno's main attraction is a Romanesque cathedral, built in...

Categories: Salerno

San Cassiano

Surrounded by mountains, San Cassiano sits on Mount Lagazuoi, where visitors can tour the well-preserved cave of the prehistoric cave bear Ursus ladinicus, leisurely hike over the beautiful scenic path of Armentarola and Stores meadows, or take a sno...

Categories: San Cassiano

San Gimignano

Welcome to San Gimignano, Italy - An Italian and European Paradise. -- It's no wonder Italy is one of top destinations in Europe. San Gimignano, Italy is a wonderful destination for even the most discriminating traveler. Come explore San Gimignan...

Categories: San Gimignano

San Giulio

According to the legend, the Island of St. Giulio was dominated by a big serpent that destroyed everything. But when St. Giulio, that had the power to command over the waves, the storms, the wild animals and the human beings, arrived near the lake , ...

Categories: San Giulio

San Luca

Categories: San Luca

San Martino in Campo

Categories: San Martino in Campo

San Remo

Sanremo is a beautiful destination off the coast of Italy. The pristine coastline and beaches have attracted many tourists who seek out a relaxing and scenic vacation. Sanremo is filled with many things to experience, such as gambling at their famous...

Categories: San Remo

Santa Giulia

Categories: Santa Giulia

Santa Margherita

Santa Margherita is located on the Italian Riviera in the province of Genoa. It has plenty of hotels and waterfront restaurants that make this the perfect getaway destination without having to deal with much of the tourist crowd. There is plenty to d...

Categories: Santa Margherita

Santo Stefano Belbo

Birthplace of Italian poet and novelist Cesare Pavese, Santo Stefano Belbo is small commune built on the hills of a medieval castle, a Benedictine convent and also ruins of a temple to the Planet Jupiter. The town has been fortified since the year 13...

Categories: Santo Stefano Belbo

Sardinia (Cagliari)

As Sardinia's capital, Cagliari is both a thriving modern city and a fine example of the varied history of this Italian island. Explore the Roman amphitheater, Spanish townhouses, and Pisan watchtowers. Antiquities from the native Nuraghi culture and...

Categories: Sardinia (Cagliari)


Categories: Saronno


Saturnia, Italy, is a small hilltop village 75 mi/120 km northwest of Rome and halfway between Rome and Florence (west of Orvieto, in Tuscany). Saturnia is known primarily for its sulphur baths and thermal springs (Terme di Saturnia) and the attendan...

Categories: Saturnia

Savelletri di Fasano

Located in the province of Brindisi, Savelletri di Fasano is a seaside village in northeastern Puglia with olive groves, beautiful views and a peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy the romantic restaurants, old buildings and typical farmhouses in this old hamle...

Categories: Savelletri di Fasano


Savona is a seaport in the northern region of Liguria, Italy. Savona is an important sea port and was at a time the most important in...

Categories: Savona


Segesta is located in the northwestern corner of Sicily. It was said the name of the city was originally Acesta or Egesta however changed by the Romans to avoid its ill-omened meaning in Latin. Segesta is a historically rich destination with many arc...

Categories: Segesta

Serego Alighieri Winery

Categories: Serego Alighieri Winery


Serravalle Scrivia is a municipality located in the Province of Alessandria, Italy. This destination is home to the largest designer outlet shopping center in Europe. Serravalle is located only 80km from Milan and attract many fashionistas along with...

Categories: Serravalle

Serre di Rapolano

Categories: Serre di Rapolano

Sestri Levante

Categories: Sestri Levante


Sicily is more than temples, castles, churches and beaches; it's people, too. The real Sicilians are the heart and soul of the place called Sicily, and they're worth getting to know. Venture off the tourist path to places like Capo d'Orlando or Calta...

Categories: Sicily


Appreciated for its numerous frescoes, this commune has preserved the oldest historical remains of the Etruscan settlement dated back to the 8th century BC. The town slowly fortified the medieval castle Castello delle Ripe. Travelers can visit the me...

Categories: Sinalunga


Sicilia is the favorite island of Gods in traditional poetry. The most powerful and biggest ancient city in Sicilia is Siracusa. Its name may come from the native word "Siraco", which means "marsh", due to the bogs which surrounded the city. Or it ma...

Categories: Siracusa


Categories: Sirmione


Sorrento is a town of extraordinary beauty and is known as a popular gateway to Italy's most spectacular stretch of coastline - the Amalfi Drive lined with fishing villages and famous resorts. The seaside resort of Amalfi sits with weathered houses s...

Categories: Sorrento

South Tyrol

Categories: South Tyrol


Spoleto, Italy, is a truly charming Umbrian hill town only 60 mi/95 km northeast of Rome and best known for the Festival dei Due Mondi (Festival of Two Worlds) or simply known as the Spoleto festival. This annual festival of international music, thea...

Categories: Spoleto


Categories: Stabiae

Strait of Messina

Channel in the Mediterranean Sea separating Sicily in the west and Italy in the east and linking the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas. The strait is 20 miles long, 2 miles wide in the north (between Faro Point and the Rock of Scylla), and 10 miles wide in ...

Categories: Strait of Messina


This summer and winter holiday resort in the province of Novara is situated on the west side of Lake Maggiore on the slopes of Mount Mottarone, looking out over the Borromeo islands. The lakeside is very attractive, with a wide avenue of trees and fl...

Categories: Stresa

Taglio di Po

Categories: Taglio di Po


Taranto is called the 'city of the two seas' as it is situated part on an island and part on the peninsula. Rich in history dating back to the 8th century BC, numerous cultures and people have left an impression in this beautiful city.

Categories: Taranto

The Dolomites

The Dolomites are a mountain range in the northern Italian Alps. This UNESCO World Heritage Site features some of the most dramatic and picturesque mountains anywhere, with long valleys and sheer vertical walls. Visitors flock to the Dolomites year-r...

Categories: The Dolomites


Categories: Tirano


A popular day trip from Rome (about 45 minutes away) included in many tours. Visit lush Villa d'Este, a convent-turned-palace, complete with an aquatic pleasure park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Elaborate fountains and fish ponds spout in ...

Categories: Tivoli


There are several theories on the origin of the name: the word Todi or from the etrurian "tudicolare", or even from "tutus" ("a fortified place"). Beside the legends about the origins of Todi, the town was founded by the Umbrian people on 2700 be...

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The town of Torgiano still preserves its typical medieval appearance and the remains of its ancient walls. The Museum of Wine is of great interest, containing a precious collection of storical documents regarding various sectors: the art of wine-...

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Trento is a city of art, of history and represents a crossroads for the contrasting cultures of Italy and northern Europe. Originally a Roman city,Trento became famous for the Council (1545 -1563) which gave rise to the counter - Reformation. Among ...

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Trieste is an interesting city and a flourishing center of trade and commerce. It was a literary and cultural center in the 20th century, and the town has Viennese influence and style - along with grand squares, palazzi and churches. The main square,...

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Italians say that Turin (Torino), the major city of the western Alps, seems more French than Italian. Its wide boulevards in a grid pattern and its 17th- and 18th-century architecture do bear more resemblance to Paris than Florence. A stroll about th...

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Tuscan Hills

Categories: Tuscan Hills


Tuscany is a charmed land, equally blessed by the genius of man and nature, and often by the combined efforts of both. Think of the vineyards: rows of baby green vines that manage somehow to march in arrow-straight formation up the gen...

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Urbino was once Italy’s greatest seat of learning and is now better known as a pleasant Renaissance hilltown in the center of the Umbria region – a favorite destination recently discovered by Italy afficionados. Nestled among its skyline of soaring d...

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Urbino, Italy, is a wonderful city for art lovers. The town is noted for its sublime Renaissance Palazzo Ducale, which contains the National Gallery of the Marches, featuring important works by Raphael, Santi, Piero della Francesca and Barocci. Also ...

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The island of Ustica is located off of the coast from Palermo. Known throughout the world for its underwater reserve, the island is a sought after destination for divers eager to explore the aquatic flora and fauna. Even Jacques Cousteau commented th...

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Val Ferret (Italy)

Separated by two valleys, Val Ferret borders Italy and Switzerland connected by the mountain footpath of Col Ferret and circles the Tour du Mont Blanc route. Accessing this path travelers will see beauties of the Mont Blanc, the Grandes Jorasses, and...

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Valley of the Temples

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Venezia San Basilio

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With a great historic past and incomparable art treasures, Venice is renowned as one of the world’s great cities. Its 118 islands are separated by more than 150 canals and spanned by 400 bridges. During Venice's artistic golden age many magnificent...

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The city of the most famous lovers in history: Romeo and Juliet. But Verona has much more to offer. The city, also known as Urbs Nobilissima, is the second biggest city in Veneto (after Venice). It is one of the cities that has better preserved its a...

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The area along the coast called Versillia is a perfect vacation spot for people who enjoy the beach and seeing nearby attractions. Viereggio is the largest town in this area and is an old seaside resort and boating center. It is located only an hour ...

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About midway between Padova and Verona and 43 mi/70 km west of Venice, Vicenza, Italy, has much-celebrated and often duplicated architecture by Andrea Palladio—it was his hometown in the 16th century. See the impressive Basilica in the Piazza dei Sig...

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Villaggio Paradiso

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A distinct shadow of Etruscan past, Volterra is perched at an elevation of almost 2,000 ft/609 m. It was one of the original neolithic settlements in the area, dating back to the ninth century B.C. Its Duomo offers visitors the chance to see baroq...

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Italy is a land celebrated for the arts, and not the least among the arts that have attained their highest expression in Italy is the art of hospitality. The Italian welcome is as warm and traditional as a glass of fine wine. This comparison is apt, for travelers in ancient times gave the country its first name: Land of Wines. Italians are such good hosts because they get so much practice welcoming visitors from all over the world.

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Italy is one of the most popular vacation countries in Europe, all seasons being good for a visit. In summer, Italy is an international playground, with visitors from all continents mingling with vacationing Italians at the famous resorts. Spring comes early to Italy and autumn lingers - and so will the wise traveler who wants to enjoy at a more leisurely pace the art centers, the large cities and the holiday resorts such as those in the Lombardian lake region where spring and fall are ideal seasons.

In winter, the Italian Alps are unequaled for scenery and skiing. In northern Italy are some of the world's most renowned winter sports resorts, easily reached from such centers as Torino, chief city of the westernmost Piemonte region; from Milano, hub of the central mountain and lake district; and from Venezia, leading city of the eastern region. Skiing is also a summer sport in the Torino Alps and the lofty mountains surrounding the Valle d’Aosta.

From the sunny southern slopes of the Alps to the lush orange groves of Sicilia, Italy offers enormous variety in its natural scenery and historical backgrounds. Because a good part of Italy grew up as a collection of independent city-states, customs and food vary greatly from region to region. This rich history is preserved in the colorful folklore festivals that take place in all of Italy's regions throughout the year.

Most of the year the beaches are sunny, with 5,310 miles of shoreline bordering Italy and its islands. You can usually find waters where the temperature is right for swimming. And history is always in season: choose any time of year to tour historic buildings and view the world's greatest art treasures, for this is a land that has been writing and preserving its history for over three thousand years.

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Land of la dolce vita (the sweet life), Italy is one of the world's best-loved destinations, and no wonder—two-thirds of the world's historical artistic heritage is there. Tuscany alone possesses more artistic treasures than the whole of Spain, which is the second country in the world for cultural heritage.

Whether you crave culture, gastronomy, cutting-edge design, sybaritic pleasures or simply the art of il dolce far niente—the sweet doing nothing—this is a country for lovers of all that is good in life. A visit to Italy is a lesson in living well. Open-air vegetable and fruit markets, neighborhood bakeries and fresh cheeses made daily are fixtures of Italian life. Tradition reigns: Neighbors still meet in the piazza to discuss the day, laundry is still line-dried, even in the largest of cities, and the passeggiata (leisurely stroll) is still made in the evening air—preferably with a gelato in hand. From the mountains to the coasts, the emphasis is on simple pleasures and high quality.


Italy resembles a boot about to kick the Sicilian "football," with the island of Sardinia already in the air. One of the most densely populated countries in Europe, Italy is characterized by rugged, mountainous terrain and thousands of miles/kilometers of coastline.

The Alps form a barrier to the north (blocking bad weather more successfully than they ever blocked invaders), and the Apennines run the length of the boot. Only in several regions is there relatively flat land: the Po River Valley in the north and Puglia in the south.

No place is very far from the sea. To the east is the Adriatic, to the southeast the Ionian and to the west the Tyrrhenian.


Some say that the people of Italy civilized Europe twice, once in ancient times and again after the Middle Ages. As the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire, Rome ruled much of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East for nearly 1,000 years, until the Visigoths sacked Rome in AD 476 and the western empire fell.

Greek ideals and Roman justice were spread throughout the Mediterranean region by the empire's legions. Today, Rome's legal, cultural and scientific legacies endure throughout the world. Places as diverse as Japan, Louisiana and Brazil are ruled by modern versions of Roman law, and the Romance languages (including French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish), as well as scientific terminology, are derived from Latin.

At its height, Rome controlled lands from the Irish Sea to the Caspian Sea; Roman ruins can be found from Great Britain to Morocco, Turkey and Jordan. During the Renaissance, Italy rose to the forefront of Western civilization again, when such notable citizens as Galileo, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci made enormous contributions to science, art and architecture.

Although the Roman legal system and famous Roman roads gave Europe a vision of cultural unity, Italy itself only achieved political unity in 1870. Before then, modern-day Italy was a collection of squabbling kingdoms, duchies and city-states that were often dominated by outside forces. Although currently unified under the government in Rome, the country is still divided into 20 distinct regions, each with its own landscape, history, dialects, artistic styles, foods and architecture. For many visitors, it is Italy's diversity that lends the country its most distinctive charms.

In the past century, Italy has gone from monarchy to parliamentary system to fascism to a seemingly unending series of coalition governments—an average of one a year since 1946. The political situation, however, appears to have stabilized a bit in recent years. After a half-decade under the leftist Ulivo coalition, there was a backlash to the right. In 2001, the country elected Silvio Berlusconi, the controversial media magnate and leader of the Forza Italia coalition. Until early 2005, Berlusconi looked to be the first prime minister since World War II to stay in power through his entire term. But after several crushing defeats in local and regional elections, he resigned on 20 April 2005, then formed a new coalition government.

In April 2006, center-left leader Romano Prodi, a former European Commission president, claimed victory in Italy's election, but his government collapsed after only two years. Berlusconi was again elected prime minister in 2008, and in 2009 he founded the center-right People of Freedom political movement. He resigned in late 2011 amidst the debt crisis and loss of his party's majority in Parliament.

Following a succession of four prime ministers 2011-2016, in June of 2018 Giuseppe Conte was elected prime minister of the anti-establishment coalition government made up of the far right Lega party and the radical 5 Stelle party.


Italy's primary attractions include culture (modern, old and ancient), fabulous regional cuisine, historic sites, varied and stunning scenery, beaches, jagged coastline, architecture, world-class skiing, opera, watersports, elegant health and beauty spas, picturesque ruins, and shopping (for high-quality clothing, shoes, ceramics and designer goods).

Those who want a diverse, fairly informal vacation, who are romantics, and who love art, history and lovely settings will enjoy Italy. The air of blithe inefficiency in some parts of the country may be disconcerting for travelers who demand the correct, crisp efficiency of northern European countries: A timetable may be treated more as a romantic ideal than as an attainable goal.


Rumor has it that the colorful uniforms of the Vatican's Swiss Guard were designed by Michelangelo. But don't think the guard is just there for ceremonial purposes or to look pretty—it's a highly trained security force sworn to protect the pope.

Cigar smokers should try the curious Tuscan cigar, the Toscano vecchio. Made in Lucca of all-natural tobacco, it comes twisted together in groups of three and is sold all over Italy.

The Slow Food movement, born in Italy in 1986, protects distinctive regional foods and wine and promotes the art of savoring them. It's now an international organization that also is concerned with ecology and biodiversity issues.

Italians take their wine, very seriously. If fact, there is a squad of Italian police dedicated to sniffing (and tasting) out fraud. Trained as professional sommeliers, they make sure that the wine in the bottle is the same as the wine on the label. In 2007, they arrested a group of men shipping unmarked Italian wine to Germany, to be fraudulently sold as fine wine.


The boot of Italy, surrounded by five seas, is up to its thigh in water. It has a large number of departure and arrival points for Mediterranean cruise lines, as well as around-the-world itineraries.

Italy's most active ports are Venice, Genoa, Portofino and Ancona in the north; Civitavecchia, Salerno, Naples and Brindisi in the south; and Palermo in Sicily.

Ferries run much more often during the summer months, particularly July and August, when it is highly advisable to book tickets in advance. Correspondingly, many ferries run less frequently, or not at all, in the winter. Travel times vary from a few minutes to a few days.

Ferries bound for Greece leave from Brindisi or Ancona and take one or two days. A number of high-speed hydrofoils have cut the travel time to closer destinations in half, but they charge twice as much. For example, the trip from Naples to Palermo takes four hours, and from Rome/Civitavecchia to Sardinia only a bit longer. Not all ferries transport cars, so be sure to check first if you plan on taking one.

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