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7 Best Tips For YouTube Video Descriptions

7 Best Tips for YouTube Video Descriptions5/29
7 Best Tips for YouTube Video Descriptions

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7 Best Tips for YouTube Video Descriptions

As a travel agent, are you interested in learning the best practices for writing effective YouTube video descriptions?

Below is our best advice!

Learn more about this, other social media best practices and marketing by becoming a travel agent with us:

Tips for video descriptions

YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. Writing descriptions with keywords can help viewers find your videos more easily through search.

Writing your description

Descriptions tell the YouTube algorithm and your viewers what the video is about. You can think about the description as two parts - what viewers see before clicking “Show more” on desktop or “more” on mobile and what they see after. Consider using the first few lines of your description to describe your video because it’s what viewers will see first.

The second part of the description can have other info about your channel so that viewers can learn more. You can even create a default description that fills in basic channel information in all of your videos on upload. The description allows a maximum of 5000 characters.

  • Be sure that each video has a unique description; this makes it easier to find through search, and helps it stand out from similar videos.
  • Identify 1-2 main words that describe your video and feature them prominently in both your description and title.
  • Use the Research tab in YouTube Analytics and Google Ads Keyword Planner to identify popular keywords and their synonyms. Including these terms can help you maximize traffic from search.

1. Make the First 2-3 Lines Compelling

Make it engaging. Use an attention-grabbing opening sentence or question to entice viewers to watch your video and read more in the description.

The first 2-3 lines of your description are crucial as this is what viewers see before clicking "Show More". Use this space to grab their attention and compel them to watch by clearly explaining the video's topic and highlighting the key benefits.

This portion is crucial as it appears above the "Show More" button and should hook viewers immediately.

2. Use Target Keywords Strategically

Identify 1-2 main keywords that describe your video topic and feature them prominently in the title and description. Repeat the target keywords 2-3 times throughout the description in a natural way to help YouTube's algorithm understand what your video is about.

Some sources mention incorporating relevant keywords naturally within the first 150 characters. This helps with search engine optimization (SEO) and ensures your video is discoverable both on YouTube and search engines like Google.

3. Include Related Keywords

In addition to your main keywords, sprinkle in related keywords and synonyms to give YouTube more context about your video's topic. This can help your video rank for a wider range of relevant search terms.

4. Write Unique Detailed Descriptions

Be concise and clear. Ensure each video has a completely unique description tailored to that specific content. Duplicate descriptions make it harder for YouTube to differentiate your videos and match them with relevant searches. Also, provide a more detailed explanation of your video's content. As long as it brings value, use as many characters / sentences as you can. Include any additional context, key points covered, and interesting details.

Also, use a consistent format in your YouTube descriptions. Develop a consistent style and format for your descriptions to make them easily recognizable and scannable.

This section can be more comprehensive and should aim to add value. Make sure it accurately summarizes the content of your video.

5. Use Formatting, Markup, Timestamps, etc.

Format your descriptions with headings, bolding, bullet points etc. to improve scan-ability. You can also add interactive elements like video chapters, related playlists, collaborator credits etc. If your video is long or covers multiple topics, include timestamps to help viewers navigate to specific sections. This enhances user experience and keeps viewers engaged.

Include timestamps. Providing timestamps for specific moments in your video, making it easy for viewers to find what they're looking for. You want your video and video description to bring the most value to your audience.

6. Links and Calls to Action

Include links to relevant content, such as related videos, your channel subscription link, and social media profiles. Add a clear call to action (e.g., "Subscribe to our channel for more travel tips!") to encourage viewer interaction. Include links to external resources, your website, or social media channels to drive traffic and engagement.

7. Hashtags

Add relevant hashtags at the bottom of your description. YouTube allows up to 15 hashtags, but using 3-5 well-chosen hashtags can help with discoverability.

By following these YouTube description best practices, you can increase your video's visibility in search, entice more viewers to click, and provide a better overall user experience.

Learn more about this, other social media best practices and marketing by becoming a travel agent with us:

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