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The Shocking Video Secrets That Will Skyrocket Your Business (And Your Views!)

The Shocking Video Secrets That Will Skyrocket Your Business (And Your Views!)4/18
The Shocking Video Secrets That Will Skyrocket Your Business (And Your Views!)

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The Shocking Video Secrets That Will Skyrocket Your Business (And Your Views!)

Are you tired of creating videos that just don't seem to get any traction? Well, get ready to be blown away by these must-know video cheat sheet tips that will transform your content and have clients flocking to your door!

Dress to Impress

First impressions are everything, and that applies to your video content too. Make sure you look the part - no more rolling out of bed and hitting record! Match the expectations of your target clients, or even exceed them, to really make an impact.

Production Value Matters

Shaky, poorly lit videos are a surefire way to send viewers running. Invest in a tripod or gimbal stabilizer to keep things smooth and steady. And don't forget a wireless mic - it'll make a huge difference in your audio quality. Be conscious of lighting and stability of the video. If it’s hard to look at or gives someone motion sickness your views were swipe! A tripod is easy to pack or a stabilizer such a gimbal can make your videos look more professional. A wireless microphone can plug into your phone and make a huge difference in sound quality.

Video the direction you are going to post. Reels/TikTok are vertical and YouTube is horizonal. Create albums in your phone so it’s easier to find the one you are looking for such as “Secrets Playa Horizontal” so you can quickly grab videos that work.

Optimize for the Platform

Vertical for Reels/TikTok, horizontal for YouTube - know the right format for each platform. Create dedicated folders on your phone to keep your content organized and ready to go.

Keep Them Engaged

Avoid those dreaded lulls and pauses that make viewers click away. Use editing apps to tighten up your videos and keep the action flowing. And don't forget the all-important hook - grab their attention from the very first second! NO LULLS! Don’t have long pauses or transitions or people will lose interest. Use an editing app such as CapCut or Splice to remove any pause when you are combining. You can also use these Apps to speed up if you realize you had videoed something too slow.

Leverage the Algorithm

Harness the power of trending topics and hashtags to make sure your videos get seen. And be consistent - stick to one main category to help the algorithm work its magic.

Add Those Captions

Captions aren't just for accessibility - they'll also help capture viewers who are scrolling without sound. It's an easy way to boost engagement.

Optimize for Success

Nail those thumbnails and titles to draw people in, and don't forget to include your contact info so they can easily reach out.

Ready to take your video content to the next level? Implement these cheat sheet tips and watch your views, engagement, and client inquiries skyrocket. Get ready to become the video superstar of your industry!

Bonus, extra tips!

If you edit in TikTok, you can click the arrow pointing down and save the video to use on other platforms. The time restrictions is only thing to be aware of for multi-platform use.

-If you use Business for TikTok, you will be restricted on what music you can use. I have not done business since my main goal is more clients and not to necessarily to monetize TikTok.

-Search for what is trending. Type in the topic to your video and see what viral videos come up and use the same hashtags and/or music.

-Algorithm – Keep your channel whether it’s Reels or TikTok in 1 category so the algorithm knows where to push your videos. If you do a video of your cat and then travel and then your baby and then a cruise they will likely not know what audience to show the video to and thus be a lower audience.

-HOOK! Your viewers have to be invested into your video in the first view seconds or they will scroll. It needs to NOT be “Hi my name is…” but something like, “You will never guess where I am today…” type or “This idea I have will change your life!...”

-Use captions! A lot of people watch videos without sound so this will capture more people.

-Optimizing your videos – The thumbnail and title are the 2 biggest factors for the algorithm to grab your video and will increase click through rates. Thumbnails will allow views to shop for more videos to watch on your channel. Next most important are the description and tags.

-Create videos people find helpful. “Best places to eat”, “Top 3 tips of traveling with kids”, “My favorite adult only vacations” You will gain the most followers/subscribers (and the kind of followers you are looking for) if they want to keep getting your great advice over your cute face or people who think your memes are funny. Story telling videos also do really well. Current the top 3 things for travel agents for video content (most engaging) – Showcasing destinations (unique local attractions, cuisine, culture), tips and how to videos (destination advice to show expertise) and mixing it up and doing LIVE videos so you are engaging with your audience in real time.

-Contact info! Make sure people can easily find how to contact you! You can have a LinkTree once you have 1,000 followers on TikTok but also add it in your video with an editing App such as CapCut or Splice.

-REPLY! Always engage with your viewers and respond to comments. This will create community and boost your algorithm. You can also encourage community by having something they can join whether it be a newsletter or private Facebook group, etc.

-Time to post? Early evening or on the weekends in the USA typically will have the highest views as it is when people are scrolling. Blogging Plug – Search Engines will index your video if there is also written content so write a blog! Blogging does best with text styling so you are using a big long paragraph but instead you have headers, lists, etc.

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To learn more techniques and how to become a travel agent, sign-up to become a travel agent today!

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