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Customer Touchpoints

Customer Touchpoints3/7
Customer Touchpoints

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Customer Touchpoints

Customer touchpoints are interactions where you can make a positive impression and ensure clients feel cared for. They create a memorable travel experience for your clients and foster loyalty to you.

You want your clients to get excited about their upcoming trip and keep that excitement going until they travel.

Touchpoints are a perfect way to enhance the customer experience, demonstrate your dedication to their satisfaction and well-being throughout their travel journey with you.

Examples of Customer Touch Points

  1. Welcome Emails: After booking, send a personalized email expressing gratitude and excitement for their journey.

What would this welcome email look like?

Subject: Your Adventure Begins Now - Welcome to [Trip Name]!

Dear [Client's Name],

Thank you for choosing me to plan your upcoming journey. Your adventure to [Destination] is confirmed, and we're just as excited as you are to make it unforgettable.

I am dedicated to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for you. Over the next few days, you'll receive your personalized travel itinerary, complete with all the details you need for a smooth and memorable trip.

Should you have any questions or special requests in the meantime, please don't hesitate to reach out. My goal is to tailor this journey to your dreams and expectations.

Thank you again for trusting us with your travel plans. Let the countdown to your departure begin!

Warmest regards,

[Your Signature]

  1. Packing List: What Accessories to Bring to Your Destination: Provide a customized packing list that includes essentials and destination-specific items, like snorkeling gear for a beach resort or a warm hat for a winter adventure.

  2. Pre-Trip Checklists: Provide a checklist of items to prepare before their trip, like packing essentials and travel documents.

  3. Travel Itinerary: Share a detailed, personalized itinerary with information on flights, accommodations, and activities.

  4. Video: Best Things to Do in Your Destination: Create or share a high-quality video highlighting top attractions, activities, and hidden gems in their destination to excite them about the upcoming experiences.

  5. Safety Information: Send updates on travel advisories, health tips, and local emergency contacts.

  6. Local Recommendations: Offer a list of recommended places to visit, dine, and explore.

  7. Our Favorite Sightseeing Tours in Your Destination: Send an article or blog post curated by your agency or a trusted partner detailing recommended sightseeing tours, emphasizing unique experiences and must-see spots.

  8. Final Payment Gift: Upon receiving the final payment, send a personalized gift related to their destination, like a travel guidebook or a local delicacy, to build anticipation.

  9. Check-In Messages: While they're traveling, check in to ensure everything is going smoothly.

  10. Welcome Back Message: After their trip, welcome them back and ask for feedback.

  11. Destination Recipe: Share a recipe for a popular dish from their destination, encouraging them to try cooking it before their trip to get a taste of the culture.

  12. Post-Trip Follow-Up Survey: Send a survey or a feedback form to gather insights on their experience, which shows you value their opinion and are committed to improvement.

  13. Birthday and Holiday Greetings: Remember and acknowledge personal occasions like birthdays and holidays with a card or email, adding a personal touch.

  14. Exclusive Offers and Updates: Inform your clients about upcoming deals, new destinations, or travel tips through newsletters or personalized messages, keeping them engaged and informed.

  15. Emergency Support: Provide contact information for 24/7 support during their trip, reassuring them that help is available if needed.

  16. Bon Voyage Post Card: Send a physical or digital postcard wishing them a fantastic journey, featuring beautiful imagery of their destination to spark joy right before their departure.

  17. Welcome Home Email/Post Card: Welcome them back with a message asking about their trip and encouraging them to share feedback or favorite memories. Include a gentle reminder of your services for their next adventure.

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