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Create A Google Business, Even If You Work From Home

Create a Google Business, Even if you Work From Home4/23
Create a Google Business, Even if you Work From Home

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Create a Google Business, Even if you Work From Home

As an individual travel agent working from home, did you know you can create a Google Business for yourself?

And you don't need to worry about random people showing up at your house. After your business is verified by Google, you can hide your address.

How to Get Started?

Click here:

Why Create a Google Business?

Online travel stats say about 72% of new customers won't make a booking without doing some form of research, which often includes reading reviews. 5-star reviews on your Google Business listing can be the #1 way new customers find you!

People are reading your Google reviews and it's one of the best ways to reach new customers! The more reviews found on your local Google Business listing means a higher rank in search and a higher reach around your city.

Google Reviews for Travel Agents The EASIEST & biggest driver for leads are Google reviews.

After travel, follow-up and send your client, who you know will give you a 5-star review, the link to your Google Business.

It will be HUGE if you can have them include your name and any keywords about their trip.

FOR EXAMPLE: Where they stayed, the type of vacation, any special experience/reason, include pictures/videos - ex: "Thank you, Sally Smith! We loved spending our honeymoon at Sandals Grande in St. Lucia. It was the best beach vacation!"

The longer the review and the more details they include - It will only help future customers find YOU for local travel agent searches.

Another example, if you specialize in Sandals / all-inclusives in the Caribbean, if they include something like "[Your Name] helped us find the perfect all-inclusive in the Caribbean, Sandals Halcyon Beach!", it will help YOU be found in Google!

If they include a longer review, and include pictures, it will help YOU be found and stand out on Google! Search engines work off of content - longer reviews give the search spiders lots of great data to crawl and index in their databases - and search engines love rich unique media, like the high quality pictures taken on vacation!

To explain further, if you had the review above on Google from a client, then when someone looking for a travel agent searches for "all inclusive travel agent", "Caribbean travel agent", "Sandals travel agent", etc., it will help new clients find you, as those keywords are used to describe you ON GOOGLE itself!!!

Once their review has been posted, I would recommend to copy and paste it to your agent profile page. With their permission, share the positive review to your social media as well, newsletters, social media, etc.

🏠 Yes, you can create your own Google Business and use your house as the location and hide the address.

👔 However, Google Business now requires a video walk-through verification for all business listings. It is the last step in their business sign-up process. You can create your own Google Business here:

When you create your business using the above link, this is all explained in the Google Business step-by-step process:

Video Verification is now Required

For video verification, you will need to plan and record a video showcasing specific aspects of your business to prove its legitimacy and operation at the claimed location. Here are some key points to consider for your video, particularly if your business is based at your home:

Start Outside: Begin the video by showing the exterior of your home, including the street number on your home or mailbox. If you have a branded vehicle (with your logo), it can be beneficial to include it in the shot.

Show Entry: Document yourself unlocking and entering the front door. If you have a separate home office door, include entering this door as well.

Inside Tour: Proceed to your home office or the area where you conduct your business. Prepare this space before recording to show: A computer logged into business-related accounts (like your VV website profile or similar). Business licenses, certifications, or diplomas that are on the wall or displayed on your desk.

Showcase: Business documents, equipment, stocked products for sale, and marketing materials. This proves not only the legitimacy of your business but also your role as an owner or manager.

More Benefits

As an independent travel agent focusing on exceptional client service and gaining positive reviews, registering your business with Google My Business (GMB) can provide several advantages, especially when operating from a home office with a hidden address.

Here are the key benefits:

  1. Enhanced Visibility in Local Search: Registering with Google My Business increases your visibility on Google Search and Maps. Even with your address hidden, your business can appear in local search results when potential clients search for travel agents in your area. This visibility is crucial for attracting local clients who may prefer working with someone nearby.

  2. Access to Reviews: GMB provides a platform for your clients to leave reviews. As someone focusing on 5-star reviews, this feature is invaluable. Positive reviews not only enhance your credibility but also improve your local SEO, helping your business rank higher in search results. Moreover, responding to reviews, whether positive or negative, shows potential clients that you value feedback and are committed to customer satisfaction.

  3. Insights and Analytics: Google My Business offers insights that detail how customers interact with your listing, including how they found you, which actions they took, and where they come from. These analytics can help you understand your audience better and tailor your marketing strategies to match their behaviors and preferences.

  4. Control Over Business Information: GMB allows you to manage and update your business information, ensuring that potential clients see accurate and updated details like your business hours, website, contact information, and services offered. Even without a public address, having your phone number, email, and link to your website can facilitate easy client communication.

  5. Increased Trust: A verified business on Google is often considered more trustworthy and legitimate. Clients are more likely to engage with businesses that have a professional online presence vetted by a reputable platform like Google.

  6. Opportunity for Content Sharing: Google Posts is a feature within GMB that lets you share updates, announcements, special offers, or news. This can be a great tool to engage with potential clients by sharing useful travel tips, last-minute deals, or highlights from your clients’ trips, further promoting your expertise and service quality.

  7. Integration with Other Google Services: Being on Google My Business integrates your business information across Google's services, including Google Ads and Local campaigns. This can enhance your marketing efforts if you choose to use paid advertising to reach a broader audience.

  8. Competitive Edge: Having a complete and optimized GMB listing can give you a competitive edge over other independent agents who might not be leveraging this tool. It helps your business stand out in a crowded market.

  9. Local Networking: Google My Business can indirectly help in local networking. Being visible in local searches increases the chances of partnerships with other local businesses, which can lead to referrals and shared marketing efforts.

By effectively utilizing Google My Business, even without displaying your address, you can significantly enhance your local online presence, build trust with potential clients, and systematically collect and leverage 5-star client reviews to grow your business.

Even MORE Benefits

As an independent travel agent focused on gaining 5-star reviews, the key benefits of having a Google Business Profile registered with your home or office address, even if the address is hidden, are:

🏖️ Increased visibility and discoverability on Google Search and Maps.

🏖️ Having a Google Business Profile allows your business to appear in local search results, which is crucial for attracting new clients in your area. Even with the address hidden, your business will still be shown on Google Maps and in relevant searches.

🏖️ Ability to manage your online business information. A Google Business Profile lets you control how your business information, such as your services, photos, and reviews, are displayed on Google. This helps you present a professional image to potential clients.

🏖️ Improved credibility and trust. Claiming and verifying your Google Business Profile shows that you are a legitimate business, which can help build trust with clients and encourage them to leave positive reviews.

🏖️ Easier communication with clients. The Google Business Profile allows you to respond to reviews, answer questions, and share updates directly with your clients through the platform.

Registering a Google Business Profile with a hidden address can still provide significant benefits for your independent travel agency, including increased visibility, better control over your online presence, and improved credibility and communication with clients.

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To learn more techniques and how to become a travel agent, sign-up to become a travel agent today!

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