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Gaining 10,000 Followers On TikTok

Gaining 10,000 Followers on TikTok6/28
Gaining 10,000 Followers on TikTok

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Gaining 10,000 Followers on TikTok

As a travel agent looking to grow your TikTok following to 10,000 or more with travel videos, we are going to cover some key strategies.

Do you hate that feeling when your video doesn't get any views and you feel like you have no idea how to make a video go viral?

So here is our number one tip on how to make your video go viral.

First, focus on watch time. It's the average time people spend watching your video. The higher it is, the more views your video gets.

And it makes sense because when people watch your videos, they are staying longer on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram, which is what every platform wants. This way they can keep their attention for ads.

To increase the watch time, you have to give the viewers a reason to watch your video.

This is also known as 'the hook.'

It is the first few seconds of your video.

Make a strong hook to convince viewers to watch your video, rather than scrolling away to find a better one.

TikTok For Travel Agents But viral video isn't just about a best hook. It's about keeping the viewers engaged throughout the whole video.

You can do it by cutting out the boring and not moving story parts. And at the end, there has to be a payoff, which is like a reward you give the viewer for watching your video.

It could be the end of your story or the answer to the hook you gave them. But in order to make a viral video, you need to have an idea first to get the most viral like idea.

What is the best way for you to learn how this can work for you?

You can watch other viral videos in your niche.

This helps you understand what goes viral. So take inspiration from those videos, but don't copy them. Just make your own version.

First, find your passion. Start by figuring out what kind of videos you want to make.

Start posting. Once you know what to make, start creating and posting videos.

Get better.

TikTok for travel agents Keep posting videos and learn from each one of them. Pay attention to what gets views and what doesn't.

Sometimes you put a lot of work into a video that flops, but it'll teach you a valuable lesson about what doesn't work.

Be consistent. Make a new video over and over again.

Here are some more great tips:

  • 1. Post consistently and frequently. Some go overboard and are very serious about growing. They aim to post 3 times a day to maximize chances of going viral and growing an audience.
  • 2. Focus on creating high-quality, engaging content that provides value to your audience. Share travel tips, destination highlights, and behind-the-scenes looks at your work as a travel agent.
  • 3. Use trending sounds and hashtags relevant to travel and your niche. This will help your content get discovered by more users.
  • 4. Optimize your profile with a clear username and brief, informative bio that highlights your expertise as a travel agent.
  • 5. Encourage engagement by using hooks and storytelling techniques in your videos. Ask questions or use "but-then" structures to keep viewers watching.
  • 6. Experiment with different video formats like lists, before-and-after comparisons, and step-by-step guides.
  • 7. Collaborate with other travel content creators or local businesses at destinations to expand your reach.
  • 8. Utilize TikTok features like duets and stitches to interact with other creators and trending content.
  • 9. Cross-promote your TikTok content on other social media platforms to drive traffic to your account.
  • 10. Engage with your audience by responding to comments and creating content based on their questions or interests.
  • 11. Consider using paid promotion tools or working with influencer marketing platforms to boost your visibility.

Remember, growing a significant following takes time and consistent effort. Focus on creating valuable content for your target audience, and stay persistent in your posting schedule. One viral video can help jumpstart your growth, but you'll need to maintain quality content to keep followers engaged and attract new ones.

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To learn more techniques and how to become a travel agent, sign-up to become a travel agent today!

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